: I left a game in progress for the first time in five years.
I agree, its either play a meta champ that can 1v9 or other champs that are fun but cant really 1v9. I enjoy playing ahri but honestly akali, viegar, fizz so much easier to play, they just have raw damage. And I don't get why kayle, yi, nasus ect.. exists...they get to a certain point where no one can kill them if fed unless you have extreme coordination. Makes the game unfun. The same champs over and over....no variety There was a time in this game no matter what champ you played you had somewhat of a chance...that is just no longer.
Faheelee (NA)
: 15 min queue TFT
@riot Ok I will officially donate my Old PC, it needs a new fan, but its got to be able to shave a bit off this que time. Let me know where to ship it, I'm assuming you can plug it in next to the others connected on the hub. Dont open the stuff in the hidden folder "grills"...
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: problem on PBE
Doesn't riot use AWS elastic? Why hasn't more compacity been added for PBE? Whats the point of releasing a new hyped product if no one can login to use it, just creates frustration from the players. Riots execution throughout the years leaves something to be desired, I love the games but the architecture and the various projects always seem to be a bit behind.
: Nightblue and Nubrac had the debate today on Discord
: Why is Riven God-Tier in Top Lane? Why do people HATE playing against her?
She is very tanky for her level of damage output, most champions cant 100% burst her quick enough before she can heal back alot of the damage mid-late game and her early game is strong, while in turn she can deal tons of burst damage, and 100% burst alot of champions. The champion isn't necessarily broken but with the items and CDR I think that is where is crosses into broken territory her shield is up way to much and with healing its just too oppressive. Maybe organized team plays can beat her because she doesn't get ahead but SoloQ she is ridiculous.
: Why does RIOT not have auto updated builds for champs every patch?
: Patch 9.6 Notes
wow this is good patch adjustments, please buff ahri AP ratio
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: NEW champion design leaked from hackers!!!
im guessing the downvotes are sylus mains...
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Zeanix (OCE)
: Prestige K/DA Ahri was a real big let down
short hair....wtf riot, ahri supposed to be sexy
: Thoughts on ranked ARAM?
great idea!!!! I think easy way to make it fair is just unlock all champs in that mode. That way its truly random, maybe increase the re-rolls. Aram is the future
: Was Nasus overbuffed?
His Q kit is just ridiculous now, it takes two or sometimes three champions to take him down mid and late game. Luckily his split push playstyle usually isn't OP in soloQ and sometimes you can still win but I just don't understand why the balance team makes these types of changes. Its so frustrating to be a fed mage go in with another champion to gank him and he smashes you both with his q healing even with ignite hitting all dmg. It takes the team element completely out of it, and if you have a bad adc its gg usually. Its not like illoli where there is some strategy to play around its just he has loads and loads of health and healing. I'm not sure if he's OP.... but his kit is unfun to play against which seems to be the direction riot is going. I just don't understand many of the recent changes the balance teams makes its like you literally can't play certain champs in soloQ anymore if the other team is playing meta picks. Its not like its just my opinion as well I watch pro streamers rage on the same stuff....maybe not nasus but the top laners and bruisers balance in general. Riven, Irelia, yasou ect should not be able to 1v9 without the chance of even outplaying. The balance team need to start drinking tea instead of red bull.... lul
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hello meddler, was wondering if ahri has any buffs planned with the morello rework. Any changes to make her more viable in solo high elo.
: Zoe feels terrible to play against, by design. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/96922n/ghostcrawler_is_moving_off_of_league_of_legends/e3yw1p9/ Not sure what people think they'll accomplish by downvoting this. Do they think I'm GC's smurf or something?
I agree, zoe is a broken kit, shes either going to be super strong or superweak. I hope she gets deleted
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Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
Really like the new dynamic ranked queue, so much better in many ways. My biggest compliant is time is takes to queue up. Personally I think you should have 10 seconds to pick a champ but make sure the count down timer is super loud and also alerts you if you are alt tabbed. Also should be able to pre select a ban or two so you dont have to lock in. Nice work riot, good first step.
: Are you kidding? Have you ever seen how hard an adc with 3 kills scales? You can't even farm in bronze-gold ELO without getting 2/3 of your health chunked because people are so greedy for kills that they would lose cs just to poke you.
Valid point Happy.... Kills do provide gold and can help you get way ahead, and a good player may try to zone the weaker player....but the response to that from what I have seen from good players is the player who is behind starts going ultra defensive and just tries to out farm the opponent. It turns into a farm war if the guy who is behind can catch up with minion kills before the enemy gets too big of a lead ect. This ultra conservative farm strategy instead of rallying your teammates to help kill the fed player is just a boring gameplay style imo. Your teammates aren't going to want to risk losing their CS unless its a specific amazing opportunity. I think this is especially true at the higher levels of gameplay where CS is important. I guess the end result I'm hoping for by making a change is more team fights throughout the entire game. It just seems like there are several phases of the game that is just farm, farm and farm some more and that is what truly decides who wins the game.
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