: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.20 notes
gunslingers and guardians still gonna be useless along with deathblade :/
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Hey Riot! Make the Golden Chroma + Icons cheaper if people already own the chroma its stupid as fuck that to get an icon I have to spend 300 tokens!!!!!
: Love seeing updates to the prestige system, particularly giving players options to reclaim missed events. However, being among the high spender skin collectors (own all skins) having one of the only advantages being stripped away [fully unlocked prestige skins off of 3x reroll] feels awful.
thats for past prestige skins not current year prestige skins.
: Downvote me at your leisure but it's stupid that this change won't apply retroactively. I worked a full time job during the arcade event and now I have anywher from 6-12+ hours of college a day and 5 hours of work per day. I don't have the time to physically play the game so I couldn't get prestige Caitlyn, but I would have gladly paid for the skin. If she was in the prestige shop I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I understand others worked for the skin, but some of us who wanted the skin would have gladly worked for it, but had an actual life that kept us away from it.
Should've paid for it then eh?
Jieshang (NA)
: Stacking Question: I understand you cannot stack Morellos or Red Buff on the same champ. But if an enemy champion is hit from a Morellos from two different champions...would the burn/debuff stack on the enemy champion?
If I know anything its exactly like league, and it just refreshes the damage so say that one morello hit and its half way through its damage and a second hit then a second morello hits it'll conclude the first morellos and reset the timer and damage.
: Yet again no supports in the skin line. 3 midlaners and no support skin. Whatevs.
hello are you even paying attention 3 of those champions in that pool have been and still are flexed in the support role....
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Daigu (NA)
: Blue Essence: A Cash that is pointless to old players.
"Every few years" I don't remember every 6 months being multiple years apart also why are you immediately disenchanting everything do you have mastery 7 on everything or something or do you save two of each for each mastery? Next essence emporium is sure to drain you if you actually buy everything especially with the addition of the partner chromas and this emporiums chibi icons. Although i do agree they should make the essence emporium have expensive hextech-like loot boxes that can only contain skins or chromas you dont own but at a huge cost.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Feel free to show my logs, I think the only bad thing I've done was a few game leaves.


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