: Hi, dear officer here is my situation. My top banned yasuo after I have showed it at the very beginning of the game. I asked him why and he said that "that was fun". I think this has break the meaning of showing preference and ban pick. He didn't apologize at all and I have to choose lulu which is a champ that I don't know how to play. By the way, I have been banned for 14 days, does this will affect my season rewards? Thanks.{{item:3105}}
while thats a dick move from your top laner, its not necessarily against the rules. If he was afraid of the enemy picking yasuo before you, or just didnt want to see the champ in the game, thats his decision. Its not a nice thing to do, but it's not breaking any rules. I have a hard time believing your ONLY other option was to pick lulu. However, you picking lulu was also not against the rules. you did go 0/12 as lulu though, and that could be intentionally feeding, I cant see the game so I cant say for sure, but it looks like you were running it down pretty hard. On top of this, a 14 day ban wouldnt come from your first offense, so I assume you were upset with your team, and maybe said some things that werent too friendly? Who knows, without chat logs I can't say why you were banned. Your season rewards may be recoverable. > Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards. > Players issued a ban may be ineligible for this year’s rewards. > Players banned for boosting during the 2019 season remain ineligible for rewards. > Players who experience fraud-related or erroneous bans will still be eligible. As long as you are good for the rest of the season, you should get season rewards. I believe Riot classifies 14 days as a suspension, not a ban. so as long as you make it back to honor level 2, and remain there for the rest of the season, you should be fine. A 14 day suspension is the FINAL warning before a permanent ban on your account though, so I HIGHLY recommend turning off chat, and just playing as if it were a single player game.
: Yeah, i come TV and film. TV esp is based on them. But I’ve found them useful in prose and comics. Tv is very time dependant and structured, you can’t waste time fiddling about.
very interesting. I started a beat sheet for the next novel project im working on.. I like the method so far. Thanks for suggesting it.
: "You okay bro?"
.. This post makes me wonder... You okay bro?
: I make a beat sheet (also called a beat outline). I use it to pitch the story to peers, coworkers, people innocently gettting coffee near me. Then generally i revise the beat sheet a couple times, before turning it into an outline. Always forcing myself to completely rewrite it (lazyness is a great editor, if u don’t feel a beat is important— why are you copying it?). I will often jump between writing it on a white board, onto a computer, then yellow legal pad, then back to whiteboard. If there’s any flux from the beatsheet to outline tend to recheck and redo the beatsheet. If i cant get the story to work as a beatsheet, i abandon the story or start from the premise —throwing away everything. Only when I’m happy with the beatsheet and outline do i begin writing. With a short story i might skip the outline— but never the beatsheet. Best of luck!
You used the phrase beat sheet 8 times and never told me what it is...which leads me to believe I'm supposed to know what it is as a writer lol. :) I'll Google it. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ohhhhh I've seen this method in screenplays! Hm.. I may actually give it a shot. Thanks for the reply.
: 24 chat restriction. 14 day ban. Now perma banned?
so you were punished twice.. then did it again? 14 day ban is your last warning to stop being toxic. better just not to type
: I've only written one story for Riot, but there were a few phases to it. Note - I was _SUPER_ new to the process, so there was a misstep I made and quite a lot of hand holding on the part of the editing team, who were great. 1. **Coming up with a bunch of pitches.** First thing was coming up with several pitches with 4-7 beats bullet-pointed out. 0. **Identifying pillars.** (This should be numbered zero, instead of two!) At this point, I had several pitches, with beats, but I was having trouble identifying which ones were better than others. Another Rioter writer offered to talk me through the problem, and said that something that helped him was to work out what the pillars of the story were - what I was trying to achieve. There might be a couple of these, but until you've worked this out, you're really just wasting your own time! 2. **Narrow down to three pitches.** Now that I could measure the goodness of the many pitches, I could identify which best fulfilled the pillars (and/or come up with some new ones). Then I sent those three to the stakeholders (and told my editor which one I felt was strongest) to see if they agreed they were headed in the right direction, and what one (if any) to move forward with. In my case, the one I felt was strongest was picked. 3. **Write a first draft.** The editor had given me a deadline for a first draft (I requested that it be as soon as possible, so we could iterate more frequently) and a word count range. I spent a day stumbling over the start of the story before kicking myself into just finishing the first draft, crap beginning and all. That helped a lot. So over the course of a couple of days, I got that first draft written, hitting all of the beats from the bullet point list in the pitch. 4. **Cut.** At this point, I had written twice as many words as was the maximum allowed for the piece. Doh! Before I even let my editor take a look, I spent the last day or two before my first deadline, just cutting like a mad-woman. Whole paragraphs of setup and description - gone. In the style of Stephen King, I went on an adjective massacre. Even still, it was over 200 words over the maximum limit by the time my first draft deadline hit. 5. **Submit first draft.** Sent it off to the editor, and I gave him a few days to take a look over it. (This took a bit longer than might normally happen, but real life was going down, and couldn't be helped.) 6. **Fix problems for second draft.** A few days after that, I got a version back that, honestly, was more yellow-highlight-for-editing than it was untouched. Basically, I had too many character points of view, and for the length of the piece, that was overkill. So I rewrote about 80% of the story to have it be only from one character's perspective. Managed to trim down a few words while I was at it, but STILL over the limit. Fixed a few other issues, some suggested changes - but at this point, every beat in the pitch is still being hit. Very little deviation from that initial outline. 7. **Submit 2nd draft for SME feedback.** At this point, time was pretty short, and the state of the story was considered in a finished enough state, to submit to the rest of the process. It was sent off to various SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for blind feedback, so that if there were any problems or contradictions or cross-product issues, they could be identified. They keep this blind so the writer doesn't get inundated with possibly contradictory, wildly irregular, feedback - it goes via the editor. 8. **Fixes and copy editing.** Working with my editor (in a Google doc, live editing a shared file) we picked apart any last sentences or paragraphs that needed a fix up, with the SME feedback. Here, there was one or two, but generally it was more correcting the order of a sentence or so, rather than anything content wise. We get this done in an hour or two - working remote because in this case, we're in different offices. 9. **Copy editing.** I say goodbye to my story, and leave it in the capable hands of the editing team. Life happens, again, so the copy editing doesn't go down until the last minute - I get 'accosted' once or twice by a manic looking editor asking for my feels about some last minute tweaks, and I respond as best I can. After that, it's out of my hands and off to the localization team for translation! So, long story short (ha! get it - I wrote too many words, again!) I stuck very closely to my pitch because A) it was a short story anyway, and B) because it was what had been approved by the stakeholders so deviating from it would have raised some questions.
Thanks for the post. It was very insightful. I've written two novels (fantasy. Real dark nerdy shit yafeel?) but im struggling to get them published. I just received my first reply from an agent though. They said that they enjoyed the story, but felt I needed to improve on my outlining because of some parts seemed like I was branching off and hinting at an idea that never really comes to fruition. The example they cited basically was a city I mentioned in one of the early chapters, that my characters never really talk about again. I've never outlined my stuff before, I just kind of have an idea and write about it. Then I reread it, edit it, take parts out, add parts in... Repeat that a million times until I feel like I'm nitpicking lol. Suppose I'll start working on a timeline for my next idea.
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: I hate the rule so much, there is zero reason for us to shame others when basically everyone starts from bronze-gold when they first got into league. Yet for whatever reason mods go "I see low rank, me delete message!" when we aren't even using said rank to shame people, but for explaining how the game works in x elo and why.
Not all of the mods. Most are pretty good. theres just a few that are a bit ... over the top. ulanopo and knights...something have been really bad lately about removing stuff that's not worthy of being removed lol.
: Rank shaming?
Yeah.. I've had posts removed for just mentioning someones rank when talking about balance. something along the lines of. "In your elo (bronze 3) alot of things are broken that aren't broken in higher elos, so they cant really balance around you guys." It wasn't an insult.. it was just a point of conversation lol, I op.gg'd his account when he said Yi was broken or something. can't remember now. its been a while. Overall just best to leave rank out of it unfortunately.
: Someone I know was banned in-game for taking someone else's old name.
> step 2.5 is Person A was extremely toxic, or Boosted his account, or bought his account. FIFY
: Not to be that guy, but the AD in ADC stands for attack damage, as in physical damage; APC is ability power carry, in reference to similarly mages. But yeah I still differentiate between ranged and melee in each category too.
Im sure you do buddy. been playing this game for 8 years now, and I've only heard APC a couple times usually in an ironic sense. I've heard "I'm playing karthus/ziggs/mordekaiser ADC" much more often. Again, I could be a douche and say "ITS NOT KARTHUS ADC, ITS KARTHUS APC" then snort-laugh and tuck my calculator into my pocket. Or I could do what most people do and understand what the person is saying. > P.S You are "_that guy_" Everyone here respects your opinion, you can feel validated now. have a good day. thanks for stopping by. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Meaningless stuff, 10 game sample size = lulz. To give you an idea I did as similar experiment but much much bigger sample size. I used 3 different account a few seasons back 150 ranked matches with katarina once because I was told "its not your team you are just bad l2carry harder. I had a 37% winrate on 150 kat games on my main account. So I swapped to my next account after 150 kat games wow i had a 67% winrate, the forum warriors told me see you were bad your better now (even though all the metrics but winrate were better on the first account lol. Hey i have an open mind though but I wasnt new to playing mid or kat so It seemed unlikely I magically got better at her after using her for many other seasons. So I fired up my 3rd account 46% winrate on kat after 150 games. The forums silent all of the master minds vanished with all their explain aways. So reality check for people league of legends is primarily luck of the draw on your team, the only exception is when the skill gap is massive like a diamond 2+ player in bronze silver low gold. I been challenged on this assertion a number of times and I have seasons worth of multiple account data have no other explanation I got nothing but crickets as the "carry harder " trolls run and hide when I show them how of my 3-4 accounts the same 3-5 top played champions with 50+ games played each all have wildly different winrates and the only real variable is "my teamates". Now if you add to your sample size there are still a number of possible explanations and oddly enough some will support the idea well as ADC your role is so diminished right now in league your poor play has the least impact where as if you are top or mid you really need to carry hard and be a rockstar or your team loses. So you can be a bad adc and have a high winrate....just an example, could also be your amazing ADC and its the most important so you carry like a boss, though I am pretty sure it sure former 6 years of thousand + ranked games each season seeking to understand this stuff I have learned immense amount about this game more than most. PS if you want anyone to take you serious you need to post with the account you used, not some throw away normals aram spam account.
> Meaningless stuff, 10 game sample size = lulz. To give you an idea I did as similar experiment but much much bigger sample size. Nobody asked. Nobody cares. Stop being pretentious As the post says, These are PERSONAL RESULTS of a comparison of 50 games played. I wasn't trying to make some scientifically backed statement about the state of the game. The title isnt clickbait. "I DID A 50 GAME COMPARISON OF ROLES IN THE GAME, HERES MY **PERSONAL RESULTS**" P.S if you want someone to take you serious, dont come to their post misunderstanding the entire point, then belittle them, then tell a personal story about your MUCH BETTER experiment as a katarina one trick, then leave with a backhanded insult in the post scriptum. PSS this was the account I used. I'll give you what I gave the other obnoxious individual trying to start an argument with me. > Everyone here respects your opinion, you can feel validated now. have a good day. thanks for stopping by. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Better Jungler,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=1Vut9uj9,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-12-02T03:23:07.045+0000) > > Personally, I think it'd be really annoying to auto attack someone with 10 hp and them get a shield from nullifying orb. It's just as annoying to almost kill a Zed or Talon, only for them to get a null orb + hexdrinker shield
Yeah. But everyone has auto attacks.. so this rune is good against LITERALLY every champ. Ap damage is bustier than most auto attacks, and often aoe(area of effect) so I can see the case for nullifying orb in it's current state. Just not an adaptive one.
: {{champion:107}}
Mmmmm.... Yeah... Hm.... Could classify his q as it's own ability, rather than a empowered auto attack under the new system. As well as the other empowered auto attack abilities.
Krupaz (NA)
: Smite mid
Im petty. Take my raptors im smiting your next 2 cannon minions.
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: Yes, Riot is planning on adding planes for Season 9 so they needed "[Air Traffic Control](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/ask-the-community/IVtyN8Y3-introducing-the-atc-gurus)". {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
> [{quoted}](name=HeyItzSteve,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bT9fIF9x,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-02T21:08:05.102+0000) > > Yes, Riot is planning on adding planes for Season 9 so they needed "[Air Traffic Control](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/ask-the-community/IVtyN8Y3-introducing-the-atc-gurus)". > {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Sweet. I'm an experienced Air Traffic Controller, and would love to join the program. put in a good word for me. and with the direction the games going, planes/vehicles isn't too far fetched :) {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:42}}
: End-of-season rewards are still being shipped out until Dec. 13. If you do not receive your rewards by then, send a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to Riot Support. Keep in mind that you need to have been Honor 2 or above on Nov. 12 to be eligible for rewards. If you dropped to a lower Honor because of a chat restriction, you can still be eligible for rewards if you reach Honor 2 by February 11, 2019. This does not count if you receive a punishment of 14 days or more.
> [{quoted}](name=HeyItzSteve,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bT9fIF9x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-02T20:58:31.002+0000) > > End-of-season rewards are still being shipped out until Dec. 13. If you do not receive your rewards by then, send a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to Riot Support. > > Keep in mind that you need to have been Honor 2 or above on Nov. 12 to be eligible for rewards. If you dropped to a lower Honor because of a chat restriction, you can still be eligible for rewards if you reach Honor 2 by February 11, 2019. This does not count if you receive a punishment of 14 days or more. what is ATC? Air Traffic Control? :P
mirAcIe (EUW)
: Anything as long as Evelynn is reverted.
Oh god no lol Old eve was 1 dimensional and weak. New eve is great in my opinion.
: "I just find her very fun. Even if Akali were garbage I'd find her fun since she's my kind of champion." Read that please and you'll understand my reasoning as opposed to droning on like a broken record. I'm not even going to try and fight you over Akali, we both know she's broken. It's not my fault that I find the new Akali extremely fun. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} It is an ad hominem attack since you're choosing to discuss me personally as opposed to actually discussing the topic that is being spitballed. But thanks for the somewhat decent compliment? What relevancy does my rank have to do with anything? Flamers, inters, throwers and wintraders are an issue across ALL ranks, only differing in frequency in relation to rank. I can use their shortcomings as an excuse for myself since they're intentionally making situations where I cannot feasibly win unless the opposing side caves in and just lets me win due to the bs that is inting and/or throwing. If you're wondering, no I will not just accept a loss cause Mr. Special wanted to int due to his toxicity and immaturity. If I wanted to accept a loss I'd have purchased Fallout 76 by now :^) Bronze-Gold is very different. Tbh I had no issues with ranked overall, I just didn't give a damn last season hence why I just took my provisional rank of Gold I (which is odd since I went 8-2 with a great MMR and I previously got Plat I last season by going 7-3, but ok Riot). I still hate degenerate players though. You are right to an extent though, meta champs do help since you win more if you're good with them and they're more fun, and I use Akali since my main has been universally shit on by Riot {{champion:55}} <---- (yes DH is strong, but she's still not fun) Plat and above though inting, throwing and wintrading are all legitimate issues and they occur almost every 2nd match, it's unbelievable. No matter how many times you report them they just will not get punished..... French Canadians aren't even close to the same experience since eastern based nationalities treat this game like a business....only they behave like small children in doing it. I'm just stating that for people who aren't great at this game and are just average these individuals and groups just worsen the quality of the game for these players. It's no fun to be going 10/0 and stomping only for your 0/5 Graves jungle to decide to int due to the top laner complaining about lack of ganks and that Graves player just going "Fuk u u los then".
Yeah not reading all that. Stop playing the victim. Done arguing, byeeee
: That wasn't a personal attack? You're looking at my match history which is directly linked to me rather than discussing the actual topic at hand. However I did not disagree with Akali being meta, I just find her very fun. Even if Akali were garbage I'd find her fun since she's my kind of champion. Ok, say that to me again when you have to experience the OCE Chinese player special where they go 1/5 and then AFK. I'm sorry but if you do not think that inting, flaming and throwing are problems then you well and truly have not played this season and you're living under a rock. Hell, I've even had the odd wintrade occur due to Chinese boosters meeting each other in the same game. "No one is targeting you for losses, Riot isn't trying to hold you down in gold 1 OCE lmao." YOU sure are targeting me since you're having to rely on ad hominem attacks to prove your point as opposed to leaving it as just a general concept. However, I can agree that I can improve, everyone can, but that still doesn't change the fact that terrible players play this game (yes, worse than me, I know what a revelation) and they're often on meta champs cause this game is braindead in that aspect.
Stop. playing. the. victim. There. are. no. insults. being. thrown. You mentioned meta. You play akali. Akali is meta. You say meta is bad. I'm not saying anything that isn't true. We were discussing the meta, how you think its bad, I think it's unavoidable. I checked to see what champs you play. You play THEE meta champion at the moment. This isnt an ad hominem attack. I'm plat 5 NA why would I make fun of you for being gold 1? it's just stating your rank saying that Riot isnt going to hold someone down. If anything its a compliment because I was saying that players in bronze and silver always say Riot is holding them back, but you're clearly not having trouble in ranked because gold 1 is really good imo, so no one is holding you back. I don't get to play with OCE chinese players. I get to play with french canadians, and I assume its probably the same experience. Some players are bad at the game, I'm not arguing that. But you can't use their shortcomings as an excuse for yourself. If bad players could hold others back, the diamond streamers that climb from bronze to diamond with ONLY 1 or 2 losses wouldn't exist. Me and you wouldn't of gotten out of bronze if bad players were the sole reason for bad games.
: I really have to disagree. I do think riot failed abysmally at "maintaining the appeal for its core audience". I think that they just managed to retain a good chunk of their core audience. However, this is despite their loss of appeal, not because of it. It's amazing how long people will stick on the same ship, despite it being completely different, just because it retains it's identity. I've built my computer for the past ~7 years. I had an initial build, but since then I've upgraded the CPU, Expanded the RAM and changed DDR version meaning I had to swap out the motherboard, replaced my failing harddrive, Power Supply, GPU, and then got a new case with better ventilation and some extra fans. However, I have a hard time accepting that at some point it was no longer my first PC I've ever built. It's technically my second at least (since that is actually kinda condensed), and my first PC is just scrap metal at this point. It's not even the first company to do this, it's just the first company to do this without having ANY title change. Look at WoW, for years they managed to retain a huge portion of their playerbase just because it's technically the same game. Despite numerous overhauls and design changes that their core audience fucking hated. Including a change very similar to the rune/mastery rework. Hmmmmmm... Yet they'd constantly attach massive overhauls to subtitle changes giving people a good chance to not do something (buying the next expansion), in order to fall out of playing the game. Point is, that it's sunk costs, the optimism that somehow they will reverse course, and to some degree a problem with the nature of identity and the grandfauther's axe/ship of theseus paradox. When does a game become a different game? When the appearance changes or when the functionality changes? Then to that point, if you're not actively rebuilding something with the pieces that you're removing, then are you not just slowing deleting the game?
People are really quick to say this game is dying.. but thats just not true. numbers are exactly the same on twitch. top 2 most viewed games. The old pros are sticking with the game, only one that left is dyrus (and he just came back to league). Worlds had an average viewership. Turnout at worlds was as expected, stadium filled. the game is fine. Boards says its dying, because boards is the place people come to complain about stuff. they are a small minority of the playerbase. You'll know this game is dying when you see ads on the loading screen, and it takes 10 minutes to find a game. its pessimism that's making people think this game is dying. Not optimism saying it's still alive. I build computers as well. Like you it's gone through many changes, but it still does the same thing that I did on my first computer. It's just better looking, its cleaner, its faster, its bigger. But it still holds all my games, photos, Novels (aspiring author). League hasnt replaced anything. It's only added and changed components. Maybe the damage is a bit high now, and the games are shorter than they were in season 3. But it's still league of legends.
: I think it's just as annoying when it blocks magic damage. Imagine playing Corki into null-orb.
imagine playing corki at all right now {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: What if Nullifying Orb was Adaptive?
Personally, I think it'd be really annoying to auto attack someone with 10 hp and them get a shield from nullifying orb.
: Yeah, but it was the wrong decision by riot to make a fundamentally different game at the expense of the existence of the old game. Now they have a playerbase full of dedicated players who are attached to the title and absolutely hate their game.
hear me out. I agree to an extent. Dunno if you ever played runescape.. But its a perfect example of how to poorly modernize your game. It had a MASSIVE following back in the day, then tried to modernize its game with an update called "evolution of combat" aka EOC, and most players left it immediately. It's still not 100% dead, but they're struggling right now. Google EOC Runescape and just look at the abysmal outcome. League had to modernize itself in order to become the powerhouse Esport that it is today. And most of its playerbase has stuck with it through the modernization. I think league of legends is the best example of modernizing a game, while maintaining the appeal for its core audience.
: > We enjoyed them more because they were newer This kind of dismisses the claim that the older game wasn't better... If being new makes them more enjoyable then there's no reason that we shouldn't enjoy the current changes and releases more than the old ones, because even if there's a rose tented glasses effect, then there should be no recognition of any of the bad. But I'm fully aware of the old problems that the game had and the new problems that the game has. It's just fair to say that the old problems had a far smaller influence on the enjoyment of the game than the current problems. The old problems were instanced, the new problems are systematic. But the game always needs to have some kind of conflict to encourage exploration. I just don't think that that conflict should be created by terrible systems like the itemization changes, the map changes, or the rune/mastery changes. Fine let some champions be OP, but they should be able to be target nerfed as needed, not simply the best at abusing the game's overall balance and system design.
Honestly thats what im doing. Dismissing the claim that the old game was better. It was newer, It was fresher. but there was a ton of bullshit. I dont think it was "better." I think thats just how we perceive it, cuz we aren't faced with the bullshit that plagued the older game. WW point and click ult, old katarina and old fiora were enough to make me rage back in the day.. Now it's more abstract things about the game that annoy me. ADC shouldnt be so weak, burst shouldn't be so high. Tanks shouldn't do so much damage. I don't have individual problems with champions anymore.. Sure karthus ult being global is annoying, and akali shroud shouldn't work how it does in reference to towers. but these are only prevalent when those champs are strong. I didn't care about karthus last month for example. Of course there are good and bad things about both old and new league. But we aren't playing OLD league anymore, we're playing new league. So obviously the complaints are going to be higher since its what's happening right now.
: Being annoying is sufficient to be banned tho {{champion:157}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:6}}
Completely agree. Sufficient to be banned. not mandatory. If I see a karthus in my game, I don't say "this is an auto loss" I say.. "this game is going to be annoying, I have to be above 40% health at ALL points." Seeing a diamond akali player in my platinum game? that games likely over we dont have an INCREDIBLE early game.
Wuks (NA)
: There is 20x more insight in your reply than what was in that Tweet
Ah ok. I didn't see the tweet personally. Sounds to me like it was just a lashing out without any context as to why the boards is in a rough spot. Not a meaningful post about the reason riot doesnt stop by anymore. my bad {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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saltran (EUW)
: Just like an Insec was something crazy for pro players back un the day and now if you dont know how to do an Insec as a silver Lee player you will be called noob and for a good reason.
Eh, insecs you can get away without knowing in silver :P Ward hops are the embarrassing thing to miss lol. nothing is worse than chasing someone, then putting down a ward, then standing there for a solid second before hitting w and jumping to it {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: We need REFORM on League of Legend
Tip: Structure your post so its not just a brick of text. if you type a line of -'s it creates this effect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press enter twice between paragraphs to create space between thoughts. **Title: ** Title your sections and make the titles bold so they stand out.
: I´d agree that skill has risen, a lot overall.....but i think the main point was still the speed or lack of thereof at which people died x)
Yeah sorry my post sounded sarcastic. it really wasn't lol. As a lee sin main, it hurt my heart to see that Q he hit do almost 0 damage to the varus lol. But yeah, everything moved slower, and the fights lasted much longer.
: I know there was a point where they were being told not use reddit and to use the boards instead, obviously that didn't last long.
i think its the opposite now. Where they're told to use reddit and not the boards.. Unfortunately LoL reddit mods are terrible, so I dont go there lol.
: What has been impacting negatively the game
On one side, I agree with you. Overloaded kits have plagued every new champ released since sion rework imo. But on the other side, I don't know how well it would go over if riot released a champ with a basic kit. (Q does damage, w slows, e is a auto attack buffer, and R is something interesting.) I feel like people wouldn't be hype about the new champ if that was the case? we need shiny effects, new status conditions. we need champs that run through walls or teleport across the map.. Because without them everyone would be {{champion:24}} .. and no one wants a statstick as a champ :(
Wuks (NA)
: I also saw the Tweet, and it's not even worth my time or effort to address all the ways that it was ironic, negative, and hurtful to this community.
You don't see the truth in it though? Boards is 90% negativity. It sucks for the 10% of players that make it a great community, (concepts and creations, general discussion specifically) but the hate threads, empty complaints, and toxic hostility are undeniable. Rioters don't even come around anymore to shitpost since Cactopus left :(
: saw a rioter tweet about the boards
Why did you post this twice in the last hour? lol
: twitch prime error connecting accounts?
So I had the same problem, and eventually after clicking all the links (theres three different links on twitch, and one on league client) I was taken to a league website that let me link the account. I think this is where I ended up https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/twitchprime/connect (if you don't trust the link, its the one given on the twitch prime rewards menu.)
: > The boards has ~~lost all~~ never had any credibility
As a long term boards user, I can tell you that Riot used to hang out here pretty often 4-5 years ago. Red text on most posts that were worded correctly. There was still negativity, but it wasn't running rampant like it is now. I can't blame riot for avoiding the boards, every time they post something they get flooded with messages that 1. dont relate to their jobs. or 2. are rude/hostile. Now-a-days its rare to ever see red text outside of a riot posted thread. sad tbh. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Alzon (NA)
: The only reason Jungle is so strong is how easy it is to kill someone off of a gank because of increased burst damage from keystones and the nerfs to early defensive stats.
So a damage nerf you think? Lee sin is my main, most q's I land pre 10 minutes are guaranteed kills. however, at 15 minutes + it becomes much less reliable. Your suggestion is to nerf early stats such as base ad, mr, armor, and movement speed ? Perhaps make them scaling so that late game (after laning phase) the stats inflate to a normal value? interesting. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: saw a rioter tweet about the boards
I mean.. that's kind of true. The boards are great for concepts and creation, meme posts, and a couple real quality posters.. The hundreds of posts that arent in those three categories are people complaining without giving feedback, being rude to eachother, and asking "why did I get banned" then posting a 12 page word document of toxic chat logs lol. The boards has lost all credibility, and I understand riots perspective on this.
: 30 day ip boost
others beat me to it. If you play alot of games, go with the day boost. If you play a game a day or less, go with the wins boost.
Moody P (NA)
: Why is Shyvana building AP now? What happened?
lol.. ap shyvana one shotting people one voyboys stream yesterday. Literally 100-0'd a kindred with one fire breath.
: Getting tired of these chat restrictions
> Getting tired of these chat restrictions stop typing then lol. If you're sick of being punished.. stop doing things that get you punished?
Comentários de Rioters
: Jax R nerfs lul
I just assume everyone did lol. I don't play him.
: Ok, I'll touch on your points one by one: -Tell that to me when my teammates are at least 0/3 by 5 minutes and when I get (usually Chinese) inters, throwers and flamers in my games. Yes, part of it is me not playing properly, however even when I am playing properly my team is quite literally holding me back unless I spoonfeed them and be mamma hen for the entire game since they have no idea what they're doing a lot of the time (although I do get great teams at times, which is an entirely different story). -Abusing the meta is not a dumb concept. If I play Graves or Akali just for free wins then I am abusing the meta and not a good player, unless of course I genuinely blame them. Playing meta picks is a crutch for most players that masks their true skill; they might be better or they might be worse, in this instance it's usually the latter. I'd much rather have a Zac one trick on my team than some metaslave who only plays Graves, Lee and Rengar cause he read on Mobalytics that they were good picks. -Ok, so first off I genuinely enjoy Akali now since I love champs with buttloads of mobility and damage, and since Kat isn't exactly in a great spot in terms of fun I found Akali to be my new favourite champion. Nice personal attack though, I see that's how you win your arguments. Now then, I'll touch upon the initial point before you got personal. Meta is the most effective tactics available, that is correct. However, a lot of players blindly picks champions they think they're good at when in actuality they could not be more garbage on those champions as they do not fit their playstyles. The only exception to this rule is when they're so broken and braindead to the point where it doesn't matter, like Janna. My overall point is that a player is likely to be worse at meta champs they ONLY play for free wins and don't dedicate time to than if they dedicated time to 1-2 or more champs and mastered+enjoyed them. -Riot does hold you back as an individual since they've went through with changes that force you to rely on your team to the point where you can barely do anything yourself. Case and point, shutdown gold, the sheer abundance of CC, damage reduction, shields, heals, damage immunity, base damages being ridiculous etc.
yeahhhh wasnt a personal attack lmao. You're saying meta champs are cheap ways to win and mask the players "true skill".. yet your match history is akali... akali... akali... who is the most "meta" champ right now. A crutch isn't picking a certain champ or playing a certain way, its making excuses like "my teams holding me back" or "Meta players are holding me back." not here to argue with you. Stop making excuses and try to improve YOUR gameplay. No one is targeting you for losses, Riot isn't trying to hold you down in gold 1 OCE lmao.
: It's amazing how different this game used to be in S3
wow its crazy how much the community has improved.. this pro game looks like a silver game lmao.. now everyone and their mother can kite back and weave autos as a marksmen. Used to be unheard of in pro league I guess haha
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 30
Any thoughts on the lengths of game currently? I know riot wanted to make decided games end quickly, at the same time as make comebacks possible, but it seems like a game lasting over 25 minutes is impossible now? I think I've hit full build 3 times in the last 20 games? I've also noticed an increase in 15 minute forfeits.. (again, 3-4 in the last 20 games)
: Season 4 onwards be like: *Everyone oneshots each other, not just DFG users *Janna still makes her team nye-unkillable *Champs with CC abilities now have their entire kit as CC and/or the duration(s) on said CC are excruciatingly long *Irelia ult literally 1v5s *Akali has "obscure" so she can dodge tower aggro *Bruisers are now just touch-of-death sticky champs *Tanks are no longer tanks, they're slightly tankier bruisers with more CC *Phantom Dancer is broken, thereby Yasuo is broken. *Zoe exists. Camille exists. *Dominion got removed which killed off the casual playerbase *You're now incredibly reliant on your team to the point where you can no longer really solo carry due to the general mechanics within this game implemented after season 5. Good luck winning when Riot wants you to be held back by inters, flamers, throwers and generally bad players who abuse meta to win which thereby makes them bad. *Oh yeah, and assassins are no longer assassins. Divers, mages and some ADCs are better assassins than most assassins omegaLUL. *Fiora now deals 127% of your max HP as true damage with her ult and a further 40%+ with her passive. Oh, and now her parry blocks ALL damage in the game besides towers, cause why the fuck not...AND IT STUNS IF YOU PARRY CC XD **ALSO OLD KAT EXISTED....BOTH VERSIONS** {{champion:55}} <---- not this meth-head with brain damage
> Good luck winning when Riot wants you to be held back by inters, flamers, throwers and generally bad players who abuse meta to win which thereby makes them bad. Why would riot want a player held back? Maybe its just you not playing well enough to progress? I know it s a hard pill to swallow, but no one EXCEPT YOU is holding you back. also, "Abusing the meta" is a dumb concept. Meta is the Most Effective Tactics Available. You can argue against it, but a meta exists because its the best way to win games, which is ultimately the goal of the game. Might want to check your match history by the way, Akali is literally the most "meta" champion right now.
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