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: Let us change summoner spells and runes on first shop
Veloz does have a point — you should be able to choose between {{item:1055}} or {{item:1054}}, between {{item:3850}} or {{item:3858}} depending on your matchup, and runes/spells are part of it In fairness, the emergency eject button from champion select does exist, and it's dodging. Maybe there should just be an additional five second between things locking in and the game starting for you to make that decision? At the same time there are other reasons why dodging is shitty — you'll probably be put in a brand new lobby with many of the same people who will likely now ban your pick, etc. I think all in all the best option is to allow this at first shop but make it cost gold to do this, so long as you still have enough money to buy the support starting item…
: Would be really hard to implement, and besides if someone does an unusual/niche build or you run an ineffective one they should be rewarded and you should take what you can from the situation as a learning experience, and try to overcome it. If you succeed you can take pride in your ability and if you fail you know it's something to look out for in the future.
It's one thing to MAKE a build, it's another to have the build made on you.
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