BBKong (NA)
: The funniest thing in this thread is seeing him call Zhonyas bad, it has me wheezing
zhonya is bad, Idc what you think. it's like you're snaring/stunning yourself, you're basically sitting duck each time you use zhonya, unless no enemy champion is near
forist (NA)
: This will never be a legitimate complaint until lethality items are on par with ap items. Right now mage itemization is significantly stronger than ad caster itemization. And who uses mage items? **AP assassins. **
You probably misread too. I am not talking about damage, I'm talking about the item actives and passives, the vision control that duskblade gives and the qss and the shield of maw, are way more useful in teamfights than a zhonya that just keeps you in place until you get out of it and die.
: Are you kidding me!? ap items are broken as fuck. I dont like getting one shot combo by mages at all. Hell man.. even tanks like malipite & amumu is doing this garbage! why is this even a thing? It's toxic as hell. AP items snowball to much. It's the death fire touch meda all over again.
I don't know if you can read, but I wasn't talking about the dmg. I was talking about the actives and the passives of the items, not their dmg
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Nah Ap assassins are the best atm... Still cant handle how broken akali can be at times..
akali is not broken, if anything she is way less powerfull than she used to be before the rework. her laning phase may be strong but you can't 1v5 with her anymore
: the worst part about this is than zhonyas is better than every counterpart it has, except maybe QSS but thats been nerfed hard af. so basically yea.
zhonya is better ? u zhonya zed ult he stays and finishes u zhonya in front of caitlyn you're trapped and dead you zhonya in team fight u get focused cause u've been standing still for a while. zhonya is useful in very few situations it's not better than the ad items. and it'snot by any means their counterpart.
: Yeah I get that assassins are all supposed to be super focused on early-mid game snowball. I just don't get why Ad vs AP have differently scaling across the board. I feel like there should more of a mix
I agree, but I just want a maw or a qss that gives armor and ap. that's all
: I have a similar concern. I feel like AP assassins and AD assassins are very...similar in terms of power curve. Like Akali, Fizz, Ekko all I think are weaker in the early game than stuff like Zed, Talon, Quiyana. But when they come online...they scale faaaaaar better in the late game. So I guess I'm wondering why there are no AP assassins who can match Quiyana's early game pressure? And why not any AD assassins who can scale as well as like Ekko/Akali in the late game? Now that towers take bonus damage from AP with auto attacks, and Yomuus no longer grants attack speed...objective pressure doesn't really line up as a legitimate reason. I just think it's kind of weird and needlessly limiting...
sanguine blade is coming for ad assassins that will give a lot of tower dmg with an attack speed passive similar to lethal tempo, and with built in lifesteal. and yet no items for ap assassins to avoid crowd control or to control vision. also if ap assassin don't come online is a big if, getting behind on any assassin is wrecking and so hard to come back from. assassins are early game champs, you have to win early.
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Hurok (NA)
: MMR broken
yup they messed it up !
: The climb is real.
what algorithm puts you below bronze after you win vs gold and plat ? xD
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