Auve (NA)
: In Defense of the Treeline
I may not play on it regularly due to not understanding it's meta and the general perceived unpopularity of it, but it's still my go to map for custom games. No other map feels like a fair 1v1 experience. What I like about TT is that in the 1v1s or 2v2s or whatever that Ido on the map in custom games; it always felt fair, no matter the patch or the current LoL meta, etc. The map always had a way to make a comeback.
: If "FILL" is your primary role, the "SECONDARY" Role should let us choose what role we don't want
: I think this sort of assumes -- often incorrectly -- that more employees equates to more efficiency. Sometimes a team can get in its own way if it gets too big, and we don't really know how many people are currently working on these things. If you hire 20 new people you'll actually LOSE efficiency for a while, because you have to train 20 new people on policies, procedures, existing work, codebases, etc.
It's a silly poll man, I'm not looking to tell Riot or anyone where to pool resources. This isn't some statement or anything. I'm just curious to see what other people want to see improved/prioritized in LoL and how it lines up with my opinions.
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: I mean, to be fair it’s understandable that the game is so difficult to balance and crunch bugs man, we have a shit ton of champs+ a lot of items. It’s almost impossible to not break something or make a champ broken. You can’t predict all the effects that a big fix is going to cause. With that in mind, I think the game is as balanced as it can Ben
You've never done programing in your life, have you? The only reason they would have to worry about something like that is if they had interdependencies of abilities between champions or messed with the base code. In other words spaghetti code or someone messed up in changing how a stun works for all champions. In the first case, it's bad programming (and it's worth noting they've done multiple passes through their programs to rewrite their spaghetti code over the past few years; most recently with Mord). Second case is unfortunate, and it's something we saw this recent patch. They rewrote a lot of base game functions and a lot of things went wrong from it. Normally such things would be understandable, but with the scale of it this patch, that tells us they didn't do proper QA of it. As for regular bugs sitting in the game for a long time, most of that is small-scale spaghetti code probably. In fact all the champion bugs I keep listed on my computer would fall under that. So, again, normally it would be understandable. It takes a lot of time to sort through that. What isn't understandable is why it's been passed over on priority for so long when some of them are high impact bugs. Some of these bugs have a high impact for gameplay, feel of the champ, or both with high replication rates and they've been around for YEARS. They haven't been doing big changes this year. Almost all their changes are low in time/resources that they've done so far this year (at least in terms of programming). So they should have had spare resources to put towards bug fixing. Not asking/expecting a lot, but over the course of a year three extra people could have done a lot to reduce the bugs in the game, especially the higher impact/standing ones. So where are these resources? What are they being used for that's so important? To me it looks like it's been monetizable items and TFT. Both of which don't completely cover the extra resources they should have. Again, 3 people isn't a lot. But they should have a bit more than that assuming they haven't downsized and based off what they've been able to undertake in years past. In actuality they've been hiring this year, so they should have even more than I expect. That brings us back to the point. What do they have these people working on? They've essentially pulled resources from balance with some going to income, and some going to TFT; the rest is either working on something to be revealed, or they've horribly mismanaged their resources somewhere. TLDR: The program/amount of code isn't an excuse, coding is not nearly as complicated and code is not as nearly intertwined as you think. And I'm annoyed because they're pulling resources from balance and not putting enough back into bug fixes and champion vgus/releases (of which I currently care about bug fixes more).
: Nothing new, this game is slowly dying, mark my words, at the worst in 2022 this game will be completly dead.
You know, last year I wouldn't have believed you. But with the monetization they're pulling, the lack of significant changes each patch, the bugs, and just the overall lack of communication (both in notes and in community interaction) I think you've got a point.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: This season is no way as bad as season 8 You would be delusional if you think so , literally like what the comment above me said
> [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fvm9mNyo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-23T11:40:29.493+0000) > > This season is no way as bad as season 8 > You would be delusional if you think so , literally like what the comment above me said I would rather have season 8 tbh
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: Old runes weren't diverse at all hahahaha
Exactly, all these people like: "old rune system was better, bring back/revert" Old runes and masteries were just straight-forward stat checks/dumps. Sure it was more diversity in the way of stats and option amounts; but the actual gameplay that it translated to was a lot less options.
: "I'd rather have a 10 minute queue and be put as my role than a 2 minute queue and be autofilled"
nm1010 (NA)
: > Is there a limited number of a certain champion? Yes, there is a shared pool between all players. The higher rarity champions have less cards in the pool. > Does it change the generation based on what I already have? Kind of, it is based on the cards left (less cards in pool = lower chance for something you have), but you can also change the % chance of rolling a rarity level based on your actual level. So at higher player levels, low tier champions become uncommon. Specifically each of your 5 slots rolls for rarity, then rolls for a card out of that rarity pool. So trying to get that 3 star Garen at level 6+ is nearly impossible when you have a 10% or less chance for a tier 1 slot and a 10% chance or less for a Garen card. > How does the rng for items work? Straight random and it can 100% decide games. Reckful had a game where he got 1 drop vs 6 drops during the minion stages.
Would you be able to tell me how many of each card there is?
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CytheGuy (NA)
: Why not just rebuild the game modes from scratch?
They told us at one point they were doing that with all the gamemodes one by one until they were all back. Last we had heard on that hexakill was being worked on. Seeing as it's been over a year since then, we can assume hexakill was scrapped part way through, and that they won't revive other game modes.
: How is Tarzaned still not banned?
Pika Fox (NA)
: They did have the option to buy the individual ones though?
> [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zuuZr9pL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-26T16:01:08.045+0000) > > They did have the option to buy the individual ones though? Not all the individual ones
klavborn (NA)
: "respond quickly when a champion gets out of balance"
They don't go by winrate alone, and they did just nerf her.
xelaker (NA)
: Nobody at Riot has any idea of what they should do about anything. Really surprised this hasn't been taken down as an "attack" on Riot employees though.
So what would you have them do differently if you were in charge? Also, just a note: Riot doesn't care about what is said on the boards for the most part. The general populace of league does not care what we say on here and will not pick up a cause we start here, so it can never hurt them. They don't pay people to police this place like they do with reddit, it's just not worth it. Trust me, I've tried to set up posts to test that stuff before. Gets removed on reddit, but not here. (though maybe they have a way to hide posts all stealthy like here, think people call it a shadow ban? Can't prove anything there)
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Why isn't the design team being held responsible for this game's state?
Good post, but a couple points: * there's no way for us to know if it was a lot of resources or not * a vgu is more than just gameplay, as are all the releases you mentioned * less fun, not more unfun * what makes ornn unplayable, i've seen and played him plenty of late * new releases tend to have high ban rates, if they stay high for several patches or after a new release, thats a red flag. It's only been 2 patches so this next patch will decide that. * completely new playstyles that have never been seen in the game before are hard to get right at all levels of play * according to riot's new criteria a 100% pick/ban champ in pro will get nerfed * there might have been consequences, but a company would never reveal that to the public Keep up the good work comrade!
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: Quitting ranked this season, matchmaking isn't working in my favour and feels rigged.
There is at least one documented bug with matchmaking; at least for the past few patches. That is that autofill is unnecessarily autofilling people. Giving players each other's roles.
: Fuck Jungle
This could have been written in a much more constructive manner, but I agree. I've been a jungle main since I started playing league and I can't stand the jungle right now. * You can't farm to stay ahead, in fact you'll fall behind farming jungle after second clear it feels (during second clear on a lot of champs it feels). * Clear patterns are messed up. We had to clear 2 or 3 camps then scuttle before to reach level 3, now it's 4 to 6 camps which can't be scuttle. * Scuttle is still super valuable but it's timing never fits in with any clear patterns I try. I either waste 15-20 second waiting for it, or I'm 20-30 seconds late to it. * It feels like I hit level 3 waaaay later now. Used to be jungle had a high contribution to first kill, now it feels like I'm lucky to get to a lane before second blood. * I feel super pressured at all times. I took a short, one patch break from jungle and now I just feel suffocated because I'm always behind on xp and gold. It feels like unless I have pro level knowledge I can't keep up. That my clear path is just slightly too inefficient, that my build order is just slightly suboptimal, and my ability to time a gank when I'm across the map isn't up to par. And it feels like if I'm not perfect in all of these I'm playing from behind the whole game, and so is my team. * The stress on top of micro managing by team members or flaming is just too much. The scuttle changes weren't ready to go live. They feel like a bandaid fix because now we have the worst of both worlds: no early interactions, and a weaker early game.
Zennnja (NA)
: The Over 9000 waiting queue.
Be great if the queue times were accurate at all.
: Hey Junglers, let me explain to you why top laners are always so toxic (explaining; not excusing it)
No, it's because junglers have one of two ways they treat top lane: 1) gank it every two minutes 2) never gank it And if you've got jg#2 you're going to be salty when: A) you lose from champ select because no help B) the enemy has jg#1 because your lane is basically a 1v2 and no one will do anything about it because you're top lane and it doesn't matter if you're not having fun or are really far behind. Just sit under tower until we tell you to group.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Update on Teemo changes
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo... Really bums me out to see all those cool changes that just make the kit feel more alive and really bring out the guerilla warfare thematic he has going, just for it to be thrown away. Like you had it sitting on PBE for literal months without giving us an update on it, then you tell us you would take it down to try a slightly different iteration based on feedback... then it's just done. If you guys do this in the future I think it needs to be handled better, it was dead silence for months and every decision about it was made behind the scenes it feels. Either way this had gone (shipped or dead) I feel like there would have been severe outrage simply because there was no communication. People are going to feel they had more of a majority towards their own opinion and feel jipped on this. _____ Specifically getting into what I feel I've been jipped on: We were told it would be a slow burn. We were told that it was being taken off PBE to try another iteration based off of feedback. It was insinuated along with these that because it was slow burn and feedback was being taken carefully over it that time would be taken to get it right. Given all this, we had no reason to believe it would just be dropped. I expected more communication than what we got, maybe talking about what was and wasn't liked. It feels like some parts of the kit and the basic concepts were okay seeing as a lot of it stuck around in the second iteration. Why isn't that being worked with? --- This whole message feels like a suckerpunch honestly. From my point of view you dangled some changes (that while they weren't perfect, I liked) in front of me for months in silence, changed it slightly, then threw it in the trash. No explanation as to what wasn't promising in it/disliked, why there was only one change of it, why the first one was untouched for months, why you even bothered with those changes if you knew the direction was disliked, and why it's just being dropped instead of trying a different direction or putting it on hold until you have a better one. This whole thing honestly smells fishy to me, I don't think you guys are dumb, but it feels like this is being handled in a dumb way. To me it makes no sense how things were done. I assume the silence and the duration for the first iteration was to gather as much feedback as possible, make sure you had an accurate opinion on Teemo for all regions. Fine. But if that was the case you would know exactly what people do or do not like about the changes and how many approve/disapprove of individual changes (you should be able to say they like the E moved to passive, but not the implementation of the new stealth for example). But you went ahead and did another change that was very similar to the first one. This _should_ indicate a general liking of the direction, and that it only needs some tweaks. But now you're message says it was very split. So why was that change done then? Why wasn't there a whole new direction/changelist like with Ryze recently on the PBE? People showed dislike for the first iteration and the next day a completely different direction was put out, even went live. How could there not be a change on that level of magnitude from the original on the PBE, when the Teemo changes had months for feedback and data collection? It doesn't make sense to me.
: "Looks like the outrage about Tahm and Morde is gone...
Nakatra (NA)
: And the bug is still there 4 months later this needs to be looked at.
I honestly don't think they check bug reports anymore. There's so many bugs the community has talked about and reported that have been sitting forever. There's all the WW bugs from his update, there's the bug of the role select system auto-filling people to roles unnecessarily (like giving a guy bot who chose top/jg, while giving the guy who wanted bot/mid the jg role) which has been live for at least a full patch now.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 7
I really hope we can get rotating game modes back. We were told they would be getting traded off for more permanent game modes or events like star guardian that you guys would make more regularly (though not anywhere close to rotating game mode regularity). And I really don't feel like we've gotten the trade-off value. Like, we didn't get Nexus Blitz as a new permanent gamemode, Clash is still dragging it's feet getting live (not that I have any faith at this point I could even get the people to do it anymore after the leap of faith to get them to do it last time blew up in my face), and we haven't been getting much in the way of event gamemodes. In 2017 we got Dark Star, Invasion/Star Guardian, and OVERCHARGE/Project event gamemodes, in 2018 we only got Odyssey. With 2017 as our example year, I was thinking this trade-off could be worth it, but given we didn't get Odyssey until 9 months in, and it was the only event we got, AND that the justification for that was the Clash and Blitz work that has not come or will not come; I'm fairly annoyed over what we lost in exchange. Sure, we've had some traditionally rotating gamemodes come back for a bit despite rotating game modes stopping, but most of it has been variations of URF or not really a full gamemode (Butcher's Bridge, map accents, and addition of Poro King to Blitz instead of a proper snowdown event). I have not seen Ascension, Hexakill, or Definitely not Dominion in a very long time. Doom bots, Hunt of the Blood Moon, Legend of the Poro King, and Nexus Siege are rarely seen. With the gamemodes we get being determined by popularity and URF always being in demand, we may never see a lot of these gamemodes again. Not to mention we were told of work being done a year ago to get Hexakill on the new client and still haven't seen or heard anything about it. My point is that rotating gamemodes were important, it helped keep the game fresh for me, and gave my friends a motivation to play the game beyond just summoner's rift. A lot of my friends like League, but find regular games a bit of a slog. They feel pressured to play good, but don't necessarily play often enough to match the ones of us that play near daily. And they don't have the confidence because of that to play other champions. Back when rotating gamemodes were around, I could always without fail get them to play a bit more and stagger out normal games for them with the rotating gamemodes. They understood the rules were so different that they didn't have to be good, the enjoyment was in the mode itself, not much else. I'm not getting that at all in LoL anymore. There's nothing to stagger out normal games with, ARAM doesn't really do that for me anymore given the random aspect, there are no rotating gamemodes, and events are few and far between. Personally even I'm starting to burn out.
: Because the Riot balance team has been mandated to balance based on popularity and some metric that outside of Riot anyone has any clue about because their balance team makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean WW was in a good spot and didnt need that buff at all but hey I bet there is a skin coming out in a few weeks. LOL Their own recent video even says they were doing a poor job at balancing LOL Surprise surprise {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I mean if they fixed half the bugs he has, I'm sure that would do a heck of a lot more for him than that buff.
yukumari (NA)
: Riot is sending mixed messages with Janna.
Usually with these posts I'm like: you're talking out of your butt; or you're just being toxic. Or really anything along those lines. But, ya know, fair point this time. Seems pretty obvious, even at the time they changed the passive (like I looked at the movement speed damage and I'm like: oh, so I need to poke more with autos and W early when it hit live) so them "complaining" thats what she is now... Fair point, 10/10, would updoot again.
: VFX Updates for Amumu, Lulu, Tryndamere and Ziggs
Concerned that Ziggs ult may make it too hard to see any other abilities in the area when the explosion goes off.
: > [{quoted}](name=IronyAndSublime,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=sjqdO3NB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-30T15:49:42.251+0000)Right now, a large number of mods are abusing their powers to silence the community's complaints about their own integrity and competence. I'll be honest: this is a conspiracy theory. Hell, a look at this board *alone* shows any number of threads that would be deleted if this were true. If we secretly had an agenda of stifling complaints, we could do it *much* better than this. But we don't have said agenda, so we don't. We remove complaints that are uncivil, insulting, or attack us as individuals, yes -- because we remove individual attacks against *anyone*, Mod/Rioter/otherwise. --------------- I'll also respond to the Rhaast quote removal, as I know that bothered some people. I don't reasonably expect any League player, moderator, or even Riot voice line writer to be able to identify every League quote out of context. Many of them are not acceptable things to say to another community member, such as "I'll drown you in your own blood!" This means that we run into edge cases where someone using a champion quote out of the context of the game can use that quote to insult or otherwise display inappropriate behavior towards another community member. In the case of that particular removal, there was not sufficient context to tell whether or not the champion quote was being used to insult another player or simply to quote the champion, and in cases like that we are on the side of caution and remove it without punishing the person who made the post. This removes the possible attack against another community member, while giving the benefit of the doubt to the author of the post with regards to whether or not a punishment is issued.
Not to sure about that chief. I check in here on occasion and I've seen a slight trend towards removing posts entirely over the past year. Very slight, but steady in my observations. I also look occasionally to see what kind of posts are getting removed. It seems there is specifically a lot of power abuse using the "low effort" rule as a cover for it. It's so vague that they can just about get away with anything using it, it would seem. And the responses justifying it when people ask are even vaguer. Like I see a post today I wouldn't consider low effort, gave a little chuckle, maybe should have been posted in memes, but that's historically never been too enforced; and it was removed. Guy asks why, moderator who answered couldn't tell him. First off shows me you guys don't even have a clear interpretation to use across the board. Comes back and says it references another post, and that post was removed for low effort, making yours low effort or some bull. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here like: there was a reference to another post? And how does a removal of someone else's post justify his getting removed? Either you guys are laughingly incompetent at moderating, or at least some of you are corrupt. Tbh I came on here today specifically looking for the Thorin video to see if it was posted as an indication of Riot's corruption. Seeing it not having been posted here, was suspicious to say the least. The boards I know would have 2-3 different people post it within an hour. Then I see this stuff too. And now I'm reminded of how y'all are volunteers without pay, you have to have expectations set by Riot when you became moderators too. So given Thorin's video, here's what I think is going on here: You've essentially got two factions of moderators. One is the the group of people that are essentially kissing ass, Riot hasn't explicitly told them to do anything, but they've suggested just enough that these moderators are willing to just go ahead and get rid of anything that might be unsavory to Riot. And they're doing so with a vague concept like that. Then there's the group that is focused on the community, who are genuinely trying to make a better experience for us here. Except they have a vague idea of what the other group is doing but turn a blind eye to it because Riot seems to like it and want it to some degree, so it must be fine, right? Because Riot can't be in the wrong. You can call this a conspiracy theory too, but given general human behavior to separate into groups, and that there are two easy interpretations of mod's duties this is more than likely at least mostly true. You've got the people who see mods as needing to fulfill a duty to Riot to police this place, and those that see their duty to make the users have a better experience. And there seems to be one really radical moderator on the "Riot side" of things because someone keeps introducing things on here that have the effect of fragmenting this community more and more. That and the "user side" seems reluctant to say that the moderation has gone too far, crossed the line, or whatever; be it out of fear of losing their position or of shear ignorance. Lastly, let me just say, even if I am horrifically wrong here in my interpretation of what is going on; you guys are the ones painting this picture. What I'm seeing is people stretching the rules farther than they should be to remove posts, a public figure for LoL claiming corruption and backing it up, that claim being removed, and public outcry. I can only imagine what people are seeing of your painting when they only take a glance.
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: So Less VGU and More New Champions
Zilean main here: What's wrong with his visuals? He's certainly no where near the worst looking champion. And even if he was, that's no justification for a VGU. They could just do an update to visuals like with Renekton, Mundo, Cho, or Olaf in recent past to name a few. *insert generic mocking insults hurled at you repeatedly for your shallow response that almost intentionally misinterprets what was said by Riot* {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: The best annie guide
Don't really play Annie, but tried testing out your guide cause it seemed funny to focus on nuking people... Oh god, it works... Oh god... I liked it... Think I'll play her more...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Any word on Zilean in house? I know you guys were tossing around the idea of changing him up a bit to make him more satisfying (his passive specifically). Is that an Idea that went anywhere or is going anywhere any time soon, or is more like you want to do something but it's a bit like a Wukong issue for his players and it's really far back on the backburner and will only be brought back up if someone comes up with a stellar idea?
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: It's an interesting concept, I feel like there's a lot of things you can do with the concept you're going for. Might I suggest a different ultimate? The one you have now seems to kind of step on Neeko's toes, and I feel like "ulti and jump into the enemy team" ultimates are a little bit overplayed. Might I suggest something like this? R: The Great Heist X becomes camouflaged (can be seen within ~300 range) and emits an aura (~600 range) that temporarily saps (10% bAD) AD and (10% AP) AP from enemy champions per second for 10 seconds. Upon breaking camouflage X deals damage in that area equal to the amount of AD and AP sapped. I know this isn't really an ultimate that really fits someone on a support income, but I feel like there could be a fair amount of potential gameplay and outplay potential from either side with this kind of ultimate, as opposed to one where you just jump into the enemy team while untargetable.
> [{quoted}](name=I love cowboys,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zr8zicVh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-05T08:03:45.865+0000) > > It's an interesting concept, I feel like there's a lot of things you can do with the concept you're going for. Might I suggest a different ultimate? The one you have now seems to kind of step on Neeko's toes, and I feel like "ulti and jump into the enemy team" ultimates are a little bit overplayed. > > Might I suggest something like this? > > R: The Great Heist > X becomes camouflaged (can be seen within ~300 range) and emits an aura (~600 range) that temporarily saps (10% bAD) AD and (10% AP) AP from enemy champions per second for 10 seconds. Upon breaking camouflage X deals damage in that area equal to the amount of AD and AP sapped. > > I know this isn't really an ultimate that really fits someone on a support income, but I feel like there could be a fair amount of potential gameplay and outplay potential from either side with this kind of ultimate, as opposed to one where you just jump into the enemy team while untargetable. Note: this is the fourth time writing this, I keep somehow clicking something that deletes it all. Why is this my luck with Boards posting lately... I agree that my ult is severely lacking, tbh it was an afterthought and I dislike it for the same reasons you do. Your ult is leagues better, I especially like the concept of weaving through the enemy team trying to charge your ult without being seen. I'm not sure if it was intended, but I also think it would be cool if being seen/attacked ended the charging early so that you really feel the risk/reward of it. That being said, this ult also in that it feels almost like a Swain ult with camo, that it steps into Sylas thematic domain, and that stat-stealing has been done a lot (even if this is a cool twist on it). To fix these issues, we probably can't steal/reduce the enemy's damage, and we'll probably have to make it not a large circular AOE. Thus: R: The Great Heist X becomes unable to use his basic abilities and is camouflaged (can be seen within ~200 range) while emitting an aura (~600 range) that stores damage equal to 1% of the enemy's current gold on hand (of those in range) every second for 10 seconds. Champions affected by this are unable to use those funds until Open the Vaults is cast. If camouflage is broken, or if X recasts his ult early, The Great Heist is replaced with Open the Vaults. Open the Vaults Fires a cone out dealing [the stored damage/stolen gold amount] (max: 750/1000/1250) + X (TAD) Physical damage to all enemies hit (40% damage to monsters and minions). If the ability is not cast within 30/35/40 seconds or if X dies while having not cast it, X instead does a small AOE centered around him dealing [half stored damage] + X (TAD) Physical damage to all enemies hit (40% damage to monsters and minions hit). {TAD ratio is same for both uses, can use basic abilities while Open the Vaults is usable}. The gold amount and duration of the aura would probably need a lot of tuning, but using your idea as the base, I feel like this is a high quality ult that feels completely original in league and would be satisfying to use. They even have the choice to hold onto the ult to disadvantage the enemy team (mostly for high level play), the idea being you can either sit in base for an extra 5-10 seconds waiting for your gold to return (if they hold for full duration and the enemy died without you using Open the Vaults) or go back to lane and not miss CS. Just so that the stealing the gold can actually be felt by the enemy team for a little bit, but nothing more than a slight inconvenience (unless you're playing a really high level game) so that people don't call for it's removal.
: have him be able to use trap doors that spawn all around the map, but he cannot place them. he gets a movement speed increase when traveling in the trap door, but it is not as fast as old rek'sai ult. make him a supp-jung like ivern. but instead of being bob ross on shrooms, make him a zuanite gutter-snipe. or bilgewater cutpurse...god we need a new bilgewater champ, its been fucking ages.
I was honestly thinking he would be a Bilgewater cutpurse. Though, given the abilities I've given him, in this state he would need to be melee (I also want someone with this thematic to be melee).
: Lack of Pickpocket type Rogue in League
Did not realize this actually succeeded in posting, kept giving an error on my phone so I gave up and posted on Reddit... _A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one_
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Cowseed (NA)
: Forcing me to ban is annoying and pointless
Wait, did they actually remove the "none" ban choice?
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
**Positives:** * It's nice to hear that Riot has been thinking about ways to deal with trolling better. In fact it's nice to see the response/talk on pain points in general. Not something I would have expected, or even bothered hoping for a year ago. * The balance changes lately have been, for the most part, rather quick and to the point. It doesn't feel like people are being left horrifically unbalanced for long periods overall. **Negatives:** * Rather annoying how much resources the client consumes even on low-spec. For reference, I have a gaming desktop and I can't run anything else graphically (for instance youtube) while using the client (queuing up, champion select, searching the shop, opening loot). * Nasus in my elo feels unbeatable, as it seems that both playing as or against it doesn't matter how times the Nasus dies in lane, if he just ignores and farms he still becomes a monster late game. On the same note the BorK+Guinsou+true damage autos (Vayne and Master Yi) feels like you can't do anything to build against it. The lack of counterplay at my elo for these three is rather annoying and I would be really happy to see changes addressing these.
: @RiotAugust Those "useless" Boards are a part of the community that puts bread on your table.
While I see your point on the whole speaking for riot thing, and the player communication being trash thing, it's a known fact that as a whole Riot thinks the boards is a toxic place and that none to very few of them actually enjoy talking here. It's not new to us and it certainly isn't news. This is just a specific high-up that people are concentrating all their frustration over the years about this and the game on. Quite frankly it's a witch hunt. Not that I really blame that either, it's natural to get upset when people insult you, it would be unnatural not to say something about it. But let's just remember this is nothing new, and while I hate to admit it, Rioters have a point about the boards, they have for a long time now, and we've only gotten worse over the last year especially. I do however want to say I hold them fairly responsible in this seeing as dropping interactions during development of such ill-will and toxicity is one of the worst things you can do. It's not like insulting the community further will help, in fact the Rioters that have reached out here with kindness have been well-received.
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: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Having now played it (although only once so far), it feels like he lost a lot of damage early. And the Q into enhanced passive damage feels a bit clunky. The clunkiness might just be re-learning though, since it used to be auto-Q-auto, leaving a large unused gap for the enhanced damage. E also feels a bit weird given the large delay for both stealth and AS. Also there's a bug where monsters don't go back to regular animation after blind wears off. They just stand still broken until you get them to walk a bit (still damage correctly during this).
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
This is amazing. Most of these are changes I've been feeling would be cool/hoping for for a while. For instance I always thought it would make sense to do more damage on autos if someone was blinded or shroom'ed. And I would rather have more shrooms in exchange for less damage because while it's hilarious to see someone die to it unexpectedly, it doesn't feel like I deserved it. As for the nerfs, I never really cared about any of those things much, so that's cool.
: Wtf? Support items? Just wow.
They should be backing at the same time most the time, so there shouldn't be that many instances. Maybe try timing your backings together and manage the waves better.
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: But they aren't making more money, from what I've seen. Somewhere on Reddit, there's a post of them being about thirty percent down from last year.
Yeah... so they're doing this to MAKE more. That's last fiscal year, this is happening now.
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