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: Nerf Fiora? What do you guys think?
I don't know what elo you guys are at, and you cannot tell if a champ is broken or not based on statistics on or or w/e, because there are a lot of people in different elos play fiora but doesn't really main her. I've really really rarely seen a fiora main, even fell behind, not end up getting fed and 1v1, 1v2 easily mid-late game, and I'm still playing on different elos from diamond 4 to low gold, since I have 3 smurfs. Just look at akali winrate on those websites then, akali since her work has never been above 48% winrate and she still got nerfed to the ground, and what is her winrate right now?
Stone766 (NA)
: If you wanna nerf a top laner I think {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:84}} are all more deserving then fiora. I started playing fiora alot recently and she isn't as broken as i originally thought she was. The only thing stupid about her is her W but it has a reasonable CD imo.
Oh I'm sorry, but fiora beats all those champions top lane. Fiora is so broken that she can just farm equally or even being behind and always carry mid-late game, for sure win any champion 1v1 mid-late game and has strong split-push kit. And she seems to beat all the strong top champions in the laning phase too, darius, renekton, urgot, sion and even when you google her counter picks, you can only find pantheon, teemo, heimer top as reliable counters (maybe, maybe not?)

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