: so it isn't quite that simple. Since the numbers/mechanics/visuals of some champs change each patch, the game state is actually different from when the mode came back originally. They explained this recently in a post, but basically each time they run a game mode it has to go through testing again to check for bugs/interactions/balance. It's not as simple as 'turning it on'
MalrothDragonia has this right. One of the downsides of patching out balance, champion, and item changes every two weeks is that those changes end up grinding up the nuts and bolts of League's game modes. As a practical example, since the last run of One For All, Zoe didn't exist. So in preparation to relaunch the mode in 8.6, testers noticed that one Zoe could see another Zoe's W pickups, but was unable to pick them up. Game designers did work to make sure that any of one team's Zoe's could pick up allied pickups, with some follow up to get the drop rates to feel fun and semi-balanced. Then we play-tested, iterated a bit, and now we are running it through a QA test, which could lead to more development and testing. This is one case, for one champion, and we tend to have many of these sorts of cases for every mode that we release, even including some of the original modes like Ascension and Poro King. It varies per mode, but unfortunately, to ensure a quality experience for you all, no mode can just be turned on at a moment's notice.
: We're definitely planning to have game modes run for longer periods like we did with the last runs of Overcharge and Invasion.
As a note, this may or may not line up with an exact patch's timeline, depending on whether or not there is an event going on --- we try to line up with events when we can.
: So since you guys aren't running RGM every patch (Weekends Friday - Monday), do you guys plan on keeping RGM active the entirety of a patch & then deactivating it for the next few patches or so? Like, Would the Rotating Game Mode be active throughout the entirety of Patch 8.3 (from 2/7/18 - 2/21/18, including weekdays & Weekends), then deactivated until Patch 8.6 (The return of One-for-All).
We're definitely planning to have game modes run for longer periods like we did with the last runs of Overcharge and Invasion.
: Although I am curious. Why does not running a gamemode allow you to work on it? The game modes are already done?
> [{quoted}](name=ShadowParker,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=84eYchE7,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-01-08T19:17:06.984+0000) > > Although I am curious. Why does not running a gamemode allow you to work on it? The game modes are already done? Things change quite rapidly in League from patch to patch - new champs, champ reworks, new items, balance changes, and so on... Sometimes these things can break existing modes. So, every time we want to run a mode we have a cycle of doing internal playtests, then bug testing, then bug fixing, then PBE testing (then often more bug fixing/testing), before the mode is ready to go live.
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: Rioters + Players VS Doom Bots. Friday 21/10 @6PM PST on NA server
PalPlays (NA)
: Good job Riot! We asked, you answered. You gave us...DIVERSITY!
Thanks for posting this thread! We've been really excited to see the gains to champion diversity over the past couple of months too --- by focusing on making more champions viable within each position and role, we're hoping to foster the fun sense of experimentation where players can find new champions they want to try out... or position... or role... or build... or strategy. We want to remove the oppressive champions and items who are overshadowing other options, and look for opportunities to carve out a more unique or special space for champions who may not stand out within the rest of the champion roster today. And all the while we'll continue to look forward to the next new and creative innovations that we know you all will make using those tools in ways we expect (and ways we don't).
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Thryale (NA)
: When you made the decision to implement color blind mode as the default, why did you pick such a strong scarlet red for purple side? It really stands out and doesn't mesh well with the rest of the environment like blue side does. Did you try a more purply/maroon-y red and feel it wasn't good?
We chose this shade of red because we felt like it looked good visually with the rest of the mage thematic elements... And we did actually try a more pink-ish red during development, but we ultimately felt like it made the red side of the map not feel like SR, so we changed it to a more saturated, bold red.
: When is it going live on teambuilder?
: 1. What is your name? 2. Why did you change the jungle? 3. What is the average land speed of a melon laden poro?
1. Riot Aeon 2. For the betterment of League of Legends players everywhere! 3. Elevation? Wind speed? Are we allowing the Poro to eat the melon? {{item:2052}}
: Whats your favorite part of the map?
While I'm totally blown away by the work the artists on the team have accomplished from a pure fidelity standpoint, my favorite improvement to the map is to clarity --- specifically around the contrast of the playable and non-playable gameplay space --- it's so much easier to see champions and their skill shots and other abilities --- they really pop-off the background now. Additionally, it's much easier to see walls and parts of the jungle so you can more easily read how your champ will path around the map. {{summoner:6}}
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: When Will it Come to the PBE?
It's on PBE now. {{summoner:6}}
: Release Date?
: it looks amazing nd all but the turret shots look so weak because their shots look tiny... u shud fix that ;) other than that its all amazing! keep up the good work!!!!:D {{champion:222}}
Thanks for the feedback - what do you think of the turret attacks on current SR (in terms of strength), are those more in line with what you'd expect?

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