xGvPx (NA)
: Is the Akali hoodie for real?
Head to Walmart and buy the same shit for like 10$. Riot's trying to mug you here.
: > [{quoted}](name=uSfUpLarry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jurqp38h,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-11-12T23:34:40.303+0000) > > Lmao try doing that and tell me if you ever win a match based on your shit champ alone who will either way gt outscaled by the opponent's ADC. Oh! You mean that 0/2 renekton that 100-0s the 22/2 jinx? :D because top lane picks are so hilariously broken that you have to actually have no arms to lose with them?
: Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you don't think being higher-ranked than 90% of the playerbase is high elo.
In which world is play the top 10%? Especially in NA where your plat plays like EUW's silver. No wonder you guys don't get very far.
: > [{quoted}](name=uSfUpLarry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jurqp38h,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-12T19:24:38.231+0000) > > A wise man once said, "The best way to get something done is to do it yourself". > > So I started playing jungle instead of top and mid in order to climb and I am currently sitting at a 65%+ winrate merely because the morons you find playing jungle if you don't play it yourself are so utter bad in this season, it becomes impossible to win with any other shit role this game has to offer. > > The problem with jungle isn't that the role is weak. No, jungle is probably the strongest role in the game right now. It's strong to the point where playing anything else to climb feels like trolling because if you'r serious about climbing, you can't possible give this role up to some afk farming moron who won't ever gank a lane or try to contest objectives. It's why I became a jungle main dude. Top you have no impact on the game. Mid you just get camped. Bot you are with an absolutely brain dead moron as your lane partner who can't do basic shit like ward and play safe. Jungling is THE role to be if actually want control over the game and want to be able to carry. Jungle difference is very real.
True. I was a top/mid main myself. I love playing bruisers but top is a shit show right now.
: The flame is not always directed toward me, but whether it is or isn't doesn't make it okay.
It doesn't even matter. You can just as easily mute them and move on. Irl people get shot, kidnapped, and raped. Complaining about toxicity in LoL is a first world problem.
: Jungle is one of the highest autofill roles so yes, it does seem to be worth learning.
Literally played a game where my ADC fed the opponent 6 kills and went AFK because I, as a jungler decided to play around top lane and get my top laner fed. Also took the herald as top was doing way better than bot, sacrificed the dragon, and got my top Jax fed off the turret plating gold to the point where he could 1v2 easily. I won the match hard despite it being 4v5 for the most part, and I going 6/8 myself. The decision to play around the winning lane paid off. Didn't get flamed for that match and actually received two honours. When you play jungle with common sense it actually feels rewarding and you hardly get flamed. It is very influential tho.
: > [{quoted}](name=uSfUpLarry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jurqp38h,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-11-12T23:34:40.303+0000) > > Lmao try doing that and tell me if you ever win a match based on your shit champ alone who will either way gt outscaled by the opponent's ADC. Oh! You mean that 0/2 renekton that 100-0s the 22/2 jinx? :D because top lane picks are so hilariously broken that you have to actually have no arms to lose with them?
First . 0/2 Renekton will never be able to beat a 22 kill Jinx in a 1v1 after she's build a Bloodthirster. Second. If your Jinx hasn't build any defensive items, rushes full AD crit build without at the minimum a {{item:3046}}, she loses the rights to complain about getting blown up. Don't build full AD, sit at 1300 HP late game and still complain about not being able to survive. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
: Or you pick one of the hilariously broken top lane champions and hit plat by default.
Lmao try doing that and tell me if you ever win a match based on your shit champ alone who will either way gt outscaled by the opponent's ADC.
: League Doesn't Have to be Toxic
Honestly speaking, have you tried playing normals? If you've been the same rank for those many games perhaps you're just just holding the team behind, refuse to improve, and if people are repeatedly being toxic to you then you're probably playing incredibly bad. Bad enough to tick your teammates off on a constant basis.
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Horızen (NA)
: What the f*ck is with losers spamming "tryhard"
Blame Riot for this shit. They've neglected improving matchmaking and have a punishment system so shit that people get away after literally running games down, I can see why hardly anyone would take this mode seriously. Way too many filthy casuals in ranked who don't understand what "ranked" means.
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: ***
How the fuck is this a smurf if I were to be hardstuck silver III? I am not going to argue with you because it's obvious you're either a troll or someone with iq so low he probably cannot watch Rick and Morty for more than 5 episodes.
huhndog (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=uSfUpLarry,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7PQhw3XR,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-07T21:39:52.835+0000) > > Don't tell them or they're going to cry like victims and bray about how "it isn't their job to win our lanes". > > At the same time they'll also cry about how we don't help them win their jungle during enemy invades due to "fear of falling behind". Fine then don't expect us to contest objectives when we are 3 levels behind the enemy jungler. My frustration happens when my mid doesn't help me contest scuttle and then they flame me for being behind later.
The only thing I see the worse junglers do is try to play the victim regardless of the situation. Either help lanes which get camped if you'll wish to receive help during an invade or cry to your mommies about how junglers have it bad. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
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: A message to all junglers from a toplaner: WATCH SOME GOD DAMN WAVE MANAGEMENT EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS. When you "tax" after a gank and I'm recalling make sure the wave fully crashes into their tower. Don't just kinda push it out and then leave, the enemy reinforcement wave could come in and stop it from fully getting under the tower creating a really shitty wave that doesn't bounce back to me for a while and causes me to lose a ton of gold and XP. To do this you'll have to walk under tower, get aggroed by the enemy wave, then walk past the tower, dragging the enemy wave with you and making sure it doesn't delay our minion wave from fully hitting the turret. If there's a huge juicy wave and I'm recalling with intent to TP back then fuck off, I'm obviously planning to set up a freeze there and you "helping me push" isn't very helpful. Go take your own farm and don't mess up my freeze. When you ask for help and your laner is under tower, just concede a camp and do something more productive. Nobody is going to give up 4+ creeps in XP for one jungle camp, it's just not worth it. Don't expect the enemy jungler to randomly stay and fight you to the death after I leave lane. As soon as I leave he's going to back off and I'll have wasted a ton of time. So I won't leave in the first place and you shouldn't be starting a fight over nothing. You didn't "catch them", they agreed to fight you and as soon as they see the odds turning(by lanes going missing) they'll decide they don't want to fight you anymore and go away. If I have 2-3 waves stacked up under tower don't gank. It's an insanely stupid idea I'm probably down in XP and I REALLY want to collect all that gold and XP under tower as well as clearing the threat of a massive minion wave(seriously, that shit hurts earlygame). IF you gank now it's extremely risky. I'll be missing cs and I'll have to tank that massive fucking creepwave. It's only ever worth it if we get a very quick kill, if we have to chase them down I might even miss on creep XP and if we only get flash and no kill then I'm actually screwed because I'm losing resources under tower for that gank. Just hold it in for like 15 seconds and let me deal with that stacked up wave. Also: don't start fights we can't win. If I'm like Ryze against Renekton don't be stupid and start dumb fights over scuttle, we can't win that at lvl 3, Renekton is so much stronger than me in that 2v2. If I set up a freeze don't expect any further help from me. If I'm freezing I'm obviously not playing for pressure or to leave lane, I want to use that freeze to stay safe against the enemy jungler while also zoning my opponent off. If they overextend feel free to come for a free kill but if I leave lane that freeze is going to push into my tower and I'm going to be fucked. If you're really dead set on going for an invade or Herald give me a 30 second advance notice so I can get my wave management in order before I have to leave lane. Don't ping me like 3s before you go, wave management takes time. To get a wave where I want it I might need the next reinforcement wave and those spawn in 30 second intervals.
Don't tell them or they're going to cry like victims and bray about how "it isn't their job to win our lanes". At the same time they'll also cry about how we don't help them win their jungle during enemy invades due to "fear of falling behind".
Cräfty (EUW)
: A message from a jungler to all lanes!
And do you know what I am tired of? The hypocrisy you jungle mains carry with you'll. It's almost as if you expect me to help you when the opponent jungler invades for fear of falling behind, but how often do I see you junglers change your pathing to help the top laner who is being camped and turret dived continuously? It's almost as if you'll don't care about yourselves falling behind. Moreoever it's like junglers want to take no responsibility these days and feel like they don't hold a niche in the game. The junglers on the boards create extravagant posts where they'd rather bray about how it isn't "their responsibility to win laner's their lane" but fail to realize that the only excuse to not create map pressure through ganking is if your laners are either constantly overextended or you're playing a late game carry jungler such as Master Yi. But don't you dare call out the bad junglers for doing absolutely nothing to influence games or else they'll come to the boards and cry about how they're being victimized. I hardly see good junglers (the ones who gank, path right, and/or actually focus on objectives) get flamed. Just the afk farmers in instances where the opponent jungler makes the lives of laners hell. We aren't in a powerfarming meta.
69VBucks (EUW)
: bring banner of command back season 10
I would actually be glad to see top laners get more split pushing power to be able to solo carry games themselves. Don't listen to stupid AD carry mains who come here to tell you otherwise. I see them come by downvoting such answers en masse despite never having played top themselves. As it stands right now, the best way to win a game as a top laner is by getting a winning bot lane. The only instance in which you'll ever carry a losing bot lane/shit jungler as a top laner is when your opponent bot lane/jungler turns out be just as stupid. With top lane having no influence over the game other than TP ganks to the bot lane every 5 minutes, they much need the ability to make a difference bigger than just that outside the laning phase. Even if it means giving them split pushing power which they get to use to actually draw attention towards themselves, so be it. As it stands top laners don't get to do shit while in lane and most juggernaut/tanks still get outscaled by ranged ADCs by 20 minutes. The pre-season changes do seem promising in this regard but we still need a way to make top laners more threatening because at the moment you could ignore top lane for the entirety of the first 14 minutes and still do just fine as long as the rest of your team doesn't fall behind.
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: Probabily because it is the weakest role in the game early and these champions have no defensive stats so any assassin, mage, or bruiser just one shots them unless they have the support to babysit them
Yeah complain about ADC being the weakest role when top lane doesn't even influence the game. The only idiots who call ADC a 'weak' role are ADC mains who get caught in the brush because you macro sucks when compared to most top/midlaners.
: what if Aatrox's Q animation scaled with AS?
wolvius (EUW)
: Well that E is busted as fuck, If i counted right lucian stays "ghoaled" for five seconds after exiting and that thing also makes you "unattackable" according to the translation. Akali shroud flashbacks anyone?
And people complain about Jax being broken. Riot one upped themselves here!
Naalith (NA)
: Great, another interesting new champion that's gonna be deleted due to pro play
Riot should balance champions around pro-play. The caveat being they try to balance every champion around pro play instead of playing the selective game they have going on right now. I don't mind Akali or Aatrox being nerfed due to pro play, but when shit like Kai'sa and Xayah go on for multiple patches without a nerf then it makes me question whether Riot games is actually even trying to balance the game. Moreover when you only see the same 20 champions being played in pro-play over every fucking match, it makes you question whether these guys have their heads in their asses. Especially when a select few champions such as Lee Sin gets buffed before world's every year in order to force in into the meta when we haven't seen the remaining 100 or so champions in pro-play in forever.
wolvius (EUW)
: What Skins said since new launcher there has been a large increase in AFK's for various reasons; people dodging with 20 seconds left not causing return to queue _and the occasional time where the ingame client goes blackscreen and have to relog/restart_. If you think it is bad on the rift you should see the howling abyss, theres far more dodges there and half don't even stop the match from starting, I may make odd keystone choices but aftershock anivia isn't one of them.
I'm referring to dodges, but afks in the middle of matches which prevent remake. It's either the client fucking sucks and disconnects people in silver halfway or leavebuster is way too lenient on idiots who disconnect without any consequence.
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: I don't really blame em. Games are determined by minute 3. Some just in champ select.
Champion select doesn't mean shit in my elo. I am sitting on silver IV on this account and people can be fucking stupid here. I generally do well but no, I can't do much in games when a player decides to go afk after 10 mins with no compensation for LP.
: I get an afk about 1/5 games. its insane.
Lucky you. Perhaps you play at an elo above mine but I can't get out of silver with every second match being an afk.
Kendren1 (NA)
: Tons of client issues. I imagine if u have a slow comp, by the time u realize it froze u cant restart and join game in time.
I've been having players quit halfway. Of course this could be the client because I have received error messages in the past and been disconnected in the middle of the matches. I've been able to reconnect over my games but other may not have been as lucky. I do live very far away in Asia and get terrible ping myself.
Nazgul10 (EUNE)
: Good luck convincing Riot and their fanboys that their amazing client is actually terrible. Once every about 5 games my client crashes on loading screen but thankfully I can get back in time before the 1st minute. I have a good PC. My friend also got a very good PC recently, and it does the same thing, and yesterday it crashed and wouldn't let him reconnect, it even rolled him back to the previous login screen. It's crazy how buggy and slow this client is. I can't begin to comprehend how Riot, a company basically swimming in money, cannot bother to address some really big issues with the client.
The client fucking sucks cock. I play more Dota 2 than LoL and I've been hard losing games because I have afks in every second match. Literally. Not exaggerating. While play Dota 2 the client rarely crashes, so I know what a good client looks like. LoL's client is just lazy design.
Skíns (EUNE)
: I AM that AFK player. And I have been that AFK player for about a month now, since the new client launched. It's hectic. I am not that AFK player because I choose so. I enjoy the game, and no, I am not tilted by it. I dont ragequit, nor do I give up on games. I am that AFK player because yesterday 4 games in a row my client crashed in loading screen - the client then attempted to repair itself which took roughly 5 minutes. I started all these games with at least one minion wave already gone, and the opponent laner being in a pretty important xp and cs advantage. I am that AFK player because the client crashes. It crashes a lot. Usually in the loading screen, sometimes mid-game. I reinstalled it, didnt help. I am not alone. It's come to the point where people arent even mad at me for AFKing anymore, since they've experienced the same issues. I connect at 2:45 as a Rakan support, apologize for it in chat, and Xayah politely answers with "Dude, its not your fault. It happens to me every few games aswell. It happens to everyone. Lets just try to win this". RIOT needs to do something about it; it's been going on for way too long, and there's way too many people experiencing these issues. And yes, I'm talking ranked. Regards, Skíns
That's even more of a reason for Riot to take the client into consideration. This shit is actually causing me LP and even though I blitzed through bronze with an 80% winrate I am just not motivated to play ranked anymore. I do try but I can't go two matches in a row without an AFK player. I have a terrible winrate coz merely playing this game is a tilting experience these days and I've been playing less with every passing day. Besides, most of these AFK players I find are players who disconnect halfway through the game for no fucking reason. A few games ago I recall this Morgana who enters the game and at 2 minutes types in chat "have fun remaking" and disconencts. No, we couldn't remake and yes, we lost despite me having done incredibly well.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: running it down n afking are good options, I'll just pick one of em when I'm about to flame people and it saves me my accounts :)
I never afk, but I can agree this is a better way to go. Better afk when it's a sure lost match than flame, but the people I am talking about aren't AFKs in bad matches, nor AFKs after they get flamed. No, I've been facing random AFKs even in winning matches where the team's been doing well only to lose because one player disconnected for no fucking reason.
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Leu07 (NA)
: High Moon! I love that name! I think you made that comment in reddit <3
Give Diana another amazing skin. Every single one of her skins look amazing anyway!
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: ***
I wasn't throwing in any of those games and never go afk. All I care about is people not afk'ing on me or intentionally trolling by stealing my CS/feeding my laner in lane when I am trying to win. A minimum standard when it comes to ranked play.
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Saezio (EUNE)
: They never substantially nerfed kai'sa. and she has been meta in pro for like 18 months now? Kalista and Varus were always nerfed when they dared to be pick/ban in pro.
Don't forget melee champs such as Aatrox and Akali who have been nerfed to the ground because they were too good. Kaisa and Xayah have both been pick or ban for ages. Riot loves catering to ADC mains more than any other role and have little idea on how top lane works. Only ADC mains will cry about how they don't get catered to when most of the big changes which impact the game are centered around the role of ADCs.
: Well this change is obviously not a balance change based on pro play. As you said, those games end before it even spawns. Soloq games and before it too on average though.
Your average matches are decided in the first 15 minutes. Hardly many matches go on beyond 30 mins these days.
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: Nerfing the strong ones instead of buffing the weaker one is what lead to this in the first place
Go read the last 10 or so patch notes. Most of them have twice as many buffs as nerfs.
MM1 Fusco (EUW)
: And ? Think about your last games and try to evaluate the number of games where Elder actually had an impact on the game. Most of the game dont even last long enough for Elder to spawn, and in thos games, Elder is just a "Win More" play so it doesn't change anything The point of Elder is to make the game stop at some point. Yes it's effect is broken, and it's totally intended.
No silly. That's what the baron is already for. We already have a monster which tries to push games towards closure. You don't need two of them.
Moody P (NA)
: Then you should make sure the enemy doesn't get it.
Yeah, make sure when your bot lane is 0/8 each and jungler is also behind because he spend the entire game ganking bot. Get your ass out of your head. Other roles don't have nearly as much say in how the dragon wars are played out.
: It's literally there to stop endless games. You won't see that shit pre 35mins anyway which means at this point of the game both champs would be outscaled by the majority of mid-lategame champs.
We literally see no endless games these days. Your pro games end at roughly 30 minutes each time and a single baron usually decides the outcome. Riot doesn not balance around solo queue these days.
: That also means it invalidates champions with executes themselves but in a meaningless way, since they won't have to use them. {{champion:122}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:6}} are some good examples.
Darius, Pyke, and Garen still may use it due to how fucking overtuned their executes are. Urgot's execute is a joke really. I played him before he became the squishy shit he is right now and I don't see why anybody would ever want to play him in his current state when Garen and Aatrox do what he does better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PvrH7Twh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-27T17:38:34.663+0000) > > The elder dragon execute is a r%%%%%ed change. Games already end fast enough. Nobody needs an elder dragon execute to end games. ? if ur the best at taking dragons. the earliest you can get the soul/4 dragon kills is 25 minutes. meaning elder can spawn AT THE FASTEST 30 mins into game. if you lost 4 dragons and elder 30 mins into a game, you deserve to lose. change my mind
Here's something you 200iq players don't understand. **Whether your team gets to take dragons or not is highly dependent on how skilled your jungle and bot laners are.** If you've got a r%%%%%ed bot lane where the ADC dies 5 times in the laning phase or an afk farming jungler, you're going to have an even harder time carrying that game despite doing incredibly well by yourself. Bot lane and jungle already decides games and the Elder drake execute isn't helping make things any better.
CurS1VE (NA)
: What do you think is the Misconception of your Main Role?
Top laners - It's that top laners shit on everyone. I've heard AD carries use that phrase to justify bot lane being more influential in return for the phrase above. That's fucking bullshit coz when it comes to late game, AD carries such as {{champion:67}}, {{champion:18}}, and {{champion:145}} will easily hand most top laner diver/juggernauts their ass even while standing in their range, especially to tanks who don't stand a chance at dueling most modern day DPS champs. Bot laners aren't any weaker than top laners with most of them dealing sky high amounts of damage which most juggernauts can only dream of.
: Legendaries that don't deserve to be legengdaries
Diancie. What type of legendary evolves?
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Tank items need more CDR and more damage reduction in order to be useful. Scaling damage reduction may be their best bet with the way the current meta is going. Just look at Death's dance and realize how amazing that item is when it comes to improving survivability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zm9HMjeA,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-25T21:22:40.455+0000) > > Go ahead and get me a link to any high elo player saying that a larger champion pool is more effective than a smaller one when trying to climb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAENq9Vr3KQ the guy who has made his name off of one tricking a champion isn't one tricking. for more personalities stating the same you can search for iwd, imaqtpie, n3ac3y, bjerg, dyrus, ratirl, scarra, faker, apdo, trick2g, midbeast. pretty sure i'm forgetting a lot of content creators and personalities but none of them will tell you that one tricking is a permanent thing, someone in a good meta for their one trick might have said it's a good thing to do but that's season contextual and they don't know it yet. add wickd, hashinshin, SRO, like lol there's a lot of people to name :/
You can't talk logic to that idiot. He will create three accounts to downvote you and upvote his own comment and take pride in having inflated his penis.
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