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DrBanner (NA)
: New Login UI opinions. Color, Lag, "Remember Summoner Name"
This. This. All of this! I am a night time gamer. I hate the new colors. A Dark mode would be amazing. I don't understand the delay in loading into the client. I hate retyping in my login every single time. I want the old client back! I loved the login screens! I want them back!
: Raise your voices pls
Give me back the old logo. League is that one game I return to, but because I love the game. The Logo is being stripped from the game for... what? Minimalism? No thanks!
: Teamfight Tactics Cooperative Mode?
I... would be down for something like this. Have my upvote, friend!
Sicom (NA)
: Relic Shield doesn't proc with Yuumi attached.
I may be wrong, but I believe that's how its intended because Relic Shield needs to target an ally, which it cannot do with Yuumi attached to you.
: Rune pages deleted AGAIN
I just had this issue arise yesterday and did all the fixes I could find to no avail. I've lost all my rune pages and have to reset all my skins. @_@
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Porocles (NA)
: November 21, 2017 - Error 003 Server issues
I'm really curious as to what might have caused it. I thought buying Zoe did, but it didn't pop up until a while after I bought her. Patiently waiting. I have faith in the network team! <3 And thank you so much Porocles for the quick responses and hard work. I see you all over the forums constantly answering us! Thank you! Also, adding this: I'm sometimes getting Error: 500 for forums. Don't know if that is because of the influx of people trying to figure out the issue, or if the forums are going down, too?
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Aelthya (NA)
: Authenticating forever?
Yes! Thank you so much for hopping on it so swiftly Porocles! I wasn't able to comment or reply earlier due to the bug I was having where I could not authenticate my account on the boards! But yes, thank you so much for all your hard work!
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Aelthya (NA)
: Blue Essence Orb Not Showing in Loot?
Nevermind. Relogging, as I saw in one of the threads, actually fixes it. Bug, perhaps?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Aelthya,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4wJMgWyV,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-08-14T19:12:25.909+0000) > > support isn&#x27;t a role anyone can play, either. People do find it boring. They&#x27;re not there to kill and make calls. They&#x27;re there to defend their ADC and keep vision throughout the map. I'm confused here but I think this sounds wrong. You're saying supports don't make calls or do killy things?
> [{quoted}](name=Bimclunk,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4wJMgWyV,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-08-15T01:05:39.109+0000) > > I&#x27;m confused here but I think this sounds wrong. You&#x27;re saying supports don&#x27;t make calls or do killy things? My point here is that the majority of supports aren't there to take kills or calls. Many supports I've seen refuse to make calls because they're so into peeling or warding to even bother (Again, just by experience). The main role of a support is to be there to support the carry. That was the point of that statement. > [{quoted}](name=Morality Coach,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4wJMgWyV,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-08-14T21:09:06.785+0000) > > This is one of many reasons you&#x27;re in Bronze my friend. Riot doesn&#x27;t want you to climb, they want you at the bottom buying skins and earning rank 7 to try to stand out. > > No one in gold talks like a care bear and no one in gold is going to react well to your bad support antics. > > I&#x27;m not overly rude, but if I am I&#x27;ll still climb cause I can carry a lane, so don&#x27;t expect anything out of me cause you think you&#x27;re &quot;nice&quot;. I don't expect anyone to be nice. I expect them to have enough civility to talk to others like regular people, not scum. I also expect someone who is playing a game to not bad mouth the creators or their moderators while still playing the game. Again: trash talking Riot and their people does not make your argument valid.
: Dont choose '' supp '' or '' fill '' if you can't play supp
Carebear? Really? The whole point of League of Legends is to play a team game. Just because you become salty over the idea of an off meta support, doesn't mean you can decide for them. Let people play what they want. I don't pressure my ADC when I pick off meta champs. I communicate with them, tell them my reasons and we usually have a decent game; win or lose. Picking an off meta support doesn't mean I'm there to troll, either. I might be picking into my team to work off of them. Maybe I'm trying to make up for something missing on my team. You aren't the end all be all determiner of someone's support pick. Its called being a team player. Don't start being overly rude and determined to pick a fight. I simply stated that doing that, taking a player's preferred champion from them, is rude and tilts players. You easily can piss someone off which will ultimately result in poor performances. Trolling someone because they want to play a champion in a specific role isn't fair to the rest of your team either. If that's how you feel, then stay in a group. Don't go solo. That's the only way you're going to make sure that you're going to have a good support. The OP was discussing about how someone who went in first time Janna and support became tilted and started to intentionally feed in a higher tier. Those types of people are everywhere. You either get through it or you dodge. That's the only way around it, honestly. Also, making snide comments about Riot isn't making your argument valid, either.
: I've played since 2010, I've seen it all. I will play with any supp, and if they are bad I won't even flame them unless they talk to me first and it annoys me. I don't care if I lose or not, I have all the IP I want. You hit me with that 38% winrate Nidalee supp I'm taking it from you and just playing stupid that game. I won't get banned because it's not a pattern I'm rarely toxic and I'm not even toxic in this case, just playing Nid ADC. 45% winrate and above I don't even care. Malphite is fine, other off meta supps are fine. Hit me with a supp that can do nothing though I'm not playing that. For some reason it's ok to be really bad on supp and slack off, but if the ADC wants your bad supp all of a sudden that's not cool cause the ADC is more important. If a game reaches a certain slack level in pre chat, I'm slacking off all the way.
I feel like your statements contradict each other just a bit, but I'll ignore that. My point still stands, though. If someone picks their preferred champ as "Nid" for support, and you take it because your logic is "You hit me with that 38% winrate Nidalee supp I'm taking it from you and just playing stupid that game.", then you're not even trying to play as a team. You're playing specifically to tilt or piss that person off and that's not right, either. > I won't get banned because it's not a pattern I'm rarely toxic and I'm not even toxic in this case, just playing Nid ADC. That is the logic of a troll, in my opinion. How do you know that the person who is hovering Nidalee support isn't a Nidalee main who can actually be part of that 35% winrate? You don't. You can't just say, "Nah you're not gonna play that support" and take it from them just because you don't want to deal with it. Talk to your team, first. See if there is something else they are willing to play. Don't just take it. Not only is that rude, but unsportsman like. Its a passive-aggressive way of saying: "Nah, screw you and your practice or preferred champ." Normals are more or less a practice ground for ranked for most people. If they want to try out Nidalee support and you tak eit, you're denying them any form of practice on a champion they might have really wanted to play. Its counter productive for your team.
: Dont choose '' supp '' or '' fill '' if you can't play supp
> [{quoted}](name=Morality Coach,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4wJMgWyV,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-08-14T18:16:44.498+0000) > > If you are perma Bronze with disabilities play a tanky meta supp also. This dude tried to Nidalee supp me in norms last night and I just took his Nid and went ADC. > > I&#x27;m done ADCing for bad supps in Norms. You want to off meta supp? I&#x27;m off meta ADCing with your off meta supp, sick of that. I don't see how this is relevant. As a support main, I find that having a bad ADC or a bad Supp sucks all around. I've tried ADC before; I did terribly. However, being able to play any champion support can be an advantage. Why would you strip someone of a champion they want to play? That just tilts the heck out of your teammate, if it doesn't piss them off first. > [{quoted}](name=Bombardox,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=4wJMgWyV,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-14T04:04:52.602+0000) > > Recently played with a janna who was probably playing janna or even the support role for the first time as it seemed > died two times to sej ganks , goes on tilt intentionally feeding the ennemy and shit just because he is support and &amp;#039;&amp;#039; supp role is boring &amp;#039;&amp;#039; &amp;#039;&amp;#039; i can&amp;#039;t supp bronzes &amp;#039;&amp;#039; &amp;#039;&amp;#039; rito why give me supp role &amp;#039;&amp;#039; > dafuq ? just don&amp;#039;t take supp if you can&amp;#039;t play it ? > seriously this is the first time i see this happening in dq o.o Janna is my love. Seriously. I find it difficult to see how one can pick Janna and expect to do things outside of disengaging for your team. I'm sorry to see that this happened in a ranked game, and at such a higher tier than me (Perma bronze at this point, it feels) but sometimes people join ranked queue just to screw with people and tilt them. Unfortunately, a lot of people are being boosted to higher tiers and then just troll, claiming they're the best, too. I can't say that in this situation, that's what happened, but support isn't a role anyone can play, either. People do find it boring. They're not there to kill and make calls. They're there to defend their ADC and keep vision throughout the map. For someone to complain and then intentionally feed, its a report and nothing else. Toxicity stems from these types of trolls and tilts, and as a first time support, I wouldn't recommend Janna, either. She's not the most difficult support, but she isn't the easiest. Something easier would have probably done the player more justice, but if he/she wasn't keeping wards or sight, nor paying attention to the map, that would be their own fault. Another thing to take into consideration is someone who picked "fill" for the queue time reduction, not realizing that if you pick 'fill', you're more than likely going to get support or Jungle before any other role. You should never pick 'fill' unless you feel confident in your ability to play every role decently. I've made the mistake of fill once in a normal and realized my mistake. Luckily, I was able to keep up with my team. I may have been behind, but we were able to snowball mid lane in order to get the game going in our favor. There are trolls in every game in every tier. Unfortunately, it happens and it's sad. I hope you find better matches in your future games!
Aelthya (NA)
: Games Dropping & Consistent DC's and Lag
Bumping just in case this was over looked. I know ya'll have a lot of these to go through in a day.
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Retrac47 (NA)
: Ascension Update Discussion
To be perfectly honest, I hate the new changes other than the timers on the points. I won't be playing Ascension anymore, it seems. And I really loved the game mode. :/
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Mursiful (EUW)
: Todays Update.
This is an issue I'm having again. My fiancé was able to open it again and again. About the third time, it updated and he's been able to log on, while I've been letting it scan forever and it still hasn't let me launch. I'm about to try messing with the files again to see fi that works, otherwise I have to completely uninstall league....Again... This is about the 10th time this has happened to me and its very annoying and no one has been able to give me a long term solution. :/ *Sigh*
PyroAmos (NA)
: why isn't tsm v clg on?
14 minutes and counting :)
PyroAmos (NA)
: why isn't tsm v clg on?
It'll start 15 minutes after they sign off for the Fnc and OG games coverage ends. So soon.
: Is it important to win the game to get the skin?
> [{quoted}](name=rockystrongo,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=48x0nqLf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-05T23:23:53.203+0000) > > Is it important to win the game to get the skin? ^This question!
: Will Windows 10 and League of Legends be Friends?
Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia GEFORCE 745m CPU: Intel Core i7-4500U I've tried everything on this thread and then some. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it isn't consistent. I keep getting in randomly and sometimes I cannot get in at all. Its driving me crazy. Please help! I have updated league of legends, obviously since I had to reinstall it once today since getting Windows 10, and I keep getting a black screen for the log in, but I can still hear all of the music!
LegitGuy (NA)
: The Fix for the black screen: Right click League of Legends -> Properties -> Compatibility. Uncheck compatibility mode, check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings", check "Run this program as an administrator". {{champion:17}}
I used this and the information above from Riot. I'm still having the same issue.
Urzu 007 (NA)
: windows 10 and league
I just updated to Windows 10. It seems that once I get pass the patcher updating and click launch, I get a black screen. I can still hear the log in music, but I can't see anything nor can I log in. I've tried to troubleshoot the problem through Windows to the point where it tried to run it as if on windows 8 and then 7 with no luck. I'm actually quite stumped, myself.
IGN: Aelthya Age: 22 Timezone: Central Position: Main Supp but can Top. Rank: Unforutnately B2, working my way back into Silver.
: Game Still In Progress... But it ended 20 mins ago. Pls help! :(
This is what is known as a ghost game. Usually it only takes about twenty to thirty minutes before it resets itself to recognize that you are out of a game. However, if it doesn't fix itself within that time, then I recommend making a ticket to Riot about it. This could be something the system just glitched on you with. I just received the same issue. I'm hoping that within the next hour it will clear up.
: Extra bonus RP is here for a limited time!
I bought some RP last night and only got the standard amount
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: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
Thank you Riot Ahab! I was wondering if you guys really did get patch 4.20 live? My launcher updated and I got to the login screen and it says its 4.20?
: "Now that we're done updating Sona's boobs, lets finish the rest of the game."
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
I get to the login screen and it tells me server is busy not down! :D
: Right now you're able to patch, but the server (NA) is still unavailable I don't understand that in the slightest xD. Any updates?
Nothing on the server status just yet. :(
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
Hmm, I am patching? This should be interesting. So far nothing yet. Going to see if I can log in or not.
Lightsie (NA)
: i think they took patch 4.20 a little too literal if you know what i mean.. maybe that's why it's taking so long. ^^'
Hahaha <3 I wouldn't even be mad at that point! xD
: I've been on a Skype call since 11 am EST waiting for this....
I'm in a Skype call at the moment and we're all waiting. I've dubbed myself the checker since my friends found something else to do in the process but didn't want to continually check. <3
KaizyBoy (NA)
: At least we now know that Kalista will be released during this next patch. Yay!
: Alright Lets get down to the point. This is just a fucking MAP. Whats going on that it takes 24 hours to update a map. IM a tech noob. But for real this aint wow dewdz
Its not the map they're doing. They're transferring data to a new server from what i understand.
: NA Server Downtime: Scheduled Maintenance 11/19
Another hour </3 I really needed this to relax and I can't believe its still not up. {{item:3070}}
Rikari (NA)
: The North America server is "Unavailable"
: [Champion Concept] Marie - The Paintress of Worlds
I'm very much in love with this idea! As an artist myself, I am loving her design and concept, though I love the very first picture as a basis for her appearance! I really hope this makes it! It's an awesome idea and I'd buy it in a heartbeat!


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