: "ChickenWrap, why aren't you a mod anymore? What happened?"
CLG ear (NA)
: animu waifu thread
Let's add Megumin next time and more fgo waifus {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
CLG ear (NA)
: animu waifu thread
Whew Nice stuff
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Almo (NA)
: Forgive me if this is already in the lore....
Duh. I know. Is this in the lore though ?
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Almo (NA)
: This what happens when you quit the game and try to come back
What do you mean? When you take a long break from the game and come back to it, you lose a lot of muscle memory that you had obtained over the course of the game. I had been playing for 7~ years or so and after my first come back on the 6th of October, I felt I could not play at all and got carried by my friend. Basically expect your skill level to drop down by a long mile due to muscle memory loss.
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: Pick a bad anime for me to watch
: Pick a bad anime for me to watch
: Pick a bad anime for me to watch
Knights of Sidonia Enjoy the torture.
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: I was planning on applying to Riot for a job. What do you think of my Resume?
LOL, I should stop reading your posts during my lunch break at work. You make me laugh SO HARD. 10/10 resume.
: Indecent Demoness Taught a Harsh Lesson (◠‿◠✿)
Stavro (NA)
: S7 D3 ADC looking for a serious team or support duo currently p3
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Riyotous (NA)
: Riot, the way you do things really confuses me.
I miss not using my 5 runes pages on Elise.
: Serious Question: How do I get back into playing League?
Thanks for sharing your comic with us! This was my first time reading it and I just finished chapter one! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jikker (NA)
: Happy 4th of July fellow Americans!
Late to the party but Happy 4th of July!
: Vent Post. What was your daily dose of AIDS from League?
I have had about 10 Sonas,ziggs,xeraths on the enemy team for the past 1-2 weeks.
: .
Posts like this is why I like surfing the boards.
: Amount of Blue Essence we Receive
This is a good system for new accounts but for us vet players , we no longer receive more BE. The expectation from Riot is you get discounts by using the champion shard which is again a great deal for new accounts. I miss the old days when I had 500k IP.
: Riot team read this asap
This would be a direct buff to boosting...
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: If there was a ranking system for ARMA, you'd be Diamond.
Probably. Although, I don't think diamond is the best way to describe it. I think ARAM ranking would be different because of the randomized comps.
: > I still would like to get the nerf applied to Dark Harvest once Riot collect the data from the recent ARAM event. The DH nerf is permanent > We originally introduced the nerf to Dark Harvest as a temporary change, but its reception and effect on the game have been positive enough for it to become permanent
> [{quoted}](name=GrReaper96,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=giepzLRL,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-06-25T04:23:06.825+0000) > > The DH nerf is permanent Oh! Thank you! I did not know that. This is a much healthy needed change.
: at first I thought you meant 100 win 3900 losses
My bad. I was in a hurry. The title can be confusing haha.
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Entei (EUNE)
: Redemption for reformed players
I think it's worth revisiting that program but with strict rules. I.E Let the reformed player link their new account to the old one. To qualify, the new account must 500 games over the span of year . The account needs to be honor level 5 and with 0 reports of toxicity for it to be considered for evaluation. Obviously, this can be tweaked but just an example.
: You're all invited....
Nice! I will keep an eye out for it! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Dominion Removed but ARAM Remains
I loved Dominion so much but sadly it did not have large player base (not large enough according to Riot.) ARAM is has not received a balance change in a very long time. I don't know why you are comparing the two.
Tündra (NA)
: Heartwarming story, faith restored in riot
Nice story! Thanks for sharing. 1 RP! :D
: Please read this before posting Clash recruitment threads!
Please Join my clash team ~~Carry me to Diamond~~ oh wait nvm.
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Almo (NA)
: "rofl, I've played more aram than you have spent days on earth since you were born" Nice Constructive argument. You refuse to play ARAM to show your true mmr. You have not played one in over 5 months and no you don't have more ARAM games than I do. You argument about Dark Harvest is invalid and you are making an opinion not followed by statistics. Where is your case of study on statistics? You are not even Ranked at any season. All I am getting at is I respect your opinion but I cannot take you seriously unless actually play ARAM to have a somewhat valid input on this matter. Also, Looking at the statistics of the top 10 champion. DH has an average of over 65% win rate. I am not sure where you are looking. Again, actually play ARAM on your account and show your mmr then we can talk. I am not wasting my time trying to have a constructive argument with you if you refuse to stay current to the meta.
A look back at this thread since you like to read stats and disagreed with notion that DH is still not balanced and is op in ARAM. See Riot nerfs below. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/247827285498003456/446747295807963146/unknown.png The point I have been trying to convey in this thread the entire time. The balance changes are finally coming. We still need to see if that's actually good enough.
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: New announcer is terribad
This is the first announcer that I had to disable on first encounter.
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: RED ALERT: LaughingFish has changed his name
Evangele (NA)
: Moderation AMA & Feedback
I recognize you guys have the final say in the boards as Heralds and mods. My advise would be instead of taking the bossy route of ending a conversations when a decision is reached on the matter, try to end it a bit more politely. I think the moderation team fails to recognize the diversity of the boards community. Some of us are high school and college students while others have actual jobs and adults. I have seen this on many occasions where I perceived the Herald/mod closing comments as rude customer service. I get you guys have the final say and you do need to close out the tickets but maybe adding a bit of breather to your closing comments would be appreciated. for example, instead of saying "Anything else you need today?" to end a topic that is going no where, use this version instead: "I am sorry we were unable to help out with this specific case but please let us know if there is anything else you need help with." Some of the mods I encountered are so awesome to work with for example, Final Spark Lux and Jikker. I think those are examples to learn from. That's personally my feedback based on my personal interaction with the mods and they way they act in the boards community.
Evangele (NA)
: Moderation AMA & Feedback
What do you think of the state of the Boards right now. I honestly miss the old boards, the white ones. The main reason, I feel there was more interaction from Riot over the simple stuff than what we have today. I feel the community is to blame as well for that. Stuff like this: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/1WMZV5nF-when-did-we-decide-it-was-a-good-idea-to-stop-this-an-honest-question-to-the-community-and-riot is what made me enjoy the old forums that I no longer see in this one.
Auld (EUW)
: Hello thread. Blighted here, one of the three admin for ZedMains Discord, I want to say that what I write below is my standing as the DISCORD admin of Zed, not as a moderator here on the forums for Riot. When this topic came up within the admin staff channel within ZedMains, I immediatly said that I did not agree with this, and that at no point should a club be made in a "pay to enter" format, even going so far as to say it *may* be against Riot TOS (honestly I wasnt in the mood to go digging through the TOS to find out. Along with 2 other moderators, the 3 of us tried to say that we didnt agree with it, however the decision was taken from the discord owner to carry on with this. Having read through this thread, I wasn't even aware of the Onco's issue with someone duping us. I want to apologise first up, I really did try to tell them that it was unacceptable to do this. For those needing it, screenshot provided showing proof of admin: https://i.imgur.com/Y2qGKnM.png
I am glad this got sorted out. Also you guys owe an apology to the owner of the club. This could have costed not only the club but his personal League account. The posting in here is to bring awareness to the community and **not to witch hunt**. The community stood up for this and it worked. While this does not resolve the issue with special club tags, this definitely surfaces it again. Also thanks for cleaning up the people who harassed me for trying to stand up in your discord and object this decision. I don't play zed but I did not want to see people taking advantage of. As a member of the club tag Elise that I had to earn it to get it, I got so heated up when I saw people trying to sell the tag instead of giving it fairly. Kudos to everyone that stood up to prevent this. I honestly feel sorry for the club owner that had to write tickets for Riot to clear up his name. You guys in Zed Mains owe him an apology for this mess.
: Help with Riven mechanics please
There are lots of videos on youtube that show you how to do that. I don't play Riven but I did not want to be a shitty riven while playing her in ARAM and using the original Championship riven skin. I had to enter practice mode and do the combos. The practice tool is very useful to riven.
: What Discord was that in
It was the Zed Mains Discord. They took the announcement down after this thread and after the owner contacted them. I don't even know how the Admins would actually post that @everyone in the announcement lol.
: who the fuck cares if people are dumb enough to pay for a shitty tag then let them
The last thing we want is player monopoly. This act is shitty and the community needs to stand against it which it did. The Zed mains discord took the announcement down after initially saying "Who cares."
: bug with phantom dancer when hovering over a post
Can confirm. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/394734324974354436/443078298684227604/unknown.png
: I really need to stop reading the boards sometimes.
Lol. I need to stop being active on discords :D
: @Laughing Fish
That's cool. You are Famous now!
: Reminder why club exclusive tags are still a huge mistake
Well I am glad the club owner is not trying to sell out the tag for $$. But this seems to be an issue that needs to be fixed. I guess we don't see this in Elise since no one cares about Elise :)
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