: i mean op literally said "i want to play like a chimp and i cant wtf" lmao
I did not mean play like a chimp when I said "Caveman brain", by caveman brain I'm referring to the classic brute strength stereotype and mindset that cavemen are referred to as having. I feel it was a staple to tanks back in league of legends earlier days, the idea that a specific champion was just a hunk of a man/ creature that utilized brute force (Tankiness and more) to survive in larger fights. This isn't to say that these champions are brainless, its the mindset that I enjoyed, which is brute force and strength. I feel this idea and playstyle of survivability via tankiness has been tossed out in favor of pure damage, CC, and range. The only people who survive fights now are the Adc's and backline mages because they have either a lot of damage or really strong CC, its extremely poor balancing on riots part.
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: Idk, coming from a Darius main if I dont have flash up and a {{champion:154}} I never get near enough to anybody since everyone just plays mages and Adc's in every role. Legit Ill get 5 miles close to the enemy Draven, get slapped with a 600 dmg crit ( AFTER FUCKING MITIGATION) and eat an Ori Ball and pulse for 900 magic dmg and just go back to 'zoning' (Whatever the fuck that means these days), waiting for my red buff to re-heal me to full. The only time a fight starts is when one of the holy damage gods {{champion:238}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:164}} catch someone out and one shot them but at this point there team has all gone in thinking they could save their {{champion:268}} before he gets one shot and then the fight starts. The same goes for the rest of these poor fucks {{champion:106}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:2}} Like, yea we deal alot of damage, we get to ACTUALLY DEAL THE DAMAGE EVERY FIVE FIGHTS. Unless your rushing {{item:3742}} {{item:3800}} and are fed, your just gonna get CC'd and slapped for half your hp (if your lucky)... Anyway, I said this before and I stand by it, nerf the damage bruisers deal idgaf, BUT GIVE ME ITEMS AND TOOLS TO STOP ME DYING IN THREE FUCKING SECONDS TO AUTO ATTACKS EVEN WHEN I FUCKING HAVE {{item:3143}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3742}} AND THE HIGHEST BASE ARMOR AND ARMOR GROWTH IN THIS FUCKING GAME. ty for reading {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I always try to get my grubby hands on one champion in a team fight and I just get anal raped by cc and damage :(
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: Almost seems like riot's balance team is intentionally trying to ruin the games balance
Whoah hol up, that Darrius buff is nice and all but it was only 5% bonus armor pen, and 10% increase to his w damage at max rank, that's really not that bad tbh.
Rαy (EUW)
: Reminder that this is the Camille Skin we need
Camille's first skin looks like a knock off power ranger, tf is this shit Riot.
EkyonKun (NA)
: Riot, is this really who you want representing you?
Can someone explain what's going on here in simple terms. Cause right now I'm to lazy to try and figure out, but it has something to do with white knights, sjw's and feminism.
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Nęko (NA)
: We need a true creepy champion
I think Mordekaiser is the perfect contender for this, however riot just needs to rework him and give him a bad ass cinematic for his rework. His lore is just too chilling, if they were to properly rework him I feel he could be terrifying.
Moody P (NA)
: too much armor reduction in this game
See with magic resist, you can become a god if you build that only. You can pretty much take little to no damage, however if someone builds mr reduction they can half that by 50% roughly. Same with armor, however it should never be like that, ever. The whole point of a tank building all armor or mr is too become nearly impossible to kill, however riot wants to ruin that. If you build all of one resist just go get it halved you literally wasted your gold. However, the adc pretty much loses nothing this entire time, why? I have no fucking clue why riot allows this. There are champs with armor, and magic resist, or even damage reduction built into their kit, and that's just that one champ. For instance Darius has armor shred built into his kit, but when every champ can access this in abundance its just completely bizarre. Certain things should stay unique to a few items or champs, but they should not be too overpowered either. If I build a full armor build and take 81% reduced physical damage, halving that brings it down to 40%, that's less than 50% physical damage reduction. Smh that is way too little compared to the initial armor. They really need to tweak armor and armor shred in items. I used darius as my model for full armor build and 40% is less than his max, base armor......That's just beyond stupid.
: Thats not a bug. Daruis is ment to ult and kill and it should never go on cd if u ult and kill. so what u discribed is someone kill stealing you when u ulted and your ult going on cd
The thing is, is it happens sometimes, then others it doesn't happen. I think it is a bug fr. If It wasn't It wouldn't do it, then not do it another time.
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: I think Akali's Q should do %max health true damage
Her q should also bleed the enemy out for 10% of their max health in true damage scaling with each champion in the match. And when the said person dies akali gets all their gold for the rest of the game and permanently gains 1000hp and 200 ap for every kill she gets following her first kill.
Reziztor (NA)
: God King Darius or God King Garen
Darius, I would rather have an anarchist over some stuck up king, obsessed with peace and order, shit would drive me insane. Eternal war and anarchy sounds badass as fuck and awesome.
: > [{quoted}](name=Axe Hemorrhage ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ozRsnAQb,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-26T05:03:39.635+0000) > > No just fix the ability hitbox so it doesn't hit you outside its actual animation. If 2 is actually 3 while 1 which is actually 1 hits 2 at 3 then it is not the problem of 1 but of 3 pretending to be 2. In other words it is the hit box of champs not matching the champion instead of Irelia's ability.
No, if the ability visually does not line u with my champion yet it still hits me there is something. Either 1, make it so it is visually adding up on the champ to ability hitbox, or just straight up tweak the ability as a whole.
: So what should they do? Champions have different sized hitboxes so there's no perfect size for ability hitboxes to be.
No just fix the ability hitbox so it doesn't hit you outside its actual animation.
: It does match. But your champ's hitbox is bigger than your champ's model so you're actually intersecting the area of her E without knowing it.
Exact reason why its broken. I don't know my champions hitbox meaning it will still hit me even when it seems completely impossible. Riot takes the L on this one imo. I have been hit by her E from the most dumb angles, its really annoying and a pain in the ass to deal with in lane and late game.
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: I like the Phreak announcer pack more than Ahri and Thresh
Gangplank was the best one hands down. I want it again.
: "In a sense" doesn't matter. fatherdarius' question was: > which pros had their toxicity-based permanent bans overturned and their accounts unbanned and given back after they reformed? And since Tyler1 has had no permanent bans overturned, nor has he gotten any of his accounts unbanned, he's not a valid example.
That's not my main point, stop hovering on it. My main point is Riots inability to treat the community and listen.
: Tyler1 wasn't unbanned. He has gotten none of his accounts back, to date. Tyler1 had an ID ban that was revoked - a completely different punishment. Let's put it this way: Tyler1 got so many permabans (none of which have been overturned) that Riot issued a "ban on sight" policy, meaning _any_ account Tyler1 was found to be playing would be Permabanned. No ladder, just thrown straight into the bin. When you say that Tyler1 got unbanned, you're actually referring to Riot removing the ID ban - the "ban on sight" policy. Tyler1's accounts have not actually been unbanned. In other words; Tyler1 doesn't count, and you've provided no examples of pros being getting toxicity-related permanent bans overturned.
Its still in a sense unbanning. But in the end Riots counterproductive in how they manage things around here.
: I'm curious, which pros had their toxicity-based permanent bans overturned and their accounts unbanned and given back after they reformed? (I'm not being snarky, I'd really like to know.)
IWD, Tyler1. Yes I will consider him a pro, as his standpoint in the game Is that of a pro, and know in my opinion to be a pro you don't need to be in the LCS. Even though I love tyler1, if you are willing to unban anyone who has bad behavior, do the same for the other people. If riot wants a lasting game, listen and treat the community. Blizzard does this, they listen and treat the community respectfully. Banning someone who has spent money on your product over trash talking in a competitive game is just ludicrous. And then proceeding to say "Well you were toxic" is just dumb. Riot is disrespectful as a company. Why do I still play this game you may ask? I have no fucking clue, I cant answer that for you or anyone.
: Can you be more specific on how much damage each ability did total?
I often laugh at the death recap. Says I took 1k true damage from a jinn or something, with an unknown stat doing 500 true damage. Makes no sense.
Mordius (NA)
: I've been reforming for the last 6+ Months
Tell that to the pros who got unbanned due to being "Reformed". Riot likes to play the special needs fucking game and treat certain players who are rather important better than the rest of the community. Riot does not give the slightest shit about the community and will never admit to it out of sheer stubbornness. If Riot truly cared they would look past the money they make and unban long time banned players who have supported their game, but no, the payer base are just a series of gears in a clock working endlessly until they are broken, just to get tossed out and replaced because the creator could care less. Sad company tbh.
: RIOT is a dogshit company
They are dog shit not in the sense that they banned you, but rather at the lack of logic in how they update and continue to develop the game. The game is currently so unbalanced right now that its not even funny. They cant seem to grasp the concept of letting tanks tank damage, and letting some champions deal less damage because it breaks the game. Example: Master Yi. He does true damage on his auto's with his e active, roughly 100 at max rank meaning in he can do 1k true damage in 10 autos if he pops them all off. No champion should ever be able to do more damage than a max level Darius ult with a basic ability, its just common sense in a game like this.
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SS Pappino (EUNE)
: Yea I know it's hard to accept it, but everyone at some point has to end their league career. You are no exception.
The game is still fun, just not as much as I would like it to be. I mean look at the upcoming infinity edge, true damage? Really? Is this what riot came up with at HQ? More true damage? I thought it was rare, sheesh.
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Kaioko (NA)
: Times are based on pacific standard time. It's currently 9:18 AM there at the time I'm posting this.
> [{quoted}](name=Kaioko,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VHjPo7Bi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-24T16:18:57.493+0000) > > Times are based on pacific standard time. It's currently 9:18 AM there at the time I'm posting this. Well if that isn't inconvenient.
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: "KYS" comes with escalated punishments due to it being an extremely hateful phrase you could tell someone. I'm not sure I entirely buy your story, nor would I think that it was acceptable behavior even under that situation. If I get your chat and context right, all the blitzcrank would have seen would be you saying "KYS" as they win the game. A phrase said to mean "kill yourself in real life" almost to the exclusion of all other meanings.
I really did mean to tell them to dive under tower/fountain but we had surrendered by the time I was trying to type the rest. I really just caught out at the wrong time. Worst thing that's happened to me in a long time on League. I have already tried to get this lifted, but it didn't work. I guess Riot doesn't accept the fact that I truly was caught out at the wrong time and would rather go with the worst case scenario and put the suspension on my account.
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NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Axe Hemorrhage ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2Ed6BJlX,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-10T06:10:10.095+0000) > > I don't get it, mr is super effective to the point where you feel like a tank and actually can absorb a decent amount of damage. But armor, is just so useless. 70% damage reduction and you still get melted. Thorn mail, adc still melts you. No matter what I build I always get melted, no matter what armor items you get, you still get melted. Why riot? Why....just fucking why. Riot is way too bias towards adc, they literally have everything against tanks. Increased damage based on max health, armor pen, lethality etc. This is just bullshit. The only champs even remotely effective at building armor are Malpite and Rammus who have abilities that grant them a shit ton of armor and make them the best adc destroyer's in team fights. And now a rune that grants true damage on autos? What the fuck, like seriously what the fuck. Tank meta my ass. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2736647120/228208249?tab=overview "DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK WHY CAN'T I BE A 4/4/0 DARIUS AND TANK THE 18/6/6 DRAVEN THAT'S ALMOST FULL BUILD AFTER BUILDING ONE AND A HALF ARMOUR ITEMS HOLY SHIT ADCS ARE SO BROKEN" Also, no {{item:3047}} against a team with two auto attackers (one of whom probably has the second or third-highest damage per hit autos in his class), but you built {{item:3111}} for pretty much no reason lol.
Armor is a stat that needs to be balanced out again. Build randuins, build more attack speed too the point where you no longer have to worry about extremely low as. Build more armor, get last whisper and lethality items. Armor gets countered so easily now. With all these items that negate it in any way, and the few runes that do negate it, it feels heavily imbalanced. Riot needs to learn that there is way too much to counter armor currently, and the armor items need tweaks to counter out ad much better.
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: The Next Ultimate Skin (Part 2)
When will Illaoi receive a new skin... Champs that have been released after her already have a third skin but illaoi does not, show us illaoi mains some love ;-; But yes Yorick needs an ultimate skin that would be badass!
: Warring Kingdoms
Same! I have been looking forward to it since its release on pbe it is definitely taking place as one of his best skins in all of his skins.
: Having issues Patching 7.1? Click Here!
Im not gonna be that guy but in the beginning of the "My ip balance in the store is incorrect" when it says "There have been some issues with the client pulling correct IP balances." It says correct, was this intentional or an accident?
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: Champion Reveal: Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier
I guarantee his skin will be him riding a dinosaur, and kled being a native yordle.
: Having issues Patching 6.14? Click Here!
I got it to some what work, but it says "Applying Patches" and its at 75%, it has been like this for over an hour what do I do?
: Having issues Patching 6.14? Click Here!
My internet is fine, cant even update the damn patch, I uninstalled league and tried to re-download it, made it to 63% then the classic "Unspecified error". I don't think I will be able to play league until I get a new laptop, and that wont happen for another 3 years,this sucks....At first I thought it might just be a problem with my internet, but soon realized it wasn't when I literally sit 3 feet away from my router, and have not had patching problems since the beginning of playing league on this same computer. Riot fix your game like seriously, I just want to play.
: Having issues Patching 6.14? Click Here!
Man wtf is this I have literally waited 7 and a half hours and it moves like 1-2% every 45 minutes, my internet is fine, league was working fine yesterday, really riot? They release a bugged the shit up client and don't even try to budge and fix it? Thanks... I really wanted to play that reworked Ryze, but no, bugs for days.
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