HelloAndy (EUW)
: Jackpot Orb being a total letdown
If you scroll over the rewards, it will tell you what's in them. For example, the Lunar Revel grab bag from the prestige points shop gives you a skin shard from every rarity, except ultimate. Knowing this, I went for that over the jackpot bag, and still got three skins that I owned, but I know I have terrible luck, (so I rerolled and got a skin I don't like) and I own a lot of skins. It's really just RNG, although it can be frustrating at times.
: [Gameplay] You can't lifesteal off of Zyra's plants
They have ward health. Meaning that certain attacks do a certain amount of damage to them, and act like wards.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Huge FPS drops in game, in both SR and TFT, since patch 9.22 came out.
I hadn't had this happen to me until this patch. If I had a browser open, I would go from 126fps, down to literally 00fps
: [CLIENT] The client has been broken for weeks, but this is a new level. (chat and friends list)
It's okay, they spent all of last year "looking into the client" and are going to be "improving it this year"
: Please nerf Lee sin
He also has 345ms, which is the third highest ms in the game, and he has two dash abilities. To put this in perspective, Rek'Sai has 335ms unburrowed, and 365ms burrowed (at max level W, which is maxed last). This means that a champion that has an easier time getting to a champion has an easier time sticking on the champion.
Monıka (NA)
: Dont forget your own champion pool. {{champion:421}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:83}}
As someone who plays Rek, she's actually really good in URF, people just build her wrong
: Excuse me but what about Kalista?
She literally has one skin that you can buy, the other two were promotional
: No bugfixes for the client, no fixes for the crashes or the people who had crazy fps drops/disconnects caused by the game for over 2 months? Or are they just not even documented? Learn to communicate. Rito please. There are more important things than 5 less movement speed on a champion that is dashing around anyway.... Also "scaling tank"... good meme.
One of the many reasons they nerfed her was because of her being too tanky, and another was her damage, so, naturally, they just buff those again.
: Patch 10.1 Notes
"Patch Highlights: Skin". Really communicating your priorities there.
: If you click too close to a wall it will walk you the other way too...
Yeah, that's always annoyed me, I try to walk close to a wall to jump over it, but apparently clicking close to the wall on the close side translates to wanting to walk around the wall
: [Gameplay] Neeko E passing through Trynda without interacting with him.
Okay, so I just went into practice tool to test this out. I tried multiple times and I figured it out. If you flash early in the animation of her E, the spell releases from her ending point like most other charge time spells. If you flash late in the animation, the hitbox stays where you initially cast it. However, there is/are frame(s) where when you flash with Neeko during her E, the E hitbox moves to the new location, but the particle effects do not.
: Sion passif bug with turret shot.
That's because you never lose targetting. You are still an entity as you die and come back, so it's intended. Fun fact: you can actually cc Sion's passive, and he will respawn cced
: Ever noticed pathing if you click on an enemy champ? I don't know what the hell it is, but don't ever click on the enemy champ if you aren't in range while chasing. It'll take slightly longer paths, it'll get you stuck on minions, its nuts. Very minor inefficiencies, but it'll pretty consistently do goofy stuff.
I've tried to stop clicking long distances through the jungle, unless from spawn to lane, because it takes you in a very slow way by essentially making a lines, instead of a singular fluid line. The worst thing that has happened to me recently cost me a kill. I clicked to walk into a bush that an enemy had walked into, and I had used my E on as Diana, and it placed me out of the bush, and instead of just walking back into the bush like it should of, it started that way, then decided that I wanted to walk to the complete opposite side of him instead, then walked back the original away.
: I don't know how did u find this.. it was a year ago but Ik now that u don't get tokens from aram
Because I read every update
You cannot get tokens from any modes other than SR. I do not remember where exactly they said it, but I think it was in a patch notes. And self-bumping something that isn't a bug won't change anything
: morde q is literally undodgable. not sure if this is a bug or a poor design
It's not a bug, his q literally has a gigantic hitbox that extends even a full Teemo unit behind him. Literally, I used my E as Diana, which puts you fully behind the target with no overlap if they are standing still, but still got hit by the Q. It's really stupid
Comentários de Rioters
: Yasuo needs a buff
He does not have the lowest health at any point in the game. Leona, Naut, and Senna are overtuned right now, and part of the reason that he has such a low win rate is due to the fact that he has an almost 13% pick rate.
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: been like this for patches... maybe it'll be fixed in another few patches
Knowing them, it will be a good half year before they fix it by giving him a small update or something like that. It really infuriates me how many bugs are in the game, but they'd rather spend more time working on other games/gamemodes, or just playing games than fixing their 10 year old game
Pyrosan (NA)
: Yasuo Q bug
It's a bug where if you move to another champion with the camera during the dash, then move back before you finish the dash, it resets your q cooldown. It's really hard to do, but should have been fixed a long time ago, but it came back, and they haven't done anything about it again
LSNceid (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Akali Q Flash Not Registering While Animation Does
I feel like it's not an intended mechanic, and reacts similarly to Quinn Q+flash, but they should definitely fix the animation
: you don't get it. the note says that with 1000 ap you can only have 1000 more damage with your ability. but as you said, with neeko you can have 1300 damage so something's wrong
Nothing's wrong there. Have you heard about scalings? Each ability has a scaling that gives it more damage the more you have of a stat. Most abilities have scaling that are under 100% (I.E. Nautilus hook has 90% ap scaling, Anivia Q has 45% on both hits), while a few champions have scalings that are over 100% (I.E. max range Fizz ult has 120% ap scaling, Ekko ult has 150% ap scaling). This means that these abilities take the amount of ap that you have, and increase it to over that amount for those abilities. This also occurs with some ad abilities, most often long charge abilities, like Sion's Q, which does 1.95 extra damage per ad at max rank and a full 2 second cast.
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Akwa (NA)
: used to be a small group that got messed up clients, now its almost everyone so i hope riot doesnt keep ignoring it.
Used to be that the old client would have 1-2 bugs per year. New client has at least 2 a week, and Riot never addresses them
: Patch 9.24 notes
What I don't understand is why I have to change my username. I am the only one with this username across regions, but I'm being forced to change it? I have had an account since season one, and forcing people to change it is not the way to go.
: Patch 9.24 notes
Wow, a new event where chaos wins and there are no quests for it?
: Aphelios Kit Primer
Ooo, more of the RNG that they've explicitly stated that they don't want in the game
: game client "alt tabs" randomly
It's if you hit a mouse button that is bound to an ability. The only time it happens for me is when I use my mouse button for emotes
: Right, _**ALL**_ Jhin gets is AD lol....... Then his AAs, Q, W, E, and R ALL get their damage increased due to the INCREASED AD. Then there is Garen, who gets increased Spins on E. Which ONLY increases his E damage. CLEARLY Garen's AS scaling is WAY more powerful than Jhins.
: Patch 9.23 notes
"The rift will never be the same again" is right. Bot lane seems to be missing
: WTF? lol. You are so confused. Jhin gains DAMAGE based on AS. Garen gains DAMAGE based on AS. Please tell me how that is different? lol. > Lethal Tempo and other attack speed increasers would give him more spins, but they realized that it was unhealthy having Garen have **10 spins level 2 and killing someone with two abilities**. Okay, thats fair enough. Good luck having a {{item:3181}} by level 2. lol. My point is IDC that he can't scale with Runes. I do care that the description is 100% misleading.
Because Jhin gains extra AD based on attack speed. Garen does not. And Clarity was the objective of season five, after that, they decided they didn't want to make descriptions clear, for whatever reason.
: 1. Yas Q CD scales with AS, and I beleive it does get reduced by runes such as lethal tempo a d HoBs 2. > Jhin is a different case because it's temporary damage, not an ability changing because of attack speed What? It's the same thing lol. If you give Jhin temp AS he gains more damage, damage all his abilities scale off of. Thus changing his abilities lol. Kai's upgrade is different, it's that way because it's a permanent upgrade. It would be very weired to have her stop mid fight to upgrade an ability for a few seconds lol. Nothing like Garens. There is no reason to NOT have Garens be dynamic, rather than static other than to simple keep him from being able to use those runes or items. Which again is fine, but make the description say so, and Riot should do that to more problematic champs lol.
It's not the same thing. Because with Jhin, you get bonus damage based on attack speed, but doesn't really impact things too much, but with Garen you get extra spins with attack speed. Essentially, you can get more spins than you should be getting just by taking certain runes. When he first came out, they had it so that Lethal Tempo and other attack speed increasers would give him more spins, but they realized that it was unhealthy having Garen have 10 spins level 2 and killing someone with two abilities. Also, I didn't mention Yas because I was going for scalings, and he didn't really fit with it.
: Ngl.. literally the worst idea for a keystone ever. Whoever made the idea for a roulette keystone, you need to be fired. Should've been more creative.. meanwhile also waiting to see buffs for people that use klepto.. specially ezreal.. since hes at a 44% wr and he is literally the worst adc in the game now.
Riot literally said that they didn't want RNG in the game, the reason they removed dodge, (they said crits were fine) and yet, they make a keystone that it literally just RNG.
Cräfty (EUW)
: New Elder Dragon Buff BUG (80% HP "Execute") - Live Servers 9.23
Man, I love when they add in new mechanics that literally no one asked for, and don't even fully test it making it 10 times more overpowered than it should be
: > [{quoted}](name=Thingamajig,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=r4N52yLX,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-21T11:46:20.144+0000) > > i've never been like omg janna i need your damage to kill this akali > no > if i have a janna akali can't touch me because of her utility i don't want her to be taking 50% of akalis HP on top of making akalis life absolutely miserable *not understanding that utility scales with items now that we we no longer get in a timely matter due to gold income nerf* *thinking that doing damage is the only way to be relevant* ... *adds to blacklist to avoid getting in trouble for posting a video of sean connery calling someone a fucking idiot in relations to this*
It's okay, guy thinks that mana regen isn't useful and that CDR is cheap. He obviously knows what he's talking about {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: CTRL+ / CTRL- i mentioned it in my other post. the question also was specifically towards Cairo King, because he seemingly had an other way. ;)
Arrow keys work too
: Going to be honest, never tired Guinsoos on Garen since they never added the On-Hit to his E, so there was no reason to try it. {{item:3181}} how ever would be an awesome item for Garen, but alas it isn't due to the Passive not working with E. Just another Item/Rune that is specifically made so Garen can't use it. Wish they would do that to other champions to start with. {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:81}}
No other champion has scaling linked to attack speed, except Kai'Sa and Jhin (Jhin is a different case because it's temporary damage, not an ability changing because of attack speed), and they did the same thing with Kai'Sa. She can't upgrade her E because of temporary attack speed.
: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uau7EfBi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-21T01:46:02.536+0000) > > You had 52 cs? That's the reason why. CS plays a large role in whether you get an S or not I had 178 CS and 52 vision score.
Okay, that was a bit confusing wording. But yeah, your cs is a bit low. Late game, Sion can clear a wave really easily, so he will be a bit tougher than a few other champions in the farming department
Usuì (NA)
: Client window size
Yep, the client sizes are about 1.5 times smaller than what they should be, and everything is cut off at the edges...
: How did u do it? So others know it ;) Via the settings from login-screen?
Ctrl+down arrow key makes the window smaller, then you can access setting from there
: you don't hjave money you say? support items usually got anywhere between 1000 to 1600 gold in a 40 minute game (thats the tribute + passive generation) now your item costs 1500 less gold provides more stats and still gives you 1000 gold yes you definitely don't have gold lol
Provides more stats? I must have missed the mana regen on new spellthief's line, and CDR on all of them. Plus, they all give less health, relic line doesn't give health regen. Literally the only thing that is better is that Shard gives more AP, but that's 25 more ap, and Remnant of the Watcher did 18 bonus ap damage if a charge was consumed, so that's literally 7 more damage.
: So I played a game as Support to see if things are as bad as they seem...
They literally took everything away from supports, and nerfed adcs as well, this patch. The fact that supports lost so much utility, CDR, mana regen from either coin or Frostqueen's, gold generation, and heals from Targon's, AND reduced experience. They literally made bot lane, a lane that has been struggling to do anything recently, into a much worse place to be. You even earn less gold with the upgraded item than what you used to. It is literally going back into the year of assassins and bruisers again with them getting buffs, and almost everything else getting nerfs or staying the same.
: Sanguine Blade doesn't work on Garen? Why???
It's not a bug. Riot was smart enough to code Garen's e so that temporary attack speed buffs (see Lethal Tempo and Guinsoo's) wouldn't give him more spins.
: Help getting S in sion
You had 52 cs? That's the reason why. CS plays a large role in whether you get an S or not
Salsa (NA)
: The XP changes make no sense to me. Solo laners already get leveled so much faster than bot lane currently and are now going to be TP ganking with 2-3+ level advantages which is outrageous
Exactly, almost everything that affects bot lane in these patch notes is a nerf, and it's already not at a very stable state. It feels like it's going to get to the point where the enemy Yi will be level seven while bot is level four, so he gets a triple kill and dragon in the fight over dragon.
: Patch 9.23 notes
How is removing Brawler's Gloves making things more flexible? When you backed with 800g, you would buy a Dagger and Brawler's Gloves to start working towards a Zeal, or daggers depending on champ and opponents. Now you either have to buy a cloak for just 25% crit chance, or buy daggers/Kircheis shard for less stats, less of a reward, and just makes backing with that much gold so much worse because you can't spread out your stats. In most cases, buying the cloak is the worst option because you are investing 400 more gold for 15% crit, and no attack speed, and there's no guarantee that you will be able to buy Zeal during your next back.
: Honestly I forgot everything was coded as minions. Has anyone tested various minion death proximity effects (runes, trundle, coin, senna, etc) with taliyah wall, wu E, etc etc?
I have seen some testing with Taliyah wall, but I don't remember the results. I know that Spooky Ghosts will occasionally drop Thresh souls, but I think that one is more intended.
: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ja0FOJJK,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-14T18:46:55.319+0000) > > It's because they are coded as minions. Literally everything that's not a champion is coded as a minion. Yasuo's windwall is a bunch of minions. They haven't figured out that they can use new code to solve problems so that unintended interactions don't occur I don't think you understand how many magnitudes easier it is to repurpose working code vs creating something entirely new. If they made something new every single time things would literally never be released. Sure, they shoulda created a nonminion object at some point along the lone and that woulda solved a lot of problems but it is kinda understandable why they haven't
I never said that they should create a new code for every ability. I just said that they should move away from coding everything as minions because it leads to a lot of unintended interactions
: Senna vs. Wukong's E: Generation of Additional Mistwraiths
It's because they are coded as minions. Literally everything that's not a champion is coded as a minion. Yasuo's windwall is a bunch of minions. They haven't figured out that they can use new code to solve problems so that unintended interactions don't occur
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