Davìd (NA)
: So if we already have tickets for the Finals, we don't have to worry about purchasing tickets for the festival? Will it be the same experience at the Pre-Finals festival compared to the League Festival the day before?
Your Finals ticket will get you in to LA Live from 10 - 2 on the 29th (check "Pre-Finals Festival" above for specifics on what this includes).
: I am a final ticket holder but I did not know if the league festival is what xX One JJ Xx is referring to the event on the 28th?
Festival tickets on the 28th are separate from Finals tickets, though your Finals ticket will get you in to LA Live from 10 - 2 on the 29th (check "Pre-Finals Festival" above for all the details).
: Do I need to purchase tickets for the league festival on the 28th in advance or will there be opportunity to purchase at door?
Definitely purchase them in advance, tickets will not be sold at the door!
: Will there be food & drink available for purchase at LA Live, or do we need to eat before we get there?
Food will be available on site.
: I dont unerstand. If i want to see voyboy, and i am going to worlds finals, do i need to go to the one on the 28th? Is there going to be anything i miss if i go to the one on the 29th?
Some features like the Deathmatch will only be part of the Festival on the 28th, but you'll still be able to see all the stuff mentioned under "Pre-Finals Festival" above on the 29th.
: I personally got screwed by the AXS ticket system and had to buy finals tickets VIA stubhub, do I need to purchase these tickets for the festival on the 28th also or are these stubhub tickets still valid for this event just like any other AXS finals ticket?
Festival (28th) tickets are separate from Finals tickets, though your Finals ticket will get you in to LA Live from 10 - 2 on the 29th (check "Pre-Finals Festival" above for all the details).
Phos (NA)
: Will the merch store be fully stocked on the day of the finals as well?
: I remember reading that the Riftwalk was also going to be held in NYC during the Semifinals, and I was wondering if you guys had any more information in regards to that. http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/worlds-2016-semifinals-tickets "The Riftwalk will be in New York on October 21-22 at Penn Plaza Pavilion across the street from Semifinals at Madison Square Garden. We’ll share more information on how to get your Riftwalk tickets in the coming weeks." Is this still expected to happen, and how do we get our tickets for it?
The Riftwalk will now be open to Semifinals ticket holders. You can find the latest details here: http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/worlds-riftwalk-and-community-events
: Why did I have to pay $20 per ticket on Tuesday for the league festival if it says $10 here....
We adjusted prices shortly after your purchased your ticket, but you and anyone else who purchased tickets before should see refunds shortly!
catgrill (NA)
: I paid 20 bucks per ticket. Now its 5??
We adjusted prices just a couple days ago, you and anyone else who purchased tickets before should see refunds shortly!
Bonnié (NA)
: Chances that I have to wait in a long line to get into the Pre-Finals Festival?
It'll likely get pretty packed given the number of Finals ticket holders, so your best bet is to show up as early as possible.
: Do I have to buy a ticket to the Pre-Finals Festival if I'm a Ticket holder for the Final ?
Nope, you're good to go, just make sure to show up early!
Patcat (NA)
: Will there not be the riftwalk in Chicago anymore, just the viewing party?
Hey Patcat, Unfortunately, we've had to change our initial plans for the community experience in Chicago, and the Riftwalk won't be present at Quarterfinals. We do our best to avoid adjustments like this one, but getting the word out on upcoming events is always a bit of a tug-of-war between waiting until event details are 100% locked and letting players know early enough to make plans. In this case, based on player feedback regarding the amount of seating for Quarterfinals compared to other Worlds stops, we decided that it made the most sense to concentrate our efforts on viewing parties that would give more players an accessible, high-energy viewing experience. Getting this kind of stuff right early enough for you and others to make plans is something we're always working to improve; regardless, I'm sorry for the change and any effect on your own plans, and hope the rest of your Quarterfinals experience kicks ass.
Belbe (NA)
: Do you need to schedule a time for riftwalk or anything?
Nope, just make sure you've got the right tickets for your particular event.
Conalll (NA)
: Ok, I'm a little confused. For those of us who have Worlds Finals tickets, does that mean we get into Riftwalk free on Saturday, or do we still need to buy a ticket? Sounds like a silly question, but I want to be sure so I can plan my trip.
Hey Conalll, sorry for the confusion. Your Finals ticket will get you in to LA Live for the Riftwalk and more from 10 AM - 1:30PM.
: if I'm going to the semis, do I need a special ticket for the riftwalk? of will my regular semifinal ticket work?
Your Semifinals ticket is all you need!
MeilinII (NA)
: Still no word on the RiftWalk tickets for worlds? {{item:3070}}
Details [here](http://www.lolesports.com/en_US/articles/worlds-riftwalk-and-community-events)!
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Solideus (EUNE)
: This is great, but we can't read any of the new champion stories yet! What if we'll have questions about those? :(
MOAR Q&As coming down the line!
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: yall talking about shit that we havent even seen yet. the microsite aint even out yet
Haha sorry about that, jumped the gun a bit on the main site so had to pull the podcast briefly, but it's back up now! Let us know what you think and what we can do better :D
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: Who is the girl below Old Nashor? The one with red hair and goggles.
: I want to go, but tickets are sold out.
Hey Dylan (sweet name btw), I'm sorry to hear that. While we can't help you out with PAX East in particular, definitely keep an eye out for more details later in the year as we announce additional events (and Riftwalk appearances) in cities across North America.
: Dillon, you done screwed up this post. You're not allowed to use a photo that came out well!
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: > [{quoted}](name=gamer1212,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=JLiGXn2u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-01T18:57:05.668+0000) > > whats the funniest thing u have seen in player support for a reason someone got banned That's hard to say. After awhile the things you see just seem to make you desensitized. If I'm not careful when I'm talking to my colleagues here at work I might tell them a story very casually about something I read or saw earlier that day. I end it with a chuckle and look at them thinking they'll understand the humor amid depravity, instead they just respond with a look on horror on their face. Out of game though, someone who was angry with us added a pretty cool GIF of a dick pic that ended with "a particularly creative use of skittles" --- **Edited by suggestion from ADillonMostDirty** ---. I thought it was a lot more interesting than the typical dick pics we end up with. He still didn't get his account back though.
Lol, best edit. I'd love for you to tell the story of that one ticket with the two friends trading off sending you photos, but that was just wayyyyyy too beyond the pale.
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: How did much did you guys plan this? Now one saw the Shen update coming (and you guys came out with this the next day) and you guys didn't censor anything like with the poppy update. Should we expect a second riot scruffy interview when taRic comes out?
Shen actually did come a bit out of the blue for the podcast team; fortunately, we're building our pipeline with a heavy focus on flexibility and quick turnaround times so we were able to quickly put together the episode. Staying agile like that will help us make sure we're bringing you folks timely conversations and insight, even when timelines shift or new topics emerge suddenly. Make sure to let us know how we're doing down the line! And yes, we will absolutely be talking Taric at some point, though guests are still up in the air.
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: Signed in just to say I really enjoyed this. This is something i can find myself listening to regularly, I don't really like taking the time to watch allchat, with this I can listen and play at the same time. Where can I make sure to hear more of these podcasts?{{champion:44}}
We're already working on a couple more! They'll show up on lol.com and the soundcloud just like this one, and we're also working on iTunes.
Desiloth (NA)
: Ill defend Rito here.. If you look closely the arms kinda look like their on about an 45 degree angle which if you imagine the whole picture the two would be about right next to each other in chairs i would imagine which makes it look like they can fit. Or on the other hand (get it hand cuz......yah) this picture is actually a teaser for a plot twist in the storyline when {{champion:24}} and {{champion:54}} merge together to make some sort of intense beast chanmpion and their moves mix together or something. But probably not.
: Naw they're too separate people having a conversation :P
: You aren't showing a title. What's your job? Thx for the stickers, love em! Do you think we could get the Facebook stickers or more in the future? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Retillin (NA)
: Any thoughts on adding a "subscription" to the boards? So when I go to Boards Home I can not see some.
Yep, one of the things we'd most like to see on Boards. Unfortunately, we've had trouble getting dev time allocated, but we're actively exploring alternative ways to get the work done. We'll be back with details as soon as we have them.
Alpaca77 (NA)
: thanks for the reply. I just don't get why you would disable comments but have the sub-board (community creations) category enabled to be viewed at the same time.. it is even more confusing because when I click Concepts & Creations the guidelines on the left hand side has the link to Community Creations even still. Community creations is where my Nami fanart was posted and still is but the comments are disabled. Why not just choose either to completely remove the sub-board (Community Creations) or enable the comments? I know that you are still making changes but you guys definitely need to make the boards more clear and @CHROMATIC EAGLE yeah I agree with you. Riot staff should be able to move threads or make members able to move their threads freely so that they don't need to re post all over :(
Hey XHilia (& Chromatic Eagle), Apologies for the guidelines confusion, still clearing a couple inconsistencies up (just fixed the one you mentioned). We're also leaving the archived boards active for now so people can easily copy-paste their posts in cases like yours. On the topic of moving threads, that's *definitely* a feature we'd like to have - it's super basic and we see the pain the lack of it causes you guys all the time. Unfortunately, we don't have a timeline for it right now. It's been difficult to get dev time allocated, but we're actively exploring additional ways to get the work done. We'll be back with details as soon as we have them.
Alpaca77 (NA)
: I'm so confused.. this forum's somewhat confusing to me please move my fan art to the right category because I don't know where it belongs now.. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations/2iwcjEFK-nami-fan-art I couldn't even reply to the comments :(
Hey Xhilia, Apologies for the confusion. Unfortunately we're unable to move threads, but definitely feel free to start a new thread in the [Concepts & Creations](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts) sub-board.
Shíny (NA)
: The formatting for the universal rules listing in the sidebar seems sort of "*unpolished* " (mainly from all that ***clarity*** ) , any plans to change it?
Just wanted to raise some extra visibility right off the bat, might mess around with it in the future. It's actually a normal Boards markdown space, so options are fairly limited. Thanks for the feedback!
Minarde (NA)
: Reposting my comment from the last post to hopefully get a response. The boards still don't have a tagging or filtering system yet, right? Then won't merging the smaller sub-boards into larger ones drown out less popular discussions? You acknowledged "needing better discovery options for finding specific content" before combining sub-boards, yet seem to have immediately disregarded that. Combining less-trafficked boards together is certainly understandable, but without filtering tools, it just becomes that much harder to get niche discussions started. As a specific example, I frequent Maps & Modes because I'm mainly interested in discussions about non-SR maps. The vast majority of the Gameplay sub-board, however, deals with SR gameplay. It doesn't seem feasible to manually comb through a deluge of topics about SR in search of that one discussion about TT/Dom/ARAM. Could you suggest a solution here? As things stand, I feel like the boards are going to be mostly unusable to me for the foreseeable future.
Hey Minarde, Sorry we didn't catch you the first time. This is a pretty nuanced topic, but essentially it comes down to trying to find the right spot on the spectrum between having a single mega-board for all topics and having a ton of of individual sub-boards for each specific topic. In the end, that's very much going to be a matter of personal preference. What's pushing us towards consolidation is the fact that sub-board fragmentation and traffic imbalances between sub-boards are causing a ton of interesting conversations to be all but invisible to the vast majority, and are some of the main issues causing the Boards front page to sometimes appear stagnant. Essentially, we feel the Boards system starts to break down under the weight of too many sub-boards. Nevertheless, we decided to keep things limited with this batch of changes based on players' prior feedback - all the archived sub-boards suffered from *seriously* minuscule traffic and (barring League Videos) had pretty natural alternative homes for the content in question. There are certainly still downsides as you pointed out, but the we think they're outweighed by the positives. Regardless, definitely agree that tagging / filtering is desirable and it's something we very badly want; unfortunately, we don't have a timeline for it right now. It's been difficult to get dev time allocated, but we're actively exploring additional ways to get the work done. We'll be back with details as soon as we have them.
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