: A simple yet sick idea
I think the only good change to the practice tool is to allow multiplayer.
: > [{quoted}](name=Alacaster Soi,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=IpPNhmta,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-05T09:29:57.734+0000) > > explain, like the ult is not great but the rest is ok > > EDIT: there i fixed it, also, no u. un-downvote my post so others can see it. You probably just don't understand what the scary big numbers mean. i didn't downvote your post, but i will now since you falsely accused me of doing so. and also insulted me.
eye for an eye I guess.
Kalienor (EUW)
: That's not a problem of clarity. Thematically, Darkins are sentient weapons. You didn't design a living weapon, you didn't root your champion to the physical world, you didn't make use of their corrupted side either. Your creation has arcanic abilities and fits more of a Void theme, with blinks and dark energy. That's very different from what the title tries to sell.
U can just change it tho. The main concept is that rather than the tradition support of shields and heals, you punish the enemy for pushing lane and win trades. Just change the theme, I provided no lore, "dark energy" is arbitrary. Why do people act like they know what they're talking about ¯\\(T_T)/¯ Just to be clear you don't _do_ extra damage every third attack, those numbers just specify how powerful glints are, and anyway the numbers are arbitrary to the concept. Also allies don't do 30% _more_ damage, they do that much of _your bonus_ damage, meaning 0 with no items and very very little at early game. I also added a limit to this distance at which you can blink from which could be shortened to the length of flash or a little less and the number of times you can do it could be decreased or just 1, while the number of shards increased, it's the only way you have of not getting rekt if you're caught somewhere alone and do any damage. Now I do see how that ability could be void like because "fissure" but it's not like darkin lore is against hellish openings, demonic lore itself is actually quite fond of them. I stand by my idea, except maybe the ult, it needs nerfs still. I'm not against someone **reworking it** for me to show me I'm wrong.
: no to your idea. yes to the idea of a darkin support.
explain, like the ult is not great but the rest is ok EDIT: there i fixed it, also, no u. un-downvote my post so others can see it. You probably just don't understand what the scary big numbers mean.
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Sylaelque (EUW)
: How does Yasuo's Windwall blocks Lulu's Polymorph?
Think of it like jax's counter strike but a wall. yasuo is made to avoid damage.
: Of the 8 broken champs in the game right now, three need to be hard nerfed. They are all junglers.
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Nhika (NA)
: Reinforced walls.
you can even dash through walls with kayn
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Yenwai (NA)
: unnamed Abathur-like Champion idea
But how do the abilities synergize though? Also your numbers are way off, try looking up champion stats online
Arakadia (NA)
: Most likely his weapons are going to have to retain their original color. Same with Qiyana where it has to be very clear what they are using at that time. So ice/water might make sense for the flamethrower simply for gameplay clarity.
You'd get used to the skin but others would not.
: S10 Itemization
as a pyke I often buy a little magic resist early in the game.
: Zilean Rework
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: Tor, the Dauntless
Broot (NA)
: A Fanmade VFX Concept for Ryze
: > (It looks like an anaconda; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDZX4ooRsWs This kind of Anaconda ? ^^ But i like the idea even tought {{champion:69}} exist. Just, lenght increase but that mean your champ can get attacked easier ? I mean if he is longer (like Cho gat), he will likely be hit by spells or attacks easier than regular champs.
Your hitbox (where your head is) is not increased in size, but let's say you walked arround a corner, they could see your tail and judge where your hitbox is by your length, unless you went into a bush, then they couldn't see you, or if you _slither_
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Sukishoo (NA)
: >WE NEED A SNAKE CHAMPION How dare thou insult {{champion:69}} this means war! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
She's like, not _really_ a snake
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xUnRavelx (OCE)
: The Ghost from Your past! CHAMP CONCEPT
: Heyo~ This is an interesting concept, and feels like it very well suits the concept of a powerful, destructive dragon. So good job! I always struggle to round out my ideas. But like someone mentioned below, if it is undead it should probably be referred to somehow. Also I feel there is too many channels. These abilities might just be too projected. I don't know for sure of course, but there are a lot of windups. Though in all honesty maybe they just stand out cause most champ abilities don't mention their windup durations. More importantly, I am bothered by how different the e ability is based simply on whether you hold it or not. In the case of pyke, for example, channeling e for longer does not change the ability much, it just makes it single target and adds a new effect while gaining range. In your case, the ability is entirely different. Though it's not bad to try and fit in a fourth ability somewhere, maybe try to incorporate it another way. Like, maybe it is only accessible if your passive is fully charged. Or, it's a second cast effect to the ult. In my case, I once had a concept I thought would be interesting where the champion has an ability that can only be used while all his other basic abilities are on cooldown. I don't think that fits for this particular case, but I think it's an example of a different approach.
damn, you make me feel stupid. I love your ideas.
: Hmmmmm~ This champ seems like a perfect support, not gonna lie. And a very unique one at that. What stands out to me is the ability to slow enemy projectiles. I feel like that aspect should be played around with a bit more in the kit. Like, the big thing Skek'Ra can do is slow down enemy projectiles for their allies, or speed up your team's. Not by much, but a little bit can make a big difference Side note, the Q seems kinda ridiculous. Like, ult level cc. On that note, I feel like the ult should play around with the time aspects of this character more. Right now it sounds like a different version of Swain's ult. Rather, the Q, with some modifications, wouldn't be bad. Or, Skek'Ra could create a time bubble that has some sort of dilating effect on everyone inside, or at least enemies. Making the Q Skek'Ra's ult wouldn't be bad in my opinion, maybe making it so Skek'Ra itself becomes the epicenter of the black hole effect. Could make it so that it slowly gets stronger, giving people a chance to escape early, but if they are stuck inside too long the drag effect gets stronger and stronger until they are practically trapped. And the damage it deals grows as they get closer to the center. And then Skek'Ra's Q could be changed to something that allows it to pull people in, or move em around a bit. It's difficult to land, but if landed it sets Skek'Ra up for its ult if that's what it wants. Also, I'm just gonna put out there that I'm not sure how the W works, but the passive is inspiring. The attack speed part couldn't be too strong though, and should maybe even be removed. It makes sense lore wise, but in game that sort of cc isn't very fun to deal with. All in all, seems like a great potential support, like I said before. Slowing projectiles down and putting up E orbs like a wall at key points would allow Skek'Ra to keep the enemy at bay and mitigate the power of lots of poke, while their ADC farms normally. If anyone does engage, the new Q might be able to hold them back. Or, that might be too strong since it could be impossible to engage like that. Instead, the Q could be a short dash that helps Skek'Ra set up its other abilities, like its ult, but if anyone breaks through its defenses it'll have to use everything in its power to disengage, or rely on its ult as a counter engage. Stuff like that might work. Then the dash could be used for Skek'Ra to intercept enemies or projectiles for the W to interact with. Add a resetting factor that hinges on whether Skek'Ra is in combat to allow it to dance around opponents at a safe distance with W, or reach allies in the midst of combat. For example, the dash resets as long as it is perpendicular to a significant target, like a champion or projectile. And then, the speed and range of the dash could even scale with the passive! So you can better dash towards fast targets Conversely, the reset factor could be based on the speed of the target you dash towards, so this ability can react powerfully to enemy attacks or help you follow your allies, but if you use it alone (to run away, for example) it will not give as much. Now, this support has a tool to play around its allies and set up defenses, with a dash that allows it to react quickly to enemy attacks and to use its ult more effectively, but still won't be a dashing god or anything, and isn't really good at poke or disengage. In lane, they help your laner shine. That's my ideas. Now I gotta go eat and save my personal concepts for another day lol. Hope ya like these though. As a side note, I don't really feel Vel'Koz needs a rework or anything. He's good as is. A nice mage. Instead, lore wise, this could be another voidborn creature. Maybe they are a younger creature like vel'koz, in search of knowledge. It stumbled upon Zilean's work, and in its naivety decided to play around with em. However the consequences were catastrophic and Skek'Ra was nearly lost to time. However, more recently, the experiments of one little boy in Zaun, one known as Ekko, have lead to Skek'Ra being dragged back into this world, unbeknownst to Ekko himself. And so, his tinkering has brought a terrible, time displaced horror into the world and Runeterra must face it once more. Anywho, gonna miss dinner so I hope this all falls on open ears. I am just another player here anyhow
This wasn't my idea originally, I just redid the passive and made the other abilities more skill based. The w basically increases the bubble of aoe that your tentacles create. I didn't put a ton of thought into this and I'm not going to, I was just posting it because i already made it so why not. You had really good advice though. I'll be posting more in the future, (3 are almost done) if you'd like to critique them.
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: Few Item concepts of mine
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: A few more item concepts of mine
Adaptive braclet: Passively gain pointsd over time, sped them to increase armor, magic resist, ap, ad, attack speed or movement speed.
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: I made a champion
Make more food-themed champs for us please.
: That is actually an incredible idea for his transformations I was just thinking blue and red candy kayn. You sir are a genius!
Upvoted just for your name.
CCDeath (NA)
: I created a Void Champion and wanted some feedback
: Champion Skin Idea: Angel/Demon Kayn?
Manxxom (NA)
: Yvva - The Infernal Fury (Dragon Champion Concept)
R should be named fire and brimstone. I'd say it is classic and would fit into the meta really well, but super easy to doge. her ult should not indicate and instead her whole game play should be about steering. She takes off becoming untargetable and unseen for 1 + wrath-percentage seconds as you draw curved path on the ground with your mouse (by left clicking, where you can click is indicated by a cone, right click to begin and end the path) that the enemy can't see, the longer, the less damage, shorter, more damage (for buring the ground). Your team fights could be very creative with this. After the channel, she dives, gaining 25/35/55% + 80% wrath percentage movement speed waxing then and waning over the duration of the path. The path you draw becomes more red colored near the maximum length. The path can start within 600 units of your initial location and is uninhibited by terrain. You ignite the ground doing moderate damage and ignite champions doing the main significant damage. The aoe of the main damage area increases with ult level probably something like 200/300/500 units. And damage and path length would of course scale with wrath and damage be applied every .3 second increments per champion beginning instantly on contact. I think this would make the champ way more fun, because she's simple over all, in that moment you become hyper focused. An alternative name would be _apocalyptic fate_ or _indiscriminate extinction_ also you can use this to get your entire team to safety. With this you are practically guaranteed to do some damage rather than all or nothing, making you a carry/bruser/support. An absolutely _EPIC_ champion otherwise. maybe she creates a pulse of air, knocking back everything by a little bit for .8 seconds when she takes off.
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: The visionary monk should be able to reveal enemy cooldowns briefly. But the monk works on 'karma', so after doing so he reveals his own cooldowns as well.
New concept: Equal trades that only give you the advantage in certain situations.
: Ahri rework suggestion/concept
So basically scale her harder.
: Yeah, I hear ya. My thought here was that most supports really excel at like one thing. So I was thinking it would be cool to have a generalist support who rather than excelling at 1 thing, was just ok at everything team fight related. For instance Braum is really good at engaging and peel/disengage within the scope of team fighting, or like Janna is best in class at peel. But I think the idea of someone who does a little of everything in a team fight, but is not best in class at anything is cool. And the reason I personally don't feel like it's hacky, is because his kit is pretty bad for everything else. Sure he might be ok receiving a gank, but he's not a lane bully support who will harass people out of lane. He's not going to excel at all ins for kill lanes, unless he receives a gank. And he'd be ok at roaming with his Q, but even that would be mediocre at best. Being that he is a brilliant military mind, he's not really about ganks and picks. He's about setting up a battle field and having a pitched fight.
I see what you mean. I wanna help. I don't think this champ has a lot of kill potential. Like how does he get kills? Like sona can definitely kill and so can soraka. If he's being chased down how does he escape, maybe a facade? I can tell you have a very good grasp of personality and team dynamic, but try making a list of game mechanics to keep in mind like chase down potential {{champion:19}} , escape potential{{champion:432}}, kill potential{{champion:202}} {{champion:555}}, map control{{champion:26}}, crowd control{{champion:90}}, cs (last hit){{champion:22}} , how easy it is to aim abilities{{champion:99}}, etc.
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xUnRavelx (OCE)
: Summoning Ninja concept - Puppet controlling Ninja
don't steal the _ninja_ title for something only partially ninja-y, otherwise great idea.
Xxerox (NA)
: Champion Concept : Time Gobbler - Rework to sound more realistic.
I do not like the passive but I do like the concept. I don't think it'd ever be accepted. If you could give me some more details or ideas that would be cool. Not a lot of kill potential here. Just off the top of my head I'll rework this champ. Void mass of tentacles that prefers to eat time rather than flesh. the basic attack is a pulsating orb that moves very slowly and slows things by 4% when near it (40 units). Passive - _Sense of Time_ - your tentacles drift towards fast moving objects (calculated from the speed of all entities, attacks. abilities weighted heavily on champions then the center of mass, per say, is found. for example if two champions were moving together you'd be attracted to somewhere between them, and the closer to you the more weight the entity has to the calculation and the AoE of your w passive changes) and move you at 2% your movement speed when not moving, also granting an extra 20% movement speed towards the highest point of movement. Q - _Essence of Eons_ - Create a time void, sucking in all entities (except dragons and stuff) exponentially proportional to 20/40/60/80/100% of their base movement speed (i.e. if they have boots they can escape if all they do is run away, but if they stop to attack they move directly towards the void. in the middle of the void it's 100% their base MS, in the middle it's 1000%, on the edge it's 10%) creating an explosion on contact dealing significant magic damage and throwing out entities proportional to their distance from the center. (knocked up for .5 seconds, this is so it's not op) (same range as void itself) W - _Temporal Greed_ * _Passive_ - slow and decreases attack speed of anything that touches your tentacles by 10/15/20/30/40% (applies to abilities and everything that moves at all, for example morgana's stun) * _Active_ - Lurch you and your tentacles forward increasing their range by 12/24/48% dealing physical damage + AD per second while any champion in contact with your tentacles. (the tentacles overshoot by about 50 units, and retract as your approach them within the 50 units or retract completely if they escape.) E - _Static Void_ - Gain a charge every 20 seconds, place a time orb that lasts for 2 minutes (aesthetically similar to your basic attack) that drifts towards the fastest moving object within 600 units. When triggered, it slows or speeds up enemies or allies by 10/20/30/40/50% respectively (put this on {{champion:19}} and he's a hella fast boi) for 2 seconds, deals 30/40/60/80/110 + 50/60/70/80/90% AP magic damage and grants vision. R - _Rapid Anhiliation_ - Grab all nearby champions (double the AoE of your passive) consuming their life force and slowing by 30/60/80%. Deals 60/100/140 +40% AP magic damage per second. Effect continues till enemies escape or an ally enters the zone. (You can move as normal but you cannot cast other abilities.) Of course the numbers can be changed.
Salron88 (EUW)
: i dont like the guessing game with shaco.
: Hextech Skins?
: Champion Concept: Tiago; the Tactical Adept
It sounds cool and I really like the creativity on the W, but it seems hacky. Let's just _control the entire team fight_

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