: That's exactly why it isn't true sight. They need to take a long hard look at buffing vision and make this a counterplay to those pesky champions. The reason Vayne, Akali, and champs such as Qiyana have no counterplay is coz there don't exist items which help you against them. You can arguable build armour aginst Vayne and MR against Akali but then you'd be a sitting duck delaying the inevitable.
dont forget a teemo man, i saw a teemo in a bush sweeped it but couldnt do anything because i was playing a tank and i had no damage, thats what happens when playing top lane i guess. just the normal crappy things in top. or if you play an basic attack champion like master yi and know you can kill them but they get away without taking damage because you cant hit them, wow such a brilliant outplay, one ability countering so many champions, so much skill am i right?
: Vayne gets revealed by Ignite. As far as I played, no one else is not. Nidalee spears DENY gayinvisibility and stuff. Nidalee counters gayshiets, but she is squishy and therefore risky slut to play.
I just played a game against a vayne, I thought that ignite would reveal her as i was playing a auto attack champ but i couldn't do anything because ignite didn't reveal her. I think riot should at least specify the difference between true sight and reveal. What does reveal actually mean? Because when you ignite someone and they run into fog of war you can still see them on the map so they are visible in fog of war but invisibility isn't revealed.
: Well, there are different types of smurfs. Some people smurf and are toxic as fuck, or troll ranked games, in which I agree that this action should be prohibited and such. Others smurf because they are playing with their friends. With friends, it could be boosting the friend's account higher, or the smurf could want to play for fun with friends. In which case the boosting part should be looked into a bit more. ALSO, playing against smurfs is absolutely good practice! I am fairly sure the person getting smurfed against won't win, but they can learn even basic mechanics such as standard positioning, rotations, and even different combos and such.
Not neccesarily, like I am pretty sure being alive longer than being dead is better practise than playing with a grey screen. like maybe during laning phase it is good practise, but afterwards, its just instant kill. Like example is I was playing against a smerfing lee sin as yasuo. I didnt die to him and tried to sit under tower and farm because i could tell from level 3 that he was clearly better than me. But at 15 minutes in the lee sin was 5/0 so,for it to be practise. The whole team has to co-operate otherwise it will just be gg straight off the bat. Also, if the skill difference is so massive its not gonna matter. No practise to be gotten from that. Its only practise if they are slightly better. nobody listens in solo queue anyways, no rotations to be made in low elo. So the team fights dont really happen.
Grithok (NA)
: I want to clarify some things for you, to help you understand the situation. Doing unranked to whatever isn't detrimental smurfing. It's literally what happens at the start of a new season. The dudes's normal mmr is calculated in conjunction with his record from the 10 placement matches. Very often, these people get placed in plat right off that bat. Riot has also talked about how smurfing is against the TOU, but as long as people are playing their best every game, and not int feeding to get placed low, or stay low, then it's a non issue, because their mmr forces them to play with people at their level of play, regardless of their current rank. I've also noted that sometimes people say they are smurfing when they just aren't. It's just a thing people do because they know it tilts other people, and the fastest way to win a game is to put the other team on tilt.
I have had players on my team in ranked that are clearly smerfing because they said so in pre-game lobby. Basically they carried, and boosted all lanes. Got us so ahead and them told us that we could win the game without them and they went afk. We won but they were affected by leaver buster so it didnt count as a win for thwm thus not gaining lp. This is in bronze btw. their KDA was something like 13/2/20. But they wanted to stay in bronze so they left on purpose. There are lots of ways around not inting and such. Like if they play ap zed support or something with the sol purpose of losing the game, but it is still to the 'best if their ability'. or playing yuumi jungle and building full tank. Loads of ways around it. Like they may not int but still lose the game.
: i have yet too flame like i used too back in dota when dota was popular or see anyone actually flame so lmfao amusing thing is ive never been banned in dota just punished for boosting
Like honestly, I think the community can be more toxic than it actually is. I would love to contribute to making it more toxic but my toxicity level is too mild for the community. Like gotta beat other players to the game. Give them my address if they want me to die, I can give them front row seat if they like. That usually shuts them up. No point making empty threats, empty threats are the making of bad human beings. Like if you want someone's family to get cancer just do it yourself right? Give them cancer. I dont think its something that hard to do if you truely want to. If you don't mean what you say then dont say it. Simple as that. Does riot want our society to be filled with people who don't keep to their word? If a player in a game tells me to kill myself, I give them my address and invite them to help me to do the deed, maybe it will be better for society aswell, getting rid of trash like me. But since nobody has shown up yet then that means they are just a bunch of liars. Whats the point of threatening them. PS. I have given my address to at least 5 people, nobody came. So sad that they dont even want to cleanse society, I gave them the opportunity but they still didn't. Sad really. It is a very disappointing community I find.
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Adea55 (NA)
: going to sound "dickish" but it all boils down to "EGO" because u want to carry the game and be that "guy" on the team that carried us to victory. Is simple once its out of your control (anybody for that matter) ego kicks in and u try harder and harder and harder .... then to make ur self feel as if its not your fault at all you blame every one else. check this clip out not the same but same rule apply's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MuNYGAcEJM
This guy, I agree with the ego part, one should realise from playing the game also that KDA doesnt mean anything if you survive to late game. If everyone is full build then it is truly about skill difference rather than itemization. So if you lose then, then its just gg. they were better than you. League of Legends at the end of the day is still a team sport. So if someone makes a call, no matter how badly they are doing in that particular game, the call should still be taken into consideration. Most of the player base are extremely influenced by KDA which is what boosts the EGO to overload in the first place. But because everyone has had extremely bad games. So everyone has realised that to win a game you just need to carry by yourself and to not put much hope into the hands of others. So getting toxic at people is just raising the bar for your hopefulness in others. So sort of your own fault. Like I am bad at the game myself, I admit it. The toxic players are usually the ones that had maybe a super good streak of wins and think very highly of their skill in the game, even if they are in bronze or silver 4 with 0lp. If the players can 'sit down, be humble' then I think the game will become less toxic. Also it may be because they are tilted because they have as issue with the game. Like in a previous game they dodged a skill shot but because of the camera angle it actually landed ( my personal tilt reason). If one gets tilted one gets toxic and start blaming everything.
Kei143 (NA)
: Support main here in silver. Sometimes I like to play ADC as a change of pace and I suck at CSing. Esp when I'm more used to harassing instead. Sometimes I harass the enemy over getting the CS instinctively. This was also the reason why I think role match making was a good idea, but the grind for 5 roles really was something.
I have a suggestion, I'm not a bot lane main so it might just be nonsense. but what if you play adc with kelpto? you will be ranges and you just spam your abilities? its sort of like playing sona + support bot lane but with as adc instead of sona, if farming is difficult. Just sitting on this idea. So you dont feed and just try of auto whenever possible.You should be able to get maybe 2-300 gold by 20 mins, so if you dont die and dont kill anyone that is a kill advantage to you.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: How do I report a player that hold champ select hostage?
You can always report someone on the league of legends website. you just fill out a form. You can put in more description in the text box aswell I think.
: The player made a post about his inting, angry that he had trolls/griefers in a game. In response to not getting the justice/punishment of other players, he decided to intentionally feed others' games. We do not want to encourage nor allow that behavior on the forums, thus why his posts were removed.
I feel like the first two sentences are from the riot automated emails when you report someone online. So cliched that people still believe that, But like that is the player base of league of legends. No other comment about it. People only take the game serious at higher elo because they are actually good at the game and are actually playing the game. By higher elo i mean maybe high plat and above in rank. But if you look at the percentile thats like top 10 percent and less even. So for the rest 90 percent of players you either get trolled or you troll. There is usually no in between. Like I have been matched with smerfs in Iron who have an Iron account for stream content and such. They basically play a game, get their whole team fed a 20 minutes and they themselves go afk. But the rest of the team is fed so they can still win 4v5. But they themselves are afk so dont count as a win for them so they stay in iron. Or if you get put into lobby with 4 players and they all say at 2 minutes into the game that they have to go so they all go afk. And its just you against 5 people and you cant wait to ff at 15. Then after the game you get matched with the same 4 people. What are the odds of that?
: ngl this sound exactly like the dumb shit i'd do when I finally go
bro why end your life playing with such a dreadful community? The flame is so hot that even hell pales in comparison.
: Suicide threat in pre-game lobby
If someone in lobby said they wanted to do the deed, that means they already have been given the hotline and the standard things. If someone was actually set on doing it, they wouldn't broadcast it because people will prevent them so, if they were serious they wont tell anyone and just subtly disappear. If that were the case and that they wanted to play league of the last few hours then maybe you should have played with him and shown that there is still such that as a 'good game' (metaphor for good things) out there. That might cheer them up and delay the deed or prevent it. So dodgeing the game might decrease whatever low opinion this guy has of people to something sub-zero. Especially if you talked to him in lobby. Even if you lose, you can make a minor self-sacrifice to save a guy don't you think? Like having even a tiny bit of fun for someone depressed will trigger a chain of memories especially if they have made up their mind I think. So I would play with him and be in the same lobby with him afterwards aswell. If he is in game he wont be doing anything IRL except playing the game. Keep him on voice chat aswell, so you can hear whats going on on his side.
Jo0o (NA)
: Not a very compelling sample size. Look, the system isn't perfect, but at one point or another, these guys' behaviors catch up with them.
I doubt it, it is a free country right? League of legends is a game made by the free world so anything goes?
Jo0o (NA)
: Dude, like half the threads on the front page of this forum are people complaining about getting banned for saying "kys". It is clearly aggressively punished. If you found somebody who got away with it, they're an exception, not the rule.
yeah i dont think so, I think that riot doesnt actually care so long as they have a large enough player base. Sometime i play with players who have told me to kill myself before multiple times but riot doesnt do anything. Like what sometimes even people telling me that killingmyself will be good for humanity and such. getting recommended the Samaritans on my google homepage is always fun right? Even people asking for a live stream of the deed. So i think that riot doesnt give much of a thought to this especially to low elo players at all. Like who cares about the bad players right? All riot care about is the things that happen at high elo anyways. Well So long as nobody does it and blames league of legends in their will or last passgae right?
Sarutobi (NA)
: Thats the main problem though. If people dont report Riot/the system cannot know to ban this person. People with a mindset like that (Reporting does nothing so i wont use it) are basically letting the people who do break the rules walk away free. All it takes is one person's report to get the account under review. Plus you seem to forget this is one of, if not THE most online game. Millions upon millions of account, possibly the same amount of numbers of matches played from various queues/modes being played daily. Things like this takes time. You dont want to ban someone who was playing badly when people accused them of feeding, nor do you want to ban someone who plays off-meta when people report them for trolling. Its not always black and white when it comes to punishments like this and because of that it takes times. People who troll will do it in a creative way so that the system cannot catch them until its too late, People who feed will probably use the "Its just a bad game". Its hard to justify if they are telling the truth. You would need to be able to watch the full game as well as other games this person plays to see their intentions. That again takes time. But first and foremost we need to start using the Report button. But also using the detail section as well. Write out what they are doing that you feel are breaking the rules. The only way Riot can improve the system is if we the community start using the tools they set up for us!
Personally I dont think there is a point in reporting someone, even if they do get banned they can just come straight back. So literally no point. People at low elo report for the wrong reasons, like report for flaming when all the guy tried to do was teach the team how to play league. I have had personal experience with this, quite dumb actually but that is the state of the league community isn't it? especially in normal games people just report for no reason, and when there is a reason the box to tick doesn't exist so how do you actually report? People have definitely analysed all the reports and have definitely devised methods on how to not get banned but can still troll and ruin the game. For example: a common scenario in low elo is should a player be reported for inting if the enemy laner is smerfing? if the opponent is better then the possibility of feeding will be higher right? like if a a diamond player is in bronze and is fed, its quite natural because of how much better he is. So its not right to report the feeder rather than the fed right? If the no-body smerfed then the game would be better at all elos as playing against people of similar level is a better experience than playing against people that is just clearly better than you right? I'm sure a lot of people dont agree with this because bullying someone worse than you is 'just sooo much fun right? Makes one feel proud right?" but reporting smerfs is stupid because they know the game so well that they wont get enough reports to get banned. So what is the actual point? If riot could give us some kind of notification that a player that we reported in the past got some sort of punishment then it would make us feel better about the game and that the report function actually does something rather than being a blank function that returns nothing.
: ~~did I miss something? did someone say that mobile champs shouldn't be mobile?~~ https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/pNwPxU2K-champions-who-have-mobility-in-abilities-should-have-slower-movement-speed Why would anyone think this and why is it upvoted? Darius would be fucking god-tier if Fiora, Irelia, Riven had less MS than he did; he would lose almost all of his lane counters if he could just naturally outrun any of these people
I wonder how the mobility is determind for each champion, is it to do with their lore or just their abilities? if it is just by abilities then surely it will only be about skills and outplays otherwise people can just outrun others.
: You're contradicting yourself. Having the system screen all the chat and make a judgement on everything says would remove the humans that are in the loop - those who are doing the reporting.
I think by the AI screening, it would be looking in the chat of that player and looking for keywords, but if they misplell the words then it would not be recognised, e.g. k1lling = killing but to the AI k1lling would be fine but kill wouldn't so those players would not get reported
: Why is there still toxic players?
Honestly, you're actually lucky that you are in relatively high elo, the players are not as toxic as bronze and silver elo. From personal experience I get told to kill myself because I am a terrible player maybe every 2 out of 3 games, sometimes its not even because I am playing bad. Some people are just so used to telling people to kill themselves and how they deserve it. This should be taken into account by Riot games, as some people who are under stress irl may take this little nudge over the edge and actually do it. I have reported players that have done it but nothing has happened to them as I still see them playing games. So I have given up reporting players, is there actually any point? Nothing seems to happen, or am I taking chat too seriously? I just feel that to have a 'greener' or place to be fun for everyone people should be conscience about what they say.


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