: Its a ground targeted ability? Still targeted. It's like Morg W, or Ekko W, or Yorick W. You click a circle on the ground then go exactly where you targeted.
that... is not how the word "targeted" is defined when referring to an ability. Kalista's R is most definitely a skillshot, if not the hardest one in the game to hit. It's relatively similar to Malphite R in comparison, it can be flashed or dodged or missed, or any variant of situations that result in it not hitting the intended target. Your phrasing is like calling Ezreal's Q a targeted ability because you "target" a certain area of the map and your skillshot will go on that point where you put the mouse. Technically true, but when you call something "targeted" without additional context, colloquially you're saying that it will guaranteed hit your opponent if they're in range, which is not true of Ezreal's Q or Kalista's ult. your original complaint post was absolutely rife with that sort of language: all sorts of things that are technically true, but you aren't providing the right context, or are simply being overly descriptive just to make it sound like it does more than it actually does. You can explain how you think kalista is a failure of design without resorting to that kind of deceptive language.
: Mages and PTA adc's abuse melee champs with ranged burst and get told to stop whining about it. A immobile jugg starts doing the same thing and people are instantly crying for nerfs. You never disappoint me forums.
i don't really feel as though i have much trouble with him myself, but he does have a 56+% winrate on most stat sites right now, which is INSANE for any champ in this game... the patch has only been out for a few days so it's worth giving it some time to settle down, but if those stats are right, there's something pretty wack going on.
: As much as everyone likes to scream about Vladimir being poorly designed on these boards, there seems to be a complete and utter lack of mention of him in this thread... Interesting...
just because people hate playing against him doesn't mean people hate playing against him the most. he's got more obvious counterplay than some of the more popular contenders in this thread, even if he can be quite frustrating.
: I dropped a 30 and 1 game as Fiora.
you had 163 cs in a 30 minute game, to be precise, which nets you a cs/min of about 5.4. Not that bad, but definitely not stellar either. I'd imagine that's probably why you didn't get some form of S, it always feels like they weigh the CS numbers pretty highly in that determination. don't take this as me saying you played garbage and deserved your A+, I'm sure you played pretty well, 30/1 is a crazy scoreline, but you just gotta know what sort of details actually please the system the most.
: VFX Updates for Annie and Nautilus
this is probably more of a personal preference sort of complaint, but I feel like the sparks that follow annie's current auto attacks look a little better and emphasize the fact that it's a little fireball a bit better than the reworked ones currently do. the way the current ones appear as little small lights that fly off in a few different directions really do a great job of making it look 'firey' in my eyes, and I don't think the reworked ones do as good a job, either because there aren't as many sparks, they don't fly around as noticeably, or they're a bit dulled and don't pop out to the eye as much as the old ones do. Either way, I really like the rest of the effects, especially the new visuals for the real range of the W and tibbers' damage aura. These and your thresh effects were great and I'll be really happy to see your work in the future!
: If the support item is going to shut off the Gold Income function when it reaches max...
why are you clearing lanes as a support? unless you're playing like brand/zyra or you're in a very particular scenario, if you're actively walking off to clear a lane rather than sticking with someone on your team as a support you're probably doing something wrong.
Pepe God (NA)
: Why am I losing with A and S scores ARAM
probably because individual performance matters even less in aram unless you're some crazy teamfight carry champion. it's constant 5v5 gameplay. i doubt the game's systems for determining A and S ranks are as accurate to what creates actual wins in ARAM as they are in rift. a large part of what you're doing to win in ARAM is choosing the right champion to best complete your team in each individual game. if you go for highlight carry champs as often as you can get em, you're more likely to have nice scorelines and good game grades, but probably less likely to actually win, because there will be more scenarios where the enemy team gets a better comp than you because you chose to go with ezreal on a team of 3 mages and lucian when nautilus was available, and the enemy team has a tank, a bruiser, an enchanter support, and 2 high damage carries. maybe that isn't the case for you and you do pick to round out your team as best as possible, in which case it is totally possible for you to get an unlucky streak of teams in the span of 100 games with 40 wins. it's just more worth spending the time reexamining the way you choose champions and how well you play for ending the game vs getting kills and stuff, and how often that might have lost it for you. whatever your actual case may be, hopefully you'll have better luck in your future games.
: Aphelios' win rate increases by 8 to 10% after 10 games played and plateaus at 60% within 20 games.
yeah, i'd like some sourcing on this one. if it's champion.gg, you gotta be careful with that one, the stats on that site have been very wacky for a good long while now. i don't necessarily disagree with you, but i feel that his difficulty is largely based on just how powerful each weapon is individually. you make the champion as difficult as he was intended to be by ensuring that each weapon is more specified to fit its particular role, rather than generally being good as well as having an extra effect on top. I think his numbers are overtuned right now and that's causing what I just mentioned to occur. If they make balance changes in the future to stress the specific strengths of each weapon and nerf their general use, I think they might just reach the spot of incentivizing players to actually plan ahead and organize the weapon order properly to guarantee you have good combos at the right times, as it is now i think most people are just winging it and seeing what they can get from it, and that's working because he does too much damage.
: His winrate is still absolute ass. Yes, winrate usually is not a good indicator of strength but when its absurdly low in plat+ (hes 45%-ish right now), its a good sign hes not overpowered.
to be fair, it hasn't even been a week since he was released. his winrate has steadily climbed over the days since release. the thing keeping his winrate low is a lack of understanding of the champion. i think his numbers are a bit overtuned, and when that happens, despite the fact that his kit is complex and detailed, he isn't mechanically intensive, so it's easy for the general populace to succeed with him more often, since they don't have to be good at playing around his kit if every gun has busted numbers.
Revech (NA)
: Support - LF Aphelios MAIN 4 DUO & FLEX
still in the process of learning aphelios tbh but i'd love to spend time getting good at him with someone consistent, and my stats on other ADCs are pretty good. understandable if you'd rather go for someone a bit more practiced, but I'd be happy to give it a go.
: Where’s the champion theme for Aphelios?
man, this really got bombarded with downvotes.
ranga116 (OCE)
: But unlike energy based champs mana champs can stay on the map for 40 minutes because they don't actually have a mana cost and their items give them thousands of mana
... the same is true of most energy-based champions because the regen is high enough that you can feasibly regain your entire bar in some scenarios, and they also all have a pretty easy way to regain energy by using their abilities correctly, which means they rarely run out. The only exception to this is akali i'd say, since she can only regain energy by hitting a champ with her spells, and she has some of the highest costs on the lowest cooldown.
: As a big Lux player, I'm so excited to see her getting new vfx! They look amazing so far and I can't wait to test them on PBE. In terms of feedback, the ground target indicator for the ultimate seems to be significantly more red and bright in her Elementalist and Battle academia skins than any of her other skins. The subtle blue of her base vfx looks nice where its at, but in the Elementalist and Battle academia skins the bright red seems a bit too noticeable, almost mimicking the look of the laser itself, which bothers me. Otherwise, I love the direction of these changes! Is there an E.T.A. for when the PBE will be updated with them?
i have to compliment you on the username, it's a pretty good twist on one of those types of names.
Tantaurus (EUW)
: It looks great, especially on Q and W ! I just don't understand the ult. The lasers on each side of the AoE are interesting (that's great), but one is way more flashy than the other, so it seems like it is centred on the flashy one. The problem with the fainter line is it looks like the flashy one is the middle of the AoE (as it was for many years), not a side of it. It feels very wrong to me. I could see 1 big centred flashy laser, 2 faint or flashy side lasers, or both, but it being so asymmetrical seems weird no ? edit : When ulting vertically, we can see the 2 faint lasers on each side, my bad. The thing is one of the side lasers in not visible at all when ulting horizontally, and it is way worse. @DeathBurst said it better
there are two faint ones to each side, but they're on the ground, whereas the larger one in the center is floating. if you look at the ult cast on star guardian lux at about 1:47 seconds into the video, aimed almost straight up on the map, you can see this demonstrated well. most of the other angles make it look like what you're describing because the light and width of the central one, combined with the tilted angle we see the map in game, eclipses the fainter line on the ground on the opposite side. it's still a really good change overall, since one of the main gripes with lux ult hitbox being weird is based on the visuals of abilities changing with differences in height in the terrain they're casted on, and hopefully those lines that track the ability along the ground, and thus more accurately show the changes in height on the physical map, will make reading that a bit easier.
: > Sylas [...] I don't think he's necessarily a completely terrible person. I mean, we have Kindlejack over there explicitly saying he is a villain, without ambiguity (post number 3). > ... but from his perspective much of it seems pretty understandable and straightforward to me, Yeah, to me too... As I said in my previous post: "How Sylas is acting is perfectly self-consistent." But that's not my issue. > most of the Demacian characters aren't entirely good people OK, maybe not "entirely" good. But still far better than Sylas. In narrative terms, they are indubitably the "good guys", to Sylas "bad guy" ____ Sylas is the villain, while fighting against bigotry. Is it really that hard to understand why such a choice **from the writers** in the real world ---not as an in-universe choice by the characters--- can leave a sour taste?
yeah, i can see that. in my opinion the only really good person in the set is lux. the rest are either committed to their bigotry or are doing some extreme shit to try and fight it. I don't think it's necessarily a poor choice from a story perspective, it leaves room to grow from each individual characters. Maybe we'll see garen, jarvan, and demacia as a whole down the line learn to become more tolerant, or maybe we'll see sylas go through some serious shit that makes him rethink his philosophy of taking down demacia, and emerge as a better character. being a villain doesn't mean you have to be a fundamentally bad person. he's been locked up for most of his life, so there's a lot of learning in the world for him to do. it's definitely unsatisfying in some senses now, due to the grievances you brought up, but I wanna wait until we get into things a little further to say that I think it's a categorically poor decision.
: I don't have a problem with Sylas as a believable character. He's fine and great from that point of view. I DO have a problem with Sylas as a "square peg" narrative tool being used to try and fill a round hole. How Sylas is acting is perfectly self-consistent. But what message does it send when the leader of a marginalized group rebelling against a bigoted society is actually the more morally questionable character of the whole story? There is no doubt, ever, that Lux, or Garen, are good guys. Role models. There is practically no doubt that Jarvan IV, the aristocratic leader of said bigoted society is actually a kind person, even if currently stricken by grief. But there are a LOT of doubts about the moral character of the guy trying to make a more equal society. Sylas's character is fine in isolation. But **choosing him specifically to fill this role in the story** isn't. I don't know the other commenters, but I believe that's also what they are trying to point at.
Not sure that I agree with you on Garen and Jarvan. For most of her life, Lux has been more or less unaware of the actual treatment of mages in Demacia, we see that she's shocked by what she sees in the Lux comic. She's a good person but doesn't agree with Sylas being pretty cutthroat when it comes to achieving his goals. Garen has spent his entire life being raised to believe in Demacia. In many ways he's admirable, he's dependable, and he'll throw his life on the line for what he believes in and loves, but he still helps perpetuate a bunch of the bad shit that Demacia does too, because he's been convinced in some way that it's right, or that it's the best thing they can do to be safe. I wouldn't call him a bad person, but he willingly partakes in making certain people's lives awful because that's how it's been done for generations. Jarvan is in many ways similar to Garen, though I think his experiences with Shyvana and in general being a bit more thoughtful have made him probably the closest Demacia has been to a leader that might be willing to make a change in a more peaceful manner, even if it happens slowly. Despite that, because Sylas is trying to overthrow him, it's easy for him to fall back on and continue believing in the way Demacia has been doing things for a while. Sylas led a troubled and abusive childhood that led to him being imprisoned for over 10 years. I don't think he's necessarily a completely terrible person. He's desperate, he doesn't know what to do to change Demacia other than destroy the current people that are perpetuating the anti-mage system, and the way they've treated him his whole life makes him jump to that course of action quickly, especially when he's spent so much time in isolation. He's still capable of caring and of feeling love and companionship, I think. in the Lux comic I think he did genuinely care for Lux to some degree, he's just too driven by his goal of destroying the Demacian leadership to let her get in the way of that, so he betrays her when the time comes, and leaves her when she won't come with him. Sylas is definitely the bad guy of the story right now, and I don't really agree with the way he's doing a lot of things, but from his perspective much of it seems pretty understandable and straightforward to me, and I also think that most of the Demacian characters aren't entirely good people, without guilt or complications, when they're aware of the systems they're perpetuating and yet still continue to uphold them. The leaders of the bigoted, aristocratic society may not seem bad, because they function well in their society and have been brought up around it, all of the things they're doing and believe in are normalized to them. That still doesn't make the fact that they're upholding a society that marginalizes and prosecutes people on a basis determined by birth an okay thing to do, and the fact that many of them are okay with it is a moral flaw in and of itself.
usul1202 (NA)
: Who has your favorite death animation?
{{champion:115}} ' death animation always has stood out to me a little bit, it's kinda gruesome, really.
: Let's analyze this: Season 9 tier 1: 11g per proc, same gen rate, 2 per 10. Suppose you can purchase Tier 2 at 6 minutes: Season 9: 66 gold Gen, and 14 procs for 154 Gold Season 10: 99 gold Gen, and 14 procs for 210 Gold BUT, Frostfang for a 1000G (not needed Season 9, and quest finished at ~9 minutes) Season 9: 36 Gold + 176 by quest Season 10: 54 + 120 Gold by Quest Sums: Season 9: 432 Gold by 9 minutes. Season 10: 483 Gold. Net difference: 51G by 9 minutes. -------------------- BUT: Season 10: Can put the 450g purchase gold + the additional 51G towards buying some other item. #So, 501G benefit. IN EXCHANGE FOR: > -Mid/Late game farm gold being cut by 50% to 80% > -Loss of ALL POST QUEST PROCS OF GOLD. > -Loss of Mana Regen > -Loss of CDR > -Loss of on hit damage You really think that 501g early game gold benefit offsets all that mid/late game loss?
assuming your estimate for gold generation at specific time marks is correct, it's actually a lot closer than i originally thought. if you compare the stats missing from the tier 2 new upgrade, it actually adds up to a little bit more than that 501g you quoted. So unless you buy an overefficient item, you're gonna be a bit behind in terms of straight gold value for stats. obviously, gold value for stats isn't the only thing that matters, so it'll probably vary more from champion to champion, depending on how strong in their particular lane matchup their first purchase ends up being, but in general it's pretty close and can probably favor either side depending on the situation and whether or not the stats on the support item benefitted you compared to what you'd be buying. HOWEVER, all of this comparison data is only true for the spellthief's upgrade path, the stats on the relic shield line were much, much worse in terms of gold value, so the new support item changes totally eclipse old relic shield in terms of gold efficiency per stats, leaving you about 500 gold ahead, whatever you buy with that, in terms of gold efficiency you'll just be better than you used to be. obviously you give up the heal on your relic shield procs, which DOES matter, especially in the earliest section of the game, but i don't think it's worth 500 gold. if you combine this with the fact that it's probably harder to reliably get old relic shield procs in the late game than old spellthief's procs (depending on champ to some extent) since they executed based on flat health values, and not %hp, i'd say the support item changes, just in terms of stat efficiency, are a reasonable buff to any support that decides to go for the relic shield line now (which is also coincidentally open to more champs, since it executes at range now, and has AD and AP variants), whereas it's even/worse (depending on specifics) for the spellthief's upgrades. the overall value in the lategame kinda depends on how important the gold generation abilities actually were compared to the new automatic upgrades and larger passive gold/10. I'd say that the statlines are potentially better, depending on how fast your build would otherwise reach 40% cdr, as support builds are notorious for being cdr heavy, so depending on the game, the loss of cdr on the base support item might not be a huge one. but maybe it is, since you have to wait longer to get it either way. so basically, it's definitely less of an upgrade than i thought, especially in the early game (at least for spellthief's side), but i still prefer the general way the upgrade system works in favor of having to buy upgrades, and often just not purchasing the eye of the watchers as a spellthief's support because it was bad. i think it can work nicely with some tweaks to be more satisfying.
Madra (NA)
: The other thing to keep in mind is that you used to and usually did upgrade the gold item to Tier 2 far earlier than it is now naturally evolving on it's own, so there is a pretty significant period of time where you will be losing relative gold because you are generating reduced support gold for a longer period of time.
do keep in mind that the new gold generation abilities are stronger than their old tier 1 equivalents, but weaker than their old tier 2 equivalents, so it's a bit more gold gen very early, for a little less post first back, but the fact that you don't have to spend gold on the upgrades makes up for that for a large portion of the game.
: Supports are overtuned and you guys got used to it. No.
it's actually a buff post first back to the mid game, since you have a good 400 or so extra gold you would have had to have spent on your support item.
MickuPgBz (EUW)
: Please don't keep support items this way.
I'm not sure about losing all but the passive gold gen late game, but changing it so each iteration automatically improves and adds more stats as you complete the quest is a huge buff in the early game after first back and the mid game, instead of having to spend further gold upgrading your support item to ward, you get to immediately jump into spending money towards the first actually distinct item in your build, which is pretty cool. The farming limits are generally okay, they give you more than 3 waves of buffer in 5 minutes, which should be fine under 99% of circumstances, since as a support there are usually 4 other people on your team that could and should be clearing a wave instead of you, unless you're playing some weird mage/carry supports. in that sense it kinda kills the abusive strategies like sona/taric and garen/yuumi, but i'm pretty sure most people didn't really enjoy playing against them anyway. overall i think they're a positive change for the health of the game, some particulars probably will need adjustment, maybe they'll need to buff the late-game gold gen past a certain minute mark in the game to try and keep supports from falling off harder when they lose their gold gen, but I think that's more of a fringe case, really. you wouldn't have been proccing your gold gen abilities nearly as much in that phase of the game, so the increased gold/10 might be enough to make up for it in a majority of cases. I'd rather just wait and see how it pans out over a larger set of games.
: @Riot - Lux and vision
people throw around the term "QoL change" way too often. a QoL change is something that makes an ability or combo easier to use, or adds an indicator on an execute so that it's easier to tell when you should be using them. Really, a player that's paying attention or has a lot of practice will see little to no difference with the QoL change, most of the time. What you're suggesting adds an entirely new effect to the ability and changes the way you can play around it, and it's a power-positive change, it's a buff. don't take me as this arguing that it's necessarily a bad change, just that your classification of it in your post is probably wrong (though I think it's unnecessary in most scenarios and potentially problematic in some fringe scenarios, maybe it adds a little too much power to lux's ability to safely check bushes/follow up on targets hit by cc that would otherwise be out of vision. also, seeing as her E already grants vision, that probably means it'll be more towards the completely unnecessary side of things)
: Now exclude Bronze and lower from that matrix. And watch her death count plummet.
the data shown there is in plat+ games, actually. however, it's from champion.gg, which, as of a few years ago, has had some really strange and unreliable stats, so i wouldn't trust the data from there much anyway.
Terozu (NA)
: If you don't read the announcements, you have no right to complain about not knowing. It's entirely your fault.
reminds me of seeing the people complaining about not knowing about a nerf/change or a new champion's kit because they didn't read the patch notes. i think this one is slightly less overt than that, seeing as patch notes get their own tab in the client, but still.
: Aram is unplayable
i think part of this is due to your low level and your ARAM mmr being in the bottom 5% of players, according to whatismymmr.com, if you look at the graphs there you'll notice there's a second lump of distribution at the very bottom left of the graph, probably representing the bot accounts in the gamemode. play a little more and level up your account and you'll probably see a lot less, I haven't seen a bot in my ARAM games in a while, unless they were pretty advanced bots. Now, I'm not saying that having ANY bots in the gamemode is good, and it'd be nice if we could remove them altogether, but it is still played mostly by humans as far as i can tell.
: Sum of Attractive Champions - Male
personally i'd include shen in "attractive human", he is masked, but his physique is pretty toned and physically attractive i'd say, and other masked, yet nonetheless good-looking dudes (jhin) who were included in "attractive human". also, maokai should probably be in "other". He's more tree than humanoid, and "monstrous" should refer to monstrous humanoid. one more thing, I feel that viktor should be considered as a human, he's modified with electronics and shit, but still very much human in overall shape/physique, unlike, say, urgot.
: I request riot looks into the battle bunny line of skins.
i would like at least one battle bunny dude.
: > [{quoted}](name=ThisGameIsTooIZI,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tc5zcfdf,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-10-29T22:07:36.177+0000) > > Shockingly I have yet to see a maokai LMAO. But yeah for me all I see is Garen, Yuumi, Fizz, Ezreal, Shaco, Riven I've seen like 5 Maokai's today alone.
whaddya know, anecdotal evidence is often not accurately indicative of actual stats.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ackelope,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=T2Vk1Z8v,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T23:07:56.115+0000) > > depends on what elo you're playing at, jinx is a lot more popular the lower you go. I hate to inform you but that is from low elo. I used silver elo where she actually HAS THE HIGHEST PLAYRATE in. Also you're right she does fall off the higher you go showing it's not the champion that is good but the players are just bad. Here is the site I used in case you don't believe me. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/builds/adc/silver
that differs with both lolalytics and u.gg, which are the sites i tend to use for stats. Riot games has, at some point, stated that u.gg has the stats closest to their own. their "this or that" show occasionally has a segment sponsored by and using stats from u.gg.
: Tbh I don't understand why Riot gets their dick hard on executes. Everything is changed to be an execute. For example why the hell Veigar ulti is an execute? It used to scale based on enemy AP and now it scales on missing health. Veigar is not supposed to be an assassin.
even if veigar's ult was a guaranteed 90% health damage ability he would not be an assassin. He lacks the other tools that assassins have to be as reliable at the job unless he has a team helping him and doesn't get caught. He's not good at escaping unless he gets a clutch E off on a choke point or something.
: Ummmm what? Cait and ezreal both are more played then jinx. It's not like it's a giant leap from jinx to the next played 16% to 13% which isn't not bad. Especially when you compare it to jg.
depends on what elo you're playing at, jinx is a lot more popular the lower you go.
Keiaga (NA)
: That's pretty funny considering that in your elo Ezreal and Caitlyn are more popular than Kai sa.
op.gg says he's in silver, and both lolalytics and u.gg place caitlyn, kai'sa, jinx, and ashe at a higher pickrate than ezreal. so unless the meta of silver 4 deviates noticeably from the rest of silver's statistics, your statement is only sometimes true for caitlyn.
Isogash (EUW)
: Please please PLEASE make this toggleable as people are suggesting, I hate max cast constraining on ALL abilities, not just some of them. Whilst I appreciate the ones that are being changed, I won't be happy until I can play completely without it. I just personally prefer any non-unit-target skill to come out on the frame I input it, it's a skillshot in my mind. When I press a button to cast any "non-unit-target" (i.e. skillshot) ability, it is because I am confident that it is within range to land. **This includes champions at the edge of a ground target ability AoE**. However, when casting with max-range cast on, if I want to land the skillshot immediately, I have to cast it short of the enemy champion. This is always more frustrating for me. The "wall" scenario is the worst one though. If I want to cast at max-range and there is a wall between me and the enemy champion, pathing may choose for me to head **away** from the enemy in order to path into range, completely ruining my play despite the fact I was probably **right** about the ability being in range. There is simply never a case where I want to wait until my champion is in range of the *center* of the ability AoE. I think about range in terms of edges, rather than centers. It's also just a source of clunkiness when learning a champion; it's a dealbreaker on Orianna for me. In fact, I really don't think I can hammer my point home enough, whilst I 100% believe people's reasons to want to keep this setup on champions they have mastered (that is their preference), those reasons will **never** apply to me. It's not a matter of trade-offs and small preferences that can be compromised on; if an ability, has max-range constraining, it **will* frustrate me. I am so, SOOO happy you are removing it from my main boi Singed, it is my least favorite part of his kit. It's 100% preference, there is no objectively better way. Changing some existing abilities for everyone is just going to frustrate many players with mastery, which they absolutely don't deserve, and it still won't satisfy those who prefer it the other way in general. If this is being held back for "game design ideology" (this exists and I have had many IRL arguments with game designers about it) as opposed to "don't want to commit engineering effort" reasons, then I am begging you to reconsider.
it would actually be really cool if every champion in the game had the option to enable or disable these for each ability, as applicable and as you prefer it. Might be a lot of work, but it probably would be a decent amount of work anyway.
: Kayle is a big user of klepto but she can also do well with all the precision tree options. I actually prefer lethal tempo or press the attack. I think the only champ that is truly going to have to make adjustments is Ezreal. What did Ezreal use before runes reforged? Honestly asking.
fervor of battle was the keystone mastery that ez used the most. the conq changes look like they might shift it to be closer to that, so he might use it. otherwise, his kit synergizes alright with both aery and fleet, he just abused klepto harder than anything else. with a few compensation buffs i'm sure he'll be fine with some alternative choices, and will probably have a more healthy playstyle overall if they're able to get him to a balanced state quickly.
Flayn (OCE)
: What will be done about champs like {{champion:81}} , who rely on runes like Kleptomancy to get through the early/mid game and don't have a rune to easily move to?
conq changes sounded potentially promising for ez, reminiscent of old fervor. as it stands, both aery and fleet have a decent level of synergy with him, but a little on the weak side, totally outclassed by klepto. i think if they give him back some Q base damage that they removed due to klepto being too strong, that'd be an alright start, he'll be more competitive as an actual champ early rather than just cheesing his way through early with bonus gold.
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: Conqueror being nerfed. **Mountain drake gives resistences buffs instead of offensive objective destroying buffs (the most important part of the game).** Klepto nerfed. Aftershcok changed. Spear of Shojin nerfed. Lethality item changes (more items, but each gives less lethality). Toplane scales better with XP, making it so a TP or a roam wont put you behind your jungler or bottom lane in terms of level. Herald spawns earlier and twice, further giving toplaners and objectives to contest with their jungler. Elder, while yes, granting execute at 20% health, is also not doubling your previous drake stats, and the burn damage is lowered, tho i'll be honest - this is the most troubling change i've seen so far, and i'd rather it be changed - HOWEVER when you take it out of the vaccum, and realise that having an elder means one team has 4 drakes stacked AND took an elder, it's kinda put it in a different context, just like Baron buff, elder is a means to an end it's supposed to be a tool to break sieges and teamfights and an objective your team SHOULD be defending, just like your inhibitors and just like Baron. There is a lot of good changes on paper here.
i think it's worth clarifying that they plan on removing spear of shojin, not just nerfing it, last i checked. A similar mechanic is still there in the way they're changing cloud dragon, but i'm hoping that it's drastically nerfed, seeing as dragons affect your entire team.
: Maybe nerf {{champion:223}} ??? I mean... please?
: OK guys chill out on flaming this patch, what you dont realize is that these changes are so huge they could completely change the meta as we know it. Just like how the double laner top switched to top jungle, the lanes might switch completely. One idea of what could happen is an adc mid with a mage bot and a bruiser top. Then the support would instead migrate to one of the jungle sides. We could see a double jungler meta happen which would increase the amount of invading that happens throughout the game.
actually, with the changes to make solo xp higher and shared xp lower, might there be a world in which it makes more sense to have the duo lane be top and the solo lane be bot, if the xp increase is sufficient enough to make the new 'bot' laner a stronger help on earlier dragons and rotations? it kinda feels to me as though many adcs, if given the opportunity, would like to sit on an island by themselves for a while and scale. of course, if both adc and support migrate top side, that might just change jungle pressure to be more top-oriented, but with the added importance of dragons in the preseason info we have so far, might that be enough to counteract it to some degree?
: He's so terrible that he's got nearly a 56% winrate in Diamond plus ELO. Yup. Super terrible that he's crushing the best 2% of players.
uh, where are you getting those stats? both u.gg and lolalytics, my go-to sites for stats, say that he's around 52% winrate in diamond+. has it settled down that much in 7 hours? don't get me wrong, 52% is pretty fucking solid and probably a little on the too strong side for someone like Garen, but "crushing" is not the word I'd use.
Reksee (NA)
: {{summoner:6}}
i already mentioned and acknowledged that ghost is a way for him to overcome that weakness. i mostly discounted it because the vast majority of nasus players take teleport, not ghost.
Reksee (NA)
: And if you leave him alone for 5 mins he starts dealing half of someone's health with one q while running at mach 2.
the damage part i agree with, but nasus is not and has never been a fast champion. He has no inherent movement speed boosts in his kit, with a pretty high base movement speed at 350, but he also has no mobility spells. Unless you're referring to the movement speed he gets from phage/triforce (which he doesn't even build every game) or the nasus players you play against take ghost, he isn't going to be especially fast. what I will concede is that his W makes it seem likes he's fast, because it's such a giant slow, and in a 1v1 scenario he's basically impossible to kite if he gets close enough to press W on you.
: That rune is lowkey broken, can't count the amount of times a Jax or Irelia was about to get killed and then randomly healed for a huge amount of HP because someone they barely touched had the audacity to die. This rune should work only on takedowns imho, after all, there's no triumph if someone else does your job.
i think you miswrote. a takedown is a situation where either a kill or assist is acceptable, but i think you mean that triumph should only work if you get the kill yourself. problem with that is that actually dealing the killing blow is not necessarily tied to putting in the most effort for a kill, it's pretty easy for someone to toss a stray auto or spell in your target's direction and take the kill. normally, that's not really a problem, unless you're playing draven, but this would make it a problem, and that's not really the kind of play that i think should be incentivized, nor does it really fit the spirit of the rune, which seems to be your goal here.
: How? I stopped buying it when I realized that the active, even at max charges, is still worse than having a hat.
not necessarily true, but usually true by the time you have it. spellbinder active at full charges gives 80 ap, the same bonus is provided by deathcap at 200 AP, obviously becoming larger when above that. Spellbinder works as a rush item on some champs, though most mages need the mana+cdr from luden's, so it ends up being awkward. do remember, though, that spellbinder active also has movement speed attached, 50% at full charges, which is a pretty strong boost and provides a stat that mages don't usually get in excess.
: The ult is lifted from Batrider in Dota, Flaming Lasso. There are many ways to nerf an ability like that, I'll give you a little list of nerfs to Flaming Lasso: 1. Disarms Batrider for the duration. 2. Reduced Flaming Lasso cast range from 175 to 100. 3. Increased Cooldown from 90/70/50 to 90/75/60 4. Increased Manacost from 150 to 225. 5. Increased Cooldown from 90/75/60 to 100/80/60. 6. Increased Cooldown from 100/80/60 to 100/90/80. It's still strong, an ability like that is always strong because it involves a hard CC + manual displacement. But yeah if there's no way to nerf it? BS actually.
most of those nerfs already exist in some form on the current version of skarner's ult, though i still don't think you couldn't nerf it. You could nerf it by slowing him a bit during the duration, maybe lowering/messing with the duration, probably some other things that could work that i didn't think of as well.
: Where do you get your numbers from? Lolalytics uses largest pool aatrox is at a 48% wr in plat + and riven at 50
u.gg places aatrox's winrate in top lane specifically at 43.25% plat+, global another thing, the lolalytics stats you're using are way off from these because you're using the standard "past 7 days" setting, which right now includes days from before the patch went live, which massively boosts his otherwise terrible winrate. If you set it to "all days" of the current patch, you'll see that lolalytics has him at a 44.67% winrate in the top lane
Ackelope (NA)
: the problem with that comparison is that it doesn't really line up, since the ability to use magic is a much more noticeable and fundamental difference between people than a skin color or a background.
I won't deny that there are some similarities, and I'm sure those similarities exist because they're trying to evoke similar feelings, but I do think that the fact that mages in the world of Runeterra do definitively have some kind of power that transcends what other people can do, the concern in Demacia can sort of seem more justified, even if the actual actions that they end up taking are really not the best way of handling the situation at all. Also, the reason I find them so different is that the whole reason racism is so unfounded and unforgivable is the simple fact that there is really no difference other than appearance and some cultural beliefs/systems between people of different races and backgrounds, so the bigotry and stereotypes raised towards them because of that difference in appearance is extremely superficial and petty. Being afraid of and wanting to keep people that are actually capable of doing something beyond and different to what any human normally can seems more reasonable, but like I said earlier, the way Demacia takes more of a criminal and prosecuting approach to the issue ends up being ineffective and just breeds further conflict. The entire root of this discussion chain lies in the fact that Demacians aren't really the same level of bigoted as a racist, because their concerns could conceivably hold some actual basis in logic, but they end up coming to poor conclusions nonetheless.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheMan292,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=lj99q2pb,comment-id=00000003000000000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T20:09:38.995+0000) > > once you state circumstances are irrelevant, this whole argument is pointless. > > you keep ignoring these mages killed civilians, nobles, and soldiers. you keep ignoring the danger these mages represent. > > what jarvan did in taking as many mages as possible is wrong. but the act of being suspicious toward mages is RIGHT. > > and I have already agreed that Sylas will have an easier time. but that only depends on how effective the seekers are at getting mages locked up. you also forget lux will effect the recruitment of mages Replace mages with jewish, polish, black, white, asian, irish etc and youll see why it doesnt matter.
the problem with that comparison is that it doesn't really line up, since the ability to use magic is a much more noticeable and fundamental difference between people than a skin color or a background.
: It's a viscous circle.
it certainly is difficult to get out of once you've immersed yourself in it, in that sense I suppose viscous isn't the worst word for the job.
: The world's patch is looking mighty questionable right about now.
it doesn't seem questionable to me at all. They're buffing a bunch of the playmaker/flashy champions that everyone hates in soloqueue, but are scarcely/never picked in pro to try and make worlds more interesting and hopefully change up the current pro meta which is pretty stale and same-ey. I think they're just pulling all the stops for a good worlds right now and not really caring about non-pro play as far as these balances changes go, for the most part. i could be very wrong, but that's what it feels like currently, and i don't think it's a bad idea if they're trying to improve pro meta, the question only lies in whether it's right for them to do that.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: this patch is kinda against the thing they said they wanted to do most of these changes are meta deciding like xins buff like heimers buff yuumi is removed and graves received his 3 ad back which means back to graves meta so no more tanks in the jungle and since tanks aren't played top this means some r%%%%%ed explosive damage meta at worlds riot wants g2 or fnc to win a lot
yeah, i found that most of the champions they're buffing are generally effective on soloqueue, but either never picked or very rarely picked in competitive for the summer split, so i imagine this is a buff aimed at spicing up worlds meta and making the games generally more enjoyable... seems a bit risky to me considering how little notice it has, but maybe i have the wrong idea.
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