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Azryu (NA)
: Whoever approved the Yuumi W change needs to be put on administrative leave
not just that but like WTF why say "increase her support capabilities" then nerf everything that makes her a support o.O
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: > [{quoted}](name=Gaijin Bengoshi,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=VWoyzo94,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-08-18T03:20:02.045+0000) > > Damn, you’re touchy lol Am I? Or am I simply educated and share concern on others not being? Always only the single worst negative assumptions, it's downright predictable. That said, all I did was offer knowledge to the subject he did bring up, remind him that religion as a whole is indeed forbidden, and did share a personal dislike for this being a serial occurance.
No I would say Touchy because the person just said that in some regions or the world that's how people see it...….which isn't all that IS how some people see it, THEY may be wrong but the guy giving you a heads up about how THEY perceive the word isn't really wrong...…..soooo ya Touchy was right ^>^
: Pumpkin Patch Zyra
only problem is she already got a Haunted skin D: so I don't think she will get another harrowing skin :( but I love the idea
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: Casts in this game can be interrupted through only two methods. The first is if the caster dies before the cast finishes and the other is if the ability being cast is targeted and the target becomes invalid through an effect such as invisibility or untargetability. If the cast is a channel instead, such as Karthus' ult, it will be interrupted by CC.
ah I see so stuff like pyke lux and ezreal because it technically is considered a "instant" press button and done it cant be interrupted even with CC that's interesting
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: Buff other summoner spells?
if you ask me I think Cleanse needs to be buffed it is a great summoner spell very underrated but when you think of it a lot of the time it is used in midlane to counter ignite but it has like a 30-40s gap between the ignite CD and the cleanse CD I think ignite is like 210 and cleanse is 240 or ignite is 180 and cleanse is 210 either way there is a 30-40s gap between the 2 making Cleanse seem lack luster. atleast that's my opinion ^>^
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im having similar issue I just joined a game got done with character select then got sent back to client with a Reconnect button everytime I pressed it, it did nothing so I couldn't do anything...….but on my profile it said in game WTF
J Eevo (EUNE)
: I really like the koi fish circling around him idea, though you should include the description of them in his passive so reading the kit is easier without the tl;dr at the top. Kinda sad that he'd lose the mechanic upon ascending, you could just keep it and have the option of two different R's, instead of having only one or the other, and the choice of black or white would be really fast I assume since you have his R be dependent on which ascension he is, with no option for R when he's not ascended yet. Nevertheless a really cool concept, +1 from me.
TY so much and oh ya looking back it was kinda confusing and all over the place lol ty so much for the feedback it means a lot to me
: Ok I'm gonna stop you right! There is one small detail you need to realize that makes your request kind of implausible. That detail: All skins that are currently out would need to have the genderswap happen as well. This applies to all chromas as well. So how many skins is that? Not only that, but they would need to take that into account for every future champ realize. From a financial standpoint, that is way too much effort to put into that. The argument you make for this idea with the idea of the music video for K./DA is the failure to this proposal. That skin line is specifically Pop Star themed. And any videos that are about other skins are designed to fit that skin. So just because we had a video about Elementalist Lux means we should have a genderswapped Lux? If you are trying to request this for one skin in particular or just for the base, then still, that's way too much effort to put into that. Also, some champs you gotta ask: what the hell is the genderswap even gonna look like: Example: Every void champ that isn't Kai'Sa. How do you even genderswap Kog'maw? Cho'gath? Vel'koz? TL;DR - asking for just one or a handful doesn't work. This would apply to all champ bases and skins as well. Argument doesn't work at all (especially when you talk about a music video that is made for a popstar skin line). Some champs aren't exactly something that can simply be genderswapped. This is honestly a bad idea and will never see the light of day.
um im pretty sure he meant the skin would be genderswapped…..not the character like just a skin that makes the champion a genderswap there for no not all of there skins would need to be swapped he means just 1 skin no chroms 1 skin that swaps their would actually be really easy and cheap to do cause a lot of the characters have similar character models......if you think about it I think you misread the original post cause he means 1 skin not all of their skins he means 1 skin for yasuo that makes him a girl 1 skin for illaoi that makes her a boy and so on so forth no chromas and not changing the base default skin.....the genderswap would be a skin of its own you cant stack multiple skins you can only have 1 skin.....thus the genderbend would be the skin you have on.
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Arakadia (NA)
: I think there are more interesting tools for Marksmen than what we currently have. Another bow user wouldn't be inherently bad but I'd prefer someone who uses something unique or different, unseen or undone before.
Right like I want a ADC that throws fans like Kitana from Mortal Kombat or Yumi from Code Lyoko. or a Adc that Senbons or Kunais another cool would be an ADC that uses Scrolls that summon weapons Like tenten from Naruto they could do so fkin much with ADC's
: So if someone drops a hard R in chat to start the game. What is there to do?
I hear your struggle I have screenshots of a guy telling me he hopes I get in a car crash and die and that im a fing piece of Sh*t......I reported it and sent in the screenshots to riot I don't know if anything happened yet I know they very busy
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Willsada (NA)
: Can people leave comments on how thy feel about the concept I like feedback. And can people also upvote it if hey like it so I know it’s a good concept.
I absolutely love the idea about a Wasp/Bee Character im a huge fan of insects I have made a couple of ideas regarding a Moth based character so anything insect related im 100% on board. now for the "critques" the E and W are cool concepts but the wording is a little confusing I get they are meant to like engage so she can stack her bees so she can then detonate them with her R for big boom damage......however her kit seems very underworked so for example I would suggest maybe doing something like she commands her bees to circle around her the next time she would take damage it is absorb and a bee is sent to the enemy that hit her or something like that to give her some sustain cause right now she just seems a all in or nothing kinda champion if that makes sense But I absolutely love the idea its unique and I love it
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: **Character Design and Lore** I really like the moth thematic you are using in this concept. In general, winged insects fall a bit short in this game and we could use another approach than Kha'Six being a big insect monster. Moths are beautiful creatures, they have a strong thematic, it fits perfectly well in your Ionian setting. I don't think it is "too girly", in fact, I am a guy and would enjoy to see such a champion in the roster. Unfortunately, you didn't describe her appearance. I would like to read how you imagine her to look like. What kind of clothes does she wear? Hair colour and style? How old is she? You just mentioned that she would have wings... was she born with them? Did she get them in some magical way? Is she maybe a member of the Vastaya? Btw: summoners rift is not canon in lore, so there is no point mentioning it. Let's just stay with "she is wandering the world trying to find Ivern". ^^ _________________________ **Gameplay and Kit** It's pretty clear that you designed a support here. But her kit is a bit too one dimensional. Every single ability in the kit is providing a healing effect or a shield, sometimes they do even both. It would be hella frustrating to fight against in the early game, since the enemy won't be able to kill your adc, no matter what. But then the enemy gets Grievous Wounds and your champion is pretty much taken out of the game. You should add some other tools and aspects to the champions. Add a CC spell (maybe instead of healing, the silk could stun). Some other utility like vision could be fitting for the champion concept as well. Since your champion is from Ionia, therefore inspired by Asian culture: in Japan, butterflies and moths symbolise the souls of the dead. Maybe she could collect moths from dying units like minions and if she reaches a specific amount, she gets a special effect. For example, moths are illuminating bushes you warded for some extra minutes if your ward dies. ____________________________ **Facit** I love the general idea and hope to read more about her possible design. Her skills are probably a really raw version, it needs work, I have to say that. She lacks a clear identity when it comes to gameplay, she is just a heal and shield bot. But I think that the concept has great potential and hope you will keep working on it to flesh out something special and beautiful. ~SatomiKun~
Ty so much for your feedback I completely agree I would love to draw kinda a design of her and maybe post it on here I'm not much of a artist but ill try my best :D I will also think more of her backstory cause I really like this character and I will def work on her kit cause now that I see it after a good nights sleep I agree she kinda one note ill keep you posted :D
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: Too bad none of these will happen this year; skins are planned months in advance.
I know that's why I put 17-18 :D
: Harrowing skin ideas 2017-18
I was Trying to think of one for Ivern too I was messing around with the idea of Haunted Forest Ivern or something idk D:
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: Here's one Bard Skin I hope gets some attention. If they were to drop this during the Harrowing, I'd buy it in a heart beat. > > [Edit]: I guess the images came out really small, might have to click & Zoom in on them.
or reaper bard this arwork is amazing
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: Ahh sorry I missed this! Sure thing!! She's really fun now that her rework is out!
hi I don't know how I would be able to message you but I'm a huge fan of your work and I kinda need your help with a design where would I go about asking this? D:
: Petition To Have An Old Lady Champion
omg I could soo see this and is it weird I can see her using like mirror or something like just an idea like she can capture the image of an ally and summon a Mirror Image of her ally to fight for her xD that would be kinda cool
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: Hey, it's me, I like ur champ and u were right about them being the same. The one I like the most is the second one because her abilities were better. Also, one of her ability is almost like Janna lol. The first one is good too and has a lot of AoE healing. That's my opinion on ur champ. Bye :)
: Anna, The Butterfly Qween
I had an idea like this a while back :D except my champion was a girl who uses moths/butterflies based of wich path she chose like butterfly was mage path moth was support path you should check mine out I really like yours too :D tell me what you think about mine
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 6.10? Click Here!
um the mastery lvl 6 is broken for me I have 2 tokens for eve and I have tried to use the 2 tokens and the essences the 2 tokens and the permenant and neither worked and now my essences are gone and I didn't get mastery 6 D:
: how can i get champion mastery lvl 6?
I have the exact same problem I have 2 tokens for Evelynn and I it will not let me I have tried all 3 ways it wont give me mastery 6 but it will take my stuff? D:
Bultz (NA)
: Nami skin concept
OMG that is fkin awesome!!
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Owltears (NA)
: Skin Concept, Pasta Bard
lol that's kinda funny :D
: Kindred Art
oh at first I read your name as jinx monsoon and I got super excited than I realized its jhinxmonsoon D: dang
: Champion Concept: Lorme (The Plague Spreader)
this would be cool but the passive reminds me of like a teemo W or a brand passive its a amazing idea though :D GJ
: Instead of "Ootay~" meeps say "Spookay~"
: Riot Please make this happen
Have you seen the art concept of Reaper bard omg it looks amazing go look it up :D
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: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
ok I have a couple questions 1: what if kindred ults someone and a tahm kench eats them does it cancel the ult or does tahm get the effect as well? same with if kalista pulls them in with her ult? 2: does this ult cancel when zonyas or ulted by bard? also PLZ PLZ PLZ ON THE FIRST SKIN DONT DO A RECOLOR WHERE THE LAMB IS BLACK AND THE WOLF IS WHITE PL
: Champion and skin sale: 04.21 - 04.24
am i the only one that thinks they should do a 4/20 bundle and do a plants/fire bundle like wildfire zyra blackthorn morganna Volcanic wukong (some annie skin cause you know u gotta have one cheap champ in a bundle) then maybe brand and his vandal skin or substitute brand or annie with someone else
: Champion and skin sale: 03.24 - 03.27
Man its a Shame i was in california for a family emergency for all of february and for first week of march i missed alot of sales i wanted i was saving money to buy riot points for the skins i wanted and i missed them D: guess ill just have to wait months or years for skins to go back on sale


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