: >srsly why can't i write what i want Because when you agreed to the *League* Terms of Use you also agreed to follow their behavioral rules, much like how if you went into a restaurant or movie theater you'd have to follow *their* rules.
ok here is an example player 1 start feeding player 2 says fuck you noob .... player 2 got baned good bye riot
: you lose games in ranked because you made enough mistakes with your team. And no you can't be a jerk. It's just a game.
but this is most stupid reason for ban LOL
rujitra (NA)
: No. The mute feature is not an excuse for you to violate the rules. Please keep in mind that the next punishment will be a permanent ban of your account with no transfer/refund of bought content.
can't you ban only my chatbox? just let me play
: And if you act this way almost every single match, I'm going to assume you have had chat restrictions before.
yes i have 25 matches restriction. i just don't understand what's the problem is. is this for real ? are you kidding me ?
rujitra (NA)
: Please post your full unedited chat logs and tell us when your most recent chat restriction was.
Game 1 In-Game Achad44: good ? Achad44: b Achad44: u ask us ? Achad44: lol Achad44: ok Achad44: fuck you Achad44: ok fuck off noobs Achad44: u are so bad Achad44: FF Achad44: brain Achad44: srsly you are stupid as d1ck Achad44: fuck you all Achad44: just 500 dmg on hit ? Achad44: why moron ? Achad44: lol Achad44: fuck off Achad44: win my a55 Achad44: i said fuck off Achad44: you can't win Achad44: bcz you are too stupid Achad44: FF pls Achad44: you will be bronze 4ever Achad44: why don't you go all 5 mid and finish this bullshit ? Achad44: fuck off kid Achad44: i don't have to for this Achad44: we can lose in 15 minutes and in 40 minutes Achad44: you fucking waste of time Achad44: says who Achad44: thatnks to r%%%%%s like you i never win Achad44: stupid kidz Game 2 In-Game Achad44: i give up Achad44: surrender pls Achad44: we just lost Achad44: just wait 5 more minutes to surrender Achad44: look it's 3v12 Achad44: FF Achad44: dude calm dawn Achad44: can't you see we can't win Achad44: just go 5 mid and finish this pls Achad44: chill man i am only lvl 4 Achad44: lol i yi q and i am dead Achad44: and you keep feeding Achad44: pls guys go all mid and finish this bullzh1t Achad44: this bronze is worse then blind pick Achad44: no Achad44: i am here Achad44: i just give up Achad44: lol i am 4 lvl Achad44: waiting 15 for surrender Achad44: whateva Achad44: lol funny kidz Achad44: can't you finish us pls ? Achad44: told ya Post-Game Achad44: report lux for leaving Game 3 Pre-Game Achad44: we are losing this In-Game Achad44: surrender at 15 ? Achad44: see Achad44: we are losing Achad44: so stupid move Achad44: lol look at our cs Achad44: nice ? Achad44: just surrender Achad44: no need Achad44: i am bad player Achad44: and i am here to lose Achad44: going to bronze 4 Achad44: shut up Achad44: vote yes Achad44: lol Achad44: fuck off Achad44: waste of time Achad44: FF Achad44: no Achad44: np, thanks for wining, i wanna go bronze 4 Achad44: ok go baron then finish us Achad44: gg ez . this happen almost every single match if some1 doesn't like to read what i write he can simply mute/ignore me it's just a text p.s. you can't prevent ppl being toxic and raged by simply baning them LOOOOL
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