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: Just Failed Promos Due to Client Bug
This is my greatest fear queuing into a ranked game.
Retrauk (NA)
: New Star Guardian teaser on Twitter
"Her Darkness BURNS?" Definitely Kayle or another radiant champion as a villain.
: Does anybody like the event passes?
I'd rather have a season long battle pass instead of a month long specific event pass. I like the idea of saving up between events. Charging about 15 dollars for each event is kind of lame. And takes a lot of commitment assuming you play the game the whole month. we should just have generic event tokens that work for all of them and "transform" into the specific event type.
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Comentários de Rioters
: Exactly.
This might make his w useless, so let's make his slow into a 2 second stun followed by 5 second silence. This will separate the good tryndameres from the great.
Rackier (NA)
: I think we all know that Tryndamere needs a buff right now. Let's discuss which one he deserves.
I think what Tryndamere has been needing this entire time is a dot magic damage bleed on his autos. Perferablly missing health % damage like fizz.

Better Ban Neeko

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