Porocles (NA)
: It will take your previous season into consideration, but with a soft reset most players are going to find themselves in a lower tier/division as things get shuffled down.
Sorry im still a bit confused: Last season I ended with bronze 2, with the amount I won shouldent I have been placed higher than bronze 2?
Keyru (NA)
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Kye L9 (NA)
: Okay, I would wait a week and then email riot if nothing happens
Ok, Thanks so much for the help!
Kye L9 (NA)
: Were you chat restricted at all?
Kye L9 (NA)
: the only reward that has been given is the ward skin, if you werent honor 3+ you dont get one. The rest will be given later
I am honor 5, I haven't received any ward at all.
Kye L9 (NA)
: elaborate please
My friends have gotten a message when they get into the client that says that they have received a honor chest. They opened the chest and got the honor ward, I haven't seen any message and I have checked my ward collection and loot.
Broporo (NA)
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Hi, I am honor level 5 and I haven't received my rewards yet, my friends have received the rewords though. I would appreciate any help I can get!


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