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: LF Flex! :3
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getsmad (NA)
: plat 5 mid loking for samoene to climb with!
: Need a gold/plat top OR jungler laner that can play all three days
Stavro (NA)
: s7 Diamond 3 adc looking for a SERIOUS support that wants to go pro PLAT 3+ or diamond s7
Jawjak (NA)
: S7 Diamond Support/Adc main LF Duo. Currently Plat 4 Series for Plat 3. Add me
: Plat Support LF Duo - Flex or w/e
Playing on smurf if you're interested. IGN word level 2
casca (NA)
: looking for one man flex gold/platinum
add me if still need after, on my alt account. IGN word level 2
: smurfing lf other smurfs only
: khazix only to diamond smurfing in gold/plat
Ley (NA)
: D3 support ranking new account LF (D4-D3 Adc Main)
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bobpenis (NA)
: need 1 for silver/gold flex
kittyyy (NA)
: [NA] [Diamond] Low Diamond/High Plat "Competitive" Team looking for a new jungler
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Pillar (NA)
: Plat 5 Support main LF Duo
: LF
just because you're tilted doesn't mean you have to be toxic fam. GL lmao
: Come unwind on a fresh account or smurf. I dont play on my main in pre season or id want to off myself xd. Uninstall pls is smurf ign
i have one buts its liek p3 or something like that.
: LF
d2 to d4.. telt me about it. Wanna just unplug my PC till new season starts
: Plat 3 LF Dependable duo to get Diamond with.
: P1 Support main looking for Duo
bruhhh add my alt word level 2
Jäÿ (NA)
: LF Diamond players for flex rn
yo, add me on word level 2 if yall lose someone
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Mute (NA)
: looking fot a jungler for 5 man flex must be gold/plat in FLEX que
: lf1m for customs 5v5 w/ discord right now!!!
: LF Flex Sup plat 2+ ( PLEASE DO NOT ADD IF BELOW PLAT 2 IN FLEX !!! )
: Plat 5 Jg Smurfing silver 1 all day (lf dou)
Arrow (NA)
: LF Mid Gold+ Duo w/ Discord
Add me if got room for 2.. Just started a game tho.
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: Gold-plat Flex Q Line Up
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Axew (NA)
: Plat 1 support LF Fun group at night
add me, im down to play soem flex with people after this game.
sennamen (NA)
: Looking for ~gold flex group i can play any role, d5 solo q
add me if find group, id be down to play some flex
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Gofu (NA)
: Mid diamond top LF flex team
Let me know if you want some people to flex with. Add me Mr fk yo chick or could be on my other account. word level 2
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: LF people for flex. Be plat+ in solo que.
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vSurge (NA)
: Putting together a flex team or Looking for flex team
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