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: @Riot Medieval Twitch/ Grey Warwick rarity from Honor Capsules?
well shit they are as common ass key fragments from what it looks like. i think riot underestimated the honors system.. i think they thought not enough ppl would get em but almost every body is gettin em from what it looks like its just a mattar of time. the skin isnt rare yet another rare skin that is killed by riot. i think the only ones that are safe are the ones the retail games like silver kayle black alistar judgement kayle and the victorious line
: Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch can be earned through Honor
they should stop the frame bs and just give the og ppl a sick chroma of said skin for example im sure championship ashe will be given our later yrs but i dont think championship ashe golden chroma will be available. in later years
: Level up rewards.
i was just wondering when is this comming.... i have a secondary account and well i stopped leveling it so i could cash in some of this.
: Who cares if someone is bronze or not, the ranking system in league of legends is so broken right now that when bronze players try play ranked, the get placed against people in silver and gold, so how are they supposed to get out of that ELO if they're basically already playing in gold or silver due to the rank of their competitors? So stop flaming the bronze players.
you get placed with ppl who had silver and gold last season but are not performing this season and end up in bronze.
Nick Gurh (EUW)
: just by the way you are talking and complaining about this makes you a bronze player
Ohikno (NA)
: Wish we can at least get the level 30 reward man... rito y u do dis
you want the rewards..... create a lower acount and earn em.
NikolaR (EUNE)
: Se won't get sh*t which is so dumb as f*ck. And Rito will make bronze even worse now. Even though they give you freee champs by the time u get to lv 30 you will not be that good. I remember when i got to lv 30 it was hard for me and I didn't want to play ranked so I wouldn't ruin other people games but now when I play ranked there's always that 1 Yasuo/mid main that can only play 1 champ and when that champ gets banned they troll. But now with all this it's just gonna get worse... P.S. I'M MAD AS F*CK CUZ WE DONT GET THE REWARDS!! WE WORKED TWICE AS HARD ONLY TO GET PEOPLE WHO GOT LV 30 SERVED ON A SILVER PLATE AND WE DONT GET ANYTHING! JUST A SMALL REWARD WOULD BE NICE!
your reward was to play this game for free since you ever picked it up... and to experience the champs that the new players didnt get to. the meta and the gameplay. you are not working for this. this is a game. changes happen to make it better. this is one of em. what do you want for em to give you champ shards of the champs you already got. and well bronze will always be bronze. its up to us to climb out of there if you dont got the balls then play normals and enjoy the featured playmodes.
: "Runes Reforged", the future of pre-game choices is here folks!
ok so what about the honor system how are u gonna transfer the honors we already have into the new system? i really dont want to find out that you are just gonna abandon it and our honors we have are not gonna be worth anything i proud of the honors i have its what i play for.
: If they converted it back to IP... wtf are we supposed to use it on?
: they said in the video they are coming up with a way to reimburse players who have sunk so much of their ip into runes.
that means we are not giving you your ip value. we are gonna force upon you a lesser value thing just so you dont complain. nothing they come up with is going to equal the amount of champs you could get with that much ip so instead they are going to make some other thing ip buyable and gonna force that down your throat. ip for me is for 2 things. game play and champions. if runes is out and the new system is free no ip price just give it back. dont disappoint us with ur unwanted surprise.
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: "Runes Reforged", the future of pre-game choices is here folks!
i for one think that anything short of the value of the ip the runes are worth is a slap to the face to us players who have grind hours to get certain runes just so we can try a new champ. in a certain build before even knowing if it was a good fit to our play style. it would be fair to just give us the ip the runes are worth and let us spend it how we please. when the old runes were phased out last time some of my runes became duplicates and i can only use 9 of that kind therefore that ip was wasted. so i say for the sake of us players please just give us the value of ip the runes we have are worth. anything less is just an insult. and disregard for the hours we have played the game. we enjoy this game. let us keep enjoying it the way we want to. the only thing we are gonna end up doing is buying more champions. with em. any how. so why not let us do so.
: Probably hextech rewards. Really, I just want the whole 1 chets per champion per season removed. I play Kayle and mostly that. My S ranks feel worthless other than "hey I won".
well that is there to encourage players to play a diverse pool of champions... that isnt going away.
: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
the main reason i dont like the new client is because i cannot create item-sets for the champs i play it should be added some where in the client.


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