: can we do something about ppl like this
people like this dont get banned. people who say "kys" get banned
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: The point of the update was to make ap Shaco playable, and your point about him taking out a quarter of an adcs hp level 1 is absolutely pointless because it's always been like that so they can't nerf it. Also another one of your points asking Ap Shaco to be shut down is also pointless is because this was their main goal, to make Shacos builds as good as each other.
> [{quoted}](name=HA I am Shaco HA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IJgrioLW,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2019-11-07T16:03:55.859+0000) > > The point of the update was to make ap Shaco playable, and your point about him taking out a quarter of an adcs hp level 1 is absolutely pointless because it's always been like that so they can't nerf it. Also another one of your points asking Ap Shaco to be shut down is also pointless is because this was their main goal, to make Shacos builds as good as each other. the fact that he can be played as a support that has an ability that shuts down entering bushes? irrelevant. the fact that both AD and AP shaco can be played in different lanes with 53%+ winrate, irrelevant. AP shaco having no counterplay vs Melee champs since his boxes fear through red trinket and control wards? the fact that his clone is now a remote controlled shock drone that explodes into an instant AOE crowd control allowing him to towerdive and teamfight? irrelevant. you ignoring these glaring issues just makes it apparent that you're just defending the champion out of personal bias. its insane how many shaco players will keep misleading people by saying the point of the update was to make something viable. if that one thing that's being made viable is broken even in concept then it shouldn't be in the game. you're arguing moot points because when you talk about the champion's strengths as AP then it becomes apparent that this champ shouldn't have such flexibility to begin with. its the same reason why they ripped mechanics out of newly reworked champions like irelia and akali, taking away their mini stuns and auto disables, taking away their heal on Q and shieldbreak on passive. the update made shaco overtuned, and there is simply no argument against it. It isn't the first time a "quality of life" gameplay update has created sizable imbalance in the game, and it would continue to happen if they don't recognise their mistake with this rework's AP aspect. if this was a post about how tryndamere shouldnt be both AD and AP you woundn't say anything.
: Can you like buff Vladimir please?
: {{item:3071}} could be argued as being a support item (Shreds armor and has CDR). {{item:3147}} also has support-y uses (CDR+sweeper-like passive). {{item:3022}} {{item:3033}} and {{item:3025}}, too (two slows and a GW). But, like, it's not like Brand, Zyra, or literally any other mage support builds support items. Hell, those 5 are arguably more supportive of items than any they build, except maybe {{item:3116}}.
remember when building damage items on a support to better help your team kill the enemy was nothing more than a joke and now its an actual recommended buildpath
: Chinese Translator just mistranslated FPX Tian and may have accidentally spurred heat amongst Worlds
: At least here in NA, most Chinese communities favour traditional over simplified. Simplified was only adopted in the PRC in the 1980s, so anybody who left there before the 90s, or isn't from the PRC or Singapore, would generally favour simplified.
: Petition to add some AP scaling to Seena kit
more like petition to allow senna to BUILD ACTUAL SUPPORT ITEMS
: Box fear duration reduced 0.5 seconds. (most important change) Box duration back upto 60 seconds Sweeper disables boxes, OR boxes die in one auto from ANY champ. (second most important change) Clone's explosion damage removed; with insta-fear + murder boxes, it ALSO having explosion damage is overkill. What people don't seem to realize is that Shaco's E was made much more dangerous. Sure, it's not as pokey, but it's out-right murderous. And also that his safety (he was already pretty safe) is now pants-on-head r%%%%%ed.
I think all these things you propose are valid the fear duration reduction will make clearing the jungle camps more do-able while preventing the lvl3 strat since the camps can attack the boxes sooner his e being such a reliable pt and click execute with range that allows for you to even poke with the ability is absurd. these changes will kill off AP shaco but AD will surely still be more than viable
: cool art
considering your name I hope all your other art is at least this tame :)
: Yuumi and a pumpkin
: They are only going to really flaunt off their cash cow's honestly. Dunkey and Sky Williams are not making them the money like Tyler1 currently is. I mean i started back in season 2 and there where so many great youtubers who deserve to be mentions such as like you said Dunkey, Sky williams, And then people like SoloWolf i think his name was who did a series about breaking the meta. But again in the end it just comes down to who is making them the most money in the end of the day.
> [{quoted}](name=Pigalishus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kWNXBekh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-03T22:49:04.624+0000) > > They are only going to really flaunt off their cash cow's honestly. Dunkey and Sky Williams are not making them the money like Tyler1 currently is. I mean i started back in season 2 and there where so many great youtubers who deserve to be mentions such as like you said Dunkey, Sky williams, And then people like SoloWolf i think his name was who did a series about breaking the meta. But again in the end it just comes down to who is making them the most money in the end of the day. true, streaming gives them mega exposure and they are trying to convert all streamers into their league partnership slavery religion so that they speak no ill of their game and get people looking in when they see the memes from people like tyler when they rip ass on stream or scream their mic out. Dunkey's days of being league's sole proprietor has long since been over. the best we can do is continue supporting this ex-lol content creator. hell half of the people subbed to him forget the fact that he ever even did league videos.
: When you win, but with an overpowered champion
: Little Question about Your Shop
the regular league store now also features these sales on anything under Ultimate quality on occasion, right now Dark Star Jhin is 27% off.
: Is Riot's Zero Tolerance Policy Fair?
ok receiving that means you have a lot of chat activity. big whup. riot is content with their reputation of punishing shit-talkers more so than actual inters and toxic goons since they have chat log proof. it is extremely easy to disguise feeding as "having a bad game" from the words of some nameless rude dude I once met on the PB forum here. don't be discouraged, learn to simply mute them. it worked wonders for me. a year or so ago I typed the abreviation(its three letters you can infer what it is.) "Kay Why Ess" TWICE in a game vs a 5 man and I got a 14 day suspension, when appealing they highlighted those 2 lines saying that was against policy. yeah this system is pretty trashy but we'll have to get used to it. the best we could do is try to forget it and not become one of the many people who keep being toxic and get banned forever. ranked is full of these, and while it may be difficult to try and form a new mentality since you would constantly run into people who go around handing out bad times because they went through the same bullshit you did, the mute button still exists as riot's paltry band-aid fix against your diminishing patience. just play the game I guess, league has a format but no specific rules so don't let your team force you into a mold. just mute and play ya best. IMPORTANT: **you wont lose your end of season ranked rewards if you don't get anything more serious than a 14-day suspension. you just have to reach Honor 2 before Preseason ends **
: Shaco main here. I see a lot of complaining against shaco… hes still hard to play I don't understand why so many people are complaining. his kit now has some damage ya. NOTHING compared to 75% of any damage champs out there. I mean seriously , think about it. Compare shaco to lets see.... Katarina..... yah damage doesn't even come close. Yasuo... yah nope Darius?... cant even stack up against darius… Draven? hah shaco gets two shot or one shot by draven MID game. that's only to name a few. IT DOES actualy take some skill to use shaco and win. he gets 3 shot by most champions mid game the only reason he lives is because of his stealth. IMO shaco is not broken infact when compared to the champions above his impact is miniscule. seriously the shaco nerf thing needs to stop , the new changes have infact improved the game. you don't want him in your game ban him.
I agree with you that the QoL changes made shaco better. but improving the game is far from the truth. its not about the damage, his damage is impressive for someone of his caliber but it doesn't compare to supports like zyra, but he has now usurped zyra as the goon-spawn support in S and S+ tier. and shaco mains either are too focused on defending their champion while only taking into consideration one dimension of his kit. we are absolutely OK with shaco AD right now. but his AP ratios need to be toned the fuck down when it comes to having their build being based around it and maxing those abilities. his added damage as a support isn't really the issue, the issue is that he can shut down bushes, prevent ganks with boxes, disengage with boxes, engage and even towerdive with a full AP shaco ult you can kamikaze run under tower for an instant fear and dps burst at no penalty. sure it takes skill for the mindgames, but for a champion with this much utility and a better summoner spell on Q on a 13 second cooldown you simply cant make the argument that should stay the way he is because a small amount of players can use him, because that's just not true, he is popular pick/ban, S+ in 2 roles and 53%+ winrate in both roles.
Flemman (EUW)
: Pretty sure it will be big enough If I can kill them fast as a melee tank, they become less of a zoning problem for my team and for the shaco player they will become less fragile to poke in the late game Shaco box are mainly problematic in lane for melee champion who can't clear them with stuff like oracle (unlike other stealth trap because they trigger regardless if you see them or not), allowing those to kill box in 2 auto is a big change that should reduce the frustration from facing one
which is strange because they used to do that but they changed it specifically with that in mind while reworking him reasoning that it will "help" AD shaco but it instead makes AP shaco in lane even more overbearing especially vs melee supports like blitz or pink ward's top shaco, where a lot of laners are melee and AD
: So what's ekko supposed to do with his free movement speed?
: ***
the fact that you DON'T realise how overtuned those kits are means you're oblivious as all hell to this game you are defending. how many things have riot needed to just straight RIP out of those kits just to higher their skill floor? akali q heal, r mini stun, shroud true invisibility, pyke health threshold, E damage to minions and monsters, Q as waveclear etc. and its not that we want them to cripple this champion, its just that we want him to be one thing and not multiple at the same time like Akali Pyke and ekko. who used to be a 2, 4 and 3 way flex respectively.
: Maybe stop chasing a Shaco then? Literally, he has to lead you into boxes and his only reliable ability (Shiv) functions as an execute, not reliable poke. He offers fuck all else except being a carrot when AP. Stop chasing the carrot without your sweeper.
shaco takes scorch and manaflow in laning and that alone is already fine poke, but far from overbearing. sweeper doesn't mean shit when youre melee since the boxes still fear you, and if youre ranged and take out the boxes he'll be gone with his q back up. "don't chase them' champions are fundamentally flawed, if something like singed is overpowered they instantly dominate. and that's the most basic flaw about shaco. his disengage as an AP champion means that as soon as he puts a box down in your path you have to disengage or risk taking extra time to walk around the boxes on your way out, being turned on, or just generally wasting your time since before you can kill him he'll have his Q, have exhaust on support to stall you out or at most you'll force his R invincibility.
Kovorix (EUW)
: Because the Shaco main brigade will come and tell you how bad their champion is no matter how broken he is.
: {{item:3364}} {{item:2055}} + brains = Shaco countered
the issue is that when you're melee you still get feared by the boxes even with the box itself revealed with control wards. that aside, a champion that forces you to waste your red trinket cooldown and or control ward on a basic ability is unhealthy game design. similar to malzahar
: ***
and youre just some guy on a forum with no constructive criticism to offer whatsoever going from shaco post to shaco post lashing out at people because you cant get over your superiority complex. I played 50 games big whup.
: question about yuumi:
she can influence wins by enabling your carries to make more daring plays and chase down the enemy prolonging the snowball, like sharing AP with whoever she attaches on, that's why in proplay yuumi itemizes ludens echo to increase the damage output of their laners. but all this is at the tradeoff of "if you die, you lose double" since often times if the person youre sticking to, say an ekko dives in and ints, the shutdown on your head is going to end up in the waiting arms of the enemy, since yuumi takes double combat sums and would most likely die due to a lack of escapes and combat potential on her lonesome.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I dont know why they dont remove either AD or AP from his kit and just balance him properly.
exactly. he has too much flexibility and currently holds a ~53% winrate in both jungle AND support. with so much utility he just cant be dealt with properly without taking into consideration his proper buildpath. he either build full AD to 1tap your carry(which is somehow more balanced) or he puts boxes every 10 seconds and runs a kamikaze clone blowing up into a teamwide fear.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4dEVxiRp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-04T02:56:03.463+0000) > > Well considering Riot's allergic to making itemisation for AP fighters, he's going to be like that for a long ass time. there is a reason for this...riot shot themselves in the foot with a few champs {{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} the moment any ap fighter itemization becomes a thing they will 110% abuse the ever living fuck outta it
{{champion:68}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:54}} you forgot these ^ and you're absolutely right, right now there's no in-between, the closest is swain and vlad to AP bruisers. but the items themselves are so one sided that you either become a oneshotting machine or youre not viable. which is why vlad has been in every worlds series so far this year and swain is not even banned.
: to play sylas perfectly u need mastery of every champion, of course his overall winrate is going to be low if he is actually balanced. But yea, riot did over nerf him, and i think they are going to buff him next patch
he's not rly hard to play, an execute+heal on pt click W, shield dash and reverse hook on E coupled with Tiamat passive makes him a better version of any other champion. the only thing holding him back is the shitty ults in meta, and AD assassins mid, who can abuse Sylas since his armor ratings got nerfed to shit to rip him out of the jungle role. before this was counteracted by people playing him top but with the most prominent picks there being Darius, Jax, Garen and Kled he cant hope to survive laning since stealing their ults mean absolutely nothing. darius ult requires bleed, jax ult gives resistances but jax does sustained dps to Sylas's more bursty style, and at best kled allows him to escape with ult. with his shield now only being magic garen can get him to execute range before he even knows what happened, not to mention his silence. the only toplaner he has a chance with is Kayle, but with Sylas being weak as balls early now the fact that he has to attempt to outscale the kayle is only an uphill battle.
Undine6 (NA)
: Last shaco box nerf too much? 60 seconds to 40
that nerf was a complete joke and this champ needs a couple more nerfs to tone down how absolutely OP he is. he can run a clone under turret for an AOE fearing annie ult, can take 2 combat summoners as a support and cant be punished with flash stealth on Q and you're complaining because they took away his ability to be level 3 before botlane can hit lvl 2?
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: Yes, but Pyke has a hook and stun because he's a _support_ assassin. Without them, he's just an assassin.
an assassin is made to take out high priority targets. having one start off in the bot lane where the priority target farms up is already bad, but thing is assassins are made to have high damage and mobility but if they make a mistake their kit prevents them from coming back. if you want to punish an early game oriented assasin, you must either wait for them to fall off, group up heavily or abuse them early to make sure they cant be useful. but a champion with a hook, an aoe stun and a refreshable AOE teamwide execute that grants bonus gold is just never going to be useless. at no point is pyke going to fall off. his strengths are the early-mid and lategame where he gets kill pressure starting level 2, roams for global pressure after {{item:3117}} and gets to be an insane teamfighter.
: Remove the stun from Qiyana's R
they should really decrease the size of the ult explosion. the amount of times I hug an opposite wall and still get stunned is insane. and most of the time I wasn't even noticed until I can move again because she wasn't looking to stun me in the first place.
RyanEAX (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aatrox Eichmann,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=oHiBj8R9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-02T17:10:32.326+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jydsmM3h8 > thanks for not leaving a timestamp 3:52:20, there's your timestamp
bro i left that login screen there bc its the same theme
Bahsaliox (EUW)
: League of legends Worlds 2019 ( IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TICKETS FOR THE EVENT )
: Join my Pickems leaderboard for Knockout stages!
: It's getting annoying af to see nothing but Xayah & Kai'Sa in literally every game in Worlds
kai'sa will recieve a major nerf to her q next patch so hopefully that will make things better, I wish they would do more to nerf {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} because the nerf to ashe was a god damn joke. highly played easy ADC with spammable AOE poke, cross map scouting on a 30 second cd, OP lane ult and auto reset, slows on passive, outtrading with nothing but W while simultaneously waveclearing and slowing you so you can't trade back. and they think nerfing the manacost will stop her from having a 55% wr
Nithke (EUW)
: Kaisa mains on another post saying she's the weakest adc, kind of hilarious.
its another "better nerf irelia" blunder. if they complain enough the balance team will believe them.
: It's really just feminism at it's finest. If you take a look at the Pax West event where certain Riot Game Employees believed that Men should be playing league and not Women, really describes this company in a nutshell. They are targeting female champions because they think more men are entitled to play this game then women ever would. It's really sad and terrible but that's just how they are operating these days.
what the fuck does game balance have to do with attraction braum has the highest presence in the league pro scene since the beginning and he's a barechested ruski freljordian man tahm kench was once the highest played support and he's a southern catfish monster. the most frequently played adc was tentative between lucian, ezreal, varus, prenerf kalista, 2017 kog'maw, xayah rakan and vayne prior to kai'sa's release a fat dude and blind man is the most common professional jungler a golden bird god, shadow ninja, pool of blood, voidy boy and stone gargoyle have been the most dominant midlaners I really think youre just forcing social commentary into this for the fuck of it
: Is it too late / still worth to buy the Worlds Pass?
you have 18 days ish to get to ~2000 worlds points
: The players not trying as hard as their foreign counterparts is a result of US culture in general. NA will most likely never win. Plain and simple. Even if NA imported a bunch of foreign hotshots, the culture would ruin them sooner or later.
just call out corejj and impact already its too obvious
: He also becomes a trap from time to time. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
RyanEAX (NA)
: Been trying to find the victory music played at world final of 2018
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17jydsmM3h8 thanks for not leaving a timestamp
Ludicrum (EUW)
: Badluck prematching with toxic peoples.. how do you guys go around it?
take note of the exceptionally toxic players and avoid playing during the times you know they'll be active. those people play with a schedule in mind and if you can avoid that timezone youre basically playing hidenseek with them.
: Need Server for Asia
yeah garena sucks and we cant transfer accounts in and out of those servers and are forced into bad ping when we play outside of those servers when in the region. the closest oriental asians can get to "real" league is the Japanese server, and middle eastern players are closer to EU servers than JP. which is kind of a nicer alternative since the JP server is a spam dump for korean/chinese smurfs and people who dont actually speak japanese.
: Skarner Rework: Give the Scorpion Poison, and let him DIVE!
he is brackern, not a scorpion. he has a crystal at the end of his stinger. I don't get why you think he should be able to poison the enemy with that other than his likeness to a scorpion.
: Senna: The "support" ADC
nothing like another 4 way flex champion built originally for support
Akenero (NA)
: Kayn m7 woes
~~how the fuck are you still not m7~~ nvm checked your match history. take triumph-coup de grace precision secondary. take relentless hunter. I've been M7 since the dawn of time but have since swapped over to playing hecarim, but sorcery secondary for anything but karasmai's assassin blue is inferior to any jack-of-all-trades electrocute-precision kayn.
iAwoke (NA)
: PROJECT: (More like PROBLEM):Ashe
but people will riot if they updated the base model since they paid 1820 RP to get the animations. and that's why riot doesn't update these particular champions due to their skins holding them back as relics from years past
: Funny part is she's not even being played at worlds.
with a meta built around having people using high mobility champs to burst high priority immobile characters ashe being played at worlds is a bad bet with kai'sa ezreal and Lucian around. in solo q she is about 55% winrate. because her mindless poke outdamages both enemy laners with one W and simultaneously clears the wave, her E spots out the enemy jungler every 25 seconds and makes for great utility and her q reset changes make her an extremely good duelist. her ult is an extremely easy-to-hit giant stun that sets up for the prominent playmaking supports in this meta and spikes the lane's kill pressure hugely just by hitting lvl 6. she is overtuned.
: Senna Design Team be Like.....
they got that CertainlyT syndrome
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
but those are early game champs and elder doesn't spawn until like 25+ mins
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