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: "We’ve already seen player stories of that one game where they managed to get 3 Force of Natures! This is a good thing." No, it's not a good thing. Yeah it's fun or whatever but for competitive play it's totally unfair, there is no strategy involved when you get less items that someone else. There is however if you get worse item than someone and then you need to find a good use for them. All players should get the same amount of items. "we think RNG is good for Teamfight Tactics in the long term" it is good but too much is not good. Getting random items is enough randomness in itself. But getting random amount of items is just unfair and not fun at all. When you can just make 1 item and you see someone who already has 3 items, it's hard to beat them with your strategy alone. It's simply too much randomness. Just make everyone get the same amount of items. That's the first thing I hear people complain about when they try this game. Items should work on the same principle as you get champions. Imagine if the amount of champions was also random. Some people get to choose from 2 champs and some from 5 champs. It's just nonsense. It's neither fair or fun.
Spatulas can only be obtained from carousel and therefore your argument and your quoted statement have absolutely no correlation.
: get {{item:3161}} {{item:3161}} {{champion:555}} out of my games -_-
I really don't think he is "broken" many methods for counterplay as highlighted in a post below. However, I could see riot increasing his cost as with the spear+spear+pd build he is pretty 1v9. I would argue that there are builds like this for many other champs where if you get the perfect three items they can become a 1 man army as well; just because you see this one more often than others with the game only being out for a short time, doesn't mean it should be gutted. Brainstorm counters, the game is about adaptability.
: how about a table where you have an overview of the opponents and their buffs ?? on TAB maybe ? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I feel like having to have a brain and look and allocate time within your preparation time to check other people's boards and also being able to recognize foreign units by their origin or class is part of the skill required for the game. In league pressing tab shows you the champs on each team as well as their items but does not tell you the enemy teams strengths outright; you need to know when each of their champs spikes and what play-style their team composition excels at


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