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: Hey there. Even though these changes will make blitzcrank tankiness and damage more predictable and reliable, they don't really address the main issue blitzcrank has, which consists on his base movespeed being too low (325). The last change made to his W was legitimate as he could just use that ability without any drawbacks. From that time, the W just feels like a worse version of mobility boots, as no matter what the ennemy does, you'll still get slowed after the duration. I would suggest, bringing the slow only when you recieve damage from an ennemy champion (still on the end of the effect), or bring his base movespeed in line with other champions (especially when every champion has a mobility skill that let's him dodge skillshots), a 10-15 increase should be enough for that matter. Either way, one of these 2 should bring him in a decent spot (only one, not both). At least I'm happy to see that you're looking into blitzcrank after all these years to make him more consistent. A fellow blitz top main.
It's a clear nerf to the champion bot lane.
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
Does the ult have to be up to mark the target? Also instead of completely changing his passive on ult, wouldn't it have made more sense to just have his ult passive prioritize other champions? By changing it you now actually do less damage in lane and in team fights. Blitzcrank isn't able to go up to multiple targets to mark them. Also none of his core items really allow him to build ap unless you want to sack his survivability (this may change with the change to his passive). I don't agree with the changes the passive is a buff but the change to his ultimate honestly seems like a nerf to the champion. You honestly needed to make it so his ult prioritizes champs and if u want it to actually be good in team fights you wouldn't require players to not use the spell to mark targets, it would make much more sense. You're now forcing players to either hold the ultimate to mark targets or use it for the initial burst (you're acting like blitzcrank can run around and instantly mark each target) and the silence which should be buffed to one second instead of .5 because it's completely useless if the player has mercs. This change overall seems more like a nerf to blitzcrank as a support than a buff.


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