stoyo8 (NA)
: Please tell me there is more to the preseason
Oh there better be fore Items that counter this Assassin/damage shit
: Getting secondary role in ranked matches
I prefer longer Ques over basically everything Riot has done for Rank. Riot needs to allow longer Ques for Better MMing and to remove Autofill. 10-15m Que times are fine. Oh and I Que Mid/Top and get Mid all times but when Im autofilled where I get Jungle/Support
: Pyke upcoming 9.21 nerf
Pykes ability to just go out of sight and return fill HP is BAD. Its toxic to the game. There is a reason he is banned so much. We hated it on {{champion:223}} we hate it on Pyke too. With Tahm you can counter it but you cant with Pyke.
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
So the issue is that its fine to have a point and click hard CC. Just not for 3s {{champion:80}} has a point and click hard CC for 1s. <= this is healthy and allows you to take down champs like Yi, Kat, Yasuo ect.. Fiddle has 3s fear and THEN can Silence you for another 1.25s for a TOTAL OF 4.25s of CC this is all from ONE champ. This cant be in his rework. No champ should have more then 2s of hard CC or 3s of soft CC
: The main problem I have and see with most lanes, which is exacerbated top lane, is that poke no longer exists as a form, its just ranged all in you either follow up on or dont. And junglers dictate who wins early almost every single time(sometimes supports can random ganks). -- Ranged all ins or melee all ins is all you have now. Its an all in meta, and if your champ loses the all in you lose the lane/ if your champ CANT all in you lose the lane. Great example is kennen, a should be POKE based champ, his combo is q, if it hits, auto w, that is actually an all in not poke, but its what happens every time kennen lands a q withing 600 range. If you have a champion that can retaliate in that range, either kennen has more damage or he doesnt, either kennen has the cc first effect so you CANT trade or he doesnt then either kennen dies, or you do and this happens over and over. With all the sustain in the game now, and champs like yasuo(3 items or 2 depending on matchup) can heal over half his health per minion line, you have to literally kill the dude every single minion line post 1 item. So for matchups vs champs with high sustain, you have to have so much damage that you would completely obliterate those with no sustain, or some gimped mechanic that makes it so you can't ever touch them. This makes mana/energy based champs feel really bad early. --- Ganks, ganks ganks and more ganks. You can avoid dying, but you cant avoid being zoned unless you counter both the enemy top and the jg in such a way that you can which is nearly impossible in anything above silver. Top cannot deal with being put behind by jgs, however, top laners even when ahead 30 or more cs, cant deal with jgs ganking them. This results in the top laner that takes the biggest risks, but isn't punished, eventaully just crushing the enemy so hard it isnt fair. It turns everyone top into either hashinshin or ty1. You pretty much have to afk under turret if you get a bad jg, or of they get a bad jg that soly camps top all game. And if your team isnt vastly better, you will then lose if the top is something like tmere or irelia. -- 0 agency. Top laners simply dont decide if they win the lane or game at all anymore. The enemy can make serious mistakes and never be punished if the jg is around, the enemy top laner can throw a lead and not be punishable because of the "i win at x amount of gold no matter what" that occurs with certain top laners like jax/yasuo/darius/riven/irelia/camille/ etc Certain matchups REQUIRE you to win early, but you dont decide if you do. This makes crap like nasus in low elo really really annoying to play against (not saying nasus is good, but he never gets ganked down there, and typically gets baby sat plus adcs dont kite and supports dont peel). In high elo I could see it being even worse. 1 Cheese gank would lock the game completely down. Another lane needing help ALWAYS taking priority over top also completely cripples it in pro play. Its not fun to play a front line, when you dont even trust your backline.
Yep with Runes and items HP sustain is too much. Even for late game ADC they can out heal too much even with GW on them. Riot gave all this self healing because people are getting blown up too fast with all the damage creep. We even see Riots hatred for Poke with the design of Pyke.
: I know and that makes 40% cdr unachievable. IMO 40% cdr should be a lategame 6 item thing.
It didnt even work on all AD champs {{champion:421}}
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Timm3rr (NA)
: How Do I Even Climb Anymore
This is Riot forces you down even more then bad MMing.
Kat XD (NA)
: Just another complaint about matchmaking that I really hope is addressed in the preseason.
5050BS (NA)
: Got to love the Client Crash just as you enter the game then wont connect with DX error
Oh and even tho that was my first "Leaver buster" of the day I lost 19 LP to it because the client "Connected" for 1s WTF RIOT
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: basically the same design at that point no counterplay button that can only be played against with qss
{{item:3140}} for both. If you are not building it that is on you.
: So you want to ban anyone and everyone who uses any profanity under any context? You must be the life of the party.
N Word or G/F Word have no good context. Its flat out report for ban.
DeusVult (NA)
: The in house balance team is very small, and in a trend across the industry as a whole, pushes things live without a full QA test. As a result, both from the small QA amount and the rush to push things to live, you end up with some things being seen as ok/weak in house, but when it hits live and someone figures out how to play it, it "becomes" very strong. PBE, or Riots out of house QA, is laughably bad, and there is 0 communication between Riots in house QA and the PBE testers (at least for the ones who are actively looking for balance issues). PBE is only used to look for bugs, and most of those dont even get patched out before the patch ends up going live. As a result of the two of these you can get wildly buffed champs like current Garen or Cinderhulk Sej (back in S5) that can go from a nonpick to a meta warping champ in one patch
Or the test team brings all of this to light but the Lead of the Release does not listen. This is far more common of an issue with testing. Now it very well could be Riot just does a shitty job with everything or that the Test team does not care about balance (its not my department)
Senamz13 (NA)
: Old Runes that I Miss
DFT I miss that rune.
: Feels like all my losses come with some kind of caveat
Im currently logging all my Ranked matches. Tracking each Roles overall Win% at time of match and the teams average Rank and then average win% At the end of the match I note who fed and who stomped. VERY often my end comments will be 22% overall win rate Jungler fed all enemy lanes OR 45% Win Rate Support ended 0/14 Enemy bot lane stomped. OR 57% Win Rate Top stomped 40% win rate laner From what Im seeing so far. Riots MMR system does not care who is vs who lane wise. It ONLY Cares about Average win% of the team AND when Que time is long and there is an autofil the difference inn Win% can be as high as 10%. Also a Difference of 0.5% tilts often to the higher team unless the Average Rank of the team is different. Would love to throw all this data into a Neural network and see what comes out.
: autofill isnt new the term auto fill is new. back prior to dynamic queue and role selection pick order was the agreed upon rule that the player base for the most part honored if you were higher up in pick order you get to chose your role. and then the next pick gets to chose from the remaining, and then the 3rd etc then the last pick was always forced to fill unless there was communication in champ select and people agreed to certain roles. and on the other side it was the last two picks that were forced to fill. the two most common roles that was "force to fill" was jungle and support.
> [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qEJZEZEm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-13T22:38:12.296+0000) > > autofill isnt new > > the term auto fill is new. > > back prior to dynamic queue and role selection pick order was the agreed upon rule that the player base for the most part honored > > if you were higher up in pick order you get to chose your role. and then the next pick gets to chose from the remaining, and then the 3rd etc > > then the last pick was always forced to fill unless there was communication in champ select and people agreed to certain roles. and on the other side it was the last two picks that were forced to fill. > > the two most common roles that was "force to fill" was jungle and support. Yep and you could even ban people who broke the Pick order rule (I reported everything someone broke it)
: i just need to duo. thats how to climb
This is how all the pros do it.
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: Permanently Banned, was this enough to ban me permanently? Is this fair?
Br0sidon (NA)
: Ranked Reform!
Its because of Riots shit system where your Rank is not really you rank. Your MMR is your Rank and you cant see that AND it does not always match your Rank. Its 100% stupid.
Rigaroom (NA)
: One day, I'm gonna get perma banned because of Riot's stupid client
Love having it happen to a promo game where its counted as a loss
Kat XD (NA)
: I deserve to be (Gold, Plat, Diamond, etc.) but my team is holding me back....
Do it again but dont play a hard carry champ. See how it goes. 100% of all smurf play broken champs that have a skill threshold that once crossed WILL stomp anyone under your skill level no matter what. You are mid so play something like ziggs
Ohlerium (NA)
: Dogshit company
Riot bans for words not things that ACTUALLY affect the game.
: The worst thing that League of Legends creators did
Tencent is china's EA Games. They have MASSIVE amounts of money and make shit games.
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: What's the point of smurfing?
Smurfing is to 100% Ruin Ranked
: Garen proccing CONQ spins is too much.
Yep Illaoi cant proc off of Spirits but Garen can off of spins.... Its the same as if they let Teemo proc off of his E poison.
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Eybdoog (NA)
: I feel your pain OP. In Riot’s defense it’s hard to detect and enforce a policy that prevents smurfs from ruining games. The biggest issue is that not enough new players are starting to play this game right now
Its very easy to find Smurfs. Just in the types of champs they select and how they play. Combos, Button clicks, CS, Pings, Movement, skill shot dodging, Interruptions. All have stats for each of the Ranks and you can tell who is what by comparing them.
Fegone (NA)
: There really is only 1 thing that can be done about smurfs: make sure they move up to their real tier as quickly as possible. With the current system that is impossible. It takes forever to climb through 1 division. If the system was more fluid and responsive to raising MMR, we could eliminate smurfs much faster. I still don't understand what's wrong with a simple, visible and open MMR scale which you climb up or fall down after every game, and the tiers being % based. Sounds so simple and practical, and I don't see any downsides of it.
Smurfs dont want to climb. Often they will soft int games to lose MR so they can keep stomping in low ELO. In every way Smurfs are bad for Ranked.
Tedbear (NA)
: Autofill Dumbasses
I love when Riot Match Making puts the Enemies Best player vs my teams Autofilled player. It almost always is a stomp.
Cdore (NA)
: What I don't understand about conqueror...
It stems from the damage creep. Because Bruisers die too fast without some kind of constant healing.
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: new client login is AWFUL
It will also randomly log you out. Like at the end of a Match when its should load the Game states instead you get the "Reconnect" button and the game tried to relaunch the game but the game has ended so it crashes and sends you back to the "Reconnect" when what needs to happen is you need to relog in.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Can anything be done about smurfing?
Smurfs 100% Ruin the Ranked system.
: Conquerer Garen is broken
His E is Urgots W BUT 1) Scales with attack speed 2) Can Crit 3) Does not slow him 4) is AOE It has ALWAYS been Garens OP issue. Its why in URF he is broken Riot messed up (like 90% of the time) What he SHOULD be is a tank. Hard to kill but also does not kill FAST. If you kit him you can kill him. But you cant kit him
: Made it to Silver 1 for the 6th time
If hit G4 Promos 3 times this season. About 15 times last season. Constant afker/complete trolls and Enemy smurfs make MMing total garbage. When I can constantly climb back to the Promos but Riot stacks my teams with shit its the system. MMing Rubber banding is a thing.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=5050BS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=35FX6E4J,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-09T20:30:55.656+0000) > > Riot says its the cost but Im with you. QSS should be a one time use item and you need the full item to get the reuse. It also should be on a 120s CD not the 90s CD BS. Then the price would need to drop then
Jamaree (NA)
: Unless you are at the absolute upper echelon of this game, the chances of you not being in queue with your friends and getting them in the same game is astronomically low. That said, yeah the game kind of tries to force a 50/50 win rate in a way
This is not true. I have Run into the same player 2-3 times in a row and Im in NA in silver and only SoloQ.
: Winrate in this game, how real are they?
So I have been tracking my games (still low numbers but we will see how it all ends up in a few weeks) So far most games Riot picks teams with average win rates that are between 0.0-0.5% difference. BUT when you are near Promos or Demotion games can be 2-3% difference. MOST of the time our side of a lucky/unlucky game (where a big team fight ends the game) The winner is the team with the higher average win rate% (even when its 0.2% difference) Im tracking the % AFTER my games so that knowing the % does not taint my play.
: Haha you first picked a melee champion
Anyone else also see that if you pick Top as your primary that you get placed First pick like 80% of the time?
: Quck Silver Sash vs Zhonya's Watch (Unfair)
Riot says its the cost but Im with you. QSS should be a one time use item and you need the full item to get the reuse. It also should be on a 120s CD not the 90s CD BS.
: Nerf klepto keenen e cooldown
All I can say is {{champion:41}}
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: Shaco Rework 9.20 - AD Shaco struggling after rework?
: Jungle "Season 9" is broken beyond repair
Jungle is THE Role right now. Better Jungler wins
: Im gold 2 and a silver 4 ended up in my match and i have a 51% win ratio
I lost my G4 Promo because enemy had S2-G4 (averaged 51.2% win rate, top 60% bot 48%) vs my team S4-S1 (averaged 45% win rate top 48% bot 42%) It was a COMPLETE stomp. My mid and ADC had a 0.9 KDA in the end. Enemy jungle and ADC and Mid had 5-8 KDA
KazKaz (OCE)
: Worlds just isn't doing it this year...
Game is complete trash and Worlds is showing it. I haven't watched in 3 years because after S5 the game has gone down kill and S9 is twice as fast. Have not spent $$ on this game since S6 and most likely wont ever again. If Riot could bring the game back to S5 quality then maybe. Thye would have to keep it there for a few seasons. Riot just isnt trust worthy.
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