: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9TdvEcrm,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-26T07:30:42.702+0000) > {{champion:222}} : Her range carries her Are you sure you are talking about league of legends? Her range is 525 among the shortest of all ADCs. It only jumps to 700 with 5 stacks in Switcharoo and ONLY when she is using Fishbones and her attack speed plummets and her auto's cost mana. There's some legitimate complants to make about Jinx but her range is not among them. Indeed most ADCs out range her.
You do realize only 2 adcs even compete with her in range? {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} And Tristana's comes late game. Her Switcharoo does not cost much, and by 1 item is so negligible of a problem you can constantly keep switching back to Fishbones. She can also go {{item:3094}} to get to 850. Only Caitlyn actually has a continual range advantage over Jinx, and her kit generally is defensive, not offensive. Jinx's range is why she beats champs like Draven and Vayne. You really have a biased argument started here, since Jinx's entire gameplay style revolves around Fishbones..... This thread is 8 months old..... omfg.
: Still can't believe they're going through with Morgana damage nerfs.
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=oOBestEveNAOo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ExRTLOIt,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-08-12T17:08:45.317+0000) > > Unfortunately the stats page rates everyone based on the fact the majority of players are brawling non stop. It's smart to realize that though. Just means I'm a Diamond stat Malzahar player... Now if only Ranked wasn't so toxic... xD
If that was the case I'm a Master Tier Karma/Nami. Too bad I placed a new account in a low elo where being a master tier enchant support doesn't really carry you out. Damage is really too high atm to hope for any higher than about 57% Nami and 56% Karma. And not every game is meant for those supports so you end up playing something else, and losing disproportionate to the 1 tricking.
: Here's an even better tip to win games. Play whichever champions are overpowered because the Riot balance team is so bad at doing their job. Here's a few to get you started: {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:13}} Stay away from any champions that are underpowered unless you like to get stomped and lose. Here are a few to stay far away from. Never use these unless you want to troll your team and lose on purpose: {{champion:26}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:203}}
Your list isn't even accurate. Evelynn is not OP. You just don't know how to play against her. Elise is technically complicated and if you're able to carry with her, you don't belong in your current elo, because you're easily good at 15-20 other champs. Jax is a Category killer, but not considered OP since at least 50% of games are direct Jax counters, especially in the mage bot meta teams. He only gets to carry in auto attacker games. Irelia is not an OP champ, unless you are significantly skilled and out of your elo when playing her (in high elo she's viable because there's nowhere higher to climb, and everyone's skilled; Low elo she's a real game loser because her laning phase is crap and struggles to get items fast enough at that skill level. Riven is not an OP champ in low elo. If you do not know how to jump walls correctly, Riven is not OP, and low elo players do not know how to jump many walls with her. Vi is ranked as Silver Viable. She is not a high elo champ because her kit is EASY to shut down if you slam her after she's already blown a Q and can't get away. Offensively she's strong. Defensively she pops like a grape. Ryze is probably the most highly technical champ in the game, so again.... if you're good at him, you're out of your elo. Otherwise you skill in the wrong orders for the situations and generally end up feeding. There are at least 3 champs in your underpowered list that are not underpowered and are in fact in the top 20 champions roster in the game: Fiddle is ranked # 14 jungler, and 12 as support. One of the most oppressive champs in the game if played correctly, and is relatively easy to pick up. The strongest Silence in the game and the most readily spammable Fear. Aurelian Sol has consistently been either #1 or #2 mid in the game for the last year! One of the best win rates, kill participations and oppressive kits when played correctly. He is COMMON in high elo play, holding a 54.6% win rate in high elos. Kindred is not weak. Not by far. Once you learn how to do her Marks correctly, win rates shoot up dramatically to about 72% win rates. There's a trick to time the marks and get every single one of them, while bullying the other jungler at the same time. The reason you think she's weak is because for every good Kindred, there are 3 still learning her. She has been significantly buffed over season 8.
Krully (EUW)
: you do realise they just merged his old pool with his ult...
Yes. but now the whole pool suppresses. It's not just a degen.
Krully (EUW)
: malz since his rework is just shite and unfun to play. Stupid minions, stupid passive, even less interactions. Complete failure of a rework, bring back the old malz
You do realize his new ult can hit MULTIPLE CHAMPS. Where he lost overwhelming power on minions, he gained in his R.
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SugeMinPikk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEcyVq3A,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-08-12T19:20:56.776+0000) > > I remember AD Malz jungle > > That shit was so fun, especially in URF Yeah I've heard but then they decided to rework him because he could kill drakes too early ({{champion:19}} {{champion:266}})...
He could kill earlier and safer than either Aatrox OR WW. Level 2 Drake. No damage taken to self.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Why is Mundo allowed to be unkillable?
You know what I find funny? Mundo is playable in a way that almost makes you feel drunk and can do well. I can literally just walk around map and throw axes and do as good as any mundo.
: Does Athene's Unholy GRAIL work with GUARDIAN or AERY Runes?
1 yes. 2 yes (Box is wrong here; The game actually does count font of life as your heals..... you can try it sometime on a champ like {{champion:99}} , where you can just throw her E, and not pop it for the damage. Over the duration it will heal an adc poking slowed targets. and yes. It counts as a heal. See your post game heals on a no heal champ. 3 yes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aAqJNKZu,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-04T21:49:55.615+0000) > > Stats don't even begin to support your premise. > > Eve is utter garbage and has little impact on her team, even if she manages executes. She cannot exist in any elo where teams don't work to protect her. Serious reason she gets no low elo play, and rarely gets played at high elo. > > You really aren't using stats at all to support your argument because this post is bias. > > If any champs are broken, its {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:91}} If you think yi is broken, maybe you are low elo. "OMG, how can I beat this auto attack champion???" {{champion:24}} Irelia is no longer relevant after the nerfs. Talon is not a jungler. The same premise of a "niche pick" could be used with quinn... she is played in half the games that eve is played in.
https://champion.gg/champion/MasterYi/Jungle?league= This is Yi's ban rate in Plat + It's the #1 banned champ even there. If you want to get more picky, and Diamond +, https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/diamond/plus/champion/MasterYi/Jungle/ 30.9% Ban rate at Diamond + Even in Korea, where this game is a religion: https://lolalytics.com/ranked/kr/platinum/plus/champion/MasterYi/Jungle/ 32.7% Ban rate. WIn rate doesn't mean crap. People ban him because he has the #1 item agency in the game. If he gets to TWO items (including his jungle item), his Win rate goes straight to 52%. If he gets to THREE items he's over 60% win rate. In other words, there are two types of games Yi loses. 1) Games that run too short and he gets 100% shut out of his jungle 2) Games that run too long and a team can take advantage of one mistake and team push mid and end it In between, Yi is the king. He has the easiest kit to mop of high kill takedowns for large bounties, and usually several at once. Yi is one of the only champs in the game who can get a 6-7k Gold reward for one team fight..... because he's cleaning up while his team is dying, padding bounty gold that was already padded. People ban him frequently, even at high elos, because he has so much agency that if they risk blowing their kits to shut him down, they are sitting ducks for his team, and if they are team fighting, they don't have the skills to stop him when he enters late. ------------------------------------------------- Quinn is not a niche pick and is one of the highest performing champs in the game, and her kit is BASIC. https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/diamond/plus/champion/Quinn/ rank 11 of all champions, 55% Win rate even among masters... Even her counters are barely beating her..... running at a 49.387 or so Loss rate on 4 champs. Her top players even in Challenger/Masters are pulling 80% Win rates. https://champion.gg/champion/Quinn/Top?league= #1 kills in top lane, #1 Top win rate, #3 in gold earned, and her play rate is up to 2%.
Umery1 (NA)
: which is why they play him as a support and not a solo laner or jungler.
: Are Nid and rengar more of a high elo thing then? Cuz I think I've seen maybe two or three is dozens or games around bronze/silver/low gold players
Nid's presence in High elo exists, but it's about a .7% pick. Really rare, specialized players who know how to tolerate the new jungle and constant invasions. She exists no where else.
: Of the 8 broken champs in the game right now, three need to be hard nerfed. They are all junglers.
Stats don't even begin to support your premise. Eve is utter garbage and has little impact on her team, even if she manages executes. She cannot exist in any elo where teams don't work to protect her. Serious reason she gets no low elo play, and rarely gets played at high elo. You really aren't using stats at all to support your argument because this post is bias. If any champs are broken, its {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:91}}
: Hate pyke, but I have to agree. But I need one thing to agree, his E is a bit fat, that is all.
It's as wide as his character. And it would never hit otherwise.
: yes. He already has a strong regen tool with his passive along with a good escape with his uninterruptible invis & movespeed from his W. Why does an assassin need so much safety in his kit.
His regen tool means nothing if he can't get away. And his W move speed at short range is absolute garbage. 85% of the time you're relying on W to get away, you are just DEAD. He takes 2-3 shots to kill, and by the time he's even close to far enough to get away, he's taken 5-6 shots. Play him instead of trying to theorize about a champ you don't.
: Plenty of assassins have more than one escape, and if they don't, their one escape is pretty reliable, except Rengar, Nid, and Nocturne. My problem with Pyke is that he has two pretty reliable escapes. Yes, one of his escapes is also his engage, but any assassin with more than one escape also has to sacrifice damage to use it.
They aren't really reliable. If he uses his E as a stun, it's down for the rest of the fight. If he attempts to W at close range, he can't get away from slows/adcs Basically the only way they are ever both going to be escapes is if you W up to someone, Q at short distance, fight a little bit, but then dedicate all skills to getting out. And other assassins do not sacrifice damage to gain mobility. Their AD scaling is often double his, their passives add serious damage, and their ults do far more damage. For example...{{champion:91}} . He might have one ability soley built for mobility, but his passive is what? 75-245+200% Bonus AD becomes a BLEED. That's more damage than ANY skill pyke has, and he still has Rake, which deals damage twice and works towards proccing that passive, and Noxian Diplomacy has up to 165% damage modifier. His ult.... Hits twice. for 100% AD + base. When you actually do the math, Assassins generally have twice Pyke's built in damage, and still have mobility. Pyke on the other hand has to finagle fights..... do some damage..... get away..... and come back for round 2. It generally leads to him not being a primary damage dealer.
: Barely any assassins have more than 1 escape...
Sometimes might be true, but when they have 1 escape it's usually spammable: {{champion:28}} 1 Ult escape. {{champion:84}} 2 Escapes (R to minion/monster, and Shroud teleport) {{champion:245}} 2 Escapes (E/R) {{champion:60}} 1 Escape (Pretty powerful one though) {{champion:105}} 2 Escapes (W/E, low cooldowns) {{champion:141}} 2 1/2 escapes (Q Away, E, and R invasion) {{champion:121}} 2 Escapes (Leap resetting, R Vanish) {{champion:7}} 2 Escapes (W, and her Clone) {{champion:64}} 3 Escapes (Q Minion/Monster, E Ally/Ward, R) {{champion:35}} 2 Escapes (Q, R) {{champion:91}} 2 Escape ( W, Almost infinite casts though and never on cooldown as long as he has mana, R) {{champion:238}} Up to 2 Escapes (Shadows are a complicated mechanism, and can be used in 3 different ways, 2 of them being escapes, and are cast on 2 different skills) I'm kind of wondering where you get this idea assassins only have 1 escape......
: > [{quoted}](name=DeusVult,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wPQ6hkqr,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-03T17:41:44.153+0000) > > He cannot 100-0 someone unless they are either A. Alone and squishy or B. He is super fed and lands his whole kit. So I guess you just read the title right?
Except technically when played correctly he can do that. I've 1v3'd {{champion:61}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:245}} in a game where late game I literally had a solo Octokill, because my kill path started mid, brought me toward their base, and then as I killed #4 or so, the first kills began ressing, coming out and trying to help. I killed 3 of them again before the Nexus finally died.
: He's "healthier" than most assassins because you don't have to rely on racking kills *just* to stay relevant. Sharing gold is quite a big deal here.
You maybe get to share about 2400 gold total a game. In most games maybe 3-4 kills actually come from R. The others come from R "almost kills" where the opponent healed/dashed, and you finish up with Q or E. If you look at final gold scores it really doesn't help the gold totals much.
: In the past, I argued that {{champion:28}} was the "truest" assassin in the game. Pre re-work Eve had a perfect killer feel to her. She had to be played smart due to her lack of cc abysmally low defensive stats. At the same time her damage was no SO high that she could delete a full hp target. (unless she was REALLY ahead of coarse.) This made her feel more like a stealth action hero of the PS2 era like Solid Snake or 47; A stealthy, deadly sucker punch from the dark! But still extremely human if caught out. New Eve still captures this essence to me; They did certainly make her safer, but avoided breaking her identity or giving her a kit broken by design. I haven't played a lot of {{champion:555}} so I can't ad much regarding him. I like that they went for something different and not just another walking one shot machine. I firmly believe that the game has damage creeped WAY too hard!; And I know I'm not the only one. No champion should be able to 100 to 0 in less then 2 seconds unless they are SUPER fed in a team based game; and right now? Nearly half the roster can do it! It's not healthy for the long term of the game. When I first started I got really attached to my favorite champs! Why? Because they felt unique and had there own style! Like {{champion:28}}! But with everything exploding in seconds? Champs don't feel like... characters anymore. They just feel generic. The personalities of LoL's roster is what made me chose it as the MOBA I was going to play! Sadly, If I started today? It wouldn't be the same. And I imagine this could influence others decision to play LoL the same way it affected mine. Please give League it's character back Riot! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
lmfao what are you smoking? Old Eve had insane sustain, insane chase, couldn't be chased, could stack 4 forms of sustain, and could easily wreck 4k HP targets. New Evelynn pops like a grape unless you somehow expect a fight to last 2-3 seconds, and can get her jungle 100% shut down.
: I have two problems with Pyke. The area of effect on his ultimate is too big, the health threshold is too high too early. 200hp is a substantial amount of hp to have left at level6, enough to make the outcome feel disgustingly unfair, almost as if he was destined to win just because of that ability, which goes completely against the idea of using skill to win.
His level 6 damage threshold on ult generally appears to a Pyke player like about 10% HP...... It's really negligible compared to the HP champs have at that point. Now late game.... the threshold is between 25% and 55%. That gets scary. And if you can't get out of Pyke's Ult, I don't know what to tell you. He literally can be interrupted mid ult, it can be dodged (it's cross shaped), dashed, disarmed, knocked back, or you can..... you know..... have a heal skill in your kit arsenal. Or you can play something which can literally cheat death like Aatrox, Kayle, Tryn, Zac, Anivia, Vlad..... all of which whom are current popular picks
nozik555 (NA)
: pretty sure Pyke is overtuned he's not outperforming just because players are still bad at him since he's relatively new
The problem with this statement is it only considers what's happening from one perspective. People are also learning how to play against him. So you'll have 4 different scenarios: -Good Pyke vs Bad understanding opponents. -Bad Pyke vs Bad understanding opponents. -Good Pyke vs Good understanding opponents. -Bad Pyke vs Good understanding opponents. That being said there are literally champs who can kill Pyke in a single auto attack..... something which should NEVER happen ({{champion:23}} can literally kill him mid E cast by having auto attack nearest targets function on in settings. Not only can he cheat death, he can 1 shot Pyke with 0 counterplay) And normally.... Pyke's damage output is actually pretty low compared to other champs. Cooldowns gate him from laying down a ton of damage, as well as attack speed and single scaling skills.
DeusVult (NA)
: Pyke is the only assassin that actually works as a balanced assassin
He's not balanced at all. If a team is failing hard, so is he. If a team is doing their job, usually so is he. If an opposing team consists of tanks, Pyke is fodder. If an opposing team consists of "save from death" champs, Pyke is fodder. If an opposing team consists of Conquerer style champs, Pyke is fodder. His play is too related to who he's against and how his team is performing to be balanced. He's raggedy man being pulled along by the strings. (This is coming from someone who actually CAN 100-0 Several champs in a row with Pyke.... I've actually solo killed 1v3 with him in a game where I had an unofficial Octokill... because the kills were spread out over 14-18 seconds between)
: I think u work for riot games with a fake account{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} And ur trying to deffend the game.
No. I'm an economist and student of life (finance, business, hospitality, food.... children with autism, politics) I view the world through a more complicated lens.
: You are correct, the problem is paying for stats you don't need. The idea of this game is, if you need magic resist, you get magic resist. You don't get magic resist, 20 ad, and 10cdr. Marksmen Class have some of the most broken base stats, often considered 'squishes' when having more armor than a huge chunk of mid laners and supports at base. They also have super high mana regen, their cooldowns are just naturally low, they have high mobility, damage, range, movementspeed, for the most part, they ONLY lack magic resistance. There are many circumstances of noobtraps in the items. This is just another example. I also play Ashe, and Maw is pretty crappy on Ashe. Cait is very well rounded between "AD caster" and "ADC". But Ashe doesn't even need to CS well to do her job correctly and so she's perfect for a non-adc main because she is so basic. Cooldown and Spellvamp will do nothing really for Ashe, the most fundamental example of an ADC. Graves on the other hand, I think Maw is a core item. Because he is not an ADC. So while Cait is a great ADC, her synergy with Maw is still slanted towards being an AD caster. 10% might not seem 'entirely useless' but when comparing it to Taste of Blood or an actual champion that uses spellvamp, like Cassiopia or Katarina, then comparing 10% to how much they prefer for it to be effective (15%-30%) there just become less reasons to build it. The Gunblade itself is supposed to be attractive because the activation of it procs spellvamp again, if you don't need spell vamp that much, you don't need spellvamp really at all. ADC is supposed to heal with lifesteal, but AD caster has more room to argue spellvamp, but because their class is so auto based, lifesteal is just normally better. Getting Maw on Jinx so your traps and your E heal you, is spreading yourself too thin.
I get Maw on Jinx because champs like {{champion:101}} {{champion:63}} more or less wither to it when you take into account Jinx's Q range. Also increases the frequency of R, which I can nail 7 out of 10 times from across the map. The life steal is just a bonus once a mage actually gets you low. Can turn around those last second skirmishes. I mentioned I've 10/0/8'd this. I did it by basically being the team's tank. I went Grasp + Maw + {{item:3071}} and just soaked all the damage both my lane and their jungler were giving. And when I was low, I would just back up. I took over 19k damage that game while my team's average damage taken was only like 10k, and they were more deaths than me. I believe the lane itself was {{champion:119}} {{champion:432}} , and since I had Grasp I could heal more than if I was FF, and more than Draven could heal. Once I had BC, I could just dismantle them without ganks etc, because they couldn't run and I was shredding any armor they had. I know it's nontraditional, and it's definitely harder to CS with. But I generally know how to last hit etc and get good farm.
: It's true mantle rush is weaker against mages in general than Assassins because of Burst vs DPS, but Mage abilities are able to be dodged generally. Pros buy MR verses things they cannot dodge, if you're just eating mage combos in lane you need to git gud or switch lanes. It still does not change the math though that for less gold you can completely negate their pen. Magic Pen is a volatile stat that falls off just fighting .5MR level growth alone, it's legitimately never stupid to buy MR vs sorcs or an orb, Flat Pen is often a crutch all AP characters use to be able to deal their 'high damage' to squish for cheap, when in reality squish just don't block anything. Most Mages don't rush orb, they prefer Mana items like Ludens, so they are already going to have worse Sorcs optimization than Assassins will because pen is only good early anyways. You also cannot start the game with a Maw, but you can extremely early get a Mantle, even first item. The Mantle at most points of the game is reducing damage by 10%, this overtime outvalues the shield easily, and it costs far less money to do this. Costing far less money is the main reason it's best. When you upgrade most items, you lose all kinds of money into things you don't want or need, Katarina for example could give a shit about the Cooldown Zhoyna provides, it just makes it 350 gold more expensive for nothing, and she would prefer a cheaper zhoyna with no cooldown instead. The same thing applies with Maw. Does Caitlyn _really_ need 10% CDR and 10% spellvamp? No, but she will pay for that anyway, if she compromises trying to get the shield. That is the reason Mantle rush is just flat out superior. You are countering what you don't like, buying nothing extra, and paying the least possible gold to do so. The flat shield is literally a pointless damage reduction compared to the reduction gained overtime by resistance. By level 6, the mantle will have negated more than 350, before you could even afford a maw, and proc your first shield.
Maw also gives 10% life steal, and the spell vamp would apply on Cait's E and Q..... so it's not entirely useless. The 10% CDR is VERY useful. Try a 40% CDR adc vs a 0% CDR adc and you'll find several are actually MUCH stronger.
: The short answer is you're both wrong. Null Magic Mantle is among one of the most efficient item rushes in the game, it provides 25 Magic resist for 450 gold. A typical adc starts the game with 30 Magic Resist, and they gain 9 Magic resist by the time they level to 18 for a value just under 40. If you have played URF, the Null Mantle is effectively giving you the equivalent of level 50 Magic Armor, at level 1, if you buy it as your first item. The cheapest Mpen is Sorcs at a cost of 1100 for 18, so for 450 you negate an item most AP mages and Assassins use, that cost them 1100, but then you also gain 7 Resist(150g) on top of that for free, so you effectively counter their whole item for 300g, putting them 800 gold behind you. The problem is, why do you need to upgrade something that is already god-tier item? Upgrading it is a waste of gold for the reasons you put above. If you cannot farm with a 450 mantle pick up, that's not so great on your part, but purchasing a full Maw would be stupid. Null Mantle also sells for 315, so for the price of under 3~ potions, you can have level 50 Magic resist all game and never even consider upgrading it. People bitch all the time about 'counterplay' to Assassins, but I've yet to fight one that can even lane past someone building armor.
You get it for the shield. Adc vs a {{champion:101}} or {{champion:161}} or {{champion:115}} metes out too much AP damage for any adc to sustain and in a linear lane, it's really hard to dodge them all on the spamlord mages with semiglobal range. Vs short range mages it's not as much of a problem. Then you could just get the Null Magic Mantle.
: To be fair, an ADC cant just buy a hexdrinker early on; they would do no damage and it would put off their relevant power spikes even more. I agree assassins should and can get a hexdrinker though.
Yes they can, and should in many cases. I've gone 10/0/8 on Jinx building Hexdrinker.
: "You're an assassin, you don't build Maw wtf"
He wasn't trying to say your build was wrong. He was projecting in a fit (probably in response to criticism) with the best fit argument (in his mind) why YOU aren't carrying as much as you SHOULD be (again in his mind) Silver: Everyone's perfect players. Cannot accept blame for poor decision making like pushing out mid. So blame everyone else. Don't take it personally. P.S. Pros are building {{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} Pyke as support.
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pIUEmAmK,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2018-06-22T19:54:28.594+0000) > > No. He's not. His Base HP scaling makes Tanking at most points of the game virtually impossible, even if he's built and runed tank. The damage overflow/Ignite is just too high to try to play him immobile. When he has 1300 HP, other champs have 2400-2700 HP, or are a sustain champ like an adc. In other words, even if you have 40-50% damage reduction, you're still taking damage from kits designed to kill 2400-2700 HP with 1300 HP. > > And then there's Conquerer and the new IE which make that all less effective. > > I'll tell you as I have been telling you: The best way to play Pyke is on MOBILITY. Get him out of a fight after he's done his job and is at risk. Go heal. Then come back. That's the best "tankiness" in the game. > > I average 34k damage taken per game on Pyke on games where I die once.... and it's not because of armor. Who is talking immobile? What a preposterous assumption. Of course mobility is key, his entire kit is build for it. Point is, masters level Pyke supports build coin and frozen heart, silver level Pyke supports build targons and duskblade. He isn't a tank, you should not play him as such. But you should build him as such.
That kind of blows my mind. I actually looked up your claim and that's extremely sad. I do not see a single jungle Pyke player in pros. They really are just playing him a support at high tiers, not at all using his kit for anything but last second plays. I am thinking they got disillusioned by the 1 hit potential of Pyke's HP so much that they decided it's better to just build him tank and play the absolute role of a catcher. Explains why Riot took away HP, and gave armor/resist growth. High level play was actually building him tank. But... I can tell you right now, and I may post some games on Youtube soon: 1) I'm not a Smurf 2) When I switched over from Normal Cast to Quick Cast, My Pyke play suddenly looks like I am WAY out of my elo. I feel like I am in Season 4, literally 1v5ing. 3) I Jungle Pyke. 4) I solo damage entire teams, not just leeching off my team's damage. Yesterday as AD, I went 20/2/7 one game, and another at 23/0/7. The rapid suppression of the other team I created was like a vacuum: They could not breathe. My ult was always up, and I literally went around the map killing champ after champ after champ from full HP. Once base fights began I literally had an unofficial 8 - kill streak Pentakill in one game, 6 kill in the other. I can probably guarantee that these two games were the kind of play you'd see when a Challenger smurfs down here. And I wasn't building tank. My primary build patterns were abnormal. One my first three items were {{item:1412}} {{item:3077}} {{item:3033}} , and the other I started {{item:1412}} {{item:3077}} {{item:3078}} . The Triforce build was literally just broken. I was taking a {{champion:56}} to 50% Health in one Auto attack! I know the skill gap is extreme vs who I'm playing with, but it's not the skill gap I'm looking at here. I'm looking at the constant control of these games. In all but two of my games yesterday I had absolute pressure. More pressure than a {{champion:91}} or {{champion:238}} and far easier kills. And No. I wasn't using some Aftershock or Electrocute to boost my damage. I was using Phase Rush. I am confused as to why these Pros are taking Crystalis over Conditioning with all these tank items though. Conditioning on FH/SV is far stronger than 9 AD.... ---------- I will be honest. When I was using Normal Cast Pyke was another champ entirely. On Normal Cast I was pulling 53%, and I was at the mercy of skill confirms. It slowed me down enough that I did have some bad games where I got disrupted. My kill totals weren't where they should have been, because I missed a lot of ults, and hooking was a tiny bit slower. Quick cast is a different champ entirely. I am suddenly way way out of my elo, and I'll probably be Gold within a week, if I have time to play, and I'm pretty sure my current AD play can get to at least Plat I (While I say I'm not a smurf, I know where my core inadequacies are: I often rage at teammates when I calculate their actions have created a major loss scenario, and in this elo they get vindictive towards people coaching them, and begin trolling/feeding as a hardstuck. I often varied champs too much, bringing down averages. I usually approach farm/fights as a high elo would in a high elo game: Safe, not entering fights that could be a wash or are guaranteed to be one..... but this is mid/low elo, so that's not entirely the right approach. If you try to play cautious in elos that aren't, you generally lower your contribution, because you can't split push when your team is dying, and you aren't contributing to damage if you avoid the fights altogether. If a champ enables me to bypass these problems, because a) I'm confident b) I'm mainly 1 tricking and c) I can bypass and carry my teams, My elo is probably easily Plat I - Diamond V And I probably would be.... if I hadn't got scared out of using Quick Cast by how it interacts with some champion's skills.... like Ahri's R, or Nami's R, where a slip of the fingers = bye bye ult). -------------------- Pros and I are building him for different roles. And that's probably a big key in this discussion. SKT1 Wolf does have Lethality games in his roster. He also has games where he does what you suggest. The difference I see in his tank build games are...... when he's vs champs who can eliminate Pyke's mobility. For example, one of his recent games was vs {{champion:24}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:157}} . The team has the potential to gobble up a AD lethality Pyke. Taunt's reliable, as is Taric's Ult/Stuns, and Jax's Stuns. Kai Sai's damage isn't crit, so tank is the perfect counter to getting one shot. But then another game he went Lethality. That was vs {{champion:163}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:31}} . Not much hard CC to contend with, and he probably calculated that it's better to augment my team's damage and hasten Jhin and Cho's death, than to try to tank them. I do think Pros vary vs the team they are against. A disproportionately high amount are building tank because every team has a couple really dangerous champs to Pyke.
: Season 3 and 4 you just picked split pushers and said fuck your team tbh
I had a 30/0/6 in an {{champion:77}} game Season 4 where the end result was 36/42/12 Spoken for truth when you literally 1v5 a team.....
: JUNGLE IS @%*&!
I'm level 3 after completing a quadrant of the Jungle lol. Almost level 5 by full clear. Level 6 in a clear and a half..... dunno what you're doing wrong.
: Petition to make Nullifying Orb adaptive
It won't work because of how the two behave. Camille's shield comes up on the onset of the damage. In other words, it reacts to an If / Then query on damage type and acts accordingly. Nullifying Orb acts like Maw, where the actual If/Then Involved is not what kind of damage is recieved, but: Is the subject is under 30% HP? If /Then Activate. To have Nullifying Orb become Adaptive, you would have to apply a second string of Queries..... something I don't see anywhere else in League I'm curious if anyone can think of any. I was going to suggest Minimum damage on % damage might be a dual string Query, but it's not. The base % damage is rudimentary; The only If/Then applied here is which is Greater? The fixed Minimum damage, or the variable % damage? From what I can tell..... each individual function of League is single thread. It's just a ton of threads that often occur simultaneously.
: No. None of us are pros and all of us make many mistakes. Did you play perfect in every game you lost?
I generally am the one of maybe two purpose and strategic based players in my games. We know how the game should operate. But the rest of the team just doesn't believe it. I think evidence suggests that yes. Some players are near perfect and still lose. Because they cannot relay messages to their teams. Even SKT 1 yells at their Solo/Duo teams because their teammates don't operate under logic and strategy. Go watch their streams sometime. They literally go nuts over people making really dumb mistakes, and 90% of the time..... they are right! Saying none of us are pros etc seems like a projection of blame to me. Imperfection believes that everything else is imperfect to justify imperfection. Now.... I'm not saying Perfection exists. But there are modicums of imperfection damn NEAR perfection who should generally be viewed AS a standard for perfection. And some players do have that. You should try to listen to those who actually know what they are saying and are analyzing. Don't shut them up. Do you know how many times I tell a team exactly what will happen level 1, 2 and 3, and they completely ignore it, and it happens anyways? I can tell a team I'm going to get invaded and at what exact time, and where..... and they won't even prepare for it. Welp.... that's your problem! _**No..... It's yours too.... it's a team game, and if I get boxed out of my own jungle by a mechanical counter, you're sabotaging yourself....**_ I can tell them that a lane is a duo or a jungle and a laner are a funneling duo. Doesn't matter. They push out anyways and feed the duo. Not once. But over and over. And then ping assistance when their turret is 20% and I'm on the other side of the map after they've already fed 0/4. I can tell a bot to play passive because the other team has an insanely killer synergy level 1-2. Doesn't matter. They feed level 2 First bloods anyways. Or I urge my team to ward a certain path because I'm playing something like {{champion:555}} and I need vision control not to get shadow ganked on my low HP.... and then the entire game goes by without my team ever setting up good ward paths (which is goddamn important on Pyke!) In none of these situations...... is there something I myself could do more perfect to remedy a weakness or obstacle. I'm asking/telling my team how to achieve success. They ignore it. Relative to me, yes. They are more imperfect than I am.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9TdvEcrm,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-26T13:27:34.024+0000) > > Your account says you're SIlver V and have a whopping 39% win with Tristana, and none of your scores look like a 1 million mastery score.... or the scores of someone smurfing her who has 1 million mastery...... > > _**This post is a meme.**_ > > And I've learned that arguing with memes is pointless :) Ended last season with a 55% winrate on tristana and a 53% overall winrate in s3. I stopped playing ranked or I could have gotten gold. This year, I was forced into playing my placements after a solid month of not playing at all because I wanted to play in a friends league and he decided to try and help me through them as a diamond 5 smurf playing khazix mid and essentially trolling me. I haven't played ranked all this season because of it and that shows in the fact that I have 20 odd games. You can click the previous tab and see my 200+ games on tristana last season or you can go here: https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=OtterlyLost&region=NA and see that I have a staggering number of mastery points on the champion. And finally resorting to calling out my rank and trying to "meme" when you're proven wrong just makes you look like an idiot.
Wow. 930k Mastery on Tristana. That's Legit :S. But..... having that type of 1 trick mastery generally puts someone in Diamond +.... In other words, it's not indicatve of actually having mastered her. Tristana can easily carry to platinum. Past that people generally are cautious and don't allow her to thrive. But silver.... means you just have spammed a lot of games :S. And a Diamond V smurf could totally mid Kha Zix. There's nothing gating him from playing the role.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9TdvEcrm,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-26T07:30:42.702+0000) > > There are at least 3 adcs who do not need fed to assassinate: > > {{champion:222}} : Her range carries her even when behind. As long as she has a cc wall of allies in front of her, she is the most Pentakill friendly champ in the game. > > {{champion:18}} Can assassinate before she's even fed. All being fed does for her is increase the HP by which she survives and how many times she can reset. (She can burst ~2100 HP with just a {{item:3153}} early game) > > {{champion:133}} Although an extremely low Bot pick, she has an insanely unchecked in rate in ALL roles of 73% + once she has 2 items. She is one of the easiest adcs to assassinate with, has overcapping damage in just 2 abilities, and can now mark on EVERY skill where she used to be able to only Mark on one, and her passive. This creates 3 mark procs in a matter of about 2 seconds, and she builds Lethality to boost, and has the fastest map travel in the game. Uh I play two of the three of these and can say, yes. You need to either be fed or extremely well farmed and if you didn't manage either early on, you're stuck waiting until late game. At which point, if Tristana and Jinx have spent the game behind and they reach late game without you closing out, that's your fault and you deserve to be "assassinated" as you put it. That's your own inability to close out the game fast. I know for a fact tristana cannot burst you with one item and definitely not with just bork unless you're just stupidly underfed and behind, which, again, is your fault and you have earned that. I have almost 1 million mastery points on her and I know what she can and cannot do and when she can and cant do it. And most of the time, she wont be rushing a bork first item in the first place; not when BT or BF into Zeal is much stronger for her. Quinn is an assassin; she is considered to be like graves and corki. All assassins can burst you without being fed. ._. A zed or talon can burst a squishy if they're behind if they catch them alone and off guard. Have you even played a marksmen before? The ignorance in these boards is astounding. I love when they come in and complain about fed ADCs bursting them in teamfights, like a class who is designed to and only builds full damage isn't going to do *alot* of it if well farmed and fed. > [{quoted}](name=vgamedude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9TdvEcrm,comment-id=00020000000100000001,timestamp=2018-06-26T07:18:29.179+0000) > > What a joke. Just because you get a support in lane as a slave doesn't mean you aren't the strongest class and surely that isn't the only reason why. I hate this damn excuse so badly. Again, the support decides laning phase and has full control over it. Morons like you should try playing bot lane for a month or two *as a marksmen* and see just how "overpowered" this class is. Your skill in lane does not matter; you can be trash tier or you can be a God. Doesn't fucking matter if your support is a potato. They decide your laning phase for you and it doesn't end after it's over and shit. If they cant protect you in teamfights, you arent doing shit. This is shown to me constantly in my own games; I leave lane fed? Doesn't matter. They have a fed assassin and my support cant save me, my team cant protect me. We just lose. Because marksmen dont have agency. Their defenses have been consistently crippled more and more over the course of this game and so has their "solo carry" potential. No marksmen carries the game on their own. Which makes the losses you suffer sometimes even more demoralizing and frustrating. I have left laning phases as 5/0 but my mid (who actually has all the power and solo carry potential on the map; mid mains who tell you otherwise are just bad at their lane) opened up a soup kitchen to their laner and I cant do anything. That laner, regardless of who it is or what it is, scales faster than me, has self peeling abilities that allow them to function with a team full of monkeys, and is probably through two items while I'm sitting at 1 and a half due to my absurd item costs. They're going to rip through my team and then they're gonna murder me because there is no way I can 1v5 them. I cant even 1v1 unless they grossly mess up.
Your account says you're SIlver V and have a whopping 39% win with Tristana, and none of your scores look like a 1 million mastery score.... or the scores of someone smurfing her who has 1 million mastery...... _**This post is a meme.**_ And I've learned that arguing with memes is pointless :)
: We're witnessing the birth of the new role meta
Double Jungle just has too many negative externalities on a team You simply cannot gold fast enough. Can't level fast enough. Trust me. I've had enough support trolls try to grief/stalk and steal camps. The fact jungle XP is not shared prevents this from ever being a possibility. And then they begin leeching lanes, which puts the lanes behind relative, in both XP and gold, making everyone weaker on one team. Jungle meta made sense. Less of a burden on one laner. Double jungle meta makes no sense. Heavy burden not only on the core jungler, but also on the other laners, because one of the junglers cannot XP otherwise. Gold funneling works because XP is shared. Double Jungle does not.
: Pike is so fun to play against
His downside is he literally cannot survive large damage champs. His HP cap is 2471 and the scaling of that HP puts him on average behind every champ in the game but adc, because they all build SOME HP. And Thursday they are reducing his HP cap to 2301. He generally has like 1100 HP when other champs have 1400-1600. It's also VERY prone to kits that have % Damage built in, because they have minimum damage. For example, {{champion:36}} 's cleaver scales up to 280 Minimum Damage. Any penetration game utterly destroys Pyke. His Ult is heal-outable, disruptible, stasisable, revivable, clonable, side step/dashable, not near as easy as you let on. You can literally destroy his ult mid cast. His damage output is also fairly low. Even though he can scale up to about 560 AD, the typical AD is about 330 mid game, and he generally only gets about 20k damage dealt in games where allies have 30k or better. His cooldowns cap his ability to mete out damage.
: Didn't Congress not allow the removal of net neutrality after it was brought there?
Senate voted 52 - 47 to reinstate, but House refuses to even floor the issue.
: > [{quoted}](name=BigBellBrute,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9TdvEcrm,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-06-25T22:21:06.270+0000) > > Except of course ADCs. They whined when they were adjusted because they could out assassin assassins. Ahhh the classic,"marksmen were bursting harder than asassins" while ignoring specific circumstances like how fed they were, how easy they are to burst, and how late game it was. And of course, the complete ignoring of how badly they were gutted. Seriously, ADC mains have complained twice in 8 seasons and it was both during times where it was well deserved. Bruiser and mage mains whine every. Goddamn. Season. Even when all of their picks are viable and have decent item choices and a selection of roles to play. Still not good enough. Honestly, bruiser and mage mains are the entitled ones. They have access to top, mid, and jungle in that they can be played viably in all of these lanes but evey single one is like,"OMG, marksmen have one lane all to themselves, the only lane they can go to because we dont like them in our lane, how horrible. We demand that lane because having three fourths of the map isn't enough. We need to have access to the entirety of the map and adcs should have access to none of it. How dare crit adcs want to be solo laners and come mid; get back bot with your "slave" who actually has all the impact and power in lane. You dont need agency or lane diversity because you *have bot* and we don't. Waaaaah. And while we're at it, rito our champs suck, pls buff them. Waaaah." Literally every mage and bruiser main for seasons. I can find millions of threads of bruiser and mage mains whining about their champions and their roles before 8.11. But marksmen are entitled for wanting equality for their champions.
There are at least 3 adcs who do not need fed to assassinate: {{champion:222}} : Her range carries her even when behind. As long as she has a cc wall of allies in front of her, she is the most Pentakill friendly champ in the game. {{champion:18}} Can assassinate before she's even fed. All being fed does for her is increase the HP by which she survives and how many times she can reset. (She can burst ~2100 HP with just a {{item:3153}} early game) {{champion:133}} Although an extremely low Bot pick, she has an insanely unchecked in rate in ALL roles of 73% + once she has 2 items. She is one of the easiest adcs to assassinate with, has overcapping damage in just 2 abilities, and can now mark on EVERY skill where she used to be able to only Mark on one, and her passive. This creates 3 mark procs in a matter of about 2 seconds, and she builds Lethality to boost, and has the fastest map travel in the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=vgamedude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9TdvEcrm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-25T21:39:07.950+0000) > > Thank god. Literally the only reason I'm coming back to try this game again is that ADCs hopefully got put in their place. > > Freaking adc mains you all get one patch where you're finally optional like literally everyone else and you throw a fit. Typical. I mean, mages/bruisers never stop whining so who is the real baby here? I've never heard a whiner group of players than mage and bruiser players.
My only complaint with mages is their damage executions in the fast meta result in far more "support like" kdas. Morgana used to be a champ who could 20/4/18 a game. Now she's lucky to 5/2/25 a game. The damage is there, but the Auto attack meta damage gets reliably applied at the end of an engagement, almost always awarding the AD's the kill. In this new Bounty system that can be 2000-3000 lost gold per game. I can't pull a 20k Gold game on a mage anymore. The Talon or Zed or Warwick I'm teamed with gets all the kills.
: And you won with Ryze, Khazix, Morde, Poppy, and Blitz. Nice!
Banning really is a PITA atm though. My teams ban my own champs..... after I've pre-selected them. And are First Pick. So then I have to scare them with Mage junglers. And then carry them anyways... Just not enough bans atm. Hopefully 8.13 helps..... but I guarantee if {{champion:23}} isn't banned he's going to be a 15-30% Pick rate. Dunno why they are shaving 2 seconds off his Spin as a whole. He's already almost impossible to get away from when fed (which is any 15+ minute game). Now he's just gonna laugh when people play mechanically correct and still get eaten. And then there's gonna be {{champion:18}} buff..... when she already can push 20 kill games and really wasn't affected by the crit rate nerfs... Her E is going to lead to her being a 10% pick again and every game is gonna be Tristana resets again.... Jinx might get in there too with her Q damage no critting and W getting buffed (once again!). One of those no hope once 2/0 champs due to insane Q range. (I predict a nerf after 8.13 to "balance out") And Yi changes aren't going to really take him off that list except perhaps parts of the {{item:3124}} nerf..... which doesn't address why it's OP on him. ------------- What really scares me though is..... they're dropping Pyke's HP by 10-170. WTF. On a champ that can't gain HP? Even if they are improving his resist scaling/armor, that all falls away hard after lethality/penetration enters the picture.... and some champs can just eat 2300 max HP anyways. And the Ult changes are a wash until 250 + AD, so good luck actually getting better results out of the Ult :S. E change is also a joke until later. So he gains more damage later, but dies before he can apply it? Gonna be a fun meta :S.
Ýisus (NA)
: When Riot is too stubborn to admit they are wrong.
Everyone argues these points from personal bias, not statistics. In fact, many mages (I mainly play some).... actually got AP BUFFS. Anyone who builds {{item:3116}} or {{item:3165}} got far stronger. Anyone who builds {{item:1402}} in jungle got far stronger.... The only actual "nerfs" are people who build {{item:3285}} or more specifically, {{item:3003}} . Sure.... the {{item:3802}} comes about 400g later..... but now it also includes the AP from {{item:1052}} {{item:1052}} {{item:1027}} , not just {{item:1052}} {{item:1027}} . They added more AP in there. {{item:3030}} got buffed! {{item:3151}} Is debateble, but actually in long fights it's probably better because of the new addition of a passive. The reduction of % damage to deal with {{champion:82}} kind of sucks though. {{item:3027}} is Viable again..... because it's back to a 100 AP item I'm not going to say mages were buffed or nerfed, but the mages I run are topping my teams on damage still. I rarely see them underperforming at least, so I'd say they are "average." --------- Jungle was not nerfed for any player who is flexible and learns new routes. I'm getting level 6 faster than I ever have, because of what they did to Krugs. 3 Camp level 3. By the end of a rotation I'm almost level 5. By 1 1/2 rotations, I'm level 6.... What happened here was actually about a Wash on XP, but having to focus complicated camps instead of getting level 4 off solo mob camps. That's all. They actually added survivability to the jungle.... by increasing damage and heals on {{item:1039}} . ------------ The funnel strategies were already possible and already used across the board. They just didn't see LCS play much. That doesn't make them that strong or that not punishable. If a Mid is funneling a Jungle, why not have your Jungler abuse that mid funneler while he's freezing waves for the jungler? He's taking damage while freezing, and you can at least burn flashes, etc. If the other jungler comes, it's a weak mid and a healthy jungler vs a strong mid and a healthy jungler. If you chose champs correctly, you should have an easy time routing them. ---------- Truth is you don't know what the problems are, and I'm a bit of a statistician, and I can generally understand what Riot is doing with 8.13: 1) Guinsoo's Rageblade Unique passive Bonus AD lowered from 4% to 2.5% AP lowered from 4% to 2.5% - Cause of many of the 1v5 snowballs getting nerfed in its core behavior of creating large AD increases. That's an obvious one. 2) Infinity Edge Cost lowered from 3700 to 3600 Combine cost lowered from 1100 to 1000 - Slight buff to adcs who want to reintegrate it. ------------------------------------------------- - Master Yi Alpha Strike (Q) cost lowered from 70/75/80/85/90 to 50/55/60/65/70 [Removed] No longer deals bonus damage to minions. Makes Yi who is already notoriously a weak early gamer, even weaker.... making him much slower to come online. Which is a major consequence to the Funnel strategy, since he won't 1 hit the waves on a Q. He might not even be chosen as a Top laner anymore. -Nunu Blood Boil (W) AP lowered from 40% to 20% [New] now adds [5% per 100 AP] to Ability Power [New] now adds [5% per 100 AP] to Attack Speed Attack speed lowered from 25/30/35/40/45% to 20/24/28/32/36% Designed to give him the same power as he had, but to funnel it toward a requirement to actually farm. He has to itemize to "Funnel" now, which essentially eliminates the funneling because he has to buy AP to get the buffs. --------------------------------------------- Lucian AD per level lowered from 3.11 to 2.75 The Culling (R) minion damage lowered from 400% to 200% Drastically takes away Lucian's current 1 sided dominance vs teams he can tag on to to reset cooldowns. Also drastically reduces the viability of {{item:3508}} , because it's going to take longer to break minion waves and go off on Essence's passive without risking a minion wave attacking him. Brings him down to the level of other adcs. ----------------------------------- The only changes I don't agree with: Jinx Tryndamere Tristana The 2 ADC buffs are uneeded and overpowering. Tristana can already currently pull 20 kill games, and Jinx after 2 kills is pretty much also a kill reset button with her long range Q. Tryn losing 2 seconds on his spin pre CDR is abominable. Spin already almost 1 shots people. Now you won't be able to escape him unless your kit can somehow get you over two walls instead of one....
ali afri (EUW)
: if u send 2 player on split pusher u already lost game, in a true organized play, u think trynamere will watch u coming as 2 or more ? this even happens more in solo q that players try to go as 3-4 on split pusher, but higher in rank u go more u find this will cost u all towers and u just waste time, so in super high level like LCS u see even nobody goes toward split pusher and they push 1vs1. reason is not people collapse on trynd, the reason is this that fiora or aatrox do the job better . in pro play all the way of jungle is warded by sup for split pusher
Aatrox and Fiora don't Split push better than Tryn lmfao. And if you push instead of stopping Tryn, you're facing 4 people blocking your route. Sometimes the goal of collapsing on Tryn isn't to kill him. It's Just to prevent him from doing turret damage. Jungle may be warded and Tryn might get out.... but if that's the case, he's moving long before they get there, which means they also turn around prematurely. 3-4 go rejoin the mid/wherever fight, and one or two stay just to make sure Tryn doesn't go back to the split push.
Nenthos (NA)
: The example you used does not make the slightest bit of sense. 1. These are the people developing the game so they know the in's and outs by building things from the ground up 2. You don't need to think of every variable to fix a problem if it occurs, sure it may be more ambitious then it seems but no where close to the realm of "complexity" of millions of equations your implying, literally every other modern video game ever is more "complex" than chess and the devs of them don't have problems fixing their freaking game. 3. It's a team full of people who work 6-8 hours a day, no excuse. Don't know how you came up with something so baffling off the mark.
Except it is. When balancing a champion, you have to think about their potential interactions with other champions. And then you have to think about their interactions with combinations of 5 of those champions on the same team. And then you have to think about interactions that specifically occur at different places on a map which have heavy influences on game outcomes (infernal drake dominance, Barons, different tiered turrets/lanes/Inhibitors, Red bluff, Blue buff) And then you have to think about champion average interactions with Bounties which changes how they gold increase (especially important with snowballing assassins or no kill supports on when and how quickly they can buy items) And then you have to think about how Summoner spells impact specific champs, because they do not help each champ equally.... And then you have to look at each rune versus each champion, and see how they impact those champions (like Teemo and Comet or Aery) And then you have to look at how each item affects each champions in what way. --------- What this comes down to is your definition of "fixing" or "balancing." In reality, what you are thinking of as fixing is a Hawkish perspective on prohibiting something that impedes YOUR (specifically YOU) fun and viability. But that's not really "fixing" anything or even balancing. And no game is good at balancing or fixing. If anything, Riot is ahead of the curb there. Their game's decline rate is infinitesimal compared to other modern games, their sales exploded to rates unseen by any other modern game, and their innovation and marketing is FAR more active than other games. Everything you see on this website is a form of marketing. New champs are marketing. etc. Most games begin a major (13-20%) annual decline per year after their first month. League's has been about 3-5% annually... at least by search rates. By Revenue, they've been exploding, rising, and concurrent player counts were on the increase at least until 2016 (we don't know 2018 numbers yet). Most games do not have post release marketing in large amounts either. They are built to earn spenders and burners. And then move on to the next game. _** If you're going to cite games which "fix problems" actually cite them. I know of many who attempt to try, but end up creating far more damning problems, and often don't actually fix the problem.**_ Unless the problem is a Glitch or Bug, most attempts to solve problems are not scientific. The live release is the only real way to gain statistics on the "fix" and see if it actually was one. And like with League, that's always an ongoing process. League has a major advantage in dealing with this though:) 1) Third party nonassociated sites have taken to tracking and creating statistics which players and Riot can use to bring attention to major abnormalities (minor abnormalities can often be just attributed to player base collective decision making) 2) Riot has Loader texts, selections as stock data to use without extensively datamining the game. This reduces the burden of interpreting data in behavior, champ selection, popularity, bans, etc. 3) Riot has a finite set of actions players are allowed to make in game, which helps make their in house stats more retrievable. 4) They have the PBE (A lot of games do have a Beta server, so this isn't entirely unique, but they do update it more frequently and often than the vast majority of other games, and they do know how to read the data). ---------------------------------------------------- I heavily suggest you take a semester, go to college, and take a class in the Economics department called "Game Theory." It's the science of determining the best outcomes for decision making. It applies to everything you do, everything you have done to you, and likewise, what a game does as well (life is a series of games)
darkdill (NA)
: Will there be a point where Riot simply ditches the current game engine for a new one?
Dunno. Riot is owned by Tencent, and they only have 2 games left in the MOBA profit making margins: Dungeon Fighter and League of Legends. Most of their other money ventures are outside of Online gaming. So they could just close up the online gaming department if League ever failed. Although..... They just bought Path of Exile from Grinding Gear Games..... so who knows..... Maybe they'll expand. I think they probably see an opportunity in Net Neutrality being abolished, and know they have bandwidth buying power, so they can "conservator" all these games that need bandwidth and provide that infrastructure, since they are big and the game developers are not. They might become to gaming what OPEC is to Oil..... the company that decides which game companies thrive and which ones die.... by buying up bandwidth (Opec does it through releasing oil reserves on the market, which bankrupts small oil companies and keeps the competition only among large (and few) competitors)
: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q2tNw0wG,comment-id=00000003000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-25T16:38:31.273+0000) > > Except it's not a lie. Account was created on September 26th in expectation of the October 10th released of Evelynn Rework. Played Season 7 for 1 month. Then stopped operation on December 26th after a couple months of Preseason. > > Exactly 3 months. > > I wouldn't be caught dead playing ranked in Preseason with my main. > > You can believe what you want but you always will look weak if your arguments boil down to attempting to rank shame someone. When someone claims they are D2 and playing tough competition to make an argument, it is not rank shaming to look up you account and see whether your words square with the facts.
D II is nothing like Master/Challenger.
: > [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q2tNw0wG,comment-id=00000003000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-25T16:38:31.273+0000) > > Except it's not a lie. Account was created on September 26th in expectation of the October 10th released of Evelynn Rework. Played Season 7 for 1 month. Then stopped operation on December 26th after a couple months of Preseason. > > Exactly 3 months. > > I wouldn't be caught dead playing ranked in Preseason with my main. > > You can believe what you want but you always will look weak if your arguments boil down to attempting to rank shame someone. Difference between Rank shaming, and calling out a liar.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Omg, seriously? The fking jungle XP is the worst which enable gold funneling because the enemy jungler will be 2 lvls above yours with free scuttle access If you cant see that's a problem ...
[img]https://i.imgur.com/6DqzDKL.png[/img] This is how jungle XP breaks down.... or rather how it did before they added 10 XP back to Wraiths/Gromp. I'm too lazy to redraw it for that. But you'll notice Krugs XP explodes over scuttles all day long. It isn't until the 3rd of 4th clear where scuttle XP beats a regular camp, and even then Krugs beat it by far. Gold also follows the same rules with Scuttle. A Krugs camp = 161 Gold level 2. A Scuttler = 70 Gold level 2. That's a 91 gold difference. Late game, Scuttle gold gets up to 140 Gold, so the math does begin to favor taking them. I ding level 6 right after my mids do as a jungler. I dunno about you. I'm level 6 on Pyke when my bot lane is level 4-5.
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