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: I have a 69% win rate on Sylas bot /adc
{{champion:517}} x {{champion:875}} ship incoming? ~~I mean they already have chains and fists~~
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Xhaiden (EUNE)
: Finnaly a proper visual update for Nautilus! 😎
I thought the R just _erased_ Annie And honestly I kind of preferred it.
: SeAsOn 10 Is FuN
"wtf you ultd the sky?"
: Was about to end my game but the other team allchatted "end if gay"
People tried to tell me that. Then they noticed my summoner name was "The Token Gay". And despair flooded the airwaves.
: Favoritism my ass, Akali is so shit to play. She is the worst champion in the entire fucking game atm
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: A new in-game behavior model designed to incentivize good behavior and reduce toxicity
But in all actuality, no. I disagree with giving LP rewards for good behavior. It doesn't add anything positive because it doesn't detract from the negative. Now, if you dropped a person's rank by 1 division every time they were found guilty of toxic behavior and barred them from ranked while they had a chat restriction, you could easily remove toxicity from non Bronze/Iron levels in ranked. Even then, it doesn't really promote good behavior so much as punish bad behavior so harshly that people who are toxic consistently would have no chance of ever climbing the ladder and ultimately quit. Of course, three measures would have to be taken so as to not make the game a horrible cesspool of behavior and to prevent abuse of the system: mmr would have to be disconnected from rank and be consistent between ranked and normals, reports would have to be human reviewed, and players must be able to argue unwarranted or incorrect reports.
: > In other words, what if we have them rewards worthy enough of potentially even changing some of the most toxic behavior? We already have a high enough reward of BEING ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME, you can't really offer more. Toxic players don't think "hmm, should I flame that guy for that mistake? I might lose my rewards for that. Nah, I don't care, prepare the chat box!". > One such reward could be giving actual LP to players with exceptionally good behavior LP are supposed to reflect your actual skill at the game, so no. If being non-toxic is not enough for you to win, then you don't deserve higher rank than someone who wins games despite being toxic
> [{quoted}](name=Posui Gart,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sEtV94f7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-08T23:20:27.373+0000) > > We already have a high enough reward of BEING ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME Sounds like a punishment to me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
AkaTalon (EUNE)
: Bug Report . Talon Passive does not prock D.H.
DH not working like that on Talon wouldn't be why you're hardstuck {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} But yeah, it should be consistent for everyone with burns. poisons, and bleeds, though I personally would prefer if those effects just didn't proc it.
: Legends of Runterra
Honestly I'd be willing to trade that. Of course, that doesn't begin to describe the frustration of under-cost-spell-that-kills-an-ally on allies that do more when they die or are summoned 1/1 weaklings into -under-cost-spell-that-requires-an-ally-to-have-died
: You do know that MF is also getting nerfed due to her being too strong right? Whereas morgana is often times regarded as one of the most balanced champions in the game. "Power budget" is this term that people love to throw around but I highly doubt most even know what it is ot how it should even be used.
Her design isn't the flaw. Her numbers are. Hence my statement, "I wouldn't say she's often balanced, but I blame that much more on an incompetent balance team dealing with her" And Morgana may be balanced in her numbers, but she isn't well designed. She does more things well than any champion really should, the consistency of her cc and damage through it, sustainability and the general power of her spell shield. (Remember that I was a Morg main for a good while, so I'm in no way not a fan of the champion, but I do believe her baseline effectiveness could be curbed) I'm talking champion design, not balance. The way a champion is designed to do things, what they're supposed to do, and how effectively they do them. I'd start balance talks with items and runes because that's where a majority of balance issues lie. I was going to speak more on healthy champion design vs unhealthy champion design with unhealthy champions like {{champion:84}} and {{champion:157}} who are nearly impossible to balance because they have too much power afforded to them and are infuriating to deal with no matter how op or underpowered they are because of it. I didn't get to that part because I had to go but that was where I was headed with it.
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: Add Zoe in LoR /s
Honestly for a Targon Champion lineup I'd want: {{champion:136}} Spellslinger {{champion:89}} Control deck {{champion:80}} Heavy Hitters {{champion:131}} Assassin style Plus that way you have the major factions of Targon represented. (F for Sejuani)
: Hmm get rid of ranked I would say I would quit then
That isn't something they're gonna do. They might rework it again like how they made Flex Queue but they wouldn't remove it entirely.
Ermisota (NA)
: Malzahar is for people who are clueless at how to play mid, but are so weak and scared of looking incompetent that they autolock him praying that they can get decent CS and kill someone with their jung by pressing R. Whenever I see that or Morg mid it makes me lmao irl.
I usually see people picking bruisers as signs that they're incompetent trash, but we don't want that toxicity here. I thought Malz was a good counter for assassins because he had enough lane pressure to prevent them from roaming and hard cc to lock them down when they tried to engage.
Saezio (EUNE)
: LOL so many people "don't play the game" but still are on boards? I can't think of any worse way to waste someone's time than go on boards about a game they don't play. xD
Some people, myself included, thoroughly enjoy the lore and art behind LoL. We can enjoy the universe and hate the game.
: They would have to either delete my main, or rework her into unplayable garbage. {{champion:21}}
They wouldn't delete her, but I can see her getting reworked into something unrecognizable {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:16}}
: @20
If it fails, I don't vote because I want whomever started the vote to really soak in their shame. If my team's being ass faces I also don't vote because they have a lot worse effects on each other and themselves than they do on me. Plus, I do believe you should practice playing from behind so you can see what you need to do to come back. If the enemy team is just crushing us, I will quit if my team's clearly suffering from it.
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: i feel bad when i kill a support unit but i have to since their passive effects are so strong.
IVSakenz (NA)
: So your proud that you KS your carry as a sup? and people wonder why the game can be toxic....
Trust, you don't have to ks for them to be toxic.
2gudaiya (NA)
: the assassins are working as intended, get over it. the juggs though, heh, prolly also working as intended, use your range.
It's a flaw to have assassins that are guaranteed to kill. To make them strong enough to kill regardless of the actions taken against them is not working as intended. Range only matters when you can keep them away. Most of them have some sort of speed boost in their kit that helps them run you down.
Takazaki (NA)
: mages are inherently weak to assassins, complaining that mages die to assassin reliably is the most self centered thinking lmao also akali has 0 utility and zed has a slow that eats 1/3 of his energy pool ( more the earlier on it is ) and uses 2/3 of his kit.
I'm not complaining just that I die to assassins as a squishy mage. I know that it comes with the territory. I'm upset because the limited counterplay built into their kits. Need to peel Zed? He's untargetable and teleporting to you and away. Need to peel from Akali? Shrouded and untargetable with 3 dashes. Need vision to avoid being snuck up on? Vision has been nerfed nearly to the ground and {{item:3179}} exists with a shorter cd than {{item:3364}} with a 20% smaller duration and increased ward damage.
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Jaspers (EUW)
: Are there enough Poros in the game to form an entire Poro only deck? The only deck I play with at the moment is a Freiljord one with a load of poros, Braum and lots of Overwhelm. Screwed me over when I came against a guy who had no champs and just an early Elusive he overloaded, so I could do nothing. Surrendered that within a couple of rounds.
As far as I know, there's 3 for Freiljord then one for every other faction, so you can have 4 types in your deck but Lonely Poros can give you the other 4? types you're missing at random.
Kai Guy (NA)
: > Poro decks and sacrifice decks are my two favorite so far, but I will never play a sacrifice poro deck. EVER. I admire your Ethics. As for me. Hail Satan I guess? Gonna try to break the 1k gap next. I think I might need to grind 1 more champion unlock at a minimum for it thou.
How. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT TO A PERSON!? Morals aside, HOW DO YOU GIVE THEM 250 PUFFCAPS!? How do they not die before then? How do they not kill Teemo before then?
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xelaker (NA)
: Or they are incompetent and greedy...
Greedy? Definitely. Incompetent? Only the Design and Balance teams. The LoR client works well so they have people who can make functioning clients but they aren't putting them toward League.
Scazie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Beached Manatee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dBEeT1Ic,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-26T03:47:28.709+0000) > > Gotta say, you had me to that point. I was figuring this would be a post critical of the things in this game that allow for things to happen. You know, the lack of an ability to redeem a losing lane, the inability to shut down champions like Renekton when they're ahead, towers being weak sacks of gold, jungle being balanced toward objectives and ganks rather than strategy, etc. Not a "screw teamwork I glisten like a greased ham" post. While I understand the point you're getting at, I think you're targeting the wrong things. The major difference between older seasons and current seasons is generalised power. There is SO much of it in the game now that it's honestly almost a little unbelievable. Look at Runes Reforged compared to the old Mastery and Rune system. Havoc, a 3% dmg increase, was considered Poggers, meanwhile we have PTA with 12% being thought of as shite. When you increase generalised power, you decrease the amount of meaningful decisions needed to have an impact, but at the cost of reducing the impact of people who are actually making those meaningful decisions. It's why you see far less raidboss 1v5 stuff today, compared to back in the day season 4/5. Everyone has a lot more power, except that because of the laws of diminishing returns this blanket power increase gives a greater relative benefit to the worst, than it does to the best.
Oh I know there's too much damage and whatnot in the game but I tend to look at the effects rather than the facts. Yes, there's too much power in the game. We see that it's too much because ____. Although I still am against the 1v5 raidboss style. You read it as, when I'm doing well and playing well, I can carry a game. I read it more as, when this champion is ahead and played well, it invalidates an entire team's efforts.
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: I fucking love Jubilant Poro.
I've killed Garen to keep it alive a few times
Scazie (EUW)
: I just played a game Top where I pushed down an enemy nexus turret pre-20 min Solo.
> [{quoted}](name=Scazie,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dBEeT1Ic,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-26T02:35:08.066+0000) > > Still lost? Check. Gotta say, you had me to that point. I was figuring this would be a post critical of the things in this game that allow for things to happen. You know, the lack of an ability to redeem a losing lane, the inability to shut down champions like Renekton when they're ahead, towers being weak sacks of gold, jungle being balanced toward objectives and ganks rather than strategy, etc. Not a "screw teamwork I glisten like a greased ham" post.
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: Because they aren't gonna listen to 99% of the playerbase that doesn't know the game.
You don't need to know stats to know the game isn't fun. You just have to play it. Damage is too high. Building as a tank sucks. The jungle meta sucks. You don't need to know who it's good for and why, but you can tell because either you get a meta jungler who does well or a non meta one that fails.
: Because riot hates tanks.
Now they're called burst mages
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: Rest in pepperoni
Too bad you're already in the bush by the time the outlines appear
: {{champion:98}} Tidy, respectful, always there for me, and I feel like he'd be able to give really insightful advice
I think it'd be more lectures upon lectures. But otherwise, yeah.
: {{champion:202}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} There is just something about each one of these that makes me think I am safe. Jhin thinks I'm beautiful. Aatrox is always talking about a healthy flesh intake. Malzahar is a cool pet person. And Mordekaiser has really been meaning to show me his cool chair. He even said I could be a part of his kingdom :)
Jhin would only think you're beautiful after he finished butchering you. Aatrox would challenge you to a duel to the death over something petty and just murder you. Malzahar would poison your mind and drive you to madness. Then you'd be pet food. Mordekaiser would kill you and steal your soul.
Sweagen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ehhhh,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Z0w9JOc5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-21T01:29:27.937+0000) > > What tokens? Mastery tokens, event tokens, refund tokens? > Mastery and event tokens are shown in the loot tab, unless you dont have the event pass, then they are in loot and the mission tab. > Refund tokens are in the purchase history tab of the account page in the store Event Tokens. I appreciate your response, but I still can't find them. :(
> [{quoted}](name=Sweagen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Z0w9JOc5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-21T01:46:06.847+0000) > > Event Tokens. I appreciate your response, but I still can't find them. :( Hextech crafting
: gragas would seem like a good drinking buddy
He would compress your couch into a pancake, leave empty KEGS of alcohol everywhere, reek constantly, and spill ungodly amounts everywhere.
: Which champion would you want to be room mates with for 1 year?
{{champion:51}} I feel like Caitlyn is 100% the best choice. She's neat and tidy, she doesn't have a violent streak, and she's gainfully employed so I don't have to worry about her being late with bills. She's a normal human without too many outstanding enemies once you get outside of Piltover and the worst you get is maybe the smell of gunpowder from her cleaning her rifle, or a rowdy visitor being Vi. PS: Prolly wouldn't want Jinx. She'd bring Vi crashing into your place and then blow it up for laughs. Or she might just shoot you, again for laughs. And rent? Forget about it.
: Or just look at the name before the game starts...
It's nice and easy to read a player name in-game while you're not really interacting. But during teamfights, where the problem lies? Nearly impossible
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