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: Now that grasp GP is being used in worlds, hopefully it'll be addressed
LMFAO dawg GP is barely a champion without grasp. He get's clapped by pretty much every relevant top lane pick unless you're Tobias/Mangki level good with him. Tobias barely even plays him top anymore.
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: Why waste a ban on Lee and leave Yasuo open for the enemy team to 1v5 your team with?
I'll play against a Yasuo any day of the week vs. having pee sin on my team again.
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Game is much better off without it but what people say when Jax and Riven are still broken after it's removal?
: > Sometimes someone will do a troll pick but I tell myself "high elo smurfs get through this stuff all the time, it's just a part of the game." Something like Leblanc support and full AP Malph jungle. In gold? Nothing trolly about that, especially not the latter. > Only reason I play Jax is cause he's strong enough to give a fighting chance in all these scenarios. Ever heard the phrase "top lane is an island"? An island based on a coinflip in champ select, in this case.
Funny enough, it's not as big a coinflip as most people claim. At least not to me at my current level. You can at the very least play evenly into most matchups with decent wave management. I'm not trying live by the "top lane is an island" excuse anymore cause many of the games I've won in the last few days were on me to carry. I see high elo people do it all the time too
: I had a jungler who forgot to take smite last night. Yes, it actually GIVES you smite as soon as you're put in jungle now, but he still somehow managed to not take it. What's really dumb is that this isn't even that unusual an occurrence. I've been told, if you consistently dominate your lane, you will win enough games to climb no matter what anyone else is doing. I don't know about that, though. It seems like you have to grind through so many games where something totally ridiculous makes the game unwinnable no matter what you do and lose all that LP before you finally get that fair chance to prove your worth and crush your lane.
That dude has to be troll, it does literally give you smite if you're jg now xD And I agree with you completely. Makes you wonder just how many games smurfs have to play to get the point where they understand how to win and play accordingly no matter what's in front of them. I was 1 win away from gold back in June but tilted all the way back down to Silver 3. I've worked my way back up to Silver 1 but the quality of games has taken a nosedive.
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: You should be able to interact with the UI without moving your champ by using the left mouse button. It's right-click that issues movement/attack instructions.
Yeah I just read a couple of things about this. Awhile back I binded my moving click to my left click cause it felt more comfy but I'll just readjust. Thank you for the info :)
Junipher (NA)
: Try pressing the S key to stand still, then left click and drag your items. Your character only moves if you right click something, or target something with an ability.
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On a happy note that's some beautiful spaghetti
: First its that 99 lp is tilting to get so it should auto do promos but now 98 is only 1 away so it should be too now 97 96 95 Where do we stop???
Have it work like a college grading system since it's 0-100. In most colleges you've earned a solid A from 95 onwards. If you get 95+ LP, you get into promos. If you've already lost the same promotional series, you get into promos from 95 + and get a free win added. But if you ask me promos should be taken out all together, that's just my opinion.
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: If Riven HAD to be changed in some way, what would you do to her?
I know they'll probably never nerf her damage (the PBE is full of damage buffs haha) so i think she'd be more tolerable her CDs were more punishable
: Her CDs don't matter much when in the large majority of match-ups she can stat-check you if you get in range of her. Having lane pressure by default for 6+ levels if you aren't suiciding shouldn't be a thing. Its the same reason Darius, Aatrox, Tahm, etc are bad design. The only way to hope to beat them is to either counter them or not interact with them at all. __________ Yes, her CDs are an issue, but even if Riot finally nerfed them properly, she'd still be an issue. I think one of the best fixes for her would be to make it so you only get stacks of her passive if her Q W or R hit a champion and if E blocks damage from a champion. Would make her less stat-checky, since she often engages by wasting E and 2 Qs. She'd still have OP damage when engaged on or having strong positioning advantage. She'd still have strong damage if she lands Q3, W, and blocks a shot with E. Also encourages players to play more 'optimally' by using her R2 after mid-fight (damage caps) for another stack, since they aren't as free, instead of as a last hit.
I agree with you completely and think those changes would be amazing. It would still encourage the same playstyle while not having her completely stat check you. I think she has more pressure than most ranged tops due to her passive giving her so much extra AD.
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Eyesack (NA)
: Once everyone gets 1-2 items people just start getting exploded
"You probably wanted to shop anyway." extremely underrated line right there hahaha
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: Most ranked games "end" at 10min.
Literally just had a game like this haha
Nazgul10 (EUNE)
: I'm on a 7 defeat spree lol
Just went from 1 win away finally being Gold to current at Silver 2 60 LP. You're not alone. Honestly you just have to keep playing. That's what I'm quickly learning is to just keep playing, but be able to play well. Eventually your luck will turn and you'll find a way to win.
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Cryonix (NA)
: Today is my birthday! :D
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: I certainly don't. I only get baked on my weekends, so I get a good mix of sober and high gameplay in throughout the week. The second I'm baked, I instantly lose map awareness. I think my mechanics remain close to the same, but my awareness is literally zero. I typically try a few games and if I'm just food for the enemy jungler, I usually just shut it down and go do something else.
> [{quoted}](name=Mantipede,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cUzqE8VA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-07T23:56:27.182+0000) > > I certainly don't. > > I only get baked on my weekends, so I get a good mix of sober and high gameplay in throughout the week. > > The second I'm baked, I instantly lose map awareness. I think my mechanics remain close to the same, but my awareness is literally zero. > > I typically try a few games and if I'm just food for the enemy jungler, I usually just shut it down and go do something else. Do you play solo or do you play with friends while baked? Also what role do you play?
: > [{quoted}](name=FranlkOcean,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cUzqE8VA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-07T22:44:13.493+0000) > > It's so much easier to focus and monitor my microplay, I barely die 1v1 and it's much easier to track possible ganks. I don't do it for ranked but it makes normals way better to play. Could it possibly be that you are playing in normals while high (a queue that is typically seen as less competitive than ranked) and in ranked while not high? They may look similar enough, but each queue has separate MMRs and intentions (typically people are trying their best champions in Ranked, while they are playing whatever in normals). Perhaps you just need to be high to play well, but I suspect that there may be a little more to it than that.
> [{quoted}](name=The23rdGamer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cUzqE8VA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-08T00:33:30.636+0000) > > Could it possibly be that you are playing in normals while high (a queue that is typically seen as less competitive than ranked) and in ranked while not high? > > They may look similar enough, but each queue has separate MMRs and intentions (typically people are trying their best champions in Ranked, while they are playing whatever in normals). > > Perhaps you just need to be high to play well, but I suspect that there may be a little more to it than that. I feel like it's a combo of what you said, plus the fact that I have 0 anxiety when playing high. Still never gonna try it in ranked unless something clicks and I get to high elo really easily and can smurf. If I'm high it just let's me think (game-wise) more efficiently. While sober I'm worried about my team and play kind of scared when it's vs. a jungler that can get ganks off at all times Edit: I also feel like a large part of the reason I feel that I play better high is that I'm having a lot more fun, that could just be in my head tho
: Nobody else thinks you play better high. So do everyone a favor and stop forcing your loaded ass into our games.
> [{quoted}](name=FrozenFitzgerald,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cUzqE8VA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-07-08T01:56:30.032+0000) > > Nobody else thinks you play better high. So do everyone a favor and stop forcing your loaded ass into our games. Man I hope to q up with you soon, Imma be faded out my mind :)
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: Hey Junglers, let me explain to you why top laners are always so toxic (explaining; not excusing it)
Beautifully said. I wish I could post this in every ranked lobby when I first pick top. Take my upvote friend
Schenix (NA)
: Well first is always champion select, right? There's a reason people in high elo get mildly tilted when they see matchups or their composition and the players aren't one tricks; it's because this stage is important too. It counts as macro. Now maybe in Silver and below, your mechanical skills can carry you to at least Platinum. This is feasible. But it's also, in my opinion, more difficult and certainly takes more effort. Not to mention I believe you gain a lot more traction or future progress out of macro. You'll notice most pro players aren't the best mechanical players in the world (they're still very good), but they are amazing at macro most of the time. ------ _Why_ are you picking Gangplank? _Why_ are you picking Jax? What do you plan to do with the pick? Take for example, Jax. Generally, you want him to win lane and split push. So from point A where you consider Jax, you go to point B and see how the top matchup can work for you. Point C is now, other champions they have on their team and how well they could rotate to stop you, or beat the rest of your team. Point D becomes, look at your team closer now, and understand their functions. If there already is a split pusher or your mid to late is too weak to hold, then perhaps Jax is too risky. Maybe they have a lot of bruisers on their team or a lot of peel, then you might just need a full tank. Perhaps they have a very powerful early game and can snowball before you can impact the map, or their splitpush can outdo yours. It's always relative. Gangplank is hard mode already. The champion has been nerfed enough that you need mechanical skill, experience into many matchups, and a lot of macro awareness in order to hard carry -- at any elo. He's good if you know all that though, even if a bit on the weaker side. Same thing though, why pick him? What do you want out of the pick? You want him into something that cannot easily kill you while also being able to proc Grasp or Klepto. You want to reach late game by mid game through gold and farm, then carry while ahead. That's the first goal. Alternatively, if you're confident, you can just win lane as an ideal goal -- but that's it's own mechanical and lane matchup experience dependence rhythm, different subject. You also want to be able to Ult a different lane and discourage dives. Clear waves, teamfight a bit. Overall, Gangplank fits into a lot of teams and against a lot of teams if you want to stick to learning him, but he will fail if you aren't meeting his primary objective. Gold. He needs his items, and he needs them before the enemy. Otherwise, you have to be mechanically gifted enough to carry generic teamfights, or become a split pusher. Also feasible though, you want to split normally as Gangplank a lot anyway, but not as deep as Jax might go. Gangplank wants to teamfight a bit more than Jax does, and you want to force that when you have the item lead. You also need to look at the enemy team and make your build pathing before even entering the game. Full damage, bruiser, crit, exec. calling, etc. Take the right summoner for the purpose into the enemy team, ask the same questions. When to split is the dangerous question, you have to read the map, learn to ward deep so as to anticipate how the enemy is moving, understand wave management in top to freeze effectively or break a freeze, where to leave minions so they push back into you, or as a split pusher to know when the wave will slow crash into their turret, know when to use your passive, your ult, etc. A lot of games are easier when you understand the champion select screen and what do there, then _remember_ what you decided and thought about as the game begins. You need to follow through.
This is quite literally some of the best advice on this game I've ever read. I've been thinking about this for hours and I believe it helped me win a couple of games today, so thank you. Originally I played GP simply cause I enjoyed him, and this was before his nerfs. Sometimes it feels like the enemy has to be lobotomized to actually lose lane to me, but GP is satisfying to play nonetheless. And even if I can't exactly play my lane the best, I can help other lanes with my ult. I like GP cause it feels like I can always have some sort of affect the game. But I loved the champ select advice. A quick question for you though. This probably matters way less in Diamond due to the game knowledge you have, but if you're forced to essentially blind pick into a possible counter, how do you make that decision?
Schenix (NA)
: Top, mid, and jungle can macro a victory on their own. ADC has to mechanically do so unless you're like Jinx or Tristana and really want to try that macro. Support better be great at multitasking, but their roaming and warding can decide games as well. All can technically win through mechanics _and/or_ macro, but it's easier one way than the other for certain roles. It certainly doesn't make any role have an inherent advantage as much as it does the player and their own skill or knowledge. Jungle feels prevalent because players don't normally respect a jungler exists in Silver 1 and get caught in precarious positions or faulty wave management. It is a very powerful role due to the potential impact that it can cause certainly, but Mid has access to the whole map as well with more stats than a jungler. Hence why normally your Mid-Jungle duo can roam the map best if your top laner isn't in an inherently good matchup. In this sense, Jungle counts as high impact because it can affect the whole map as a pivot, not necessarily always as a direct carry. As a pivot, you are still subject to the quality of your team to theirs, just that you have more autonomy over your decisions of pressure. You'll play for top if you want to rotate around, it's a lot of macro. Say your jungler snowballs top but nobody rotates or goes for objectives. Then you're not very ahead and the enemy team has a larger chance of coming back. Not to mention, if you let an enemy top run rampant, the game hardly ends at 25 minutes unless your team is playing perfect. Their top is going to become a monstrosity that bullies your jungler and your top -- as well as forcibly pulls pressure to them while applying it. So, while a lot of the time it might seem the jungler has the most impact, it's really whose team knows how to pivot around their jungler or winning lane. This increases as you rise in elo. Now, my highest is D4, so I can't speak for the highest echelons like D2+, but as you go up -- the jungler gains a lot more respect and their free ganking is severely reduced. It becomes a lot more macro and generally you want to support your win condition. This changes with each team composition and who you are up against, but the jungler has the highest influence on it as a pivot, alongside a lane that is considered the highest priority, or the objective which lane is nearest to. Overall, the game is neatly (ideally) set in that mid, jungle, and top can be set by macroplay -- and bot can be set mechanically. But within all of that, the jungle has the opportunity to always apply pressure even when they're losing, and this allows them to pivot for any lane as a support for that lane to apply more pressure. Game is relatively complex to spell out, but a lot of it comes naturally when you've played enough. -------- tl;dr - Jungle is power pivot and thus technically has both high value pressure for a team and also less than you might think if your team doesn't know what to do with it. Mid can pivot best off of Jungle, so it usually handles right behind it as well as having high impact on pressure to open the map. Support and Top are in the same tier due to the ability not only to roam, but also pressure objectives and deep ward easier into enemy territory and provide TP pressure or backup at any point before becoming a powerful split pusher or ghosting carrier. ADC is ironically the lowest only due to lack of autonomy that requires peel and reliance on being fed. They cannot pressure alone without it, and thus are relegated to mechanically providing a win condition. In that sense, ADC is variable and can be the highest impact to the lowest. Probably why it is also the most difficult to balance. Keep in mind, all the roles aren't linearly able to line up effectively. They have a lot of details and it is a team game. But in the best terms I can give you for an answer in a simple form (even though above is better for information), it would be: ADC > Jungle > Mid > Top/Support > ADC
What are some ways I could improve my macro play? I main GP top with some Jax and Dr. Mundo and sometimes playing Reksai jg. Most of my games on GP I feel are nearly impossible to carry vs. hard lane opponents and junglers who can get around the map easily. I've improved my mentality a lot and I rarely tilt, but many games feel out of my hands especially if I'm playing GP.
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Jamaree (NA)
: Because he isn't as strong as people make him out to be and people only remember their experiences against the ones that stomp.
I feel like this is accurate. Sylas players with lots of games maintain good winrates but it's weird that his overall WR is so low.
: Easy to jump in without thinking, similar to Yas.
Hmmm, but even Yasuos win rate isn't that bad at lower elos when people are still learning to play him in a ranked environment.
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: Macro play in low elo
Honestly I'm starting to feel like macro play in low elo doesn't matter as much. Just play a champion where you can easily get fed and control/take objectives at will
: If you want to use a mmr based matchmaking
I'm sometimes really curious as to why I have to face mid gold players (in the last few days I've faced people as high as Gold 1) just to get to Silver 1
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: Im only gold 2 but..
Your MMR says you're good enough to play against them. At least that's what people on the boards say.
Hotarµ (NA)
: I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to playing ranked on League but this advice kind of works across all games. I use it for Smash locals. - Take care of yourself physically. It sounds kind of silly but staying hydrated, eating a good meal, and sleeping properly can help curb anxiety alongside increasing your focus. - Remember that it's just a game. Obviously it's still ranked so don't pick something like first time Ashe mid with Barrier/Cleanse, but the point is that if you lose it isn't the end of the world. Everyone has low points and you're bound to have a few bad games here and there. Just focus on improving and how you can better yourself. - Play what you're comfortable with. Pretty self explanatory, if you're more comfortable on a champion you're more likely to perform well with them since you know their ins-and-outs. If you want to learn unique mechanics or matchups, hop in a practice match with friends or norms. - Warm up with some practice games. Going straight into ranked might not be a good idea since you might be a little rusty, just warm up with some norms or even ARAMs to get back into the groove of League. - Ban what _**you**_ don't like fighting/can't play well against, not what other people tell you to ban. If you're more comfortable banning Vayne rather than Tristana, go with what you think will help you de-stress.
Thank you for the advice man, really appreciate you taking the time out to drop it :) I'll do my best to put it into practice.
: Well for starters I don't treat the game as life and death.
I try not to but I don't feel this way about other online games. I just hate to be that dude that could potentially cost my team the game.
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