: i Can’t tell if you red the riot post about new stormrazor and pd and other crit items. If you did I disagree if not then that will change context a lot. Stormrazor now (maybe will) give 30% ad on energized attack’s, rapid fire makes that happen more often, which is nice cause yas builds a lot of ad anyway. The new pd also doesn’t give dmg reduction now instead it’s a shield and it’s really a different item all together. Gives some ad etc. I’m just pointing out it would need a test to see how good it would be compared to standard build cause it gives him a lot of poke and fight potential.
Phantom Dancer to this day still hasn't been changed to have any sort of shield, and stormrazor would give only higher damage in the first few seconds of combat if you're able to use storms edge that often since yas is constantly aaing, and also there is literally no need for rapid fire on yas since pd is just still a better item in general, and even tho he does get crit from stormrazor, yes it does get more ad, but it limits his dmg output since infinity edge does not work with that, and even if u were to build crit, with stormrazor the crit dmg is limited (ive tried it out in jhin but stormrazor is still good since it gives him movement speed which helps him kite better)
: How will gp, yas and trynd fair with new item changes? Heres my analysis
Yas as a champion does not need 1 rapid fire and 2 storm razor. The reason why he doesn't need rapid fire ie because there is no need for it when pd is literally just a way better zeal item in him due to the dueling potential be has with pd and second stormrazor is absolutely worthless on a champion like Yas where the passive of stormrazor storms edge will not reset as well as him hitting 100% Crit. also to mention the fact that storms edge decreases yasuos Crit dmg output. Ie revert is good and bad since Crit in general has been wonky after the changes with the true dmg on ie but it is good for the fact that it had true dmg and makes it okay having the ie revert and another build path for it makes it insane for champions that can take full advantage of it and are ahead in the game to abuse it. Gp with his barrels that had armor pen is already insane comboed with second ie build path will be a complete beast and same goes for trynd. He already has built in Crit with increased dmg and making his mid to late game insane.
: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
If u are in low Elo would people really know how to deal with Zed, no because they don't know how to deal with him when he goes into the backline and tries to take out the carry. He gets destroyed pretty easily if u don't know how to play him, like yasuo the second Zed gets cc chained he has no damage output what's so ever. There's also the fact that if Zed is going into the backline to take out the carry, most cases its w into your which makes him vulnerable due to the reason of being less mobile without his w. Yes he is not the hardest to play nor the easiest to pick up, but he has one of the highest skill caps in the game.


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