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: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
Am I the only one who thinks the skin and its effects actually look super good?
: Ornn is a great champion but he is uuugh at low ranking solo q. what are your opinion?
You could try taking him midlane. In solo queue, it's easier to affect the outcome of the game as a midlaner since you're closer to bot lane, drag, etc. and can be a part of more plays. With Ornn mid you'll likely face some less favorable matchups, but I think in many situations it would work! :)
: 'Sup
> [{quoted}](name=Spooky Skeleton,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aLAE88q4,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-10-20T19:51:08.775+0000) > > > > 'Sup Name checks out
Nithke (EUW)
: Wait is he not sarcastic ? Do you guys think some few skins and essence is worth a 10 year anniversary ?. Y'all don't need much
> [{quoted}](name=Nithke,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=u1d6aZVw,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-10-19T22:49:51.221+0000) > > Wait is he not sarcastic ? > > Do you guys think some few skins and essence is worth a 10 year anniversary ?. > Y'all don't need much I mean what else do you want, 10000 RP? I'd say the rewards are pretty reasonable
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: League 10 Year - Let's play some games!
Hey, just curious if you've started your last game already :) If you haven't I figured I'd wait just in case you were going to invite.
: Game 4 was great, actually did OK on Xayah. Thank you Saint Lazarus, Luxray, Nicholas Paul, and Rikuu for crushing that game with me. Going to start up my last game shortly :)
Would love the chance to play, if you're able to fit me in. Thanks! (Apostle of Light, by the way)
: League 10 Year - Let's play some games!
Apostle of Light Would love the chance to play, thanks!
: Ok, I'll grant some for all that made it in so far (which is more than 5). Running low on RP. But, I'll be playing some games if people want to join me later, and will probably hand out some RP there .. if you roleplay as your champion the entire game.
How would we join you? I'm ready to become my boi {{champion:101}}
: Stuff?
I wrote a haiku about how I feel when a Morgana Q is coming toward me: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Or when it catches me late game, I could also describe it as: I am really screwed I am really REALLY screwed Oh boy am I screwed
Ondwe (NA)
: What about Ornn and his 1 skin?
He's definitely been neglected as well, but Xerath and Skarner have waited over 4 and a half years. Ornn hasn't even been out that long
: Am I the only person seeing that Sona patch note right? "QoL for the **baby girl**" Looks like someone didn't proofread their drafts
No need for the author to hide their waifu preference {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Lafouboy (NA)
: Has the patch been released yet? How do you find out what version LoL is? I was about to play new Garen, but then didn't know if I should get conqueror or not. Did Riot release it yet? They make it super confusing with these patch notes which sometimes come days before the actual patch.
Official patch notes are pretty much always posted the day before the patch goes live. Not that confusing if you ask me...
: I'm the President of Pain, and today I'm here to talk about Xerath skins. {{champion:101}} What about Dark Star xerath, with those little black starry particles like cosmic dusk xayah has for all of his skill animations? Could be a pretty cool expensive skin. What about some sort of good guy xerath (kind of like arclight but white particles instead of gold since he already has guardian of the sands) with like jeweled armor and stuff like that? Kind of like a WoW paladin looking guy. Big shoulders. Rugged or Hextech Xerath, where the metal pieces are held together by leather and the particles are kind of metalic themselves, like he's shooting magnetic force at you or something? Void Xerath, this is a pretty obvious one since he doesn't have a purple skin yet and it would also be pretty cool Human Xerath, like human ryze? Hell, if you guys wanted to be hilarious you could even make it fan service-y like cover his body in arcane tattoos and put him in a loincloth or something. I'd be down. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Or maybe just make chromas for his base skin, since color swapping the original is both easy and effective for changing his look? There are so many possibilities and the last Xerath skin we got was over 4 years ago now. He's the third lowest on the list of champs with recent skins last I checked. Ahri's gotten like 10 in that time and the last one was literally just her in a bikini for some reason. (Just make pool party ahri if you wanna do that so bad...) {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} I'm the President of Pain, and I approve this message. Thank you and good night, America.
Yeah {{champion:101}} and {{champion:72}} are tied for the longest amount of time without a skin. Guardian of the Sands was the last one for both of them. But it's even worse for Xerath because Skarner has a couple pretty sick skins (battlecast, for example) while Xerath's are arguably just chromas
: E
Very insightful post, thank you
: Why Patch 9.19 needs to be REVERTED after Worlds!
Am I the only one who is completely fine with all the changes (except maybe Riven and Vayne)? I agree that the game state has some flaws but at this point y'all just complain about every single change they make
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Pantheon's E should NOT be able to block tower shots.
Akali was straight-up invisible and untargetable Pantheon is both visible AND targetable--he just blocks the damage. Not even close to as overpowered as Akali was Also, old Pantheon could block tower shots, that's part of what made him special so I think it was a very intentional choice to keep it
kayoou (NA)
: Thank you very much! :) When I was attacking with basic attacks and watched other players they did more damage than all the characters I played with for their basic attacks. Why is that?
They were probably playing champions whose playstyles are focused around basic attacks. For example, champions like {{champion:51}}, {{champion:119}}, {{champion:21}}, {{champion:15}}, {{champion:23}}, {{champion:77}}, {{champion:24}}, {{champion:114}} and other champs like them are meant to do most of their damage with basic attacks (also called "auto-attacks"), so they'll build items like {{item:3031}}, {{item:3508}}, {{item:3153}}, {{item:3074}}, {{item:3078}}, and other similar items that make those basic attacks a lot stronger. Whereas if you're playing more mage-like champions (i.e. {{champion:101}}, {{champion:45}}) or tankier champions (i.e. {{champion:57}}, {{champion:154}}) your auto-attacks won't do as much because your champion's ideal playstyle is based around other things. Hopefully that makes sense :)
kayoou (NA)
: I just joined!
Welcome to the game. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask me any questions
AD169 (NA)
: Server
This post and the answer therein might help:
M0ng3r (NA)
: Not receiving chests for S- games in Ranked
You sure you haven't already unlocked a chest with Leona? A chest can only be earned once with each champion
: Something to think about in this game (lorebased)
: Can I get an Option to Sell my Loot Chest?
Although this requires spending a little bit of money, you could get an event pass and then use all your tokens for key fragments. That'd get you a lot of keys if you play a decent amount during the duration of the event
: It would be good, if balance and ranked matchmaking werent gutter trash.
> [{quoted}](name=ChrisBrownze,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FFlyEMqQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-23T19:20:39.029+0000) > > It would be good, if balance and ranked matchmaking werent gutter trash. I think it could be improved but idk if I'd say it's gutter trash
: How much do you enjoy playing League of Legends? (Poll inside)
Just to put my thoughts out there -- I voted "great but can be annoying". I think the gameplay is quite polished and very fun. Love that the game pushes me to think strategically and I find it very rewarding when I improve. A few aspects that are a bit annoying are the often-toxic community, and the few champions that are extremely unfun to play against (for example, Tryndamere & his ultimate). I also don't love the greedy decisions of Riot (such as Prestige skins initially being ~$100 and Little Legends being solely available via lootbox-style eggs), but I suppose they're a business and those types of things are kind of expected of today's large businesses. Overall I have a mostly positive opinion of the game. I see myself continuing to play for a long time.
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: I know I'm not the only one who likes the new Logo.
I don't think it's great but I don't necessarily dislike it either
Asmundur (EUW)
: What body image expresses lol? (do you have an opinion?)
Some female champs are definitely over-sexualized but idk if I'd say that the game causes negative body image for people
: Ornn skin? Never?
*Cries in {{champion:101}}*
Jacksin (OCE)
: Am I the only one who is fine with the new logo..?
I think the recent balance changes deserve criticism but I couldn't care less about the logo
: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
Despite the many things that could be improved, League is still a great game that I enjoy playing. Happy birthday LoL
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: shouldn't ekko's shield last at least the same time as his stun?
While I don't think Ekko needs yet another buff, I do agree that the discrepancy is strange
: Lets talk about Tryndamere
His ultimate is arguably the most toxic ability in the entire game. He just needs a rework
: nautilus
He can have a skin after my boy Xerath {{champion:101}}
Falrein (EUW)
: Happy birthday Syndra!
Syndra is a well-designed champion. Fun to play as, not insanely toxic to play against, cool lore. I wish that could be said for every champ
Okuma (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=btbbHWgM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-13T16:03:24.039+0000) > > You can only get it with prestige points > But you can grind tokens with the next pass and buy 100 prestige points with the tokens Is the skin gonna stick around though?
> [{quoted}](name=Okuma,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=btbbHWgM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T17:29:12.410+0000) > > Is the skin gonna stick around though? I'm fairly sure it will stick around at least through the rest of 2019
NovaIvy (NA)
: is the prestige skin only available after you purchase the star guardian skin?
> [{quoted}](name=NovaIvy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=btbbHWgM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-13T19:04:32.020+0000) > > is the prestige skin only available after you purchase the star guardian skin? No, you should be able to get it by itself
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Tsuko (NA)
: I'd love to see someone try to defend on how "First timing champions in ranked is perfectly fine".
I think if the person has taken the champ into practice mode and spent some time mimicking their would-be role in a game, then it's okay. But sadly not everyone does that.
: Overtime is a god awful concept
Idk man I kinda like seeing everyone go hyper-attack mode
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Bârd (NA)
: It's sizable. Considering most of her damage comes from onhits (plasma, muramana, nashors) it's a decent hit.
True, but she already basically hits max attack speed with her build regardless of the E bonus
Kanzler (NA)
: It's 800 gold in stats.
That's not true. 20% attack speed is 1.67 daggers, which is 500 gold.
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: The Void feels small
This belongs in Story, Art, and Sound, but yeah I getcha--I think more void stuff would be cool
: Nah, it's usually luck. The problem with TFT is that the win condition of any given team is dependent on the items they can acquire. It doesn't matter if you manage to build a full team of this or that if you don't have the items to support that team.
That can be true, but someone who's skilled at TFT can adapt (in most cases) their composition and item combinations to complement each other. I agree that there's too much luck involved in the current game state, but there's also more skill involved than TFT-antagonists think.
: Playing Against a Diamond Swain in a Silver Ranked Game
I see where y'all are coming from, but I think most people who claim they ALWAYS lose TFT because of luck actually just suck at it
: Man, I thought being in Gold would be amazing! Nope, it's like Silver. Which is like Bronze. Which is like Iron. Long story short it's all salt but at least I'm climbing.
Plat is even worse cuz everyone thinks they're amazing
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