Brahgo (NA)
: I get you... I guess if im being greedy, i'd love if Leona was able to proc her passive herself.... Would be really nice.
Oh yes i would take that over anytthing else it would make her passive useful or give her an actual passive
Brahgo (NA)
: being a support main as well as a M7 Leona main, i understand where youre coming from, but keep in mind, Leona in the hands of a player with the right skills and mechanics can be a devastating champ. I have locked down teams with her numerous occasions, dominated my lane and helped my adc to carry (as well as other roles). Sure, ever champ has their weaknesses, but i think its your job to identify those weaknesses and play around them. I see you've mentioned Brand, which ive played and crushed in lane. It's all about understanding her limitations and what she can do/cant do. I dont need her to be buffed, because with her engage and her lock-down, she would be forever banned or even nerfed back... So, my advice is to just keep playing her and learn how to make sick outplays. Here's a clip of what im talking about... using her kit to make plays. Be unpredictable and always proc your W! [(]
I understand what you mean i just want to be able to do more than just have to depend on the team. A simple change is all i want i just think the bonus 10 damage is laughable i would be fine with just a ratio boost or a unerf on her ratios. Believe me i have done my fair share of outplays
: Leona does not need damage. IMO she could benefit from a more support oriented change. I would like to see her W have half of its effects go to a targeted ally.
Then she would be a discounted Braum... Im not saying super damage here just something to make her late game more useful.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Leona locks down absolutely everything in her path. When she gets a hold of anything, you either burn flash or die. And all of that starts at level 2/3. She doesn't need damage, her strength lies in her consistency. She's designed as a support tank and does her job as a support tank pretty well.
As i said i know what her role is bit it comes apparent that her late game is trash compared to other supports.
: tldr. But ill say this. Leona is garbage and needs buffs. Her Q should deal more damage than it does. and her E should have a barrier attached to it(If it connects).
I wouldn't go as far to say she is Garbage she is just in... Ok yea i can agree on that and i want her to be good as she was my first M7. I stopped playing her because of seeing too many Brands and Lux supports
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: yes, being hard to kill because too tanky, having some if not great utility, AND potentially dealing damage is just plain stupid to play against.
Valid points i get it i know but it shouldn't be 20% Plus it sucks playing a tank that doesn't even do any damage and you die pretty quickly because of this rune.
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: >RIOT, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING LEONA, GIVE US THIS SKIN! Pokeprof (NA) submitted 4 years ago in Concepts & Creations Please do not bump 4 year old threads.
WHy not i want this to happen so i will bump it ok... Bump.... {{champion:122}} {{sticker:darius-angry}}
Pokeprof (NA)
Ok as much as I love this Concept... I still want Star Guardian Leona... I mean come on it makes sense... a Star is the Sun so therefore Star Guardian Leona...
sketchy1 (NA)
: they don't exactly need to buff he damage IMO if you want to stop tanks, I feel like maybe true damage would be they way to go, leaving still the opportunity to towerdive, but at the same time, they don't just sit and take it like "THOSE 8 TOWER SHOTS GANKPLANK MISSFORTUNE AND LUX ULTS TICKLED"
Yea the true damage would be nice
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: I don't think it ever was...
Thank you for answering my question that was actually a question never played her so i didnt know if it could crit and was too lazy to look it up
: but, but, but, sion counters teemo
no he does't not really i played teemo against Sion and i always win when he dies i go in a bush and stand still
: New free champion rotation: Blitzcrank, Gnar, Lee Sin and more!
{{champion:53}} Go away. {{champion:150}} Ap Gnar wtf. {{champion:64}} Their Heartbeats quicken? Its stops because you die so fast. {{champion:21}} Dont stand behind minions..... Ever. {{champion:113}} I dont see you but when i do i lose my spinal chord. {{champion:14}} Pick him and i swear in all that is unholy i will go Teemo. {{champion:37}} Sorry you think you can poke me better. {{champion:4}} Who? {{champion:29}} You think vayne is op ha ha ha ha. {{champion:157}} No.
: New free champion rotation: Camille, Draven, Kha'Zix and more!
You see here in rito we thought we should include some more champs from the recent rework all at once, and the recently new champ for everyone to enjoy. We believe that it will make this week much more fun for players who would like to try these champs and soon buy in the future. {{champion:107}} Rengeazy is off the leash again. {{champion:121}} 1v1 me I dare you. {{champion:223}} Baking brownies for rito since release. {{champion:164}} True damage that crits? Sure. {{champion:13}} Pounded!!!! {{champion:92}} More toxic than my work shoes. {{champion:17}} Everyone owns him so theres no point.... Release the Devil!!! {{champion:99}} Laugh and I will cut your throat as Rengeazy. {{champion:119}} One shotting vaynes since the making of Static Shiv.
: Extra free supports concludes + new free rotation
{{champion:89}} Best support ever.... Praise the Sun...... Stun for days......... Can't fucking move. Prepare your anus. Always goes in. Why can't i move. Too tanky. One time i went from first enemy mid tower to my base while being attacked by azir and fiora. Made back to base at 568 health despite Fioras true damage and all the slows i had to deal with.
: Extra free supports concludes + new free rotation
{{champion:91}} Welp i need some loob. {{champion:104}} Talone can get a rework but graves can't have a cigar. {{champion:77}} Atleast we have our towers.... (2 minutes later) How the fuck is Udyr already destroying our Nexus {{champion:102}} Rework Bullshit {{champion:78}} Fuck you Yasagi {{champion:111}} So you get a stun on an auto. {{champion:90}} Space Aids {{champion:96}} Used to be good then he lost 2.5 attack speed. {{champion:10}} So much burst. Can't fucking execute her. {{champion:1}} Tibbers fucking calm down man.(What my game was like when i was fed)
: Like I said yi isnt the best at teamfighting if your team has no cc and engage so in that case just split also no one buys hextechgunblade on rammus and you dont take into the fact of full build ofc no ones gonna be able to 1v1 rammus as an auto based champion unless your ahead or he is behind in the mid game because defensive items are super cheap to get early compared to offensive items and like I said **when yi uses his ult he cannot be attack speed slowed or slowed in genereal** which I dont know if any of you guys reading this understand at all I tested full build with my friend I killed rammus in 4-5 secs not even 7
Obviously you are too ignorant to even pay attention so imma just let this go. I'm the stupid one to even argue with a dumbass because that's just impossible. Excuse my Profanity.
: also on average late game your gonna have a 2.0 attack speed and deal 150 true damage per auto not including the physical damage you get with cricting yi's ult last 7 seconds so you gonna get 14 attacks off at the most his passive also does a double strike every 4 autos so 14/4 =3.5 so an extra 3 procs of true damage 14 +3=17, 17 x 150 = **2,550 true damage** this doent also include the regular damage your doing while cricting someone as yi also your lifestealing and have magic resist from {{item:3139}} which is more than enough to deal with a rammus or any other tank
you also have to realize I based them on level 9 and honestly ramus will still win want to know why because of two items hextech gunblade and spirit so he will literals get healed by just getting hit and I tested this with my friend just now full build master yi like the normal build with the scimitar in there and yi still lost because I was healing off my w ult sunfire and thornmail which is increased by 25% also you didn't build armor also there is many items you can build to reduce attack speed as well. so I have 17% spellvamp anf life steal so my autoes also heal me which also hurts as my e reduces your armor. so in all honesty Rammus will win. Rammus destroys all auto heavy champions that is what he was made for. Even vayne cant beat him because guess what 15% of that true damage plus 25% of my armor will be dealt as her 3 hit passive is a on hit effect. So yea sorry Yi isn't as good as you make him out too be. Not saying hes bad but he can be countered so easily. Hell Leona stomps him sooo hard because your q cant dodge an auto attack it delays it. So q ult then q again and I will keep qing every 3 seconds. 2.7 if I have 45% cdr instead of 40%. Braum rofl stomps him so many people with cc destroys him. Even Janna can rofl stomp Yi because oh you do damage ok let me just have a shield that blocks 2000 damage. So yea
: You can say {{champion:11}} is shit all you want but there is player like cowsep that make it to high elo on an off meta champ. {{champion:17}} and {{champion:80}} just get {{item:3140}} also {{champion:24}} is always good in 1v1 and 1v2 situations. If they have a better teamfight or 1v1s I tend to split and get pressure off other lanes because I can shred towers and push hard also tryndamere if he can 1v1 I just walk away from him and go to another lane to apply pressure otherwise when I go kill him I make him pop his ult walk away then Q back in. Basically what Im saying is that every champ has its strengths and weaknesses and counters but its up to you as a player to realize and utilize them to their full potential including your allies champions not just yours. Me personally I cant play tanks for the life of me its always fighters, assassins, mage or marksmen but I always make sure in the end I perform the best in the game. But hey you do you and see how far it gets you and Ill do me.
Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing his Movement and Attack Speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. While active, Champion kills or assists extend Highlander's duration. Passively reduces cooldown for his other abilities on a kill or assist. By all slowing effects it means anything that can slow you. Slows don't apply to Attack speed as {{champion:54}} E I think it is reduces attack speed. Malphite slams the ground dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+30% Armor) (+20% Ability Power) magic damage to surrounding enemies, reducing their Attack Speed by 30/35/40/45/50% for 3 seconds.This ability gains damage equal to 30% of Malphite's Armor. Now if Yi ults unless he has Level 3 Ult his ult attack speed wont even work at all. And honestly true damage means jack shit if you build health as you do Flat true damage ot % Max Health or Current Health True Damage. So you see Yi is kinda Shit Agains Rammus as he will build armor get ad from his armor build thornmail. Rammus goes into a defensive formation for 6 seconds, increasing his Armor and Magic Resist by 40/60/80/100/120.If Rammus is hit by a basic attack while in Defensive Ball Curl he reflects damage back at the attacker, dealing magic damage equal to 25/35/45/55/65 plus 10% of his Armor (+10% Armor).Activating Powerball will remove this effect after 1 second. Thornmail reflects 15% of the physical damage taken (+ 25% bonus armor) from basic attacks and on-hit effects back to its source as magic damage (Calculated before any resistances or reductions are taken into account). So lets Recap this. Now most likely Rammus wil probably have these items if he has thornmail that we need to take in account I will also take in the account of the items most Yi's have also which is basically two items. Master Yi: Berserker Greaves and Bloodrazor so that's a total of 85% attack speed plus lets say make it 95% with runes and Masteries. By then your probably level 9 we will go with 9. so seeing that theres a tank you would probably max E first so you deal 50 + 20% of your attack damage which would be about 90 we will go with 90 for now. so that would roughly be on the top of my head 70 magic damage per hit for 5 seconds. total attack speed % would be 113% of .700 so your total attack speed would be 1.32. Every 4th auto you deal 90+45+140 damage. 140 true damage. Master Yi's Health Total being 1428 Rammus: Thornmail and Ninja Tabi. Now me I always go full armor runes so I usually have +42 armor for runes. So calculating just his base armor plus Runes we have about 115 armor with items its 245 armor. with max leveled W it becomes 365. Now with everything calculated which will take awhile. so 365 armor reduces damage by about 78% this took umm like 10 minutes to figure out -_-. so about 18 damage will be going through plus the 70 true damage so 88 damage for 5 seconds. we will say 90 so it will make the math easier. because Ninja tabi passive so your doing about 80 damage a auto. Do you see what just happened there yea. now because you have standar mr it deals 75% of its actual damage.. well about anyways. so 92 plus the 12 so about 105 rounding it. So you will be taking 105 damage an auto or about 80 damage technically due to MR. Plus the 65 from the plus the 37 which comes to about 100 so that will be 180 damage an auto that you deal to your self every .7 seconds so with your health in about 8 seconds you will be dead. 1339 health fro ramus you will kill him in like about 12 - 16 auto attacks. however since after 5 seconds wuju goes away it will take longer as you will only get 5 -6 autos in.Rammus will have 180 attack damage for 6 seconds. having an attack about every .78 seconds also it being the fact that you have 42 armor he would do about 160 every auto plus the 180 from the W and Thornmail you will literally do more damage to yourself than you are doing to him. so 340 damage in total you will be dead in 5 seconds which ironically is when your E ends. Thank you and bye also all the numbers were rounded so don't be n ass and be specific. Also I am not including any masteries in thes calculations only runes because if I include masteries you will still lose due to fearless and age of the colossus plus the 5% increase armor and mr etc etc.
: Some thoughts on Support
Ok imma just say to be honest It is both ways depending on the Support/ADC if your ADC is Draven for example against lets say a Vayne your support doesn't really have to be good because you will poke Vayne out of Existence. Also no one is that stupid to not hit a champ who is stunned. Sadly those people exist.... Which is why I am hesitant in playing Leona sometimes because I can only go so far.
: Why isn't Singed in the list?
I know right. Singed support for the win. Steal your ADC's CS and get killed.
: New free champion rotation: Aatrox, Kalista, Azir and more!
{{champion:266}} Healing more damage than can be dealt to him. {{champion:268}} Shuriman Shuffle. {{champion:39}} Nerfed to hell and is still Op. {{champion:429}} Hopping away from every skill shot in existence. {{champion:38}} UnGankable %%%got Post 6. {{champion:117}} Oh that tasted purple. {{champion:20}} Takes your whole jungle before you can even kill Krugs. {{champion:44}} GEMS!!!! {{champion:29}} Twitch x Taric Botlane. *Uninstalls League* {{champion:106}} Bite Scaling with health..............
: Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses
{{champion:89}} My BBY is in her roll. They get near you hit them. They attack your adc fucking kill them and go 13/1/5 Edit: These weren't kill steals it was me protecting my adc from a kat.
: I will say I tried to play top lane Leona (and I am a top lane main and I play Leona as support). It does OK, if you have a carry jungler and they come top a lot. Her early levels are also really strong. The problem is she doesn't scale too well and she doesn't have a great itemization route as a top laner. It is also pretty hard to farm with her. It is fun playing her top though, and a lot of top laners have no idea how to respond to her early levels. I usually build her like I would a juggernaut and {{item:3053}} is a good early item for her. I experimented with it a bit, but against gold and platinum players it usually doesn't work too well. I think the new {{item:3078}} is probably good for her along with full tank after that, but I haven't taken her top since the changes. Edit: I don't like it when Riot specifically designs a champion to play one role. With Leona's passive they sort of did that. There are other supports that are incapable of playing other roles well but Leona is definitely fits into that category of designed specifically as a support. I looked at some of your builds, they are pretty bad if you are playing her as a sightstone? If you take her top you basically build her almost full tank with 1 maybe 2 damage items.
Yea i know i dont build a sightstone but thats because i kinda dont use it anyways even when i have it. Usually when i do ward i already have 2 regualry sight wards. I know i need to work on it but meh
: You know how you said it's like 150-350 damage? No imagine if she didn't need to rely on someone else to do that for her, and could just wail on you with her crapton of CC. And this is from a guy who plays Leona
Shhhh i know what i said :) doesnt mean that i dont think it would be op
: Her counters are pretty strong atm despite 2 of them not being played often for a start. Talking about thresh Janna and moreg
I dont believe in the thresh counter TBH janna yes and Morg is iffy. You see in this low elo as leona you look at them funny they blackshield so it is pretty easy to bait. You rarely see a morg put a black shield on when a leona E's in this elo. Janna is just the queen of disengage plus her shield is fucking over powered sometimes with windspeakers and ardent.
lol thats funny being serious.
: What’s your story?
When i first started league i played Skarner a lot during Season 2. He was my go to Jungler/Toplaner. I loved the guy and i still do. However i lost that account so yea stopped playing early season 4 then started mid Season 5 and might i say where the hell are my Mana Pots. Why would you remove them they are soo useful Rito why. Also thank you for removing more spell vamp from the game. That would have made Vlad Overpowered due to his passive q spellvamp. That was fucking broken oh im at 25% health super q oh im back at 100% yipee. So thats my short ass story yay
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: As someone who plays top lane Leona pretty frequently, OH GOD NO. She already does a surprisingly high amount of damage, especially with the new ult changes. If she could proc her own passive she'd win trades against basically every top laner.
You serious. Ok then can you give me tips because i dont know what to build on her.
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zXr666 (NA)
: First I'm going to say 'Yay DJ Sona REPRESENT!' Next I'm going to say, try better interwebs, or simply not wi-fi if you use that.
DJ {{champion:37}} is Waifo owo. On the side note i can't change the internet because its not my internet its just something wrong with my pc it wont accept the updates for it and there is always errors when it say it installed them so i can't fix that unless i factory reset. I mean i could i have like 4 16 gig flash drives but my computer won't let me sadly.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
zXr666 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=OneMustFall,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RqEAcZA8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-03T07:28:29.985+0000) > > I agree that /remake shouldn't be paired with Leaverbuster. When you can AFK normally for 5 minutes and not get LBed then being AFK for under 3 should not punish you. I think it does because it can be easily abused to avoid comps your team may not want to face.
Well in Champ select you can already see the team comp well for draft mode anyways. So thats what im saying. At least make so i dont have to wait 20 minutes for 5 games thats just too strict.
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: perma banned no reason, have Screenshots?
My Friends Account got banned and he just started league and hes only level 11 he spent 50$ on the game to got some cool shit like Darkstar Thresh Challenger Ahri Brolaf and all the good stuff. Instead they ban him for no reason what is the point of paying Money on a game that bans you a week after you started i mean come on Rito i dont believe this is your doing if it is then i am ashamed of you. If my account gets banned i will be pissed i spent a lot of money on my account. Rito fix this i believe this isnt your doing don't make me wrong.{{champion:103}} Edit: The only 3rd party Program i use is And all it does is change the voices of all the Champs and Announcers i dont see a problem with that. If thats the problem then ill get rid of it because my friend can only play league at my house so its preinstalled
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Dear Rito get urf back please or i will... I dont dot know but i will do something. I need my arty kog'Maw back.{{champion:96}} Also none of this 2 times a year shit i want it once a month like all the others. No one cares about hexakill and all those toher game modes even though they are quite nice :). I just want my Kass outplay and Sona urf mode mk 2
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I want URF mod back i want to spam my Oranges as Gangplank
: Diana’s Victory Beatdown
Kha'Zix would never lose a 1v1 battle against diana. Because i dont know he does more damage than her with his q which does bonus damage if there is no allies around.
: Diana’s Victory Beatdown
Of course Diana wins Leona doesnt get any glory even if diana wins in game who cares we all new she would what about non league logic i dont think she would win. Karthus would. "It be a real dick move if i use my ult right now.... real dick move *ults*"
: PRAISE THE SUN AND JOLLY CO-OPERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree Praise the sun. The Sun always rises. The Twilight is here.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Well in game terms Diana in real life terms Leona. For many reasons her kits is made for defense so diana cant do shit to her and her ult well she can shoot fucking sunlight. So yea end of story
: It’s your turn to Ask Riot
{{champion:16}} Honestly ever since you remaked her shes had very minor roles and honestly im only asking for a slight buff and by buff i mean cool down her E's cool down is just too long and it really doesn't do anything other than having the range and speed to take out very low health champions. 24 seconds is just too long of a cool down and the duration of the root is also too long so if you can look on that i would appreciate it and maybe include that magic resist debuff like with her old q just saying.....

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