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: 💕 Plat 2 Looking For Duo For Diamond 💕
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: Looking for new friends
If you wanna play some norms, I can level up my smurf to play with you
Mysti (NA)
: G2 Support main LF duo to climb/learn with.
Zycorpse (NA)
: ADC "Main" Needed for Duo Ranked
I'm down, in champ select rn tho. Rank?
: Recruiting for a new a team. All Roles needed. Must Be ranked Plat 5 to Plat 1. Please read Post
In Game Name : Asalerith Age: 20 Current Rank : Plat 5 Highest Rank Achieved (don't lie i will check) : Plat 4 (80 LP I think?) Current main role/s (no more than 2) : ADC, Top Champion pool(list at least 3): Lucian, Vayne, Jinx, Caitlyn, Ashe (ADC) Kennen, Ekko, Malphite, Jayce (Top) Any past in the competitive scene of any game: Not really, but I have won a couple LANs before, and some online tourneys as well. Weaknesses as a player : Lane Dominance, Teamfight focus Strong points as a player : Mechanics, Trading, Map awareness, Communication Times Available CST : 4-10 PM Monday, Thursday, Friday, Weekends full availability Mechanics : 3 Game Knowledge: 5 Attitude: 5 Map Awareness: 3
Vuuduu (NA)
: Looking for Jungle to Join New 5's Team - Right Now
: Plat 5 Sup looking for an adc to just get rly good with
: Plat 5 Sup looking for an adc to just get rly good with
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: Competitive ranked team looking for members! All roles open [Except Support] :)
IGN: Asalerith Rank: Plat 5 Main Role: ADC Top 3 champs: Lucian, Vayne, Jinx Strengths: Mechanics, map awareness Weaknesses: Communication Times available: Most every day of the week, weekends I work nights Comments: I like trains.
OmensDad (NA)
: Looking for a Gold 2+ (Preferablly Plat +) ADC or Jungler
OmensDad (NA)
: Recruiting a team, a 5v5 Ranked team (Please Read all) GOLD+
Summoner Name: Asalerith Position of choice: ADC Top 4 Champions in that role: Lucian, Vayne, Jinx, Jhin Playstyle (Agressive/Passive/Adapting): Adapting Elo(Gold 2, plat 5, etc.): Plat 4 Does the times we play match up with your schedule: Sure does m8 Do you communicate well with your teamates: Yes indeed I do Why should you be on the team, other than someone else in the same role(psst... talk yourself up): I have very good mechanics, lots of game knowledge, I don't tilt, and I don't flame my team. Willing to learn from my mistakes, and willing to go over anything with the team to help them get better as well.
: Grill looking for adc who can help me climbing and teach me how to carry as supp :) (Plat elo)
: Plat 5, looking to hit diamond, LF duo
: AG No Forfeit looking to recruit a top laner a adc and a support minumum rank goldV- low plat
IGN: Asalerith Champ Pool: Lucian, Vayne, Jinx, Caitlyn, Any ADC Availability: Most every weekday, except for the days I work Rank: Plat 5
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Bygone (NA)
: ZGB Looking for serious players to join Platinum 3+
Name: Asalerith Age: 20 Role: ADC Top 5 Champs for that role: Lucian, Vayne, Jinx, Caitlyn, Ashe Strengths: Mechanics, Map awareness, Communication Weaknesses: Lane aggression(I'm sometimes too aggressive), Warding Why do you want to join this team?: I really want to improve at a higher level, and the people I play with currently are not going to help me do that. I have a much higher mmr than my current rank, and I want to get where that mmr is at least. Will you be dedicated and able to make the times the team requires?: I will be able to make all the practices, As long as I don't work on those days.
: [LF] PLAT+ top or mid for serious 5v5 ranked team
IGN - Asalerith Main Role- Mid Rank - G1 Access to discord? - Yessir Champion Pool: Zed, Ahri, Katarina, Yasuo, etc. Availability (weeks and weekends) - Yes and Yes Strengths and weaknesses- I have good map awareness, and mechanics Why I should choose you- I won't flame, and i'll put in the effort to make the team go somewhere
: Support main looking for duo / trio partners. ( high win rates )
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snakzs (NA)
: Looking for team members
IGN: Asalerith Age: 20 Timezone: PST Availability: Most nights, except for when I have to close at my work Rank: Gold 1 Position interested in: Mid/ADC Top Champs: Mid: Veigar, Yasuo, Zed, Ahri ADC: Vayne, Lucian, Caitlyn, Jinx Strengths: Mechanics, teamfights Weaknesses: Map Awareness Can you Shotcall?: I can if I have to Do you have Curse/Skype/TS: All of the above Are you committed to a serious Team?: Very What makes you stand out?: I will not rage at my team. Ever. I want to grow as a player, and I want to share the knowledge I have with players, and I want my team to share their knowledge with me.
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: LF Longterm ADC Duo Partner - Gold+
IGN:Asalerith Elo on main:G2 Strengths:Mechanics Weaknesses: Teamfights OP.GG:
: Coach looking for Gold+ players for team
IGN: Asalerith What can we call you: Nathan, Nate, Asa, Dickbutt, idc Role: ADC Rank: Gold 1 Preferred champs (3): Vayne, Lucian, Draven
: Starting serious dynamic que gold +
Asalerith Jungle Gold 2 Playing since season 2 Willing to play every day if needed
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Kéiro (NA)
: Ethereal Gaming Requiem (EGRQ) recruiting (Silver+)
IGN: Asalerith Role: Mid Willing to join the community of EG: I mean yeah? Shotcalling ability: Early game is not my strong point, but teamfighting is where I'm good at Strengths: Good csing, Lane pressure, Strong mechanics, Game knowledge Weakness: Communication, map awareness Time Zone: PST Availability: Most evenings, unless work comes up
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: Gold+ team with coach looking for mid.
Plat 5 Asalerith Large champ pool, strong presence in mid/late game I don't rage, I like to help my teammates get better
: LFM For Late Night Ranked 5s Team Plat 5+
IGN: Asalerith Role: Mid/Adc Rank: Plat 5 Timezone: PST Champ Pool: Zed, Ahri, Leblanc, Vayne, Lucian, Jinx Strengths: Mechanics, lane control Weaknesses: Map awareness Shotcaller?: Can, but not really Can u meet the availability requirements?: Yes
: LF a midlaner/toplaner/and or jungler for RTeams PLAT+ PREF
IGN: Asalerith Rank: P5 Role: Mid/Adc Playstyle: Controlled Aggression Voice Chat: Anything Best Champs: Zed, Vayne, Lucian, Katarina, LeBlanc
: Plat 2 Duo Botlane LFT
Not on a team myself, but would like to find one as well. Can play mid or top, Plat 5, IGN: Asalerith
: Looking for a MID ADC and SUPPORT for a tournament this saturday at 11:00 am high silver+
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: Warmogs 5v5 Try outs
IGN: Asalerith Microphone?: Yes Current Rank in Soloq: Platinum 5 Role?: Adc/Mid/Top Time Zone?: PST Active times?: Any Your weaknesses in 5s: Teamfights Main Champions: Vayne, Zed, Lucian, Riven Champions you're good at: Yes
: Ranked team looking for mid laner
Add me if you want, would be willing to try out.
: Silver/Gold Competitive Ranked Team for s6
Summoner Name: Asalerith Best/Preferred Roles: Mid/Adc/Top Age: 19 Availability: Mostly all day every day Current Rank: Platinum 5 3 Champions You Are Best With: Zed, Vayne, Lucian Preferred Communication application: Anything
: Am i the only one who half thinks this League thing has gone too far, but then half giggled so much at his introduction im kinda okay with it? Can you imagine obama? "Hi i'm the president of the United States and i main Riven." and the whole world cringes...
Obama would come out saying he mains teemo or something
Jynx (NA)
: Champion poros!
Whatever you do, do not look up poro jax. Just don't do it.


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