: My Problem With Senna
Teemo Support does not counter Senna...
: For those who say Riot doesn't do anything about smurfs
I went from Bronze 1 to Silver 3 in a game, and that was on my 'main', so no, I don't think that it only applies to smurfs I was playing against Gold 3's and 4's from Bronze 1, 2's 3's and Plats by the end of Silver 3 I get over 29 LP a game in Gold still
: Flex queue has a separate MMR than SoloQ
Yeah, but your expected skill evaluation should be initially based on your Solo Queue performance A Bronze 4 10% w/l of 100 games is not going to be any higher than that in Flex either
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: How on earth is this good matchmaking for a ranked game?
I was Bronze 1 while playing with Gold 3's and 4's, through continuous winning I pushed that up to high Gold and low Plat, I was getting over 34 points a win for awhile, after beating my Gold promos I was still getting 29 points a win. It happens
: Senna release PSA
She's an ADC An ADC can play her as a Support, a Support cannot play her The rationale being that the kinda mechanics typically found under each category don't translate too well, a really good Jhin for example, will be an excellent Senna, however a really good Soraka will be absolutely useless as Senna, the mechanics don't translate too well in that case. Something like Janna might work, when played at a higher level, she ends up being an exceptionally potent Support, and wouldn't translate too poorly into Jhin or Senna. Really depends on your playstyle, she's a unique ADC, comparable to Jhin in that regard, with differing mechancis from the usual. Pyke was essentially a reworked Blitzcrank for all intents and purposes, Senna is less your typical ADC, more comparable to Jhin.
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Subdue (NA)
: It took me 40 games to reach Plat4 in Flex playing every game solo. Plat4 is also my rank in Solo Queue. Your problem is likely that there are a lot of never played Flex before people trying to get the chroma last minute like you are, which means a lot of unknowns in matchmaking.
I'm on a 11 game loss streak, I got demoted to Silver 2 (I was 1 win from Gold promos prior to the loss streak) Here's the score: Loss 1: (First time?) Janna Support, has no idea what they're doing, plays as an artillery mage (aka sitting 20 feet behind me at all times, never shields damage for me either) Loss 2: Facing a Jhin Xerrath botlane, Xerrath either a smurf or scripting, 3/7/1 Kat mid 1/6/0 Zyra Support Loss 3: Playing Blitzcrank I won ALL lanes early, got massive hooks, easily dominated; Galio took a Protobelt vs a Yasuo, in a losing lane, fed hard, Ryze got nearly outdamaged by a Blizcrank at 25 minutes (he had less than 10k damage) Loss 4: Vel'Koz mid, I played badly, lost lane, but top was 1/9/3 as Poppy and 1/7/6 Support Rakan (I was second highest damage in game, higher than my counterpart in the midlane) Loss 5: Nautilus Support, got a first time Azir (apparently), 6/12/11, Kha'zix did 4k more damage than full Tank Nautilus, and Azir did 7k more... Loss 6: Twitch ADC, Spectrum decides to disable my internet for a bit, leaving me slightly behind, we almost win, but it just wasn't enough (Pantheon on our team did half the damage of our Support, wasn't really impactful beyond the feeding) Loss 7: Twitch ADC, troll Jungler, 1/9/8 Evelynn, Tahm Kench didn't peel for me in Team fights, we ultimately lost b/c of the lack of peel (like standing next to me, and not using W on me level of lack of peel) Loss 8: Warwick Jungle, I dominated early, won hard early, we got the typical Yasuo you expect, 3/13/5, he did 2k more damage than the enemy Thresh Loss 9: MF ADC, 3/7/1 Riven top, 3/6/2 Yasuo mid, 2/10/7 Malphite support; jg, mid, top in a premade (all did poorly), support malphite died 4-5 times with his ult up (and not against a comp that oneshot or cc'd him either); said Malphite decided to use his last ult of the game against Mordekaiser, built as a Tank, instead of the 3-4 squishies that were walking up behind them Loss 10: Fiddlesticks Mid (Team chose 0 teamfight champions), I went pretty well in lane, ultimately 6/10/6 Pyke support, 1/10/9 Aatrox top, 5/9/9 TARIC JUNGLE Loss 11: Lux Support, I carried hard, we had first tower botlane by about 8-10 minutes, team just wouldn't stop feeding; 2/7/7 Ahri. 6/9/3 Lucian, 4/12/11 Riven (and they flashed their Master 6 emblem ALL game too), 6/9/9 Twitch; for reference I was 5/1/9, Twitch outdamaged me, but Lucian, Riven did 3.5k less, Ahri did 7.5k less damage (I only had 23.5k damage at 37 minutes, not exactly like that's a big number) So yes, please tell me that Flex is a balanced, fun, and fair queue I can blame one loss in terms of lane on myself, the rest, how was I supposed to carry them?
Daszkal (NA)
: Isn't this what Galio suppose to be?
Yeah, but they kinda turned him away from this playstyle This is more of a Melee-Bruiser, very little range, that serves primarily to counter Magic (filling the anti-AP Mage role that we need) Sylas can do a good job at it, but I was thinking more along the lines of a sustain-less Champion design, one that does something unique (the ability to delete any spell, enchantment, etc.), and that at the same time, is relatively simple to pick up, complex to master. Get the timing right, and you could say absorb an Ezreal R, saving your Team from it, or say the reverse, deleting an Lulu R off of the carry as it is applied in order for an Ezreal R to deal the killing blow to the target. Think more along the lines of a mix of Mordekaiser, Riven, and Sylas than Galio
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: second password and ban yourself from chatting
You can turn off chat it's in the 'view allied chat' option
: I turned off chat and strictly... and I mean STRICTLY... focused on my own gameplay. Just got gold today. Never did my gameplay improve so much when I stopped paying attention to everyone else and just focused on improving EVERY match. The only thing I care about with my team is if they are going to help me or hinder me, and thats how I choose who to fight with and let die.
Yeah, I realized that it is better for me to simply mute and ignore someone that is being toxic, rather than to waste time responding to them, b/c it will simply make me play worse.
Bruisers are what Tanks should be A Tank after all is a fast moving assault vehicle with heavy armored plating, very vulnerable to specific types of weapons, near impervious to others, and pack a punch that can decimate the opposition in very few shots.
: Can you extend pre season and just fix your game. It is Bathesda level at this point.
Dude for real though, at this point they need to extend the current Season by a day or two as well Kinda unacceptable how many bugs there are, I've had a few times where I'm pretty sure that my Ignite was pressed but does go off (or goes onto the wrong target) Has happened enough that my team thinks I'm an idiot when I Flash in for an attack, but fail (the ignite doesn't apply and my character randomly stops moving)
: Can you extend pre season and just fix your game. It is Bathesda level at this point.
Yeah, I loved it when I had a Cannon Minion chasing me through (an unwarded) Brush and half a lane
: After every patch this season, LOL. Just finished a ranked game and didn't get LP gain, it said "your rank will update within 24 hrs" Good Job ROIT. Edit: OPGG messed up too, showing random champs for the last game LOL
Yeah I noticed that I was talking about a Rumble to my team, I was not happy that he got to be Silver 1 despite losing 75% of the time (meanwhile I had to start at Bronze 1 and am only Silver 3 winning 75% of the time) Team thought I was crazy, b/c there was no Rumble on either team
cheoekar (NA)
: what is wrong with the client?
Nothing Riot knew that I would finally be getting some LP, and so they decided to implement a hotfix to prevent me from doing so
: Silver 2 promos so fun!
Yeah, I feel that I was in my placement matches, won every game but the two with trolls / afk inting players that refused to play properly, ignored ALL Calls, and repeatedly suicided You don't necessarily have to play 'my way', but you most definitely should not be moving up alone in an area without ward coverage while the entire enemy team is missing, with death timers over 50 seconds He did it many, many times (20 deaths in total) => he kept invading and feeding the enemy jungler My Placement rank is going to be low enough that I'll need to carry my way through to Gold, but my MMR is high enough that I'll actually have to fight mid to high Gold and Plat players just to get to Gold V. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that many Gold players I've encountered (and Plat too) may have bought their account, or that they were grandfathered into the Rank, b/c there's no way they would get through Bronze to Silver as is. For reference, I've seen a dude with a sub-40% average winrate that was somehow Gold 4...
rujitra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GonnaBeTheBest,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T55OJz0Y,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-05T20:37:31.876+0000) > > Riot needs to add an option called I already have an account or something like that, then the system would automatically match you aganist other players that also have selected that option. I know that it won´t be 100% accurate, but it would be enough to reduce the chances of a smurf to be matched aganist a lower experienced player It’ll be 0% accurate. Anyone who wanted to smurf would just not hit that option.
> [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T55OJz0Y,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-05T20:48:23.163+0000) > > It’ll be 0% accurate. Anyone who wanted to smurf would just not hit that option. I mean I made a Smurf just to lock in a name should I ever want it
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: Riot can you remove the expiration date on Prestige Points?
They expire because Riot wants you to spend more $, and by creating an arbitrary limit they ensure that you can't really get the skins for free. Those in charge of the decision making look at it from a pure business standpoint, and as such understand the psychological impact of 'losing' something; the desire to avoid it incentivizes behavior that would otherwise not occur. It also exists in the Discount Store (the cards that pop up 'personalized'), and the Prestige system in general (limited availability to force action)
: My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall
Kayle was going double Tear with a Triforce Your scaling was exceptionally hard as a result of it, getting Manamune first (then Triforce, then Arch) would ensure that you win the game almost based on that alone. It takes about half the time to stack the Arch as it did Manamune, which should be done roughly around 18 minutes or so (into Muramana that is), and that's when you would start scaling quite ridiculously. I thought it was odd that they stacked, personally I feel like slightly nerfing Ezreal, or just reducing the power of the item in general (while also nerfing cost) would have been a better option.
: Talon is a polarized champ, too strong in some situations, too linear/weak otherwise. He needs TLC
I hate it when people play Niche, non-scaling Champions, they abuse the early game advantages that the kit inherently has, but then get mad when the character falls off versus scaling characters. I play Kayle, and the dude can literally do nothing to me all laning phase (or even the entire match). He never even got a single passive proc on me the whole match, I was down 5 cs until he started roaming (at which point he became behind in CS, as I would simply call out what lane he was going to; no gold for time spent, and no xp either, smart warding wins the day). As it is, at least a Zed can try to kill me (good luck at it though, I'm putting 3 points into W early and will have 120 armor before 10 minutes bub). If he wasn't so broken in some aspects, they'd be able to better increase his overall power so that he is viable. As it is though, sure, he'd land his W (1 part, not 2) on me, and then I'd walk out of it before it came back (meanwhile he'd take a Q + E into the face for 20% of his HP at lvl 2). This is the issue with Talon, Zed, and similar characters, they are ENTIRELY reliant on the enemy team having trolls in order to win. If our top lane (or more commonly, bot-lane) avoid being ganked, you automatically lose the match as an Assassin. Riot needs to address this, reduce the power reliance on ganking other lanes, and instead change their kit so that they are more about outplaying their opponent, than they are about simply facerolling into botlane. Nothing is worse than an Assassin that goes even (or god-forbid, is behind) their laner, as they then become the most useless character in the game.
: Doesn't she have an "unmasked" legacy skin?
Yeah they removed that, replaced it with a new skin I'm talking about an actual helmet toggle, i.e. I don't like (or prefer) the helmet version of some of her skins, with the only exception really being Base Kayle (it grew on me after awhile; still would be nice to shake it up every so often). Riot Kayle looks really, really bad without her helm on. She goes from a futuristic-but-recognizable police officer, to some sketchy judge dred costume, and then when she takes off her helm she looks like a cartoon caricature. (I mainly used the original skin, since I've owned it once it was originally released).
: Because, whether we like it or not, Kayle's appearance is linked towards her passive's power stage she's in. It's the same reason why Kha'zix looks different when he evolves, and why Syndra's abilities start to look different when she maxes them. By adding in a toggle, whether you think the wings is enough of a distinguishing factor or not, you've just added two new appearances that could or could not appear in a game. Kai'sas helmet, is not indicative of her current upgrades for her abilities, nor is Rengar's hood. If it was purely cosmetic, and Kayle had just *one* form she had the entire game, I would be fully on board. But sadly, that's just how Kayle be now.
What? You do know that in violation of the specific 'rules' you just stated, there is a Kayle form that never changes the face or helm based on how late in the game you are, and if you are basing it on minor differences unnoticed in a quick pacing game, there would be two. Unmasked Kayle, the new version of it that was renamed, has minor differences face and head wise, between the first stage and the last. Iron Inquisitor Kayle also never takes off their helm. The easiest way to tell what form she is in, is whether or not she has six wings, or six groupings of objects, as that would signify that she now has ranged. There is no, non-out-of-combat way, beyond looking at her buffs, to see whether or not she has the 16 powerspike, as her wings will still glow-out-of-combat, but not do so at 11, this signifies she is permanently exalted.
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: Tbh that's WAY too RNG to rely on, the powerspike with Klepto you got. That's like, 1/1000 games status there.
Dawg, in general, I'm on a 16 game winstreak as Kayle And I'm facing anywhere from Bronze 9 edgelords to Plat 9 memelords (generally, the odd Challenger or so thrown in occasionally)
: Not gonna lie, what you make on **normal** games on **really** **low** elo isn't a proof of nothing. It just doesn't matter.
Edit: You don't even play the game anymore, based on your history the last thing you played was URF. Lol. Not gonna lie, **Grandmaster** **Ranked** games are fairly high elo, and it is proof of something. It just does matter. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Unsung
: https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/current/master/plus/champion/Kayle/ this is master + in all regions she has an over all win rate of 48.10%
: They are planning to nerf kayle. They are doing some fixes and nerfing multiple things such as her AD & AS per level.
Those are actually buffs, Riot August contextualized them. There were QoL fixes that were not stated there, her E is going to fire a LOT faster, based on Attackspeed, and will act as a true auto attack reset (a scary thing for people that are facing a Kayle), and her W will now using the movespeed instantly, and then 0.25 seconds later automatically resume auto attacking the previous target (as opposed to 1 seconds before it would, and requiring an input command to counter that). The AS and AD per level are quite minimal changes, most players probably won't even notice them. I might, but that's only b/c I've played so much of her, and the fact that I am guaranteed to get an extra two to three autos in due to the E auto-attack full-reset, I'm quite sure that it won't be problematic (currently E takes up the time of multiple AA's, and now it will act as a true reset + take up a fraction of the time). W will be more reliable for skillshot dodging (no delay in Movespeed, for you or allies).
Saezio (EUNE)
: Check plat+ and D+ Lolalytics rank her 58/69 in the top lane.
Again, Grandmaster Player, which is a bit higher than those, is maintaining a 71% winrate over a substantial game-size with the character, in the toplane. Just because a character has a low-average winrate, means absolutely nothing. There are quite a few Players that have no synergy (let alone an idea how to play Kayle), that will drop the average far more significantly than you would expect. Lee Sin was thought of as an awful Champion on release, and yet once people figured out how to properly play him, he was severely overtuned, and became overly dominant in the game.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Her winrates are abysmal. You are just playing with bad people
A 71% winrate in Grandmaster Tier with a new character is abysmal? Lol You are correct, I'm not playing against players that have much of a chance against me, but the thing is, I'm playing SUPPORT, and still barely trying. Going all out would be redundant, and would require me to go to a real lane (i.e. Top or Mid). Plus, my winrate can't go over 100% versus my current opponents, or else I'd say it would be worse in Ranked, seeing as my opponents in Normals are harder than what I would face as a 'Bronze 1' in ranked. Blame Riot, not me.
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: Riot: kayles E active with missing % damage is true damage and now crits with missing % health...
Chen (EUNE)
: Played since S2 - Diamond Kayle Main - Please revert her back
https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Unsung Grandmaster Tier Kayle Top, 71% winrate (New Kayle) https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Azazel%20Aerternum "Bronze 1" Kayle 'Support' 100% winrate (New Kayle) Well, 100% last 11 games straight, 81% factoring in all matches, including two which had AFK / Inters in them (14 in a row if you factor out the two games with AFK / Inters) I put that in quotations, b/c Riot likes to use past ratings as a basis for current ones, and let's just say I'm decidedly not 'Bronze 1'. New Kayle is fine, I just got out of a match with Klepto, where I got a skill orb pre-11, got my ranged at level 10, then got a second orb after that, and got my True Damage + 16 powerspike at level 14.
: 14 Day Suspension, Where did I go wrong here?
Well, technically you went wrong around when you began to play something other than Normal Summoner's Rift, everything after that is merely causality of the initial fall from grace, and subsequent path of eternal doom and brimstone that awaits all who dare to veer from it. On a more serious note, you went wrong when you operated under the assumption that Riot has a fair, let alone Just, system for dealing with players that are reported. My understanding has been that they will look for any justification to maintain said ban, and will do so even if it is operating under an illogical path. I.e. you can get falsely reported, and then banned, even if they were to verify that the final report(s) were falsified, they would still uphold the ban. They also take what you say, or don't say, too seriously. Honestly, I'm at the point where I just wish they'd give me a pre-game option to turn off chat.
Manxxom (NA)
: I had to deal with 3-4 fps constantly in select and in game, with getting no lower than 100 ping until I got a new computer... I think you will do fine with it freezing half a second in champ select alone.
Freezing for 65 seconds out of 70 seconds? Did you read the post?
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: I play Sylas, his heal is really not that strong, though it still is very useful most of the time. The shield might be OP but it only lasts for a few seconds. He's not a cancerous champion and we definitely should NOT get cancer if we play him. Chill out
https://youtu.be/uModl1Y1uE4 You sure you've played against a real Sylas? *Reuploaded to fix quality issues*
Clαps (EUW)
: whats the reasoning behind this insane sylas buff?
https://youtu.be/uModl1Y1uE4 This was taken within the last hour, pre-any such buffs. I can't wait. :3 (it's a pentakill) *Reuploaded to fix quality issues*
: Morgana and Kayle's 975 RP Skins are not up to standard.
My personal issues with Kayle Skins: But first: Kayle was my first Champion that I owned, I bought her with the in-game currency (IP) One of my first skins (Viridian) was of Kayle I own almost all of the skins that are not limited on her, with the exception of Pentakill: ergo I owned Riot Kayle in 2014 (back before they decided to give her away free to everyone), Viridian Kayle in 2013 And also own Iron Inquis, Aether Wing, Battleborn, Unmasked To start with my thoughts on the skins: Not enough have different particle effects, or intriguing visual flare, even the ones that by expense class SHOULD No different recall on most (not something I particularly care about, but I do care about the different particle effects and visual flare) No Silver Kayle / Judgement Kayle returning, some of you might find this odd, but I don't view $20 back in 09 when I was 11-12 to be of major consequence -(This bothers me even more as it is an unsound business or practical decision as well: ergo potential consumer income loss from 0.1% of remaining player base that would be upset; versus an assumed significant value that would pick them up as a part of the bundle or even on their own) Aether Wing Kayle, specific criticisms: AW used to be a unique skin, it changed a lot, looked great, had distinct visual and auditorial flare, it was everything you could want in an 1800+ skin The changes: 1-6 and 6-11 still look great, it is updated, the armor looks better, the flare is lacking, especially in unique animations (which the old had) or auditory (which again the old had) 11 - 16 is...well let's just say I'm not a fan of it, I don't like the design direction. The visor, and the drones in particular, I wouldn't mind a helmet toggle to get rid of that visor, and the drones look weird, really weird. The armor expanding the way it does otherwise looks good, reminiscent of the (old) Pulsefire Ezreal situation 16+, why, why does her armor turn into the weird light-grey to blackish color, it looks weird; would rather her armor have retained the original visual flare, perhaps with the blue effect-changes on the thrusters becoming the only change at that level, sometimes less is more (with no visor or drones of course) Rito Kayle, specific criticisms: The hair color looks weird, => I wish that she'd kept a helmet on that looked like the original, and the way that the wings are attached doesn't look as good as the old version. The wings also look weird, I don't like how the sprout, or their general form. It's not awful, by any stretch of the imagination the 1-6 form in general, when not viewed explicitly as what is replacing Riot Kayle, is very solid. The issue becomes, it ends up being a downgrade in fantasy, and changes in other ways that do not retain the original theme (Robo-cop esque new version, versus the mostly modern cop using gyros to hover; it was contemporary futurism, and this one isn't). The new wings and shoulders 1-6 look great, but the helm, legs, and whatnot don't. The weapon is fine, not as good as the original, but far from bad either. The extra wings + helmet off, it doesn't look right. This is where the drones (from AW) would have been appropriate in place of additional wings. And the helmet, please add a toggle, I'll keep this one on (it just doesn't look right: the hair color is waaaaaay too dark, even after changes, the sunglasses and the way it all comes together (especially with the rest of the model, beyond wingset 1) ). Honestly, of all the skins, this is probably the one I'm most disappointed in, AW is bad, but as long as I win the game before 14 minutes (on average), I'll never have to see the later forms. For Riot Kayle, it is the same, except the pre-11 model isn't that good looking. For the rest: Unmasked is the best-done of the rest of these, even if not up to snuff compared to the current skins of this value (better than it was at least) Battleborn looks good, great even in some ways, and at least the light values don't look outlandish (Valkyrie would use most of these effects), but it should be a 750, based on visual changes beyond a solid model Iron Inquisitor had a few changes I didn't like (the skirt-like visual was a good touch on the original: my understanding is that it was removed due to clipping :/), but overall is fairly priced, accurately priced Viridian Kayle only exists for the Chromas, I feel like existing owners of Riot Kayle should get these for free (I mean you literally gave my skin away for free), the Chromas are higher quality than the base-variation in most cases (as is typical, unfortunately) I don't own Pentakill, but it looks pretty solid in general, bare minimum same amount of work should have been put in the 975 + skins that already existed Considering I've never personally seen a Silver Kayle or Judgement Kayle in one of my games, and most of the higher-ranked players that have them are either in their late 20's early 30's ('legitimately' that is, the rest either bought the skin from a reseller before the 2014 code-nuke, or bought an account with it on it). As such, I think these skins, if not going to be re-developed like say Championship Riven or Urfwick (Urf the Manatee) got about as much attention as they should. A skin that required you to play 10 games is relatively on par with Blue Alistar, Riot Girl Tristana, etc. (essentially recolors; i.e. 390 skins in value), so I don't think it should have gotten more effort put in than that. Silver Kayle being a bonus from the Physical Collector's Edition, and for whatever reason no longer being sold (the edition itself, nor the skin; nothing factually differentiates this skin from say, Goth Annie in value, they are BOTH from Collector's Editions, and yet one is still attainable, and the other is not), I think it got about as much as it deserves, it used to be a chroma recolor, now at least it has a model change slightly, on top of the recolor. -(If they were on the avenue of re-releasing those two, and granting some sort of 'bonus' version (Urf the Manatee, Championship Riven) to the original owners, of course they should have had better particles and effects, but as it is, they'll never be sold, and almost no one will ever use them anyways) TL;DR AW changes the fantasy of the skin after 11, and not in a way I like (as an owner of the skin pre-changes, not pleased with this development) Riot Kayle same issue as AW, changes even the base form in unpalatable ways, though the effects from the wings + shoulders (if lacking the same cool attachment appearance as on the original) are great, however the post 11 version, with the glasses, hair, and hair color, plus the weird double-wings, means I'll never use the skin again, and this was a skin I routinely picked OVER AW to use in games. Visuals/particles/color-of-abilities looks weird, lackluster. Unmasked (remake) looks good, I'm glad that they didn't just take off the helmet level 1, and call it a day (honestly wouldn't have been surprised), but the visuals/particles/recall didn't change Battleborn is good as well, conceptually, the abilities visuals (base Kayle that is) fit thematically with a Valkyrie, but still some transformation would have been nice (of the abilities or effects; i.e. as simple as Q becoming more like a spear, a little buckler on an arm that activates when using heal, etc.) Iron Inquis. is fair for the cost, though miss some physical elements that were removed 'due to clipping' Viridian, well Riot needs to sell Chromas or Tencent gonna beat them up, or something I suppose, Chromas look better than the base skin (by a lot) And Pentakill is extremely well-done, but not my cup of tea thematically, only non-limited skin of Kayle's I don't own; all of the 975 should have gotten work comparable to this on the baseline level Silver / Judgement; 99% of the player base own neither, and as far as the original owners are concerned, their $20 a decade ago, or 10 match-made games played across an entire year (and also a decade ago), well that means the skins should never be re-released, and as such I'm not surprised they had nothing but basic changes implemented to their models (and nothing astounding visually). Old Judgement looked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better; at least new Silver is more than just a Chroma, it has a handful of model changes too.
: To all Riven main, do not buy "Pulsefire Riven skin" until Riven can carry as hard as ADCs.
Yeah I don't know about that, I was playing a Riven game where I went 16/0/13, and another as 22/7/12, relatively easy to carry as long as you know what you are doing and your teammates aren't trolling. The only games I have difficulty carrying are Riven vs Teemo.
: Petition to make fresh level 30's not play ranked in Silver Tier
: Feedback/Analysis:The Riot Balance Team Failed to Meet their OWN Design Goals in the Marksman Update
They should just rework the base damage of crits to be 150% instead of 200%, and that would solve a lot of issues. Make Marksman more about abilities rather than auto attacks, and essentially just gut the auto-attack focused ranged-carries, as that's almost never a healthy playstyle. I'd rather play against a Fed Tryndamere or Fiora than a fed Tristana, at least Tryndamere isn't going to reset insta kill four people with two autos while flying all about with heavy safe peel and high range.
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: To all Riven main, do not buy "Pulsefire Riven skin" until Riven can carry as hard as ADCs.
: Offer An Unmoderated Mode
They need to add a mode that is moderated ONLY in terms of gameplay (no trolling, inting, afking, leaving), but otherwise Chat should be free range.
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Chermorg (NA)
: Your attitude in this response is the same type of attitude that led to your punishment. You think you're right, and if people don't listen and agree, you get more and more aggressive and insulting until they do. You criticized at points. And that's fine. You also insulted and harassed at times after they didn't listen to you. That's not fine. You don't own the team and they can all decide what they think the best way to win is. You don't have any right to make them play your way. So stop acting like you do.
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0JIhtyBM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-03T06:08:47.742+0000) > > Your attitude in this response is the same type of attitude that led to your punishment. You think you're right, and if people don't listen and agree, you get more and more aggressive and insulting until they do. > > You criticized at points. And that's fine. You also insulted and harassed at times after they didn't listen to you. That's not fine. > > You don't own the team and they can all decide what they think the best way to win is. You don't have any right to make them play your way. So stop acting like you do. I totally agree, when I'm playing AP Garen Jungle w/o Smite I hate it when people try to tell me what to do. Like, I had to file a micro-aggression report a few days ago when this dude was like 'Why AP Garen JG w/o Smite?', like he was totally assuming that I spoke English, and deserves to be met with a lifetime chat ban. Like oh my God. - In all seriousness, this is what will end up happening if we progress with your conceptualization of games. In a team game all members are responsible for their play, if some dude decides not to show up for practice, doesn't keep up with the plays, and acts with a devil may care attitude, I can assure you he'll receive a talking to, and even get sat out if it continues. The point is that HIS behavior, his lack of caring, and ultimately under-performance affects the ENTIRE team. It's not fair to the team for them to be put into that situation, when so many of them work so hard, and some other dude would be able to do that stuff and still be rewarded. In Sports, do they pick a player for proceeding to College or Professional by his wins vs losses, an Elo system, or do they go by individual talent and skill? Imagine if instead in Sports, they were to randomly toss together 5 players on both teams, pit them against each other, and then award/subtract points based on performance of simply win vs loss. This would be the definition of insanity, this is what players put up with in this game. In the scenario of Sports, where a player's metrics are not entirely based on Win vs Loss, they still punish those who consistently (and intentionally) under perform, and in those cases they don't even necessarily impact the metrics of any individual player, but themselves. In LoL the exact opposite is true, and yet those that point out such discrepancies or issues are the ones punished, not those whose behavior offends.
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