: Can i get ma LP back riot
Note I realize this is posted in probably the wrong section, thought I had rant selected when i posted this. Woops!
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AidanWR (NA)
: If the target flashes out of range of a melee ability, they will still get hit by it, unless the champ loses vision. Let's take Singed's Fling. It has the smallest range in the entire game, but if an enemy flashes mid animation, they will still get flung behind Singed
also keep in mind it requires that the animation has been activated, where i can agree with as a point that if the animation goes off so should the skill, but irelia's animation for her stun doesn't have to go off yet the stun will still hit
: So can we talk about Irelia
that doesn't change the fact that most other ability is interruptible even when it is melee ability however irelia has an uncounterable stun that's based of health percent
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: Why dont we reclass katarina
with no way to escape unless you have a dagger set 6 miles away if you get even slightly stunned you're dead, that's what i mean by immobile
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Zkaiser (NA)
: Teemoing Icons
now wut if teemo never dies but hits no hp what happens then
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: Why did you main your champ?
Because {{champion:44}} is a beast of a man and extremely sexy
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Bisco (NA)
: Keeps Disconnecting
same thing has been happening for me recently though more so with the stable ping then dropping for no reason and having to relog to get back in
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FeeNeeX (NA)
same issue here but it doesn't occur till mid way into the game, once it happens the freezing, lag, and delays really just ruin the game LA,Cali
: Why is my board profile still level 6 even though i got to level 18?
don't worry lot's of people have that issue sometimes it's the images sometimes it's levels no one cares.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sasogwa,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cGhNw0N7,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-21T23:00:24.193+0000) > > Tbh he's perfectly fine aside from the ult. The duration is short and shits over his viability, when he's incredibly dependent on it in a meta where everyone is strong without ult. Just revert it to the old (7 second increased duration per kill is useless, make it back to 4 is fine as well) I'd agree, his ult nerf was enormous and it feels so bad to use now. Reverting that would go a long way.
> [{quoted}](name=Memeglaive Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cGhNw0N7,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-21T23:14:55.729+0000) > > I'd agree, his ult nerf was enormous and it feels so bad to use now. Reverting that would go a long way. Though taking that into a fact the nerf on his ult made it much more possible to fight him, however it also made it so he couldn't pop said ult and run away from enemy champs as easily. That being said though a buff is needed if anything to raw damage potential
summin (NA)
: Ping Issues
that would be something only a support ticket could get a response from riot for, but I dont think your the only one experiencing the ping issues. lately, I've had the same problem more along the lines of 600 ping from my original 60 flat since the full patch of 6.10. So yeah
: Hextech Crafting Champions
wait what if you own all champions
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: Patch Chat 6.8 - Playtesting The Outrageous
QQ so does this mean I can't play my favorite OUTRAGEOUS individual as a viable jungler anymore???{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Jbels (NA)
: BloodRazor
Wait this means I have to be useful in games now..... WHY RITO WHY. Now all I can do is cry to cuz yi doesn't have the damage he should have now to deal with armor. Almost as massive to me as a yi main as a nerf dammit rito
Benzinkút (EUNE)
: What champion should i use to lane against a yasuo?
: Minion pathing
agreed really wish that it would get fixed it's almost impossible to lane against ranged champs if you're melee now{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: Illaoi Bush
u can see blitz pulls thresh hooks and even leona q but the fact that illaoi has a grab that basically has a slow and double damage but is invisible is a bit bs
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: I need this in my life
c'mon guys show some love to our equally rageous support buddy that needs to be outrageous..... that or be draven..... but that's draven
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: Ping flipping between insane and playable
I've only posted it here because I've tried all of Rito's ways to fix it man, I'm really bummed out cause i can't play as well as I normally would.
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: Ping spiking in all modes
same thing with me living in cali with a good 70 ping with constant ping spikes above 700 in the mornings and getting reported by teammates cuz of disconnects hoping this will get fixed soon
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
LA California,Charter,went from stable 30 to 80-100 with constant spikes above 700 and staying there for a good 10 min then having sudden disconnects every 2 seconds or so after would like to know if there's a fix for that.
: NA Server Move ping
Cali-charter old:30-40 new:300-450 swapped pings with east coast love it plus before anyone says internet issues not even stable ping of 30 for any other game. still gonna say not gonna be pissed at Riot for the better ping in east but fix west now please.
Buzanami (NA)
: Hawaii, Alaska and places outside the mainland unite!
would love to see if riot would just make a west and east server and for those that want to play with both sides and can deal with the ping than keep the Chicago server for that,but being that a sudden jump from 30 to around 300-450(own experience) i personally feel that having a dedicated us west server and a dedicated us east server might actually help to stop the continuous cries for help from both sides. Being on the west coast in do feel obligated to say that the move may have affect more of us than you actually think i ways beyond playable standards.
Barlowm (NA)
: california ping what is it
haha enjoy the ping mates west coast went from a solid 30 to 300-450 in ping depends where u are i would guess
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