: Rioters Don't Even Care Anymore
Riot is a trash company full of people who think rape is a joke, and are obviously race biased in USA. Bitches perma ban me for saying "nig.gahs" to my buddy and IM BLACK
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: I died laughing. "Bane of Nerds: i hope your account has previous reports for toxicity. mine doesnt. lets report each other and see who gets banned for verbal" You ask them to report you then cry when you get perma'd
It was fun. I figured perma bans were handed out for true toxicity. Not two people messing around with each other. That is such a petty perma. I don't care lol. I was not being toxic. They could of perma'd me for calling a feeder, or griefing, or afk. They should let you post full logs. Every single person in that game should of received a reprimand the same as I. Thought this game was suppose to be fun. 2 people trolling because of picks and bans, one person just afk farming in a lane. Dude was 1-18 after a 20 min game. Look at the logs I said nothing to my team. NOTHING in lobby trolling or when they were in game trolling. The context of noob is wrong. Nobody was typing be quiet to me. They were bickering for 20 mins about an int feeder afk and a troll lol. The word that is blanked out is n.i.g.g.a.h. I typed that to my friend. That is obviously not a race word. lol this shit is fucking pathetic. Oh I see. I said n/I/g/g/s/h and riot has been under heat for being racist sexist pigs. Ahh makes sense. I wouldn't of fucking said "ouch" in all chat to a player who out played me if I was being toxic. Wouldn't I of attacked him verbally? Petty. Grown ass man banned for saying noob to a person willing to engage.
: Is it toxic to say "report (x) for no skin", even if it is intended as a joke?
How is that any different from me getting banned playing with a fellow player and saying noob? When both parties engaged in a friendly act of shit talk. System don't give a shit about the context. Its just looking to punish.
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: What's the point of skin shards?
Bought the 3.4k snowdown capsules. 5 capsules + 2 chests and keys. I got like 20 skins shards total mayb or probably even more. Project vayne. Night bringer yasuo. List goes on. I don't see how this isn't legit.. I felt like riot hooked me up not ripped me off.
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: Downtime question/clarity?
> [{quoted}](name=0mnivore,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=FZ2svmPj,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-09T17:33:13.698+0000) > > So the Server status states Ranked is disabled in preperation for a maintenance that wont occur until 11 pm est? but that's 10 hours from now so Why is it disabled for 10 hours so you can perform maintenance for 5 hours? That doesn't make much sense to have 15 hours of downtime for something that isn't even a patch deployment. So ranked is seriously going to be down till tomorrow?

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