: Everyone asking, look at the last 5 games, but the 4 games are the ones that i lost, notice how you always have someone either afk, goes afk in the middle of the match, or someone that has 0/11 or a bad kda.
: This is unfair
Everyone asking, look at the last 5 games, but the 4 games are the ones that i lost, notice how you always have someone either afk, goes afk in the middle of the match, or someone that has 0/11 or a bad kda.
: notice how he ignores everyone who asks this {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
i just got back onto the boards, ill post the games soon.
: 1. Social interaction does not make a game multiplayer what a stupid thing to say... 2. > I understand that I could easily just keep quiet, mute all and play You mean be an adult? Wow who would have thought.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
It does when it comes to you being part of the community, toxic or not, and yea sure be the "big guy" in the situation.
: Why would people target int you you aren't even someone recognizable withing the community such as a streamer,etc...and you give us proof of the 4 games in a row.Rioters dont have time to deal with this bullshit.
you do understand that you dont have to be famous for people to know your name right. And not only that, people target int off the basis that youre doing bad and you unlucky get the same person on your next game, in elo's where you meet the same people multiple times within a certain time frame because of when you play, you have a chance to deal with the same people.
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: Lol... wanting the ability to trash talk your own team... wtf is with people these days. Sorry, too many people react to trash talk by purposely making the team lose, so fuck that. You talk shit to our teammate, and they troll in response, now i gotta lose because you want to have fun chatting.... no. And we all know that trolling is harder to confirm than simple chat offenses. There is a perception that Riot does nothing about trolls, but as far as I know, its just a perception. I rarely encounter trolls, and we have no way of knowing how many trolls get punished. So if they could just work on that perception, thatd be great. But with some of the things that players seem to think indicate trolling (like a tristana jumping into the enemy team during a fight), that perception will never go away. Too many idiots who think bronze mistakes are "trolling". They kinda ruin it for those who are honest about troll encounters.
i play low plat high gold, and the trolling im talking about is knowing that the enemy will one shot you but still deciding to go in the whole team, as in rocket jumping in.
: Did you report after game? If so then yeah they will. Ive gotten a few messages for punishments for players who afked and thats on 2 different accounts ive been using. The problem is when people try to glorify them as godlike trolls that will never be punished that things get out of hand.
the punishment they got is probably low priority que, thats all. But if someone were to type one thing against him, they'd get chat banned
: just ff then
and have riot not do anything about the jhin. Lol
: Hilarious how this dude will probably never get punished
If he didn't type, he won't get banned. Ty riot ;)
: > target int you for over 4 games in a row You are not the victim of a conspiracy.
literally happened yesterday, had different people go afk mid game and people target int me for something out of my power.
: But, but, but...**you don't understand!** The Inters 'n' Feeders 'n' Trolls™ never get banned!!!! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
id like perfect examples of people that int and troll getting banned even after not typing
: > [{quoted}](name=BangoDaMangoo,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=d5yNPk6E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-25T02:47:54.865+0000) > > then get low priority que for going afk, nice. but they won't be bitching about "being held hostage" cause the only one forcing them to stay in the game is themselves.
So either tell riot about its community and have then pay attention to people THAT INT AND AFK in base for something so small, or be in low priority que for something that isnt your fault...
: You have complaints on a daily basis about everything to do with this game. If you didn't know this - you **never** end placements as high as you were the previous season. This game is clearly not enjoyable to you, as your copious number of posts every week display. Why do you keep playing this game? Play something that doesn't aggravate you.
In all honesty, League is the only Moba that is enjoyable (IMO) and its characteristics define the game more than others, but this game has been going downhill since season 6
: There is a difference in "feedbacks". For example: "Hey man, Jax is really fed right now. We should try to CC him as a team instead of 1v1ing him" is a lot different than: "Wtf r u doing??? Jax is so fed stop dying you r*****". Both are feedback but one is toxic, the other is not. Also - trash talking your teammates? That's a new one but I'm guessing your "trash talk" is coming across as flaming and since you have been repeatedly banned, you should know, or at least start to know, where the line is. You don't instantly get banned for chat in game. It is all about what you say and how you say it. You agreed to the TOS and everything it contains, including behavior in game. As for people getting banned, just look at this forum. Posts everywhere about people getting banned.
I give positive feedback but i instantly get lashed back and they continue to do the same thing over and over again. And about the banned part where i don't get instantly banned, I was banned a day after a game for complaining to my team about a inter, which the inter also trashed talked but not to the point where i guess she will get a ban. The games just not as harsh as it used to be to inters and people that afk, but rather the people that type.
: Exit Button: *Spy's voice* ahem. did you forget about me?
then get low priority que for going afk, nice.
: yeah the elo on my 2nd acc is currently low silver. going 9/1 in the first 10 ranked games and ending up in bronze 1. fun times.
definitely fun :( and yea i expected that, i experienced a lot of that from climbing bronze 3 to gold 4 on my main account. But i guess riot cares more about what you say then what you do
: > do even worse than just banter You're not doing yourself any favors by kidding yourself into thinking flaming and banter are interchangeable. And before you bring things like baseball or football into the conversation, let me cut that right off - you aren't supposed to be shit-talking your own teammates no matter what the activity is. Someone doing something "worse" (whatever that means to you) doesn't excuse you from behaving poorly also. "Less bad" is still **bad**.
so i'm guessing you've never had people go afk and target int you for over 4 games in a row huh. And I honestly only behave poorly to counter all the bad remarks they made against me. I understand i can easily mute all but i just wonder what happens to the person that started it first.
: being held hostage right now
Yea riot doesn't care about those people as long as they don't chat. And since i'm guessing you're in mid tier elo also, like silver - plat, they REALLY won't care. :(
: > This is unfair OK, let's see... > keep on getting banned for toxicity, {{sticker:sg-janna}}
yea the way i worded it is horrible but what i really mean to say is that i understand that what im doing is wrong but i would like to know if people that do even worse than just banter and make the gaming experience by going afk or int get banned as well.
: This is unfair
If a rioter or someone important can address me and tell me that my accusations are false and that people that target int and afk do get banned, then I'll understand the situation and fix my behavior.
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