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: Unpopular opinion- Keep Twisted Treeline
Nexus Blitz was fun and it was sad that we never got Dominion back and less you count the rotating game modes that are rarer than unicorn farts. I honestly just feel like they're still just getting rid of the game mode on suggest to try and help with the bought problem but I really think it's going to flood into aram and rift now.
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: R.I.P Twisted treeline.
I also feel like them removing Twisted Treeline is going to just fill summoner's Rift up with all the Bots from Twisted Treeline
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: Nerf Garen
I actually agree upon this post garen is one of those based tier learner or starter champions the fact that he is extremely strong still really just makes it seem like what's the point in trying to learn anyone else when you have this guy who cost almost nothing to buy who is so brain-dead easy that you literally don't have to be good at the game at all to play him which I understand because he's supposed to be a good learner champion. I don't feel like he should be a champion that some be played in higher ELO like he still gets all the time I also feel like they focus too much on Champions like this and leave others in the dust I mean prime example is just look at Champions who only have one skin or two skins and I'm aware geren's been out since the beginning I've been playing since season 2 I've always felt this way about him and just feel like he doesn't need to be the strong as a learner or base starting champion
: Playing for 10 years, no problems, till this year.
To be honest riots chatbots are extremely fickle and even them themselves lately have acknowledge how bad it is and that they're supposed to be doing an update with it like I can't even say Bobo in chat and it's considered a slur its my homies name.
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