Terozu (NA)
: Nubrac or whatever you name is.
Why make a whole post about it if you don't care? "We genuinely don't care." You're not the voice of the community. I'm sure there are players that do care.
: New pantheon could use a bit of a buff
: Riot there's a reason we keep talking shit to you on boards instead of just leaving your game.
They literally do not care anymore. Everything they do for this game is for ESPORTS and the viewers now. They just want BIG PLAYS, FAST DEATHS, FLASHY HYPER MOBILE CHARACTERS. "OOOO AAAA WOOW." Instant gratification is the game now. Fast quick 20 mins games. Lowering skill caps by adding jungle timers, buff timers., dragon timers. Giving everyone the ability to do damage. Everything is dumbed down to get new players and make it easier to watch. The league of the past is over and I think we all have to accept that. This is coming from someones whos been playing on and off since season 2 and spent about over $1,000 USD on RP for skins and champs etc.
: The late game fantasy of this game is 'DEAD'!
: 20 Seconds Is WAY too long for Pyke To Hold His Resets
Just another way for Riot to lower the skill gap and cater to bad players.
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: source: Riot games. other source: been following this game for 7 years now. other other source: i have personally leveled up more accounts to 30+ than a dozen of your friends have combined, if you have that many.
yeah..you dont know what youre talking about lmao.
: Real new players get matched against other bad or new players pretty quickly, within 10 games. The reason why you are being matched with toxic smurfs is because you are a smurf. The reason why a beginner friend you may have is getting matched with toxic smurfs would be because he's playing with you.
You have any source for these claims? How does the game know you're a smurf or a fresh new player?
: This is toxic imo. You talk way too much in chat and you were borderline flaming your team multiple times. Just spamming this many messages is toxic imo. I would've muted you instantly and if I had seem some of those specific statements in game, most likely reported you for negativity.
lol if you think this is toxic, you're not gonna make it in the real world
Kelg (NA)
: I would not be playing this game without runes There needs to be more variety in effects and less "do more damage" runes
Because it means you have to get good without crutches? xD
Jøkèr (NA)
: Wouldn't League of Legends Be Better Without Runes?
: Talon is the 3rd lowest win ratio champion in midlane
Scryble (NA)
: Can we talk about Neeko?
: It sucks how horrible the game has gotten, and it's all due to the unbearable damage
And it's not going to change. Look how they're marketing the game now. "CRUSH YOUR LANE, DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES!" Look at all the ads on TV now. This is going to be the norm.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Its because vision and wards in proplay are much more powerful than lower elos. Vision needs nerfs for pro.
Makami (NA)
: Riot please do something about trolls
They don't know how to. Plain and simple. So they just ban players who say bad words because it's easier for the system to pick up. IFS can't tell bad game from "I'm going to ruin your game" unless it's really blatant like stacking tears or mobis but even then, it's inconsistent.
: Why buff Darius?
Just dodge the bleed xdd
: Officially Boycotting Riot Games
lol @ these comments. This "community" is truly the worst xdd
: Is Yi at all a healthy champ?
just dodge the alpha strike and cc bro XddDDd


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