: Chat restricted for this? Is this a joke?
thats bullshit lmfao im sorry riot did that
: > The buff is actually way bigger than .4 AD. ORiginally he ha 120% AD and 65% isolation bonus, now its 130% (which should be enough by itself) and 100% bonus. So thats actuallly .62% bonus ad increased for no reason. Remember wukong buff? Scaling added per level? Nah fuck that we gonna give an extra .6 at base. Ironically, Wukong saw about 3.5x the win rate increase that Kha'Zix saw. I guess Wukong was 3.5x seriously overbuffed.
Dont mean to zombie the thread but you guys really have to admit to your mistakes and just admit that you over-tuned kha-zix and stop lying to yourselves. You didn't create the perfect champion. Do you think getting one shot as a support is fun? No. It isn't. and don't just say stay near your team because he can engage, literally does all your health with one ability then hops back out like nothing ever happened. That is not healthy at all for this game and you, as a company should admit to failure instead of thinking what you're doing is good for the state of the game. I've never met more ignorant dev's in a game before (no offense) but listen to the community every once in a while. The state of this game is slowly going to garbage because for whatever reason you all wanted to overtune the shit out of some champions, items, runes which leaves many other champions that people enjoy to play in the dust. Remember when things were simple and you could enjoy a game of league without absolutely getting destroyed and games lasting up to an hour? Now games literally last for 20-30 minutes max (if you're lucky) because people just snowball. This game is broken and you as a design team don't want to admit it. This should not happen at all and I hope one day you'll wake up and correctly balance this game.


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