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zoliking (NA)
: One thing to remember is not to gank the duo lane when either the support or the adc is missing but both enemies are there.
: Cheesing at that elo can give really big advantages and snowball games. Other than that maybe try watching IWDominate. He has a lot of nice videos where he explains stuff. But jungle is very panned out. You do your camps toward a lane you want to gank then try to gank. Looking at your map most the game watching lanes to see how aggro enemy laners are. Some mistakes I see in lower elo are as follows: 1) junglers stopping to kill a ward while ganking. 2) rarely will they have zero vision so ganks should be fast. But if you sweep and find no wards on your way to lane don't be afraid to wait for them to enage on your laner or burn a dash for poke in lane. 3) gank early game champions once and then never again. Getting them a lead is worth it, but after that your ganks lose a lot of value when you could be doing other things. 4) don't be afraid to stay around a snowballing lane and try to kill the enemy jungler esp if you know their pathing toward that lane.
Thanks for the advice! I honestly wish Riot made good AI that can Jungle, or even properly explain their game. This really helps! Any idea on what champ I should play? I usually want a champ with Hard CC to stop carries
: I highly encourage you to pursue this. Even if Jungle does not become a new role, or even if you decide you absolutely despise the role, this will at least give you some perspective for people who play the role. As for advice, I would strongly recommend watching YouTubers who are jungle mains. Two of my favorite jungle mains to watch, from an educational perspective, are [CaptainMonk]( and [Foxdrop]( They do a pretty good job of explaining why they do certain things during their videos, and they also are very good at explaining their mistakes, WHICH IS SUPER IMPORTANT.
I have a hard time finding good content, mostly due to all the clickbait and PBE-Tubers around. I'll take a look!
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