: Tanks may not be good, but damn does having one ever make the game easier
Tanks as a class are weak in lane. Select few are strong due to high bases and decent laning presence, meaning they can contend with their juggernaut/bruiser counterparts.
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Ornn (OCE)
: Her problem is shes to easy shes to un interactive and doesn't do much outside of her E her Q spam is annoying and they have addressed that Her E is annoying and now they have buffed that her ult is lack luster and her attach has finally got the nerf it needed so without typing a essay tell me your point?
She needs reasons to actually leave her host. The attach timer doesn't do anything if she never has a reason to detach in the first place. I also said this with heading text at the end. You didn't have to read the entire thing to get the point, you just had to not be this lazy.
: This post explains in detail what I warned others when Yuumi was released. "She is a healbot playstyle Soraka you cannot even dream to hit". Yuumi has zero merits of actually getting off her ally and her skills should have had a mode like Jayce. Also, wasn't Riot warned constantly about how enchanter supports are extremely safe and been a really unhealthy class to fight against, It went to absurd point of community frustration that enchanters being accused of being "overpowered" so that they can "compensate players lack of skill". Around the ardent meta and if you played an enchanter you were accused of boosts. Riot really needs to think about how enchanters interact with the enemy. I think this class has been THE most hated when they were actually adjusted to be strong. Btw I seen the info about this character called Mina. Very interesting. An possessed doll I guess?
Drowned noble child whose soul was placed into a makeshift clockwork doll. Really liked her lore. Voice lines were limited similar to a lot of League's older champions because of budget limitations - would have loved to have seen Dawngate make it to today, as they started releasing skins that were canon to shapers' developments. Would have gotten some in-game exploration on her character eventually. EA is what it is, though. I can dream, though... Also, yes to the rest of what you said. Moment she was announced I looked at the kit and immediately said she was going to become the next Rek'sai - a champion nerfed to nothing more than a bot until Riot could find a way to make them healthier for the game.
: So what your saying is their kits are completely different and that yuumi mains should be fine and ok with having a playstyle that has its own risks and dangers being removed in place of a playstyle YOU think is fair, honestly i get tired of people like you telling me i'm not allowed to play my favorite champions, people like you ruined eve into what she is now which riots admits is now a wrong thing to change a champion so completely that it removes their original player base (these people must very often just quit lol forever hence their change of heart on the topic). Even i have champions i think are completely unfair but i don't go onto the forums and write an essay as to why all {{champion:420}} players are no longer allowed to play their champion and that it should be changed to be like ( insert generic champion from another game here ).
Riot spoke not on the topic of Eve's fanbase being alienated but on the topic of Aatrox's fanbase being completely alienated - because while Eve kept her primary identity, Aatrox was such a massive removal from his original playstyle that there was practically nothing left of the original champion. And it took a _lot_ of arguing to get them to concede that even though Aatrox's original kit might have been a nightmare to balance, the extent to which they changed him they said was a step too far. Eve's been all around accepted as relatively fine, with a few people either saying that she might be too bursty (which her old playstyle had a period where that was the case as well) or you have the _very_ small group that preferred when they could build her as some kind of makeshift bruiser (which was... weird for an invisible champion). You are taking a lot of assertions completely out of their respective contexts and trying to thrust them into whatever the hell agenda you want, which is a horrible way to go about your argument because anyone in the know is going to call out your bullshit. Now diverting back to your first statement: Yuumi doesn't have risks currently. That's the thing. You can't say a champion has risks when they literally cannot be touched. Their "risk" is their host's risk, which means at any given point someone is always more at risk than Yuumi is, because Yuumi is almost never on the field. Since you're having so many problems trying to separate "fun" from "healthy" in terms of gameplay, I'll give you a very clear cut, real world example. Water is healthy. Not particularly fun - bland really. But it's healthy. Milk is less healthy, still healthy, though. Kind of nice. Taste good. Soda's even less healthy. Very tasty. Yum yum, fun fun. Tolerable, though. Might cause some kidney stones, but won't kill you. Alcohol's the most fun. Least healthy out of all of these. Could possibly kill you! Wouldn't suggest it, but it's not _that_ deadly, I guess. So of all of these if I had to put Yuumi on this scale, Yuumi is fucking _heroin_. Oh, yes, I'm quite certain she's a _ton_ of fun to the people playing her - but to everyone dealing with it, _none_ of us are having fun dealing with her. And she is, without question, critically unhealthy in terms of gameplay, and I've painstakingly listed every reason why that is, with your only key argument being that you... want her to keep her identity. In other words, you trying to justify Yuumi's gameplay as healthy is akin to you telling me that heroin is perfectly acceptable as a pasttime.
: I'd argue just because your not a fan of yuumi's playstyle does not mean her playstyle is a problem at all. You don't like her counterplay which is crush the person shes riding on into dust because as you said she cannot exist on her own without dying which is one of her main weaknesses but can make a champion into a super champion if played right which is the thing you all hate because you think its inherently unfair that someone can hop on a skilled garen, vayne ect and not be touchable until you first outplay the skilled host, you'd rather just catch her and instantly delete her and the player who is playing her can be damned and just die and not have fun. You say mina is how yuumi should be while ignoring that they are pretty much the same just sub in enhanced base stats for a constantly regenerating shield and instead of healing off damage she just straight grants damage reduction, i would argue mina would be even more hated then yuumi as she pretty much doubles the hp of her host and when you have entire champions designed around health values {{champion:555}} ect and even champions who would outright be unkillable gods with damage reduced damage vs opponents {{champion:266}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:36}} Yuumi has her weaknesses you just don't like that you have to actually use them and would rather just kill her quickly then fight your other opponent in a 2 v 1.
[This is Mina's gameplay in general.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVqGr0ZGeUQ) Past the fact they ride on a friendly champion, they're not the same. As I detailed in the post, Mina's shield that she gave was fed by her own health pool - it's not detailed in her release notes as they're a little too simplified, but you can see it in this video in practice. As her host takes damage and loses their shield, Mina takes damage instead. Again, Mina could be _killed_ on her host by more than just turrets, and damage you dealt consequentially stuck instead of being completely removed by a heal. Also as I mentioned, Mina had reason to hop off - her W didn't give passive stats to her host, it was instead encouraging her to hop off at proper times after buffing her host through her two other abilities in order to utilize her CC. Her W would then be on cooldown and she would have to move as a regular champion until she could reattach. So you're making points that are wrong because you neglected to read properly, probably skimming my post instead of actually taking in the information. You also didn't then bother to actually read up more on the topic as you'd also realize that the summarized abilities actually still mentioned the CC attached to her W and that the shield recharged gradually, meaning Mina's host was still subject to burst damage. Mina was a beloved concept in her game because the skill difference between a good and bad Mina wasn't only _vast_, it was clearly visible. If you sucked on her, everyone could _tell_, which is insane to think when your champion is built to piggyback on others. ... So... I mean, yeah, that covers most of it, but I do want to grab another point(?) you made here that really worries me: > you think its inherently unfair that someone can hop on a skilled garen, vayne ect and not be touchable until you first outplay the skilled host, you'd rather just catch her and instantly delete her and the player who is playing her can be damned and just die and not have fun. I would prefer if Yuumi _wasn't_ instantly delete-able if you read the post at all (honestly beginning to think you just didn't) - I'd prefer if she could function as a champion on her own and had the ability to front some amount of damage. That's the fuckin' _point_. Mina wasn't a champion that instantly blew up - she could survive. She had the ability to exist on her own. If she got in a position where she would die that quick, then it was going to be completely her fault as with any other champion. I'm pretty sure the point is that we should be able to _interact_ with Yuumi and find a way to get an in on her host without her permanently glued to her. What you're basically arguing is for you to have fun with her, you must be able to never leave the host _ever_ - which... that's bloody asinine. You wouldn't be playing the game then, somebody would be playing _for_ you, permanently. With Yuumi, it's currently boiling down to who she's buffing, as you ironically pointed out - Vayne and Garen, two champions who are most able to keep their distance and maximize on Yuumi's buffs/able to get themselves out of bad situations. Olaf is a polar opposite where instead of being able to survive effectively, he instead just puts Yuumi's buffs to optimal use with his AS and LS steroids and his ability to completely negate all lockdown. Funny enough, if Yuumi played at all like Mina, it wouldn't be as simple as "sit on the champ and watch them do the work", and I think that's what disgusts me about your comment.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Barcid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RdMhsLdW,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-12-06T04:37:40.427+0000) > > snip To be fair, few champions have much reason to interact and league of legends is a game where people think zed and Ahri hitting you with high damage pass through skill shots you cant punish them for is healthy interaction because "they at least hit you". No matter how much incentive you put on a champion to 'interact', it means nothing if the playerbase chooses not to because of other reasons. Its why you shouldnt _FORCE_ champions to interact unless its a reward for what you should be doing anyway, like senna is. She might be absurdly broken and in desperate need of nerfs, but she IS well designed at a base level. Yuumi is to squishy to take much heat, she doesnt do enough damage to warrant taking risks, and when the PBE buffs come to pass shes REALLY going to be a great little cat buff who just needs her Q removed in favor of something fundamentally less powerful for damage unless she takes a risk. Also, touching on your melee complaint, Yuumi is an enabler. The problem with melee vs ranged is that melee cant really close the gap before ranged destroys them, unless the melee is mobile (at which point they dont need a support to begin with). Yuumi on a melee carry like Garen or Olaf isnt broken or even a generally strong thing... Its a niche counterpick that cropped up because pro players were playing safer, longer range marksmen who take longer to scale (or lucian) and a highly aggressive, early game oriented champion is the perfect thing to counter that. Having been on the receiving end of a Yuumi Darius lane as a nami more than once during games with friends, i can tell you that to lose early to such a comp means the botlane is lost and our marksman top or jungle had to carry. Theres also the fact that no one expects a melee to jump on you like a melee yuumi comp can. You get a shock when it happens, and your knee jerk is "WTF IS THAT RITO".
There's an episode of "Strange Addictions" where a woman became addicted to eating feces contaminated food, and continued to act as if it may even be _healthy_ for her. This reminds me of that. Because what you're trying to do is justify how a champion that literally has no interaction whatsoever - and I mean functionally zilch, nada, not a thing, can't kill her can't detach her from her champion - is perfectly fine while listing off traits that are completely not. > Yuumi is too squishy to take much heat, she doesn't do enough damage to warrant taking risks This is something I said _verbatim_ and is the leading argument. Yes. She doesn't do either of those things. That's a _problem_. What you seem to be asking for is a buff bot, which in a way translates to the "enchanter class" in general, but the thing is that you can go and _kill_ champions like Lulu. You can even force Lulu to waste her buffs on herself so her teammate remains vulnerable - you can't do that with Yuumi unless she detaches herself, which circles us all the way back around to the question of **why would Yuumi ever detach from her host?** Which you haven't given much of a reason why she would - okay, her Q costs are up in lane and she needs to recover mana? While that's fine, there are numerous items to remedy that and no small amount of runes for that as well, but even ignoring those, we're basically covering one single aspect of her time in a game and that's laning - what about _outside_ of laning? How about skirmishes? Teamfights? What's her reason to hop off in _those_? You keep going on the Q suggestion, but you fail to realize that giving her bonus utility on her Q without asking her to hop off exacerbates the problem that we still aren't able to touch Yuumi. She stays pinned to her host until _they_ die, meaning you are _forced_ to try and kill a semi-permanently buffed champion. The other thing is that I didn't bring up a melee issue - I brought up an issue of if Yuumi is placed on a champion who's uninhibited by CC. Darius ironically actually _is_ a decent example of this as his bleed continues to do damage even if he's CC'd and his Q just has to be activated to make sure it goes through. Garen's E is uninterruptible and Olaf has an ult literally allowing him to ignore CC - this is the point I'm making, that one of the things allowing you to deal with Yuumi buffing a champion (IE keep them locked down to kingdom come so you can kill them through the buffs) can be not just partially but **_completely_** mitigated by certain champions. They didn't choose Olaf because he's hyper aggressive - it's because he can literally charge his fat ass through 9 metric tons of CC and frontline with a speed steroid and some guaranteed snares in order to pulverize enemy champions. On top of this, Olaf has an AS steroid built into his kit, allowing him to maximize the effects of Yuumi's passive AD increase on him, and this in turn helps his built in lifesteal. **And you can't counter that like you can against a Janna because you can't fucking separate Yuumi from her host.** Look, at this point I've already realized you and I just will not see eye to eye on this. My point still stands here - Yuumi does not offer healthy or fair gameplay, and she needs changes that bring her _**off**_ of her teammates instead of piling on to the reasons that she should stay **_on_** them, and you can take or leave this input. Though you're probably going to leave it, so this whole explanation is more for the benefit of others rather than for you yourself. So if you have anything else to add, go for it, but this is where I'm putting a period on my point as I've already reiterated it too many times so far.
Paroe (NA)
: >This is gonna be rough for all those who really like playing Yuumi to have to read - but Yuumi's issues boil down to her very kit, not just as a >"backpack" champion, but to how it plays. To put it bluntly: Yuumi has zero counterplay. >"But that's not true! Hard engaging on her in-lane is her weakness! ADC's make terrible frontline champions to try and eat damage with. So all you >have to do is all-in her!" >The problem with this argument is this: You are not at any point engaging on Yuumi. You engage on her host. Yuumi is so removed from the action >you have no means of actually getting to her. >So that's just it, then. Yuumi as a concept is horribly flawed, can't be made to work, and will always have no counterplay. All right, team, that's a >wrap then! Mystery solved, let's go home! Im going to argue your take on Yuumi is as flawed as you think she is, because you fail to recognize the actual counterplay at hand here. Theres many different kinds of counterplay, and in Yuumis case, her counterplay involves _items, burst damage, and simply playing around her passive_. As you said Yuumi is a champion who enables others to carry, rather than being an explicit carry herself. **Cat buff, is, in fact, a buff that is a cat.** Any form of coordination and lockdown will completely destroy a Yuumi lane since its a 1v2 lane because her counterplay, while not direct, is essentially basic sense; Greivous wounds Hard to Semi hard CC Burst damage Offensive mobility Its _VERY_ easy to punish the cat buff for misplays, and with the PBE changes it will be even easier because her mana costs are going sky high. Theres nothing wrong with Yuumi being a buff - in fact, its a playstyle that is ENJOYABLE when you actually learn it because you can focus on other aspects of the game like the state of the map as a whole without compromising the lane. I will concede the current state of Yuumi is to far in the middle. The PBE changes are very clearly an attempt to consolidate her into the cat buff position rather than an artillery cat, which i approve of, but she still needs changes. Her Q, for example, NEEDS to be scrapped entirely and replaced with something else that works better for her cat buff theme. Personally i think her Q should just become an empowered basic attack that procs a part of her passive; While tethered it procs the shield part, while not tethered it procs the damage part and gives her increased range. In this way Yuumi can choose whether or not she wants to poke or not, instead of just lobbing off Qs like nidalee spears. It would also make Yuumi very vulnerable - and therefore punishable - if she tries to land her standard passive then an empowered Q auto, which would be good for perception.
I don't know where your second part of your argument came from that she's fun to play - I never implied she isn't fun for people to play. I'm sure she's enjoyable to some. But... so is Yasuo. So is Yasuo healthy gameplay? Is his windwall fair to other players? Is his laning fun and interactive with how he shrugs off most trades by dashing to his opponent, chunking some health off of them before his shield burns out, and then dashing back away to walk back and forth to get his shield back up? I'm sure Yasuo is super fun to those who play him. That's why he's popular - **facing** Yasuo in lane, however, is akin to having an aneurysm. It is frustrating, it is toxic, it is flat out _unfair_ to have a champion that scales that well able to stand toe-to-toe so well in a lane. And that's basically Yuumi - she's fun to her players, a frustrating mess to play against to anyone on the opposing side. Sure, you named some ways to counter her with items - but every single champion has itemization counterplay. Where the difference lies between Yuumi and others is that Yuumi otherwise doesn't have counterplay in terms of _gameplay._ Yuumi just _doesn't_. You _don't_ interact with her any more than she wants you to. You interact with her host, and try as you may to argue that that's thereby interacting with Yuumi, the fact is Yuumi is only in as much danger as her host is putting her in and beyond that it's if she wishes to put _herself_ in danger, which she can completely freely choose whether or not to do that. And while I like your suggestion to a point, that really only helps playing against Yuumi in lane - by the mid to late-game, Yuumi will hardly be trying to proc her passive without her frontline glued to your face, she will have next to no reason to hop off for some meager poke - she'll still play the same way, glued to her teammate, only this time we'd be facing even _**less**_ counterplay because she wouldn't have to jump off to give her ally a shield. The issue, basically, is that Yuumi still has, quite frankly, _zero_ reason to leave her host, and so never has a reason to interact with you as a player. You have to outplay Yuumi's host, and for Yuumi to function as a champion, the buffs the host gets from Yuumi has to make up for Yuumi's practical lack of champion-hood. In other words: Yuumi's on a champion, that champion is in essence two champions. While this has drawbacks like allowing strong CC to be able to lock down what is basically two champions at once (hence why Nautilus crushes this lane), this weakness stops being as relevant against things such as Garen or - god help you - Olaf. I will end this by saying this: even Janna can be peeled away from her allies to keep her from being able to protect or empower them. How do you peel Yuumi away from her host, though? And keep in mind that repeating your argument from earlier equivocates to "When she decides she wants to be off of them", which still means there is zero power in the hands of her opponent and all of it is on Yuumi in terms of counterplay.
Revech (NA)
: Great post and I'll comment more on it later. But I think Yuumis outplay is either ccing her when she detaches or killing her host which pretty much guarantees a Kill on Yuumi, this is especially frustrating in the vast majority of low elo where players more often make poor mechanical or macro decisions, causing Yuumi to die with them (and to me removing 10% off her zoomies speed means even less a way to escape when your unattached). I really like the idea of this Mina champion...wish I had the chance to try her honestly. Anyway great article, interesting though provoking take on things. Thanks.
Well that's kind of the point, though - you at no point outplay Yuumi _herself_. Rather, you outplay her host. If Yuumi had more reason to hop off her host for longer, then you would far more arguably be able to outplay Yuumi then - but as of current, her rewards for hopping off a host are minimal, and with this upcoming update they actually shrink even more as she is not only less able to return once she hops off, but also everything she has in her kit is significantly stronger on another champion than by herself, the only exception being the shield she can grab if she hops off - which, if we're being perfectly honest, could get popped the moment she gets it by any kind of AoE and could sooner just wind up being a flat risk with no real reward. The point at the end, then, is that Yuumi needs some kind of changes that encourage her to jump off and not just for a split second to get a shield - giving her some kit changes to encourage her to stay on the field for a bit while fostering a more bruiser-esque approach instead of just sitting there pinned to an ally would make her have legitimate interactivity between her and her laning opponents instead of basically just being between her ADC and her opponents. Let's also remember that Yuumi has her _book_ to offer inspiration on potential abilities and changes. As of current, the book pretty only comes into play thematically during her ult, but could very easily offer abilities allowing for Yuumi's detached gameplay. Hell, Nidalee has different abilities while in cat form to her human form, and so does Rek'Sai when she's burrowed - if Yuumi picked up a separate skillset while attached to a host from her being detached, you could allow her to be a functioning unit in both realms. But before even looking at that, the main issue cropping up is that Yuumi's W does nothing when she detaches but offers critical passive buffs to her teammate while she's attached - she needs something in her gameplay that legitimately asks her to step off and interact, or any time she's in a lane there will continue to be a lack of direct interaction between Yuumi and the enemy.
Tayzzer (NA)
: Can we get a 1v1 mode in league?
There _was_. It was in season 3 - 1v1 duels on the ARAM map, where first to kill or first to get turret won (so backing was enabled to allow you to heal). It sounds fun on paper, but I was relatively new to the game and had a damn near perfect score with Morgana at the time not because I was good but because her ability to auto-push a lane and her early dueling capabilities were flat out unfair, so honestly it'd just turn into another one of those things where there'll just end up being a meta and everyone will get burnt out on it.
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: I would agree with you but this isnt silver elo gameplay, its diamond, Kayle is very aware that pushing 2nd bot tower alone while your team is in base is going to get you collapsed on and killed, she just doesnt care.
I have to ask, very simply: would you be happy if everyone was permanently banned each and every time they got tilted? Like, I'm not saying I condone consigning the game to a defeat immediately, especially when that game was at most a 5k difference (which with a team like theirs that fronts a lot of scaling, isn't actually that bad), but banning? Really? I'd say more reasonably that player should be barred from PvP matchmaking for a short amount of time following enough reports (let's say half hour to an hour) to force them calming down or venting outside of the game. The amount of time the player is barred for would increase based on the amount of offenses, after which eventually you would reach something ban-worthy. People get tilted, though. It happens. You're level 296, pretty sure _you've_ been tilted to where your play suffers before or you just make stupid, desperate decisions. Banning them _every time_ is asinine.
Manxxom (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Stripy Bag,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=0sRx3P0L,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-30T20:42:15.948+0000) > > You forgot to W after pull too you glub. That is only for late game, otherwise you are using a lot of mana (despite you get more from landing the w) but they still have a chance to dodge it as well if you make the slightest miscalculation, so it's mostly optional.
Generally you don't want to Q unless you're planning to do some killing. Especially your level 1 Q - it doesn't do much damage to justify throwing it out over your W, and the reason is that your W gives you a) a soul fragment stack, which in turn gives you b) mana and health back in return. And if you're running electrocute over phase rush, a lot of your early trading damage will be coming from that anyway - might as well opt into stacking up bonus health over trying to deal a modicum of damage more that many laners will heal back right now since Taste of Blood is a hot choice.
: It depends on how the penalty is accumulated, tbh. Has anyone tested this? Is it 20 every 5 minutes, constantly updating, or is it under 20 at 5, 40 at 10, 60 at 15, etc?
20 every 5 minutes, constantly updating. Have tried it. It counts back 5 minutes from your current point in time and keeps a running tally of how many minions you have killed - so you can lose the debuff and regain it a literal second later. God forbid you lose an inhib and have to help your team clear, because if you last-hit too much then you're pretty much draining your team's gold inadvertantly.
: no synergy stacked with core items pick one
He means team synergy, where Olaf brings nothing to the table in terms of team bonuses. So the berserker and glacial power ups go completely unused. And he's not wrong, either. Of all the 4 cost units, the only one I'd consider using by itself is Olaf, maybe Janna if I can pick up another Mystic or if I have a good enough frontline. Like, Brand's fantastic as a unit, but without the mage or infernal buffs, his damage output can be safely gimped with stuns or assassins. Olaf meanwhile is _absurd_ just by himself even without a complete stack - so long as he has guinsoo's he can do some asinine shit. And my god if he actually _does_ utilize the glacial buff, you might as well just write off that game unless you've hit level 9 with mages and a 4x warden buff.
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Minarde (NA)
: While that's certainly encouraging for overall balance, I'm curious how the graph changes when filtered by MMR and/or player familiarity with the champ. How many of those "This champ is terrible and badly needed buffs" were influenced by (average) players just being bad/unfamiliar? Likewise for the top of the range.
Don't get me started on Kai'sa in ARAM. Suggested build: straight AP. Damage buff: 12%. Then I watch people just build her usual AD build run a racket because that's not what she's balanced around and that build is infinitely better.
: It just isn't Vlad though. Riot should be doing a lot more for their older champions. Half of their champion pool (the older generation ones) are outdated in terms of art and some of their kits are a problem. Instead of addressing these issues Riot is releasing new champions with updated art and overloaded kits that forces them to rework these champion 2 - 4 months later. Riot Game Developers DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR OLDER CHAMPIONS, ESPECIALLY THE ONES THEY MAKE MISTAKES ON AND OTHER ONES WHO ACTUALLY NEED THE WORK. New champions bring in the money and that is what they prioritize all of their teams and resources into. A billion dollar company who cannot be bothered to hire new talent to get s**t done on older champions, but other mobas and games do it on a regular basis. Riot should be doing more Ezreal and Morgana level mini-VGU but that is not on the tables when they have champions like Ryze and Lux that need their yearly art updates and kit reworks.
Axe CertainlyT and bring in some new blood. That'd solve the overloaded kits _and_ the crushing workload in one act.
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: and yet low/mid elo can't play her? ok dude
I'm fairly certain what he meant was that ignoring the skill level, if an Akali makes a mistake, she has a plethora of tools to get her out of that mistake. A bad dive on, say, a Diana would mean Diana's gone from existence - no way out, only a way in. Akali, however, can shroud for speed up and faking others out, has 3 untargeted dashes to resort to if she can't just run way, can slow with her Q and gets a speed up off that as well - by "forgiving" he means that a bad call doesn't necessarily mean she can't turn it into a good one or just a flat neutral one. I certainly recognize she's harder to play - but she simply has far too many tools at her disposal to not be problematic as a champion.
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Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Toxic Control,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZK4ygAi6,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-04-24T09:52:54.682+0000) > > Rank means more than you think just due to MMR. > > You can reach 2500 MMR winning all the time in Gold. Good job! You have a 90% winrate in Gold! > > In Gold! > > In fucking Gold. It is literally not possible to have that high of a winrate and stay in gold with that MMR. > If you're winning often against Golds, that doesn't immediately translate to you winning regularly against high Plats and Diamonds. You can spike your MMR playing against incompetent people only to realize you know absolutely nothing about playing against/with anyone with half a brain when you get matched with them. Well it's what people want, give it to them, let them reap what they sow.
It's a slight exaggeration. But 90% winrates (as in current) is what spikes people up. The amount of people that site their current winrates to me in games as if it's a trophy is legitimately sickening as they proceed to feed and throw everything. "i HaVe An 80% wInRaTe On LeE" as he misses every smite and fail ganks every lane. Then you look and he's Gold 2 and it becomes really clear just why he has an "80% winrate on Lee". Just because somebody goes on a long winning streak in a rank does not mean by any stretch that they're ready for the next one as the next series of games could be them feeding incessantly.
Jamaree (NA)
: Because rank literally means nothing the only thing that matter is MMR, there isn't a good reason for MMR to be hidden. /thread.
Rank means more than you think just due to MMR. You can reach 2500 MMR winning all the time in Gold. Good job! You have a 90% winrate in Gold! In Gold! In fucking Gold. If you're winning often against Golds, that doesn't immediately translate to you winning regularly against high Plats and Diamonds. You can spike your MMR playing against incompetent people only to realize you know absolutely nothing about playing against/with anyone with half a brain when you get matched with them. MMR needs to either be reigned in a bit or there need to be better restrictions on rankings, plain and simple.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Apparently China banned all blood (and dead bodies) in video games.
Considering Tencent is one of China's top companies, wouldn't doubt that they'll strike up some kind of deal/compromise with the government to keep League acceptable. Also: > [{quoted}](name=Ephixus,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GqsWGM3a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-23T12:16:50.084+0000) > > China is so fkd up they wanna see rainbow and ponnies everywhere I guess. Sadly it's not how the world looks like. It's like how I don't blame all of the UK for Brexit or you shouldn't blame the entire US for Trump's dumbass shit - even if there's a fair amount of people to agree with stupid shit the government does, there's a pretty high chance _most_ people don't agree. Especially if we're talking China - Xi Jinping is almost Stalin-esque when it comes to trying to make sure everything looks like a utopia. He's certainly done some good, but nowhere near as much as he'd like you to think.
: Short answer: NO
> [{quoted}](name=Mordepool,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7fEHA25k,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-04-23T20:41:58.407+0000) > > Short answer: NO Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
: Stop Hating On The Balancing Team.
They don't do nothing. They actively destroy a game. There are YouTube channels dedicated to this shit and here Riot is making so much more bank off of it. Who would have thought the secret wasn't just to microwave it or burn it but to make a great product, build up a massive following around it, and then take a carton of M80's to it before handing it to a group of howler monkeys? Like holy fuck, this is some next level destruction-porn.
: I'd *love* to tell you yes (that feature is the one we'd love most as moderators), but the answer is currently no. Alas.
Ya see, this feature can't be a thing because currently Riot is busy editing their changed logo into the boards first. This process should take about 4 more years to finish and by then may be a priority. If you're wondering the steps that go into changing the logo, it is as so: 1. Implement the change 2. Observe and monitor the change for at least the course of 5 months or patches 3. If the change causes some sort of damage, make miniscule changes that don't directly fix the problem but allow community members to kind of circumvent the damage a little bit 4. Add more changes that exacerbate the issue after saying you would dial it back 5. Claim that the change is in fact not a problem at all and is in fact a new feature while completely ignoring all feedback saying otherwise 6. Apologize to the community base and say that you're a small indie company
: Playing immobile champs in this game feels like shiit.
You're right and wrong. There are a number of immobile champions that can outdamage the vast majority of the roster in a stand-up fight. If you pitted a Riven against a Yorick where the two were literally just sitting in melee mode from start to finish, in pretty much all cases on equal footing Yorick would win that bout (removing Spear of Shojin from the equation t hat is, since that item should be removed from the game and never considered to exist because of what bullshit it is). The issue arises is that while immobile champions will many times be able to come out on top in terms of damage, mobile champions are the ones that can set the tempo of a fight - IE, if something is going poorly for a mobile champion, they can yeet their way out and just say "fuck it" to that fight. Meanwhile, if you're immobile, in most cases (unless you have something that actively pushes enemies away or flash up), you are stuck there until the end. So while immobile champions can very much be a major threat, it's the mobile champs that get to choose when and where that happens - so if a mobile champion was beaten in a fight, a lot of times it's because they chose wrong themselves while for immobile champions they're likely losing because they were whittled down into a disadvantageous position, if that makes sense. Not a great feeling, but it's the really only logical way for the two types of champs to work.
: Thank you everyone
You really don't have to encourage us to be salty. The state of the game does it for you.
Eedat (NA)
: No it doesn't. You even out to 50% win rate as you approach your true MMR naturally.
That's in a fraction of games. Most times you end up getting someone in an off-role or somebody clearly way above their League. In fact, that fraction that's happening? That's them. THAT player is "evening out" based on their true MMR. And YOU get to suffer for it. Me getting a 90% winrate (recently) gold 4 in a Plat 1 game who's only 90% because, oh I dunno, he's been playing against fucking silvers and golds? That's not me getting "even'd out", that's me getting fucked. That support main autofilled into jungle who doesn't say a word? That's getting fucked. The D4 boosting his G4 buddy whose head was recently caved in? That's getting fucked. That unranked that was performing pretty well in completely unstructured games? That's getting fucked. That excuse you're making is utter bullshit and you know it deep down.
: More than half of em don't even realize that what _they_ are is just a Grade A asshole. "No, it's not me being an asshole! It's **you** being too sensitive over the internet." It's the internet? Yes, it is, and feelings get hurt over the internet. Feelings matter, sorry bud... Now, why do you feel the need to be an asshole to others over the internet? And can you guess why they usually feel the urge to be a jerk to others over the internet? Insecurity.
You can turn your argument over on its head really easily. All you did was say "They say this but I say the opposite is true! I'm right!" Reality is that there's both. There's such a thing as a complete dickhead who spends the entire time harassing the other person for little to no reason. But there's also the asshole who's getting butthurt about somebody getting frustrated with them. So you have the guy who's railing on the jungle for the entirety of the game because he missed a couple of skillshots which dropped a gank. Oh well, people have a bad game. Him continuing to bash the jungler is being a complete dick, though. But then you have the player who says "Okay, what the actual fuck are you doing?" to the guy going 0/3 who's now just hit 0/4 after diving the aforementioned player's laning opponent even after he's pinged multiple times to not engage. And yet the guy does it anyway. That guy is not a dick, that guy is now frustrated. The dick is the 0/4 player who just responded with "lol doesn't matter, it's just a game anyway", and if the first player then explains that this feeder needs to fuck off and listen to pings, that again is not him being a dick, that is him, once again, being fucking frustrated. And, _once again_, the feeding fuck now responding with "lol chill" is a complete asshole response since they're the one to cause the issue in the first place. And when people get butthurt for having to face some kind of repercussion for their actions, that's them being completely self-centered and failing to take responsibility for their own wrongs. There are two sides of this coin, you know, and I'm not going to encourage the polar opposite just because I may not like the first side.
: why nerfing yasuo wont fix yasuo
So what you're saying is "delete Yasuo"?
: The best annie guide
If anyone's played Heroes of the Storm, my favorite one of these was for Johanna back in the day: http://i.imgur.com/piMYc2g.jpg
: Jesus Christ, just remove Tahm's ally Devour at this point.
I dunno if anyone actually hates Tahm. It's frustrating to deal with him, but he's not Vayne or Riven and he requires legitimate coordination - an ally can just as easily spit themselves back out and kill themselves as he can save them. The only people who truly hate him would be top laners having to face him. Holy fuck is he just an unfair duelist all around. Worst part about these changes is that they'll encourage people to go back to playing him top, and my god I just do not want that.
: How things has changed...
We're close but League believe it or not goes about it worse. In DotA2, anyone fed can solo carry the game practically through their smart play, doesn't matter who the champ is. The only ones that you'd say really can't would be your supports, but even they can get really weirdly oppressive if they've been chowing down. League is based on who you chose. Did you choose Sej? Did you get fed as Sej? Do you know how little that matters? Good lucky 1v5'ing 'cause the rest of your team fed, dipshit! But you chose Vayne? Oh, nice! That means you get to have 2 items and dominate for the rest of eternity so long as your team literally just AFK's directly in front of you to eat any stray shots that would actually hit you! League is not equal opportunity with who gets to smash up a game while DotA2 is pretty fine with just letting any ol' shmuck run rampant off a bit of luck. And in a way, it's better to have everyone able to go on a murderous killing spree than reserving that right for the people who want to shove 100 games into Riven or Vayne to get a hang of it just because they like the champs while I prefer something with a bit more weight so I get to eat shit.
: Re-designing the League of Legends logo for a NEW Generation!
: Why would they even want to focus on making something shitty and not even needed in the first place.
> [{quoted}](name=14daysuspensionk,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lIQFx6Rk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-17T21:20:04.257+0000) > > Why would they even want to focus on making something shitty and not even needed in the first place. I ask that about pretty much every single balance change as of late.
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: > [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4HtxKkbq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-11T22:49:08.345+0000) > > i mean there probably were Nazis in world war 1, at least in their beliefs. Not in the actual war. There weren't atrocities committed against the Jews. No Anti-Jew propaganda. Non of that. In fact, World War 1 was over nothing, the breaking point was when Austria and Serbia couldn't get along.
> [{quoted}](name=IronyAndSublime,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4HtxKkbq,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-11T22:58:27.335+0000) > > Not in the actual war. There weren't atrocities committed against the Jews. No Anti-Jew propaganda. Non of that. In fact, World War 1 was over nothing, the breaking point was when Austria and Serbia couldn't get along. Nazis were a socio-facist party that picked a race to use as a scapegoat to boost their agenda via what is basically the political version of sleight of hand. "Nazis" probably existed, just not the colloquial version we know now. But that's mostly just a devil's advocate argument - no, there was not a party committing war atrocities at the time.
Raiyza (NA)
: The funny thing is, in low elo, players don't know the difference.
It's actually astounding to have to explain to the 4/0 Poppy why them being ahead won't counteract the 6/0 Jinx in the slightest unless the Jinx attaches herself to every wall from now until the end of time. People don't just not get how the game works,t hey also seem to not be able to tell what it means for certain champs to be fed.
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: What inner dialogues do you have / actively try to defeat?
I hate being a liability or leaning on someone else, but have always been willing to allow people to lean on me even when I know they'd drag me down. This has resulted in no small amount of things getting out of hand in my life where I should have swallowed my pride and gotten some kind of assistance. Yet...
: CertainlyT, I've never hated someone so much without even knowing them
It gets better. [Watch the dev stream on Zoe](https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188444965). You'll hate him even more. Don't even have to watch it, just figure out whose voice is whose, put it on in the background, and just let the rage fly.
: Annual Reminder: There is STILL no old-ass grandma champion
Gonna be honest: used to be one of those things I'd care more about, but at this point... far more things I actually care about. Like state of balance! In that it doesn't exist currently.
Vulkus I (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Toxic Control,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LmzGVj1n,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-04-03T13:17:54.668+0000) > > She lost **lane** to basically everyone - if you had someone losing lane to a Kayle, she was either having her jungler sit up her ass for the entire lane without the opponent's jungler doing anything about it or that player was horrendously bad, save her very small pool of champs that she actively counters. > > What she did was she won games - any statistics site that shows you who she wins against or "counters" doesn't necessarily mean she's winning that lane. It means she's winning that game overall - so she may not win lane, but she'll win the game. Which is the issue - she doesn't win lanes. She just wins games by hitting level 16 and nuking the entire game. She's like Kassadin on steroids. So if you want to balance out a champion well, you don't make her already shit tier early game even worse, you help bring her asinine end-game into line better, otherwise you make her a toxic champ to have on your team because the only way you benefit from her is to basically never see her ever until she hits her arbitrary level. https://u.gg/lol/champions/kayle/matchups Do you even know what you're talking about?
Do you? Oh right, I forgot that they pulled winrate at 15 minutes only, the length of laning - definitely not based on a game to game basis. They have a system to show exactly who wins lane and not just the stats at the end. Definitely can't be because those champs she wins against don't keep up with her scaling. Can't be that, can it? Do you even know _how_ those statistics work?
Vulkus I (NA)
: She didn't even lose lane to literally anyone but one character, the nerfs were deserved.
She lost **lane** to basically everyone - if you had someone losing lane to a Kayle, she was either having her jungler sit up her ass for the entire lane without the opponent's jungler doing anything about it or that player was horrendously bad, save her very small pool of champs that she actively counters. What she did was she won games - any statistics site that shows you who she wins against or "counters" doesn't necessarily mean she's winning that lane. It means she's winning that game overall - so she may not win lane, but she'll win the game. Which is the issue - she doesn't win lanes. She just wins games by hitting level 16 and nuking the entire game. She's like Kassadin on steroids. So if you want to balance out a champion well, you don't make her already shit tier early game even worse, you help bring her asinine end-game into line better, otherwise you make her a toxic champ to have on your team because the only way you benefit from her is to basically never see her ever until she hits her arbitrary level.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: I thought they nerfed her Rageblade build?
Read the patch notes - they basically nerfed all of her abilities and then her scaling armor and health regen, which armor is a'ight I guess, but health regen per level basically isn't coming into play by end-game - it's really only key during her laning phase. As for her abilities, it's not the thing that makes her impossible to deal with - it's that her passive by end-game is fucking nuts. Her abilities are only ever "stifling" in lane, and that's really only to the champs she counters - which for champs _in lane_ she counters, those are few and far between. Her laning's atrocious already, and the nerfs affect her laning far more than her level 16 power spike, which is the thing that makes people want to slit their wrists rather than deal with.
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