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: [GAMEPLAY] Rek'Sai Cursor Glitch
Have you tried tabbing out and back in?
: Cannot join ranked match
Have you tried fixing your client?
: Yasuo tornado + Flash bug and Proof
The new summoners rift has a slightly different camera angle. It's possible with this video that it just didnt hit Wukong's hitbox.
SubZeroOo (EUNE)
: Rabadon's Deathcap Bug
It's a tooltip bug. You do get the bonus AP it just doesn't say. This bug is known.
: when their Vayne or Kalista can kill you 1v1 and take zero damage doing so.
Kalista NEEDS a QQS to 1v1 nasus, but otherwise yeah.
: Do you think a 40ping difference is significant?
I have about the same issue. The place I live I have about 125 ping. never lower. I'm used to it so its alright by now. You usually dont notice it, but sometimes it happens to me that that slight ping difference makes a command go out slower and makes the difference between life and death. It isnt often, but annoying a few times. Don't worry too much about it, but 80 ping is WAY better if you can get it.
: [GAMEPLAY] Inner Turrets give too much shield.
Just confirming what Fyzzx said. The shield on champions was never meant to be reduced. This isn't a bug at all.
Spoo (NA)
: Ziggs Q not damaging Yasuo
It could be possible that your Q damage did about the same as his shield, so it disappeared immediately since it was broken.
: Yes, it's perfectly normal. Just like Ez can flash away after blitz grabs him and Thresh can flail to counter Blitz grab
This is only if they start the ability before they are grabbed, as they have a small cast time
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: Lucian Q missing with knockups [Gameplay[
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Arie (NA)
: Just Noob Things
Biggest noob mistake? When i was still leveling up to 30, i played master yi a lot and bought Wriggles lantern just for the life steal, every game
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'd like to know about my chat logs, this is interesting.

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