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: Brother Sven: A Lolesports feature -- “The first thing I saw on C9 was Jensen, Sneaky, and Reapered playing WoW arena together."
I am not one to be critical of others in this game. There is naturally always going to be a large divide between talent and the overall player base as well as thoughts on who to play where and how to gear up, etc. This is just an opinion, but I believe that the more popular professional play becomes, the more attuned fans are and individuals become more aware of the nuances of professional play, by watching VODS or tuning in live at one of the events. While this is good for the sport, to have fans involved in various layers, it presents another platform to have a 'console war' from. With my limited knowledge of the game, I drew my comparison's between 2013' SKT T1 and future teams to win. Success aside, I liked teams and players that were like me in some way, or had great enthusiasm. Pray from Korea is hilarious, though critical of himself Rekkles over in EU is fun to watch, Uzi is way too serious for me, but he's got game and seeing him go on a killing spree as Vayne is fun. When I think of TSM, especially this year, I think more of their owner 'Reginald', with a little bit of negative press here and there and some poor choices getting to his head, like betting and trash talking. I'd rather have him settle his malcontent on the rift and with more tact. I've got no doubt he knows the game and the business better than I do and eSports isn't a traditional professional sport, but I know class when I see it. While I think it's fun to trash talk a little, a good balance and mutual respect for others at your level is important. In general, I think TSM has forgot this, put huge, unnecessary pressure on their players and burnt bridges. Cloud9 seems to have a different environment, so do most teams I enjoy watching. If I had the talent and an opportunity, I'd rather play for a team that respected me and had class and a good amount of fun. I wouldn't play for TSM as they stand currently. Sven is a great jungler and it's a tough position. Worlds is hardly the place to be critical when TSM historically hasn't performed well. It's no 1 player's fault. I enjoy watching him play for Cloud 9 and look forward to them going forward to more success. One outspoken thing about success is how to handle it. I respect and enjoy the success of teams that manage this well. Listening to the success in Korea has really shown they believe their respective region is Champion of the rift. Their success has shown they have the skill to back it up and their coaching staff (kkOma) comes to mind as well as the individual comments left by players. Faker may talk trash as do most of the players, but they show more class on the podium and in my book belong up there before teams that can't handle their immaturity. Unfortunately the young player base and fanboy mentality, really put a lot of strain on the social part of games in general, LoL or otherwise. Blizzard is riddled down to its core with immaturity, having met some of them myself. In closing, I wish all of you professional league players goodluck in the upcoming Finals! Spring Split was fun to watch and was much closer than anticipated! I enjoy the success Impact is having! Goodluck TL, C9 and Echo Fox!! Welcome back Huni!
: Patch 8.3 notes
I was excited to see updates for Zoe, until I realized I had an extra second to live before being mowed down by a max range paddlestar. Dear Riot, Please take a look at this little tike and give her a 'shiny new kit' that doesn't involve genocide of the enemy team. LOL! She's great, with a cool kit, but with her current cooldowns, her CC and power level.. she's a little broken in my opinion. Consider lowering her damage and decreasing the cooldown on paddlestar and having multiple hits induce a slow and sleep on the target, with a damage bonus at that point. No champion, in the hands of a good player or not, should 1 or 2 shot a champion from off screen or right in front, at max health! Thank you design team for thinking of cruel and unsual kits, with lots of variety. Keep up the good work!
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: Sion is fine as is. He doesn't need any buffs and he has counterplay and he has his strengths for him and enemies to play around. What's wrong?
I agree with you, he has his strengths for other to play around, but I think he is flawed. I didn't say he needed buffs, I do think he needs to have his skills looked at so he plays like I 'think' he should(opinion stated), which is a champion that death didn't stop. Think of it as a step sideways, not a buff. As it sits, you can stop him very easily from doing much of anything. Depending on game balance and dynamics that may or may not be seen, but as death is a big part of his toolkit, he should play more like a juggernaut and less like a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up. Take Nunu for example, other than his Q, if his ultimate is interrupted what can he really do? Sion is similar, if you make him out to be this unstoppable force, but allow his Q and passive to be completely stopped by any stun, his effectiveness is lower than it should as his (w) is a shield and (e) does light damage AND the lore behind this champion is drastically diminished. I appreciate your response though, we just disagree. I am speaking more from a conceptual point of view and less at specifics in terms of gameplay. Don't you think it makes more sense to make each champion as unique as possible? History, play style, lore, toolkit etc? Why settle for less? Riot puts alot of thought into these champions and I for one get frustrated when all, some players care about is whether or not their build is useful or gameplay is reduced to counterplay and mechanics. Another idea I had, if changes to Soul Furnace happened (to increase time), take away the bar telling you how much time you have left, it'd be fun to run around not knowing when your going to fall.... -> point being, an undead creature, bent on bloodshed, probably doesn't care to know how close he is to the grave, if only he could fell that last enemy... see?
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: Dev Blog: Reimagining Sion
Just wanted to say, I'm impressed on the voice over changes or actually the reason behind them. Maybe consider updates in the future to involve visual or auditory changes when champs go on killing sprees. One thing I have noticed while watching Worlds the past two years is how much of the game is expressed by the players controlling the champions. It would add another layer if the champions reacted to the way they were played as well. Great work Riot!


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