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Sukishoo (NA)
: Cats vs Dogs - Rengar, Yorick, Fizz and Corki!
Ugh, when can I have a GOOD Yorick skin? He's my favorite champion and he's the only one I use the base skin for.
: Patch 9.2 notes
Those Yorick changes are the sexiest thing ive ever seen in patch notes.
: > [{quoted}](name=6Sfool,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kXwbUoQ3,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-11T22:16:41.726+0000) > > Lets see. I play a lot of Yorick and Galio jungle to good success, I used to play Gnar jungle back when we had trailblazing smite, I play J4 supp, and tried Braum top a few times, Naut mid for a while, and am thinking about picking up Akali, Pantheon, or Graves as pocket pick ADC's. And I have never been banned for trolling. Do you ever lose because of team mates? Last time I played vs a talon mid (remember) I went Garen and my top lane ran it down because "Garen isn't a mid"
> [{quoted}](name=HaIlMonitor,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kXwbUoQ3,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-11-11T22:37:28.372+0000) > > Do you ever lose because of team mates? Last time I played vs a talon mid (remember) I went Garen and my top lane ran it down because "Garen isn't a mid" I mostly just get flame from the occasional player, and I get even more if I'm doing bad, but sometimes it even goes the other way and people get curious about how it works. I never get people who just int because they don't like my pick though. Provided, I only play norms.
: Reported for playing champ in wrong role?
Lets see. I play a lot of Yorick and Galio jungle to good success, I used to play Gnar jungle back when we had trailblazing smite, I play J4 supp, and tried Braum top a few times, Naut mid for a while, and am thinking about picking up Akali, Pantheon, or Graves as pocket pick ADC's. And I have never been banned for trolling.
Meddler (NA)
: Additional note since time of writing: Looks likely we'll put some more time into Sejuani and Galio changes. They'll be in 8.24 or later as a result. Will likely see them gone from the PBE shortly, work's still ongoing though, that just reflects preparing 8.23 for launch. For Sejuani something we'll be looking at in addition to, or instead of some of the above changes, is how much power her passive's giving her in pro given how much front loaded power is valued there. Might be a good angle to reduce that instead of some of the CC changes. For Galio, considering bigger changes potentially.
Please don't abandon those changes that bring back the base % health scaling on his Q. I've been missing that ever since you removed it more than a year ago, it was one of the core reasons I even bought him to play in the jungle. Everything else can change all it wants, but you can't tease me with that.
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: AP Late Game JG Options After Killing Dark Harvest
I like the changes. Current Dark Harvest is pretty binary. It gives you a short power window after every cannon wave, camp clear, and takedown where you do extra damage. It promotes hasty decisions where you decide to engage earlier than you should just because you have a stack that's about to expire. It's also a little ridiculous on poke champions in lane, creating some very annoying low-risk burst damage. The new iteration though, it is less tied to these ridiculous little power windows, and more to controllable circumstances. Enemies can avoid the extra punishment by playing back and keeping their health up. Now stacking souls only rewards players who are aggressive enough to make continued trades or high-investment ganks, not just champs who built mobi-boots and chase after scuttle. It's also less free power for people who don't contribute much to the fight. If an assassin jumps on the adc and chunks him but doesn't kill him, he can't just hide until the ally darius ults the enemy diver. He has to actually help secure a kill to get that reset.
: I certainly didn't know you could play him in the jungle or support pre-rework.....and being an ADC main that was once a top main and had to fight against pre-rework Yorick several times......I dread to think of how that lane would have played out. But as of now, I can certainly see some appeal for pulling him those other roles. However... In the jungle, if they do give him tools to survive it, he may become as oppressive as like season 4-5 Elise, where he can stay so healthy in the jungle, that any time he invades, he would be unmatched. It would also make his ganks super easy, and without much risk involved, which is essential to having a balanced jungler. So, I doubt we'll see him in the jungle due to how much of a potential problem he could be. As for support.....I don't see why you can't play him support right now. If you're pretty good at landing his W and E, you could likely play him like a tanky Zyra. Not to mention, since he is melee, his Q should work quite well with Relic Shield. Also, due to how his ult works, you can send it down a lane to help out another laner, or just slow push a lane that doesn't have anyone in it, and go back to being a front line for your team. He has enough utility in his kit that, honestly, I could see him as a support right now. He'd likely be really weak to poke supports, like Brand or Zyra, but against the current hard engage, tanky supports we're constantly seeing right now, he'd pair up against them quite nicely. Just my 2 cents.
Jungle Yorick is pretty viable. He's my main and that's the only role I play him in. He has the damage and the sustain to clear quickly and without pots, and has unique cc that really punishes immobile champs. His only issue is his setup. Without ghouls his clear speed is way slower, and he can't just walk through lanes without paying attention to where the minion wave is. Plus if he misses E his gank is almost guaranteed to fail. He doesn't need any more tools for jungle at least (besides some bugfixing), my issue is that his power is concentrated in his tower damage, so everything else has to be unreliable.
: Why does everyone want everything to jungle?
As a person who mains Yorick jungle, and am trying to bring back Galio jungle, I want to punch you. I will admit that you have a point, some champions are toxic as junglers (Camille). It is irritating though when all that is keeping a champion from being a balanced jungler is one of those "minions only" types of interactions.
: Jhin can sidestep Fizz Q with just movespeed
I like the new ADC items, but his passive just can't stay that way. Change the passive and all these interactions will go away.
Skill0Ful (EUW)
: WTF this damage ?
I was like, Yeah he can do that, then I realized he was level 2.
: I don't even play Yorrick and I feel bad for it's player base.
I'm not too worried. It really is ridiculous how much of a pubstomper he is. I sometimes get kills on champions that I stopped fighting 15 seconds ago because they weren't smart enough to just auto the damn ghouls. It might even result in buffs later on that affect his high level play too.
kargish (EUW)
: Hashinshin made a pretty good point
Item synergy is also huge in snowballing. It's the entirety of 2 and 3 item spikes. I don't like seeing it in the form of old Steraks and triforce, but that said, I like when an item complements well with what you already have. My go-to Warwick build is huge on magic damage, and it goes nicely with itself, but no single item can't be swapped out for another: {{item:1400}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3047}} with press the attack. If I'm fed and want to end early i swap Steraks with Titanic, I can change my boots against a magic damage comp, I can swap Abyssal with Thornmail to counter an AA heavy team. This is the type of synergy I like, but old {{item:3053}} {{item:3078}} or {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} and somewhat {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} go too well together. To give Riot some credit though, the crit interaction on stormrazor was a clever way to make it less obnoxious on assassins.
: Ways to win your jungler's undying love.
Just let me focus on objectives. That's all I need. I have domination stacks to get so I'll gank soon enough, but I'm not going to waste my time ganking a lane just because you want to snowball and can't do it on your own. There's enemy junglers to track and there's dragons to be slain.
Verxint (NA)
: Yes, frankly I've never liked ignite for the reasons I explain in my replies. But when you didn't have damaging smites and damaging keystones and damaging items ignite alone wasn't such a big deal.
I really like having damaging keystones, and using smite on champions is pretty satisfying. Each of those affects your gameplay significantly. With the exception of electrocute and Aerie, the two of them are too easy to proc so they're just a numbers buff to your trades. It's nice when a champion uses comet or aftershock though, it becomes a little minigame that you can use to shrug off some damage.
Verxint (NA)
: Some math on the average level 6 gank
The only thing I'm getting out of this is a deeper hatred of ignite.
Terozu (NA)
: Yes I build Mejai's Soulstealer on support Lux.
I get it. I build {{item:3025}} on Yorick and get a lot of shit for it. It's a great item and it fits my build better than triforce, but all the time I get someone who just spam pings it as soon as they notice.
: What's the balance philosophy behind not being able to flash out of hyper mobile Leblanc's Chain?
Remember old LB? She was a nightmare. The new one is almost as bad. Oh wait, they brought the old one back. She's like Ryze on steroids. No amount of work will even touch on the serious issues she has.
Verxint (NA)
: PSA: stop whining about "forced 50%"
The problem is skill variation and how quickly your mmr changes. Go on a win-streak and your mmr value skyrockets. They basically just aim for equal team mmr's, so often they just match you with a bunch of players with lower-than-usual mmr, so you are the player that balances them out. I'm a jungle main, and when I go on huge winstreaks I notice that my teammates lose lane more and more often as my wins rack up. By the time I reach 10-15 games, all of my teammates are losing lane, and some are losing it pretty badly. It's just a question of how much more I can carry them before I start a losing streak that lasts just about as long. When your mmr goes up, you do not deserve to become that player who is dramatically better than the rest of the team. You should be playing with and against progressively better teammates as your mmr increases, and each individual player should be about equally matched. This problem is aggravated in ranked because your mmr changes much faster than your actual rank.
: When one of your teammates is being a sore winner, but also carried your team.
I never see that. Usually it's the one with the worst k/d that's trash talking.
: The Death of Tahm kench support
I can't see how this would kill his support role. Sure it's not a great change but it doesn't suddenly make him unviable. 6 seconds to 4 for duration? Most of the time the danger is gone. The cooldown changes will hurt, but how often do you really need to devour a teammate? Plus, his cooldowns are lower in terms of harass, and supports have an easier time with frequent harass than do solo laners that need to cs.
: garen and yorick nerfs for the bottom level mmr
I'm good with that. When stats came out it showed I had a 70% winrate with Yorick, and I really don't try that hard. Most of his power comes from people not knowing how to deal with him. If they tune him to be less viable in lower elos, then he is a bit weaker, but is less of a pubstomper. And I don't like pubstompers.
: Tank changes for 8.16
What about Galio, who remains the only tank who can't access max health damage without hard stacking AP?
: Patch 8.15 Notes
Welp- there goes my standard support start {{item:3302}} {{item:1006}}
Jamaree (NA)
: I'm not the only one who remembers people complaining games being too long right?
I remember it. I disagreed but I remember it. I think the ideal game time is about 35 min, when most everyone is finished at least 4 items, but the ADC's haven't become a menace. I like the power fantasy that comes with longer games, but I don't like seeing it turn into a bunch of nonproductive wave-shoving.
AceGeo (NA)
: Yorick E
I argued for this when they originally changed it to what it is now, but they said "YOU'RE WRONG!!!" I've messed up so many ganks because I cast it 50 units too far away and it fired a half second too late. When Im playing Velkoz and cast q at max range it doesn't give me any shit, but Yorick has to be different.
: Patch 8.14 notes
These SSG skins are gorgeous. I'm not one for team skins usually but I'm thinking about picking up the whole pack.
: Old Aatrox: "Even those who have nothing, can give their lives"
I joined this game the day after he was released, and I thought he looked so badass. I never picked him up though, because I wouldn't be able to handle them doing that to a champion. A rework really was needed but he went from a sticky dps champ to an un-tanky Sion. And they ruined his personality.
: Old Yorick had a unique class combo: Juggernaut + Enchanter
I'm sorry that you miss old Yorick, but that champ is not coming back. He had a successful rework and now he's pretty much set in stone. I will admit that he lost some flexibility though. He isn't a great support anymore (but at least he has some unique tools for the role). He can still jungle like a beast though. I've never been able to carry games so hard as I can with Yorick running {{item:1413}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3025}} . I would like to see a new champ with a juggernaut-enchanter role though. I'm picturing something like a cross between Taric and Zyra. Someone tanky that makes a safe zone for their allies through a combination of utility and sheer damage.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Iirc they work with deaths dance but not lifesteal.
Test it out. They apply any kind of lifesteal, including machete's bonus against monsters. In my jungle runes I run Legend-bloodline so that the ghouls can be an extra source of healing.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: A list of every known Yorick bug as of patch 8.12
Why would Ravenous hunter apply to his ghoul damage? They aren't spells, and despite what everyone seems to think they apply lifesteal. I will have to say though, the code that decides whether she will follow Yorick into the jungle or head down a lane is wonky as hell. Sometimes I see her auto a tower and then follow me away from it to go clear camps.
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: Warwick Q dealt 418 damage at level 6
Did he have predator? That sounds really high. Also, heals seem to be a bit wonky in this game. As warwick I often die mid-Q because the heal goes off after the damage.
: ADCs are too Lifesteal-independent right now
I'd rather see ADC's not itemize heavily into sustain. If these sources mean don't I encounter an ADC that heals 500 health twice a second, then let them be.
Barcid (NA)
: Riot Sparkle, you asked what we wanted from Death Recap
I need more than that. At a minimum there needs to be a clear chart showing damage by type and champion, but I also want to see more, such as: 1. A list of impactful buffs/debuffs and what they accomplished on your champion. This includes all hard cc, stoneplate/locket actives and how much they helped, and any other buffs that may help to tell what you played wrong, or if a strategy is working out. 2. Stats on self-healing. If I die as Warwick or Illaoi, I want to know just how successful my draintanking is. Did I get locked out and only heal like 50 health, or was I just not able to keep up with being focused? Should I get that Visage, or just get some defensive stats? Also, I don't want to hear that I does over a period of 32 seconds. Going for ~5 seconds without taking champion damage should drop all previous damage and start the tracking from there. I don't need to know about the minion autos that took me from 100 to 90% health while I was trading, I want to see what got me from 90 to 0 after I get blitz hooked.
: Irelia: The Blade Dancer | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
Holy shit that's flashy. Was not expecting that level of flashy.
: Yorick Skin Ideas
You know, I don't think I'd ever buy a skin for him, even though he's my main. I like his base thematic too much. That said I'd like to see Riot make a skin for him that changes my mind. ..... (shadowfire)
: Sobering realization
There can be any number of reasons people are playing off, don't waste your time trying to diagnose them. Just use what you have, try to supplement what your teammates are doing right, and make it work. If someone keeps overextending, do what you can to keep them from getting ganked. If your teammate seems distracted and goes still a lot, don't just jump into a fight expecting them to notice. The worst offender is tilt. If our teammate is tilted to hell, getting rude with them will make things worse for everyone.
: Warwick is actually fair
Yeah, his lategame sucks. He can't hurt high health enemies, and he has to hope that his team can soften the enemy up enough for him to be useful. And then you have to think about the fact that his build is completely unsatisfying outside of Titanic. He wants to build juggernaut, but his scalings don't work well with Steraks or Cleaver, and his healing doesn't work as well with high health. Building more than 50% AS is wasteful. I wouldn't mind if they tuned down his early kill pressure in exchange for better scalings into lategame. Tune down his early game base stats, but give his healing a max health scaling or change his ult scaling from bonus AD to base.
WarWork (NA)
: Hey lore team, A bestiary maybe?
That's almost a necessity. Whenever I read the stories and they go on some huge tangent about the flora and fauna I'm just like "what the fuck are they talking about?" It would make so much more sense if I knew that these creatures existed canonically outside of one convoluted paragraph.
mah1foo (EUW)
: Punished for defending an enemy who was being bullied by his team, Riot advises to not defend him
I think you define bullying too loosely. Sure, those people were being dicks and harassing him, but they can't do anything more than annoy him. Will he get reported? Yes, and no amount of arguing will prevent that. Will anything happen to him? No, Riot rarely bans actual int feeders, they won't ban someone who gets a couple reports out of the blue. These players are also opening themselves up to some serious restrictions, because it's way easier to get banned for flaming. I'm not denying that cyberbullying is real, but it's really hard to do in League. If someone is harassing you it's very easy to just mute them, report them, and move on. You will likely never see them again, they don't have any actual power over you. Unless they do some weird stalker shit and find your other online accounts, they're harmless. It's not worth diving headlong into an argument with these players, because they're just trying to piss people off.
Dâizumi (NA)
: After some research, I found a disturbing statistic about bot lane.
I won't go as far as to say it's always the botlane that decides most games, but it definitely all falls on the carries. Whether it's a high uptime assassin, a skirmisher, battlemage, or ADC, give them a few seconds of uninterrupted damage-dealing, and the fight is over. All the other roles are entirely there to ensure that their carry has a better opportunity than the other one. If your ADC is a wimp and hangs back in the fights without ever engaging, you lose, even if he ends with 0 deaths. If their assassin is fed as hell and your peel is not on point, you have no carries. ADC is usually the role that matters, but often it's the hyperfed Talon/Kat/Yas that decides the match. What you don't see is the enchanter or the poke mage or the tank solo carrying, you need someone with some kill power to capitalize.
Dad Rock (NA)
: As long as you are not the reason your team is losing, you will climb. The more trolls and afks there are in this game, the more likely you are to climb as long as you are not the troll or afk. There are 5 enemies who could possibly be a silver player for youtubee views meanwhile there are only 4 friendly teamates who could possibly be that silver player. As long as you play a lot of games, these trolls benefit your elo.
You have a point there, but if there is a troll on either team it still ruins the game. Not everything is about climbing, most of us still play because we want to have a good game.
Ñaofumi (NA)
: Depression in college? (serious)
I went through it. That attitude got me kicked out of college, and I'm still tying to get back. The tip I'd give you is to pick a day every few days, and make it your productive day. Quitting League entirely never really works, because then you feel like you have to make your life miserable just to get your work done. Telling yourself "just one game then I'll do my work" never works either, because that game will always be too short or too tilting and will just ruin your mood. Just pick a day, tell yourself no games or netflix whatsoever until you're completely caught up on work, and even start future projects. If you get everything accomplished on that day you'll feel good about yourself and you'll help break the cycle of depression and missing assignments. Whatever you do though, don't just shrug off your situation. Everything will NOT be fine unless you make it that way. Don't let yourself skip class even if you're not prepared to go. Don't give up, your professors will likely sympathize if they see you're struggling, but they have no patience for people who stop trying.
: A normal day in LOL..
I don't see the trolling. Zac was trying something new. A terrible combo with Sona-Zac, he needs to rethink his strategy, but there's nothing wrong with trying something new. Fiora had the wrong runes and died a lot. OK, look at that again. If it's just not YOUR optimal definition of runes, then fuck off. People don't have to do the same cookie-cutter setup every game. If they actually said that they forgot to change their runes, then still fuck off. It happens, people forget runes from time to time. Rengar actually was a bit toxic. If you're late to a game, suck it up and start without a leash. And then Orianna. Was mediocre. Permaban this person. How dare they be mediocre. Grow up, not every person sees this game the way you do. Don't go expecting every one of your teammates to be willing to sell their souls for a win.
: {{champion:201}} Counters: salt?
{{champion:63}}. God I hate facing Brand as Braum.
: "your main has no counters.." oh really? - list your counters game
I main {{champion:83}} jg, and the game is over if there is a decent {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}}. I also hate trying to gank lanes where enemies have tons of mobility.
Barcid (NA)
: I would like to talk to you about this assertion you've made about Triforce's stats not being great on Yorick.
{{item:3071}} {{item:3025}} > {{item:3078}} and whatever other item. Iceborn provides a good spammable slow and AOE damage, Cleaver has a better rage passive and shred stacks with ghoul hits. Triforce has.... attack speed? Percentage movement speed? A little more single target damage? When you're Yorick you don't play like Nasus. You want to be more well-rounded in fights, not just nuking squishies with Q.
: Freak the Meta: Yorick Bot Lane (DESTROY ENEMY ADCS)
Haven't tried it, but I wouldn't be too worried about playing Yorick bot. He has a hell of a lot of sustain. I would have rushed Iceborn or cleaver instead though, Triforce's stats aren't great on him. I'd take an early targon's to keep him and his support healthy and end with something like {{item:3025}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3111}}. Also, that comp you picked into countered you hard. I'm surprised you won that lane.
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