: Guys, he uses the revival voice lines not exclusive to his old revival mechanic. {{champion:26}} and {{item:3026}} trigger the voice lines
Don't you think that's incredibly niche though? GA is a last item pick up with a huge cool down between revives. And how often do you see Zilean played in a game? I would think that those voice lines could be put to better use elsewhere.
: I'd definitely prefer this to having them on resurrection items and spells.
I thought about putting those voice lines on GA, but that is a very niche and is often built as the last item, so I don't think that the voice lines would not be heard all that much. I still stand by putting the voice lines on either of the ideas I posted.
: doesnt he still use those voice lines when he revives via GA or zilean ult
From what I have seen, no he does not. They could work with GA too, but I think the voice lines would get more usage out of World Ender personally.
: I love it. I think this should be done for quite a few champions. There are a litany of unused voice lines that could really be appropriate in SR. {{champion:58}} for example has a number of 'new' lines for the Ascension game mode, though we never get to hear them anymore. They would serve well placed into his gameplay.
I just took a look at those voice lines, those would be pretty cool to add them into game. Honestly they could be placed anywhere and they would work out pretty well.
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Atgo (EUW)
: Yeah, I totally agree with this post. While I think that, at least partially and definetly focused towards the mages who joined Sylas, his anger still played a part on that decision even if his progessive vision for mages isnt gone. There's also the fact that the magessekers will be one his best allies if he wants to stop Sylas, freeing mages now and putting the magessekers against him, even if it didnt cause a coup, would means all the mages in Demacia would be completly free to join Sylas and that the ones who specilized themselves to imprision them would simply ignore the issue. It seems like people miss the point that Jarvan's rage against _Sylas's rebellion_ is extremly justified, even if he wants to free the rest of the mages, he needs all the tools at his disposoal to end the rebellion. Not sure if I worded what I wanted clearly but great post dude ^^
Yeah I feel like I left out that certain part because I was not able to articulate it properly so I left it out of this post, but you said it in a neat little paragraph. +1
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: It'd make his all ins worse after the first Q since he usually can fire it off pretty quickly after activation due to his decent speed, and adding 3 seconds of delay to his attack means the enemy has pleeenty of time to react to it.
That's the point though. Its meant to be a mini game between Garen and the enemy as to how he will react. Will he use it early on a close enemy to help peel for his allies? Or will he hold onto it and wait for his moment to charge in at a high priority target to deliver a powerful blow. The change is to still hold the function of the old Q while rewarding experienced Garen players for being smart and deliberate with how they position and engage on an enemy. I hope this clarifies some things.
IMelchorI (EUW)
: NO. This is a nerf. <---------- 800 000 points Garen main. If you want to rework change villainy.
In my mind, I don't think it would be a nerf, it would be a shift in power. Instead of getting a flat move speed and damage steroid with a silence thrown in, he would have an ebb and flow to his kit. It would add depth to his game play due to how he plays and how people play against him. I also agree that Villainy is a huge problem in his kit due to the lack of control over it, and in my opinion should be removed or reworked into something similar to what Kindred has.
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: If his story isn't massively changed from before how he looked before is irrelevant. He goes to the Shadow Isles and draws power from the Black Mist even though he isn't beholdne to it. That could change his look dramatically. Even then thematic cohesion is more important than a random detail like red eyes.
In my opinion, I thought the use of red eyes would have been a good way to project a more personal part of Morde. The entire feeling of the Ult immediately made me think of the scene in Lord of the Rings where Frodo puts on the One Ring and was able to see the dark robed Nazgul for what they truly were, humans. So my train of thought was to give him a visual flourish to himself while in the shadow realm. I was thinking about a very bright crown that draws the eye, or that he has a normal human face when in the shadow realm. I settled on the red eyes due to it being able to show his 'evil' nature while not being a nightmare to code into the game. ( Was thinking of Aatrox's banner wings) Hope I gave some clarity as to why I thought the evil red eyes were a good idea.
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Salron (NA)
: Lulu needs a soft rework Currently her kit revolves around dumping WER onto her carry and them smashing face with all those buffs stacked
That’s why I think the Ult change would be a good candidate, the fact that it’s instsnt is a really powerful deterrent. If it had a delay, there could be more room for better/healthier gameplay.
: How to balance Lulu in a meaningful way. 1. Don't touch her. 2. Don't touch her key items/runes.
> [{quoted}](name=Beerstein,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dmM6lP6J,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-07T02:13:08.944+0000) > > How to balance Lulu in a meaningful way. > > 1. Don't touch her. > 2. Don't touch her key items/runes. But it’s clear she is in limbo when it comes to when she is viable. She is either god tier due to her bullying nature in lane and how she transitions into a strong peeler for her carry, or she is utter garbage. This goes for both when she is a solo laner or when she is support. For her to not be be such a binary pick, she needs some sort of meaningful change.
Jamaree (NA)
: So nerf Lulu just because?
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dmM6lP6J,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-07T02:10:24.254+0000) > > So nerf Lulu just because? I don’t think so, the majority of her numbers are garbage due to the power of her ult being instant, it would allow for counterplay and for her to have more wiggle room in terms of numbers for the rest of her kit. Making a blanket statement like that doesn’t really add to the conversation but just shuts it down. It feels like you read the part where she gets a delay on her ult and stopped reading after that.
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: Well, in the end he’s “Our big Metal Boi”. *USSR Anthem playing*
Wait is this a hint that we’re getting a big boi with a Russian accent? Please tell me that is true!!!
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: Only if he still wants to be a baker. Also, this makes him seem a bit too much like a 'hunter', and we have Rengar for that.
I'm not saying hes a total beast hunter like Rengar, but a man doing a rite of passive to ascend to be considered a demi-god among his people and the denizens of Mt. Targon. I think that by taking him this route gives him more of a personality and drive, unlike his current lore in which he fights because he loves to fight. And yes during his spare time, he dabbles in the art of baking, I wish Riot would do a baking Pantheon skin, apron and all. I would totally buy that skin
: Too much, he becomes monster hunter Pantheon.
Yeah I do think too much of the stuff is overkill, but I do think its better then being this guy that is the strongest of his tribe who fights because he likes fighting. But yes I do think that he should not be monster hunter Pantheon, but I think that Pantheon is lacking of a personality. Just thought this was an interesting thought. So tone down the amount of spoils of war he has on him? What do you think about the rite of passage idea?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Angyal,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YTTOiuYl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-01-05T21:40:30.686+0000) > > Yeah I know, good will always prevail and all of that stuff. I just think its interesting that things and people in Lol are connected in obvious and non obvious ways. I meant J4 couldn't die more due to him being a champion ingame, which would either end with someone entirely being removed or replaced with someone extremely similar to him.
Well Lol has that problem in general, a perfect example would be the freljord. There is this epic conflict between Lissandra, Sejuani, and Ashe, but its not finished, only half of the story is told. The reason for this, is as you said, killing one of them would take them out of the game which they cannot do. It sorta has been solved by the use of skins, going into alternate realities and what ifs (ex. Battlecast, Bioforge, steel legion skins).
: It's very plausible (and gives Sion more motive to find + kill J4), but I doubt it would end up happening due to it ending with Jarvan's death.
Yeah I know, good will always prevail and all of that stuff. I just think its interesting that things and people in Lol are connected in obvious and non obvious ways.
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: ....he is pretty much well-known to be one of those champs who jumps to the sky and lands a hard boom while yelling "SPARTA!!".
As I said in the post, being a reference to the Spartans obscures his identity as a whole, and there is a lot of room to play around with in terms of being a character. I understand that Mt. Targon is in itself a reference to Greek culture, but compared to Leona or Diana, he just falls short in terms of being unique. Pantheons lore says hes a paragon of his people, and it shows that the League of Legends is a insult to war, which is think is pretty bland and does not bring much purpose to his reason to why he is the League of Legends. I feel that Pantheon has a lot of potential to become a character of his own, and not just a reference.
: Where is the "this is a horrible idea" voting option ?
Well saying no is saying 'this is a bad idea' in a nutshell, so if you don't like it just say no dont change Pantheon on the poll. The poll shouldn't be the important thing. Your opinion is what interests me.
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: I don't see taric as an angry guy. This could work on like crazy goblin pact leader.
I think that Taric is a composed and kind person, but he will put himself in front of any kind of danger to save his allies. I called it anger because of him seeing his allies become injured urges him to push himself even harder, thus the stronger heals and stuns. Maybe I should call it something else. Any ideas?
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