: Carousel is the absolute worst aspect of this game mode.
Thank you for being so concerned as to reply. You have instilled me with a feeling of hope and appreciation. It is caring and articulate people like yourself that really hold this community together.
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: Any plans to make all champs able to win round 1?
Graves with the spat. I would agree. Every champ with any item SHOULD clear round 1. But he didn't, much to the hilarity of everyone in the round. :p
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: Reduce surrender time to 15 mins.
Could we maybe get it put to 10 minutes if your team has an afk that is already catching a penalty? I am all for fighting to get a win. But when you have an incomplete team, it is brutal sitting there waiting for 20 minutes because you had a leaver in the first few minutes.
Misys (NA)
: Kassadin "needs to pay respect to the enemy's tank line" -Riot, patch 5.4
Welcome to the high risk high reward club. it sucks here. You should go to the no risk high reward club of people like Zed. Riot loves them and their horrible designs. People with risk, get compensated.
: Don't most complaints directed at Zed apply to Katarina too?
The main difference is that if Kat fails her all in, she dies for it. Zed gets to pop out for free and just say 'oops, I'll try again in a second.' Being able to undo an all in with no penalty is stupid. He uses no resources, and even when starved and behind, can still hold his own against a fed opponent. If the roles are reversed, the other character has no chance. A starved and behind anything against a well farmed/fed zed? Resets only happen when you have succeeded at your mission. Zed doesn't have to succeed. He is free. Watch the LCS Match where the zed got completely outdone by Karthus. How did the insanely farmed Karthus kill the starved Zed? With a double gank from jungle and support and far more cc than should have been needed. Didn't have much effect on him. He still solo pushed a lane against well farmed champs because they were powerless to actually kill him. Smell that? It's balance.
: You also conveniently forget Veigar's stun lasted longer, potentially hit more people, had a MUCH longer effective range, could be used for zoning, and oh yeah, had a third of the cooldown.
> [{quoted}](name=Trylobyte,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h7Y4jPve,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2015-03-20T04:45:20.721+0000) > > You also conveniently forget Veigar's stun lasted longer, potentially hit more people, had a MUCH longer effective range, could be used for zoning, and oh yeah, had a third of the cooldown. Potentially Annie's hits the whole team, so that is a rather foolish statement. And yes, if the team wants to sit in a ring **exactly** the diameter of Veigar's ring he could stun the whole team. It is much more likely for a team to be dog-piled on one champ, making Annie's more likely to stun the whole team. Plus, her stun deals damage. Veigar's is longer, but the stun itself doesn't do damage, and takes one of his spell cooldown timers. (To be fair, annie also has 3 damage spells, but doesn't need to waste one casting cooldown to get her damage started). In other words, they are actually extremely close in their limitations as far as the burst initiate goes. Veigar also needed to blow flash most times, as his max range to land stun on someone put him in range of Darius's yank, which isn't exactly a huge range. He only post "buff" received a longer range on his Q that keeps him out of range of nearly every melee harass in game. The main difference is Annie's stun is a passive that can trigger off any of her abilities, which technically gives her stun a shorter cooldown than Veigar's anyhow. Then there is the whole bit about her having insane sustain in lane as well. Both had instant stuns with large burst damage. The biggest difference is that Veigar's stun could be used for more utility purposes such as shutting down the enemy super high mobility. Annie's is a much stronger AE burst initiator, crushing most of the enemy team in one rotation. Veigar, if he managed to do a 'team stun' could only actually hurt 2 people tops. Most of his abilities are single target, and his one AE ability would not hit the entire team even if they were in a conga line along the boarder of his stun box. In the end, Annie is a protected character. The fact there is really no counter-play for her is ignored for whatever reason. The item argument is the same for both characters, and as such holds no water. Characters are not balanced around items has been stated by Riot multiple times. I still don't wish for Annie to be completely gutted like Veigar though. My favorite character was basically deleted from the game and it feels like crap. I wouldn't wish that feeling of hopelessness watching your favorite character being turned useless on another player.
OhOkYea (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vroggoth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fi6UQqmZ,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-13T23:03:52.248+0000) > > do you even play veigar? he could never 1v5, he was basically "one shot a carry and then die" in team fights. I only started playing veiger after the changes because he finally took some skill to use. Before the changes, he could just 100-0 anyone within range with little to no effort. Too easy means too boring.
> [{quoted}](name=OhOkYea,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fi6UQqmZ,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2015-03-13T23:12:20.633+0000) > > I only started playing veiger after the changes because he finally took some skill to use. Before the changes, he could just 100-0 anyone within range with little to no effort. Too easy means too boring. Oops. No ranked games period. No games with Veigar even in normals or bots. Clueless. Mostly Fiddle with some Morgana, Shaco and Yi thrown in. kthxla
: The Promo System seems unfair to me.
My biggest issue is that you are apparently paired by MMR, not by division or rank. So my team of 5 S5s goes up against a team of S2s and S1s. So we are apparently 'on their level', but we are almost an entire bracket below them. We lose and continue to be stuck in S5. They beat people well below their rank and continue to climb? And when we do manage to win such a game? 17 points. congrats on beating people 4 divisions above you that should have destroyed you. It is silly.
: Veigar's United. We can't let the little master of evil die!
I don't see why they don't just shrink the circle the size of 1 or 2 characters and put it back how it was. Works for Annie, and it would be a smaller circle, so everyone can stop crying. Easier to land for us, same effect as others have (as passives, no less), and more dead bodies. It can still be used to shut down some of the #LCSBIGPLAYS characters.. oh, right. Nevermind. Been trying to play him the last couple days, and it is horrible. His ring can't keep him safe, it can't engage. Just a way to dump mana before you get nuked all to hell by someone. Edit: The ring needs to be altered or replaced. How they have it now is just worthless. I cast the ring with Soraka in the middle of the cast. Wasn't trying to stun her, as that is impossible now. It is just a really poor imitation of J4's ult. But no, she managed to walk out of the entire thing before it even appeared. That is just plain stupid. I don't like the Q change to be honest. But at least you can still play him with it. W is also worthless at this point. You have a Q and an R with no means of escape, protection, or engage. Guess that's all you need. He was already an incredibly unpopular champ, now he is unplayable also. For the last week, winrate in Master+ for NA... 28%. With 0 games played in two regions. How the hell do you get played so little that you don't even appear on least popular character lists? Seriously. 0 games in a week. But yeah, removing a .25 delay off his already delayed stun will boost that up. Maybe that will nudge him into being played once in the EU.
: Ill tell you why Karthus decimated Zed in LCS
> [{quoted}](name=SwapShadows,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L21LFsle,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-08T23:56:17.256+0000) > > Exhaust. > > yes this confirms that counter playing and abusing weaknesses is how you win. > > Also I think this confirms that you shouldn't go full AP/damage and no zhonyas/exhaust and then complain about a champion that abuses your stupidity. Sooo.. You are saying you didn't watch the match and are thus declaring how it happened? Karthus won vs Zed because Karthus had Leona and Lee Sin come into mid and chain stun zed until he finally died. He still chunked Karthus pretty hard in spite of it. That is the counter-play of Zed. Have no less than 3 people chain stun and focus him down. EZ. If you can't afford to send 3 people, just let him shove the lane for free and hope his team makes a crucial mistake. Because even if he is massively outgunned, He still can't be actually taken down. Watch the match and listen to what is being said as he shoves into a fed kennen.
: Is there a replay available anywhere?
> [{quoted}](name=Hollabakatchya,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y3n8LGEj,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-03-08T00:55:56.549+0000) > > Is there a replay available anywhere? It is on youtube. Team Impulse vs Cloud 9 | S5 NA LCS Spring 2015 Week 7 Day 1 Karthus out-farms zed, but it takes 3 of them to actually kill the zed. Because he is just full of so much 'outplay' the only way to take him down is with 3 people chain-stunning him.
: Congratulations Balance Team: Azir, Veigar, and Kassadin are all below 40%
Zed and Kalista are skill intensive. I know I always felt that way getting 100-0 under my turret as soon as he dings 6. Always felt like there was a lot of counter-play in that. Thankfully my turret would.. not hit him at all, with all his stupid teleporting. Then we have the counter-play of Kalista. Erradicating an entire team while you have movespeed higher than anything in the game with immunity to all snares as you are hopping and not actually moving. Veigar stopped that, so he has been deleted from the playable roster. If you aren't a huge AD assassin or one with multiple teleports you are not allowed to be an assassin. Not to mention you just need one item to counter him (which I know doesn't count as items aren't allowed to counter people on paper) Which item can get me to catch up to Kalista, who's range is longer than mine, comes with a snare, and can't be stopped? Outplayed by dev team.
: Veigar gets played in LCS......
This is a pathetic joke. They just destroyed what was already a relatively weak character while they constantly pump out far more insane characters that have more reliable burst damage with far less risk and way more survivability. This is just depressing. First character, first skin, RIP.
PromiseQ (NA)
: sooo very happy for the Viegar changes, he always needed this rework, same for zilean. it gives these champions a breath of life. {{champion:45}} {{champion:26}}
> [{quoted}](name=Bruniragh,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=Y0Tel1w4,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2015-02-24T21:22:48.918+0000) > > sooo very happy for the Viegar changes, he always needed this rework, same for zilean. it gives these champions a breath of life. {{champion:45}} {{champion:26}} If by breath of life you mean removed from playability. A second delay on what was already damn hard to hit? A skillshot so people can flash out to safety (as if there weren't enough ways to void his spells already)? Yay, i can double farm Q. That is almost useful. On the bright side, I rarely played him anymore anyhow. My first champ and first skin gone forever. If they wanted him removed from the game, they could have just refunded my skin RP and deleted him from the books. Making one of the most helpless characters with virtually no survival less survivable AND less threatening at the same time. Wombo combo. RIP

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