: They're getting buffed because Duskblade is getting a huge nerf. Does anyone even try to read patch notes anymore?
The majority of players are silver. They only JUST discovered guinsoo's is broken
Invictu5 (NA)
: ***
Ori is doing great with archangels, taliyah doesnt need help, nor does zoe, and viktor does his own things and is doing just fine, same with malzahar. And even if its true, not all champions can be permanently good forever, a new breed is good and popular at the moment, let it be.
Al Havoc (NA)
: I don't even understand why people complain,i perform well on her most of time i play her and her winrate has been moderate-high past few patches. She is supposedly getting some changes though.
Kindreds win rate is irrelevant because the play rate is so low. Most of the players on her are one tricks who just like playing the champion, or shes getting picked for a specific situation/counterpick. If everyone started playing her, the winrate would dip down quite a lot. Kindreds problem is that the Ult is way too difficult to co-ordinate with a team in solo queue, and there are much better champions to be playing in pro play and solo queue too. Dont take winrates on a first look basis.
Basshead (NA)
: I disagree that tracking enemy junglers by cs score is a skill. How is doing math while pressing tab "tracking" the enemy jungler? You put 0 in-game effort or risk into gaining this information, why should you be able to deduce his early game route? The only reason why you got his cs number is because he showed on the map. I believe actual tracking should involve you poking your head in his jg to see if his camps are up or taken while using wards / vision plants.
> I disagree that tracking enemy junglers by cs score is a skill. How is doing math while pressing tab "tracking" the enemy jungler? Because there are millions of players that do not do this, and by simply paying attention to MORE things and information, you get an advantage. Its a skill because you can figure out what camps they have up, what camps they will take next. If they back or stay, how much time you have, will they respond with a gank or keep farming? can those camps be stolen if they go for something that doesnt give them much in return? Then you can figure out the next clear timers, and steal the camps AGAIN. The threat of this also forces junglers to go for ganks and invades much more carefully. A careless gank gives them no kills or no summoners blown, and they lose XP and gold for it. If they get something out of it, the opposing jungler has a chance of responding, rather than sitting with his dick in his hand with no camps up, and no lanes to gank. This is something that is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for scaling junglers, who prefer to avoid fights with early game junglers. They have the advantage of being able to gank more freely, and are snowballing and winning the game single handedly before you can even do anything as the scaling jungler. You CAN check the CS, know raptors are up, steal those, and close the gap, then close it again 2:30m later, and again, so you arent needing to wait for 30minutes to come online as something like Sejuani Yi Shyvana. Its skillful because its a punishment. The same can be said about certain lane matchups where if you count your CS, and the other guys CS, you can know what item they will buy for their champion, and that can change your build path, AND you can tell your jungler or mid 'come top when i get back in 30seconds from base' and co-ordinate something to punish a greedy unsafe purchase. Same idea in bot lane too, if you know they get a BF sword and you dont, you could lose the lane super hard, so you can lane swap. There is a reason why the best way to gank is at the end of your path. It minimizes chance of counter jungling. It makes best use of the time until the first camp respawn, and with better pathing choices, you can be in certain places at certain times, as well as, if you count the CS, come in to a gank at the same time as the enemy jungler, and win the 2v2 or 3v3. Anyone that says CS counting isnt skillful or is dumb, is someone who doesnt use it to their advantage, and is probably some hardstuck trash that shouldnt gain ELO because you just want to camp and gank your duo queue's lane over and over and expect it to go well and unpunished and win the game. Play the actual game known as League of Legends, not your fancified bullshit hoping it fits the gamestate eventually. EDIT: Lanes and jungle are different, but they have similarities. If a laner takes a trade and loses it, they get punished by being zoned from CS, and possibly ganked. Jungle is the exact same thing, but the jungler made a bad gank which was never going to work because of champion mechanics and ward timings, and so the other jungler comes in and punishes, zoning from CS by stealing camps. Removing this drops the skill ceiling and is rewarding people for being bad, and not using the information given to them. Also encouraging people to not worry about revealing that information so much.
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: Do you need {{champion:427}} to have more than 60% win rate befor nerfing him(for real)? And that about {{champion:107}}(45% win rate atm)? You nerfed is jungle clear 2 time in a row and since his rework, his gank potential are freaking weak, pre lvl6 he can't stack his E and lvl6+ people just back off 10sec before he come with his ult.
Ivern sort of have this Soraka/Janna situation. He is good because he doesnt have to be played by someone thats good at him, and so people autofilled to jungle can side towards him. Same kind of deal Nunu has. A lot of impact for not much skill. That being said, Ivern should still have a susceptibility to something, because at the moment, the weakest part he has, is when he's farming his own jungle, since he loses health when marking camps, and cant mark a camp if hes taking damage, forcing people to invade him, he disengages and runs, and the laners come and wipe up the invader. There's little counterplay, and i think he could do with losing MORE health when marking camps, and then maybe get some back when he consumes the camp, opening up a counterplay. That and splitting buffs is ridiculous, and should AT LEAST only give half efficiency/time to whoever picks it up second. Anyway, main thing i want to get to and the reason i logged in, Rengar. I have a 58% winrate on him over 90+ games, i know the champion, and i think he's still top tier. I think the problems people have is that they are trying to build him with more damage, i see Youmuus being built a lot, and unless you're snowballing super hard (in which case you'd build Duskblade and then tank stuff) the Bruiser lower damage build is better. I think people want to play him as an assassin too much, and now his damage doesnt kill people quite as fast, or his health is lower in jungler clears so he is more likely to die when going for kills, people havent quite adjusted. I dont have this problem because i play like an initiator, and use him more for utility over carrying. Blowing a couple CCs before ferocity W'ing away, really sets your team up to win fights. The other issue is that a lot of the high winrate junglers are just better at out duelling him straight up, and in those situations, you have to pick your targets more carefully. He's still really good in pro play, and i imagine Challenger too, whereas all the way up to Diamond, people are taking fights that they shouldn't be. Rengar is like Ryze, its a skillcap issue. Ryze is amazing if you're good with him. The same cant be said about something like Pantheon or Annie. Rengar's winrate would definitely go up in Solo Queue if his damage was buffed but the W was weakened, but his pro play would be non-existent and he'd be way easy to play. Difficult champions have low win rates. Easy champions have high win rates. Just going off of winrates, its hard to get a clear idea of what to do with a champion.
: They can buff Reksai as long as they remove the Tremor Sense locator being visible to everybody on her team. That part doesn't make sense, she's the one underground feeling the tremors... Not her team.
It may make no sense, but it beats having to ping where you see tremors, and hoping your team understands what the fuck youre pinging about. Its a matter of simplicity. The same 'logic' could be applied to a bunch of other champions, but itd be god awful if they removed it for the sake of 'realism' in a video game with Demons and Fuzzy Dwarf People
Cardd (NA)
: I'm a Sejuani main with nearly a 5 KDA and 58% win rate in ranked solo/duo...and I am thoroughly disappointed with her update. I'll wait to make my final conclusions until after I've played her rework, but this seems like a nerf...her premiere ultimate is no longer as deadly (but probably equally as hard to hit), and now one of her abilities relies on having melee teammates. At least you left her Q untouched, I hope...
Of course youre disappointed, you play her and do well with her. She is so bad in comparison to almost every other jungler, by reworking her, she becomes open to a wider audience of players. She falls so short of Zac, Graves, Gragas, Khazix, Lee, Reksai, Elise, Warwick, she might aswell not even be in the game at this point. Champions, items, and strats come and go, its what makes the game good. Itd make little sense to never rework anything, especially if only 10 people out of 10million are playing it
: Literally think about it, why would you not get the coin? Any cs you miss turns into a coin and restores mana, or gives you money. People who roam will get the evolved form more than people who don't roam. Junglers will get this and just farm the coins from lanes after ganking, and have a rank 5 ability by the time he's lvl 8. I think this is just a poorly designed mechanic, you need to really think about the implications that'll be set from your mechanics, not just about the supports.
It works when champions near you kill CS. The only role in the game that stands next to someone killing creeps all game is the Support. The kills have to be nearby, just the same as Thresh Souls dont drop from creeps in top lane. And even if the Jungler ganks and takes coins, he probably is only getting like 5 drops and then thats it. Compared to support who is there the whole game. You dont understand it
TSBGhost (NA)
: ***
Found the time traveler, everyone! {{champion:26}} Share us more knowledge about how you know the future!
: Hey thanks for ruining Sejuani for no reason other than just because! You literally destroyed her entire identity for no reason. Champion was perfectly okay functioned just fine as a "barbarian warleader" Praying you all get cancer!
I wonder how fun league would be if there were no updates to it for 10 years, on the same map, with the same champions.... oh right, nobody would be playing it cuz itd be boring and shit Nobody gave a shit about Galio, reworked, oh look people are playing and enjoying him Nobody gave a shit about GP, reworked, oh look people are playing and enjoying him Nobody gave a shit about Poppy, reworked, oh look people are playing and enjoying her Nobody gave a shit about Sion, reworked, oh look people are playing and enjoying him Nobody gave a shit about Warwick, reworked, oh look people are playing and enjoying him See how that works?
Runu (NA)
: I'm sorry but I feel that the Ancient Coin buff added could be easily abused by many other champions in solo lanes giving pretty much a level up. If this is given when you buy the first item of the coin line it could and will be used in other lanes besides support. If that's what you're looking for...
'Nearby enemy minions occasionally drop coins when killed by anyone other than you' that means other champions on your team, who are nearby you when the minions die. What role stays next to an ally all game, while also not CSing? It sure as shit aint Riven
: Yeah but u also got to think about if ur buffing tank items thats fine but ur nerfing armor pen Which not only makes it hard for adc to kill tanks ur indirectly nerfing other champs Talon For example Black cleaver nerf hurts him plus the last whisper hes already having problems with tanks
Talon is an assassin, not a rocket launcher. Your targets are the squishy carries, not Panzer 4s. He does best with Lethality items, lethality items are best vs targets with low armour. And guess what, you kill the enemy damage dealers before a fight, typically you win the fight and the game!
: I dont think I like new Ancient Coin. I take Coin on my passive supports like Raka so I can stay safer and still get money. New coin is gonna force me to walk into the minions and into the enemys clutches, especially if they can see the coins. Coin on the ground? Leona ult there. Needs to at least throw the coins 100-300 units toward your tower or something so theyre safe to grab.
Well damn, i wish i was like you and could AFK behind my ADC and win games. Looks like ya gunna have to just get good, feels bad :/
: Looking For Mid Lane Main Player, Plat+ Ranked Team 'Villainous Fruits'!
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