: > [{quoted}](name=thegreatest711,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ilO4cUGY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-02-04T13:18:29.444+0000) > > They gonna rework him? oh yea he got a rework and people hate the hell out of it
> [{quoted}](name=Calamitosus Cini,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ilO4cUGY,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-02-04T14:41:20.268+0000) > > oh yea he got a rework and people hate the hell out of it It's honestly a bit more complicated then that. Most people agree that it's better then the live version for at least the new W alone, but think the previous version they had up for a week was FAR better, changing out the current Q for a Damage Amp. Not only that but the rework has gotten nerf after nerf since the version people dislike has been added, so that's only added fuel to the flame. Honestly the whole situation is a mess at this point.
: Why almost every post is downvoted to oblivion?
Well, pretty much a good example as to why there's been rumors that Riot is planning to make their own social media thing and get rid of the boards. hardly anyone in Riot still uses the boards, a lot of people prefer to use Reddit over the boards anymore and overall everything that links from the main site has a fresh coat of paint and a full redesign... aside from the boards. Either Riot is planning a remodel for the boards this year or they are burning it down and planning to rebuild with the insurance money .-.
: The lore based Vs event I want for 2020
Cause hardly any champs have ANY kind of event and Riot doesn't want to make one for every possible lore based match ups.
QMighty (NA)
: Can we get our yearly update from @Reav3 on the Tier 1 VGU list
For this year it looks like it's just Fid and Voli. Maybe two smaller scale ones but they said that this year's going to be all about new champs to throw into the roster to make the old champs look/feel even older.
: Riot - You need to focus on VGUs if you're going to use your videos and artwork to sell the game.
don't you know? the idea is to show off the shiny, popular, always updated champs to hide the numerous amounts of old, unpolished champs in the attic out of sight of the public view, then have one that's only sort of qualifies as old and unpolished as their excuse to go "see, we do care about all our champs". That way when they lure new players in, they won't realize how big the divide is between the champs who get things and the champs who don't. The motto of Riot regarding anything that's not making them bank is "Sweep it under the rug, it's probably fine".
: Back at the 1000 day Club
I have some hope after the state of skins video. Apparently their goal is to make it so every champ will only have to wait months between skins, rather then years. While we can always expect popular champs to get more (and by those standards, I'm wondering if popular champs will start only waiting weeks between skins but that's another story), it should mean there'll be less worry about who got what skin as EVERYONE will just get another one a few months later.
: Champions VGUs after Fiddel and Voli + pls do more per year
I think we should at LEAST be in a place at this point where we can start seeing VU only updates coming out in place of some of those VGUs (rather then just slapping in more new champs to destroy the meta like Riot currently has things set up for). While yea we have a good amount of champs who could use a VGU still, I do think Riot's gotten at least enough of the urgent ones that we can start looking at champs who really could use just the visual and VO updates. There's SO MANY of them that still look like they did back when the game started even WITH some minor texture updates. We can pretty much assume that Wild Rift is always going to look better then base league, but we could at least get everyone to LOOK like they were made in a time after league got Retconned.
: Ngl, if Jinx would appear in one of these "Tales of Runeterra" things, then I wouldn't complain. And it actually seems likely that popular champions will show up in these... we already have an example, the first one shown to us here has Akali in it.
doesn't mean they need to keep going and **only** show popular champs for every one of these. Jinx especially does NOT need one all about considering she's getting an entire animated series about her AND has a comic with her and Ziggs, not counting all the non-lore based videos she's been in. Shen sort of balances that out for Akali as he's not all that popular (maybe in a similar sense as Garen), plus from how it sounds it's not JUST going to be the two of them so if they throw in some other champs who don't get seen then it wouldn't be that big of a deal. just putting in the one people will come to see to get the video view time while the less popular champs would be for niche fan service.
Falrein (EUW)
: My one selfish hope for Tales of Runeterra
I'm just hoping they don't sit there and only show the most obvious champs that they'd pick for literally anything as usual. {{champion:222}} for example, as popular as she may be, is the star of the upcoming animated series. There's really no reason she should get one of these too.
: It's almost been a year since this came out
There's one coming out this month from what a Rioter said and things sound promising though I'm ready to face palm when we hear jokes about more Ahri skins that we know won't be a joke. From what they said, they are planning to increase the number of skins released per year which should mean more slots for less popular champs. fingers crossed the 1000 days without a skin list shrinks over the coming year.
: New Champions, New Items, New Runes, No New Spells?
I had an idea of a passive Summoner spell before. no actual idea tied to it but something where instead of a boost from pressing a button, it gave you a boost if certain requirements are met or something. Though at this point that's pretty much just keystones I guess .-.
: Wukong Update- Prepped For PBE!
biggest thing for me is the passive. that went from sounding pretty decent to sounding like it will not being worth the trade off, especially with it not being useful against mages and either needing to use your clone OR be near a bush... which I'm VERY worried will become very readable after a few engages (if enemies are looking for you to be near a bush then you'll be forced to proc it with your clone before engaging which isn't ideal). If that 10 second CD wasn't there then I wouldn't be as concerned, but that feels WAY too long to wait for a 3 second boost against AD champs, making him pretty much hard countered by AP. There's not a LOT of AP champs that go top, but {{champion:57}} would pretty much remove him from the game, and that's not what I'd personally want to see from a champ who's supposed to be early game, especially if you plan on making him a skirmisher. Some ideas for that passive to play around with: - mechanic that lowers the cool down of the passive. something akin to {{champion:44}}'s heal interaction with his Bravado. Even if it was a very tiny fraction of a reduction, I feel like it would make it feel much more viable to use in combat against someone like {{champion:254}} as an example. - normal shield that takes bonus damage from AP. That way it still can help against AP but will still have that intended weakness. currently it feels like the opposite of {{champion:39}} in clarity. She is (or at least was on release) distinctly "I'm better against AD" while this passive makes Wukong "I'm bad against AP", if that makes sense. If he was still going to be late game I don't think that would be a problem since he'd scale up to the point where he'd need some kind of noticeable weakness, but being an early game champ (and I assume not a hyper carry or something), his game will be ruined if he goes up against an AP champ top lane. I can not stress enough how much him against {{champion:57}} is giving me flash backs of AS {{champion:96}} vs {{champion:33}} from the way it sounds. - Longer duration shield. Simple and honestly one that I think would become clear if it's viable after this does hit the PBE and we see if 3 seconds is long enough or too short to be as effective as it needs to be for the job it's made for. Other then that: ** Q** > Damage adjusted to 1AD +20/40/60/80/100 damage (+.5 bonus AD) from 10/40/70/100/130 (+1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 total AD) .... I don't math good, so I'm just going to assume this works until proven otherwise .__. > Note that we've DOUBLED the rank 1 damage of Q from 10 to 20. You're welcome. .>.> *angerly fixes bow-tie * lIsTeN hErE yOu LiTtLe So AnD sO- (this is a joke incase someone couldn't tell from the way I wrote it .-.) **W** >Now instantly dashes towards the player's cursor instead of a short range blink This will take some getting used to for sure, Though I think at the end of the day this will add some really powerful positioning mastery to Wukong that wasn't there before. >Clone's attacks deal a scaling 60-100% of Wukong's AD based on spell rank and applies on-hit effects, **but cannot crit** I know "CritKong" is more of a meme thing and not really something people would have considered viable, but kind of sad that this will prevent him from building 100% Crit (As the give away would be the lack of the clone doing the crit effect/animation on hit), Simple fix for that I believe would be for it to show the effect of a critical hit without it doing actual crit damage, but I suppose it's not a major loss either way :( **E** Nothing really. Honestly I still think the Magic Damage with AD scaling is neat for this ability since as it stood before, it would 9 times out of 10 miss out on the armor pen from your Q seeing as you'd normally lead with your E to engage. **R** This went from the part of his kit that was fine to keep the same to becoming my favorite part of the new kit (aside from the attacking clone). The damage reduction is kind of disappointing but fully understandable (and frankly worth it for an increased tick rate), As a neat side bonus the change to his MS and renewing the AS boost from his E makes his Ult feel more like an off shoot of {{champion:11}}'s then before, which is kind of nice to think about as a lore lover. I found that Wukong's old kit didn't really reflect the idea that he learned his combat style from Yi, but this makes it feel like he took Yi's Ult and adapted it to better suit his own style. _____ Only other thing I'm concerned about after all that is the visuals that we're getting with this. What was promised at the start of this update and what ended up being a MAJOR hold up was artists to work on new visuals which got a lot of people excited. But with these more recent editions of his update, a lot of us are feeling like they'll need much less visual work done then previous versions. Meanwhile {{champion:131}} who's update was supposed to be smaller seemed to have gotten some pretty good new visuals for her kit. Now of course a lot can be said about how much harder it is to code for Wukong's new mechanics vs rearranging some of Dianna's kit to be smoother, but as a player and especially as a player who's been told that that we'd be getting new visual effects, I'm very concerned that those "new effects" were downgraded for efficiency and may only amount to a shield bubble forming whenever Wukong's new passive is active. If that is more or less all we end up getting then people WILL be upset without a doubt. The outcry will be "it took this long because of a need for animators and all we got was a shield bubble?". I really wish we could find out more about the visual work that's going into this update to maybe help with those concerns, though I guess we'll just have to wait and see. That's pretty much everything off the top of my head. While I'm still VERY disappointed that update isn't showing up till after the first of the year, I will at least say I'm happy that you at least gave us some more details about what we're now looking at when it does hit the PBE, allowing us to give some amount of feedback before it gets there (in a way, letting us help but letting you know of pain points you may want to keep an eye on). Much happier hearing something about the update rather then just finding out it's been postponed again (though this time due to technical issues) and signing off without anything more said on the matter.
Crossx6 (EUNE)
: Kindred ultimate skin - change appearance to represent death in the culture of the marked champion
Riot first has to bring back Ultimate skins which... surprisingly looks possible as a Rioter said that they will be increasing number of per year starting next year (more skins means they won't end up having to spend an entire patch releasing one skin that could be hit or miss). But second {{champion:203}} has to become popular enough to get an Ultimate skin. I know it seems weird that they give one to {{champion:77}} with how little he's used now, but back when they made that he was VERY popular, same for {{champion:37}}. The rest are almost always popular to some degree. But in that regard who knows. Kindred could end up getting the spotlight just long enough that they make them an Ultimate skin like what happened with Udyr.
: What champion made you start hating playing the game?
Well for me, it was a girl who made me want to play. Was on a dating site and talking to a girl who got me to start playing league. But the champ that got me playing... I guess I would say {{champion:86}} as that was the first champ I tried out and first champ I tried to main.
yheat (NA)
Arcade Wukong. Now I know on the surface it doesn't make much sense, but it'd be funny cause of all the games that have a Wukong in them that he could reference (Warframe, Smite, Dota 2, Arena of Valor, 2 journey to the west games, a game inspired by journey to the west and Paragon r.i.p.). Just endless opportunity for quotes and references to other games that have a version of him, even getting meta on the idea that he's in so many games.
: Jayce fit the student role because of his personality, which is done through his VO, not because they just made him look like a student. He's brash and arrogant, an easy filler for the archetype in a Shounen anime, not so much for a teacher. Yes, we have other sword bois, but Yi isn't exactly 'Edgy', Tryndamere's personlity doesn't fit the stoic DJ role, Shen's stoic but not very edgy, Riven's a maybe honestly. At best, I think Zed might've been a cool DJ, but there's no real significance between him and Yasuo, except that Yas is a bit less murdery. Were there options, maybe, but I don't think there are nearly as many as people are claiming here. At this point, it devolves into whether we think ham-fisting a champion into a concept is more important than space between Skin releases. If a theme resonates well enough, it's worth throwing another one out earlier than you might've, maybe push out the next one further back to compensate. Does it suck for some? Probably, but I prefer Quality over Quantity. I'm not going to get into 'What ifs'. If Aphelios was released right before Worlds like Senna was, and Yasuo still got the Silent DJ, I'd have a problem. Fact of the matter is though, Aphelios didn't line up with Worlds like Senna, and nothing's going to change that, so it's not a valid point.
> Probably, but I prefer Quality over Quantity. There's nothing about this that is quality over quantity aside from who gets more skins. the skins would have come out the same quality level weather {{champion:157}} got it or if {{champion:5}} got it. There is no defending them saying they considered champs with fewer skins when 2 champs quite literally just got skins not even half a year ago. weather or not they fit the best, that should have been a MUCH bigger factor with their skins being so recent. With this set up we can honestly throw any sort of "cooldown" on how long a champ needs to wait between skins as a popular champ will be able to get skins back to back. Where is the line? At the end of the day, there NEEDS to be a limit as to how many skins a popular champ can get in a certain time frame, otherwise every skin release may as well be {{champion:81}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:145}} every time without anything for any other champ. I understand the concept. Popular champs make more money so need to make more for them. It's not rocket science, but there's a fine line between "we NEED to do this for profit" and "we WANT to do this for cause we're greedy". Riot flirts with this line way too often.
: Does no one know what synthesize mean? > "The combination of ideas to form a theory or system." For the consideration of who needs a new skin, Yasuo probably rated low on the scale. For other factors, Yasuo likely would've rated higher, along with the other champions. You'll see a similar issue with Dunkmaster Ivern, someone who needed a skin, but maybe didn't fit the theme all the way, though I think his personality works for it (his kit doesn't.) They're not a checklist to mark all of them off with, they're just considerations. As much as people say Shen could've fit, in my personal opinion, I don't really see Shen as a hip-hop kinda guy. Hell, his entire thing is about *sticking* to Tradition, which I know skins aren't supposed to stick to champions complete roots, that's just my personal reasoning. Both of them are pretty stoic, and I'm pretty sure Shen is Zed's age, but dang he feels like a Dad.
But then you also need to consider how he got a skin within the last 6 months and there's enough edgy swordsmen in this game to replace him in that slot, even more champs if you are to go beyond swordsmen only. age isn't really a huge deal either. Yasuo isn't a spring chicken himself and Jayce definitely in his late 20s to early 30s yet they gave him an academy skin rather then making him a professor (which could have fit as he would be the "attractive male teacher"). Skins can be done in a way that they make the champ feel younger. Overall they did have options, but the main point is it says that what champs needed skins was something they considered and no matter how you look at it, he JUST got a skin not even half a year ago. That should have been a HUGE factor against him getting a skin with them knowing how much people dislike champs getting skins that quickly. Even if he fit the best thematically, there are champs who needed the skin who would have worked almost as well thematically who at least have gone longer without a skin (hell if they swapped Senna with the new champ coming, they could have had a perfect "silent producer" and Senna would have made for a neat Nightbringer skin). Everything else they said could pass and if they stopped there for that skin line I'd say there wouldn't be much to take issue with, but they didn't.
: Literally none of the champions you listed outside of Syndra need a new skin, and they also don't represent the singers at all. True Damage is comprised of a black woman, an Asian woman, a Hispanic woman, and 2 black dudes. You suggested 3 "Asian" champions, a white champion, and a "middle eastern" champion. And when you're representing real life **_humans_** you need **_human_** champions to represent them. Why would you pick a giant space dragon to represent a black dude when Ekko, Lucian, and Pyke exist for that exact purpose? Why would you pick a ram god to represent a Hispanic woman when Qiyana is a thing? Why would you make the singer from K/DA sing for someone besides Akali and have her represented by 2 champions? Makes literally no fucking sense.
They need skins more then Yasuo and Akali. The fact is they said "Champs who need skins was a factor". that CLEARLY wasn't the case as TWO of those champs got skins this year if we were to even count {{champion:246}} out of this. All the other factors can check out but by no means was that a factor. we have MORE then Yasuo who can fit that role. We have MULTIPLE Asian women champs that could fit instead of Akali. and of course you would jump right to the obvious champs who would make no sense to this, but how about ones that... idk... make MORE sense then THE OBVIOUS ONES WHO WOULDN'T WORK? Just going to throw out giant space dragons and say that's the reason it has to be 100% human?
: Qiyana just came out, so yeah, she needed one. Or do you want her to end up like Ornn and the others? The person that voiced Akali for K/DA came back for True Damage, so they're going to pick Akali for her again. Its called consistency. They don't want the same artist representing 2+ different champions. I can find literally no excuse for Yasuo. They could have easily made him Lucian or something. At the end of the day, though, the champions that need skins don't fit the theme for this skinline. They're mostly not human, not young, and don't fit the hip-hop/rap thematic at all. They also don't represent the singers all that well either. I really don't see what's so hard to understand about that.
she just came out, no she didn't. champ just comes out doesn't mean they need a skin. Most champs released don't get skins within a few months of their release. > the champions that need skins don't fit the theme for this skinline Fact of the matter they said they LOOKED at that, which they clearly didn't. there are plenty of champs we have that fit that same theme {{champion:254}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:15}} just off the top of my head. and honestly, you ALWAYS say a skin can't be used on a champ who's "not human enough". So what CAN they have? or do you just hate champs who aren't fully human for some reason? frankly I don't think that is ever as big of a deal as you think it is.
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: League of Legends Thanksgiving
I'm thankful that Wukong's kit update is still expected to drop in December and thankful for the latest changes... even though I do miss that heal on his Q he was going to get, the CDR per level and a mana refund on unit kill is good too. Also thankful for the friends I have met through league. I don't have a close relationship with my family tbh and my friends honestly feel more like family then my actual family. Wouldn't have ever met them if it weren't for league.
: @Ahri mains
why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?
: Wukong Update- Progress Report!
The passive is interesting. I do have very minor concern about what a {{champion:62}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:427}} comp would end up doing (more so about weather or not it would become a mandatory comp for him). But it does sound pretty interesting to use the bushes as part of his play pattern. Maybe he'll end up dethroning {{champion:86}} as the bush king :^)
: Riot: Yeah we'd really like to develop Vlad's theme, lots of potential, maybe one day. Other games:
to be fair, a lot of champs are under developed. Sadly Riot likes to have a HUGE gap in what's popular and what's not and rather then fix that problem by maybe doing some cool stuff with less popular champs to try and give them the spotlight more often, they just make all their content about those popular champs. Nothing ever ends up developing if your not raking in the big bucks and they have had no interest in ever trying to change that. Unless your main ends up getting picked up by a pro and suddenly become an LC$ darling long enough to be popular for 2 years, Riot ends up "not having the resources".
MrEnds (NA)
: What is Your Favorite Champion Lore?
Honestly starting to love {{champion:62}} 's lore more as more gets added. he's starting to really get fleshed out to be a good stand alone character and with the recent update that just reworked his bio. He's feeling far more like the Naruto of league, where I feel Riot is starting to put him into the role of. outside of that I like {{champion:432}}. Even with him having very little lore to go off of he feels like a very important character in the world who will at some point play a major part of leagues story in league someday. 3rd favorite is {{champion:201}} who should go without saying is just a fantastic man among men.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Out of curiosity with the kit updates, where does {{champion:62}} fall in this idea of trying to please different groups of a player base? I feel like between his assassin build and his bruiser build, he's one that would be a big example of two groups of players who want opposing things, yet can possibly overlap to some degree. And while we are at it if there is a point in the future where you guys can work on {{champion:98}}, will this effect how he's handled as I'm sure there's some Shen players who really miss old Shen but quite a few who have gotten used to current Shen.
: 1. That Riot is hesitant to develop {{champion:62}} due to his unpopularity and there being so many incarnations of him in other media. 2. They remove his friendship with {{champion:103}} and make him too much of a silly character without any depth. 3. Don't give him any cloud/nimbus abilities. We haven't seen any character like that before and it could be even more interesting where Ionia has sky dwelling creatures like the Empyrean or the Cloud Drinker.
same kind of, though I'm more worried about his clone ability. The only thing they showed in the lore was him making a straw dummy which is of course isn't the same as it works in game. most "ability" like thing they showed off was him throwing smoke poppies... which doesn't really fit with who he is as a character .-. honestly him showing any abilities at this point would be nice.
: On Universe Wukong is listed as a related champion to Ahri and Vice-versa. So it's clear there will be some relation between them lets just hope it isn't a romantic one.
It won't be, honestly I don't know how come people think it WOULD be. Riot wouldn't be so dumb as to pair up one of if not their most popular champ who pushes sales with any champ, let alone a champ that most people think is lame. Part of what makes people like Ahri is that she's single and prime for people to make their waifu. Riot wouldn't shoot themselves in the foot by suddenly saying "she's with someone", especially after the hate they got for just giving her an ex-boyfriend in general.
Falrein (EUW)
: What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?
{{champion:62}} Mostly that Ahri mains are going to end up preventing his story from ever growing cause they hate the idea of him being tied to their champ in any way. There's a chance for him to grow as a character, beyond the idea of him just being Master Yi's shadow, Riot has finally set up things to give him that chance to grow with Riot sort of teasing plans coming. And it could end up being rejected cause a majority of Ahri mains start collectively Ree'ing do to stupid shipping stuff that WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN THE LORE.
: I'm excited to watch Arcane, the new LoL show, for one particular character
I'm more looking forward to after they go to a different area. honestly I don't care much for any of the champs we know will be in there other then {{champion:19}}, and I don't feel like he's going to be a character the anime will follow around a lot. Mostly just before and after he changes I'd assume (thinking he's going to be an antagonist of sorts. Not THE antagonist but AN antagonist ). Meanwhile the idea of the anime on it's own opens SO MANY opportunities for other characters in the lore that may not be popular in game, but have a great lore. Look forward to what they might do with it later on.
: Unpopular Opinion: F#@k the pandas
To be fair. the Panda population has grown to the point where it got taken off the endangered species list and has been upgraded "vulnerable" species. https://nationalzoo.si.edu/animals/news/giant-panda-status-upgraded-endangered-vulnerable Not looking to dissuade opinions or anything, just a fun fact I learned a while ago that I thought was neat.
La Bello (NA)
: {{champion:74}} and how and he came to be in Piltover. we really only know the bare BARE bones about this dude. "hes a yordle scientist in piltover". but Yordles are naturally magical creatures. so why did he choose to basically forgo magic for SCIENCE!!!. how long as he been in Piltover? was he ther during its founding? I'm willing to accept that his endgoal is simply inventing and inventing forever more trying to master science but It would be nice to have more info on his background. was he an outcast? does he have any friends besides Ziggs? are we REALLY supposed to believe that this great super scientist hasnt been spotted out for being a Yordle in human society (god i hate this new slant on Yordles it just makes telling stories about them interacting with humans so unnecessarily complicated. Are we also supposed to believe that Akali doesnt know that Kennen is a furball despite them being super close?). Surely in a entire community of well known scientist someone would have gotten close enough to see through his glamour. {{champion:17}} and what exactly he does and what his mushrooms are/how he finds them. I assume much like Tristana he's defending Bandle gateways from humans but it would be interesting to know from WHO he learned the "scouts code" from and how he got his survival training. his pops? another human? was Teemo like adopted by a elderly couple or something who used to be scoutmasters in thier youth? progress to the {{champion:131}} and {{champion:89}} story. have them finally meet and discuss differences/fight/debate morality or biblethump idk. I want to see progress between the two. maybe a teamup? same with {{champion:267}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:31}} POV story where they do what they do best. another {{champion:11}} and {{champion:62}} story further showing the dynamic between the two of old and meticulous vs brash and young + how they interact with one another. Is it purely a teacher/student relationship or is there a kindove almost familial bond between the two now. Are they moreso Road trip buddies now traveling across Ionia fighting crime? a decisive winner between {{champion:24}} and {{champion:114}} {{champion:12}} new lore period. dont see him getting a VGU anytime soon so uh. wheres the lore update?
{{champion:11}} got an update. He's away from {{champion:62}} atm while he purifies his village. Meanwhile Wukong is being left behind to train... which I hope is leading to a solo adventure for Wukong to deepen his own character, rather then having to be tied in with Yi's story. and honestly judging by their stories, Wukong is more like the pupil that Yi slightly regrets taking in but still learns many important lessons from as well as takes pride in what he can pass on to Wukong as a teacher, which makes him respect Wukong... even if he gets on his nerves a bit .-.
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
One that's been LONG over due is the story that explains why {{champion:62}} and {{champion:103}} are listed as related champs and were friends before the retcon. 5 years of wondering what that's about... still no where close to an answer how they even know each other aside from the answers that just dodge the question like "they are just both vastaya". and since we are talking short stories and I doubt Wukong would be put into anything major, a short story would be just fine to explain that.
: Allow us to hear our Champion that we picked theme after we locked them in champion select
Not every champ has a theme. don't know exactly when they started to do themes but we're looking at somewhere past {{champion:121}}. On the plus side reworks are giving a chance for old champs to GET themes, but we are still WAAAY off from having a theme for every champ. even if we count skins or champ related event themes for temporary themes in the mean time that still isn't close to every champ.
: What Legendary Skin did you get
youubi (NA)
: Dear Riot, please consider recategorizing your older skins (aka, old Legendaries).
Volcanic Wukong really needs to be categorized and renamed to Infernal. It pretty much looks like the other infernal skins already aside from it's age kind of showing on the design.
patmax17 (EUW)
: Two things from the top of my head (I'm NOT a wukong player): - would it be possible and sensible to reduce the reliability of his kit? The first thing that comes to my mind would be to make his dash a skillshot (like Vi's Q) - would it make sense to make his ult scale with attack speed, like Garen's E? Or would it warp his builds in favor of a stat he normally doesn't like? (though maybe if he shifts towards a bruiser role attack speed would be more interesting to him than if he's built assassin) Thanks, looking foreward to trying the new wukong out :)
The garen thing is something that would be great on him. the neat thing is that since his E gives AS, going from his E to his Ult would benefit him better and while it also makes that the go to combo to dive in with, it also gives a very slight amount of clarity as to wen he may be about to Ult, which also opens him up to being able to fake out the enemy team by using E then not Ulting instantly... just adding a lot more skillful play to his Ult. This of course would need to come at the cost of power elsewhere in his kit, I personaly think CD would be an easy place to take it since its currently pretty low. And while that doesn't help Assassin builds much to have it scale with AS, it also doesn't hurt them, if anything it makes that AS boost from his E more useful as that'll be the only way they'd be able to utilize the AS spin thing. Though idk how keen Riot is on using newer mechanics on the same champ like that or if they even feel "higher CD" is enough to justify that change.
: Hello Again , Decoy Master here i'am S2/3 MonkeyKing Main and thanks for letting us know about your hardwork guys , as a Top lane and a Wukong main i've been asking for these changes many times but due to current wukong's stat most of wu players weren't happy about moving the wuk,ong from an assassin to bruiser is a great idea and it will be much more important for top lane wukong !! Here is some quick thoughts about the changes : we would like a new visual update with like fewer animations also General Wukong / Infernal should have some new animations& VGU update because everyone was complaining about this skins since ages !! Wukong's Mana pool is quite small compared to to others bruiser ! now let's talk about the abilites !! -Passive (Stone Skin) : The new passive is quite good and it fits with wukong's nature and i think finally we wont hear people saying wukong build tank when the champ has no utility because the lack of cc "because tanks are useless because of cc" ! -Crushing Blow : we would like it to deal Physical damage instead of magic damage (or maybe hybrid like jax ? so we wont be disbaled by an armor cloth or tabis), a decent scaling rather than the current one and also everytop laner has a cc pre 6 so some kind of CC like Stun or something will be appreciated ! we really don't mind if the new Q will be a skillshot so people realise the risk of missing a cc is making us a vulnerable target ! so that another point ! -Decoy : the W idea is quite good and everyone likes that because i think it will make wukong jungler viable again and also for Top Wukong making him able to trade properly ! (the fact that the new w is dealing physcial damage is what it should be the old one was quite meaningless) -Nimbus Strike : i would say that The wu's E should stay like it is! Cyclone : and the most important ability we need to talk about , if you had a deep look on Wukong's R early damage compared to everytop laner R Damage you will notice that is not making any sense (my suggestion here is to add a small buff to wukong's R early damage) , maybe increasing wukongs R hit rate and buff base dmg ,he has to spin faster so enemy champs can not hit him with dashes while spinning and one last question is gonna be live next patch or still still need some researches My Conclusion : with this new Kit i think Wukong will raise and will be able to sustain more and will be a viable pick in highelo if not mistaken , and let us know what do you think about these suggestions , Thanks again for putting a lot of efforts!
> also General Wukong / Infernal should have some new animations/VGU update because everyone was complaining about this skins ! That would be cool if they cans squeeze those in. I still want to see Volcanic's E be more fireball like and then they could give that to jade's E but make it green instead. Don't know what to do about General, but it would still be good to see that get something unique. >Crushing Blow : we would like it to deal Physical damage instead of magic damage with a decent scaling rather than the current one and also everytop laner has a cc pre 6 so some kind of CC like Stun or something will be appreciated ! I'm all for that so long as it doesn't lose the heal. another thing almost all top laners have are some kind of sustain mechanic through healing, shields or something along those lines and I'd hate to see that removed for a CC mechanic that was kind of against the initial idea of the changes to start with (recall meddler mentioning making him a Bruiser who doesn't need to rely on CC). Much rather have something to help fight against poke damage and counter dives then to get CC. As for the physical damage/ armor pen thing I can agree. I still like the idea behind the magic damage but if they are REALLY trying to make sure the Assassin build is still viable then that isn't going to help matters. best to keep it full physical and add back armor pen before they end up making a mountain out of a mole hill.
: When you hear how Spear of Shojin is being removed, but so Is ZZ'rot and Ohmwrecker
technically they aren't being "removed" fully. They are taking the names and moving them to new items that the'll also be adding at some point. Also we have yet to hear about AP Bruiser items they had talked about a while ago so idk, these two things could be related if Riot wants to kill two birds with one stone.
: Any chance to get somes model of Wild Rift on PC ?
They haven't said anything one way or the other yet. I'd assume the goal would be to update the PC version to this standard but won't happen right away, but then we also don't know if we'll get every champ on launch or if they are going to have to relaunch champs into Wild Rift (or if this will just be a watered down version of the main game with far fewer champs, which would also mean they CAN update models to this standard as they have more space). if they do champ relaunches then it would make things easier as they'd just have to code the models for both versions as they add that champ to Wild Rift. it'll already be rigged as far as I can tell and assuming skins from base league will also be in Wild Rift, all the skins will have their effects as well so that wouldn't end up taking more resources.
: Wukong Update- Now In Active Development!
I'm so happy to hear about this update being back up in production. I honestly thought we'd be waiting till November/early December before hearing anything so I'm all the more ecstatic. As for feedback, I didn't get to test out the changes myself, but I was able to watch someone play them and this is what I gathered from that: Passive - The change for this is AMAZING. loved that his passive scales off his Armor and MR to some extent and I enjoy that his aa range increases after using an ability, which I feel could give him more reason to use spellblade. It feels much more like a "modernized" version of Wukong's current passive Q- I liked what I saw, though I know this one was a bit of a tension point for other mains. Some of them are really disappointed in magic damage over Armor Pen. for that I think it wouldn't hurt to test out switching the Magic Damage out for a bit of Physical damage back and a bit of the Armor pen back just to see if it's received any better. The heal though I hope stays in for sure. I like that it will make laning against heavy sustain champs like Garen a bit more bearable and those tend to be the ones I would hate going against top myself as it always felt like a battle against the clock to kill them before they do enough damage to me to tower dive safely. W- By far my favorite change with all the versatility it will give and how much higher the skill ceiling will be just by utilizing the clone properly. I am a tad worried about faking a decoy as that did seem to be something that will be far harder to attempt (Unless we got a change to Wukong's S where he will still attack but won't move from that spot :^) ). I don't know how much more work can be done on the clone, but one thing people were hoping for is possibly his clone working with his E to move toward whatever target Wukong picks, but other then those things I'm looking forward to seeing this in action E - the change to this one is... likable, but odd to me. I love that it adds another level of confusion and makes his clones feel more like clones rather then a 2 target AOE, I'm just unsure how useful it will be with it being so fast. Again, haven't played it myself s there's no way for me to judge it properly until I do, but I do at least like the idea behind it and what it can do. R - slight change, still think it's pretty nice. Though one thing that I at least hope we can have tested is for Wukong's Ult to get the Garen E treatment since his new kit will allow for AS to be more viable on him as well as his E giving him an AS boost would make for a nice combo. If that wound up being too strong then do what you will with it but I know it's something that a lot of Wukong mains would like to have if it were possible. Overall I can not state how excited I am for these changes. I hope these don't need too much tweaking cause I can not wait to try them out for myself {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: >P- Wukong gains a large amount of resistances when near 3+ enemy Champions. In addition, he gains bonus attack range after using any ability Seems good to me, and helps lock him down as a big fight disruption threat. I'm hoping the detection range for 3+ enemies is significant? >Q- Physical damage reduced, but deals bonus magic damage that also heals Wukong. Passively, Wukong and his clone add stacking marks against their target, increasing the damage they deal by a percentage I like this quite a bit. Having a heal onto it really helps his laning, and the magic damage will help him survive +armor without making him so bursty. Great change. >W- Wukong now dashes to a nearby target location (leaving behind a clone), and can be used to jump small walls. The clone lasts a few seconds and can't move but will attack things close to it for 50% damage Does Wukong still stealth? If not, this feels like it takes away a key aspect of his gameplay with **stop** command baiting. Does the clone apply on-hit effects? I'm also honestly a bit concerned that the clone keeps attacking for reduced damage, as that makes it readily apparent that it's Wukong (attacks without moving, deals reduced damage, no longer remains perfectly still). Given that was one of the fun mind-games Wukong could pull and one of his few skill tests (as the rest of his kit is fairly point-and-click), it's a bit disappointing. That said, I love the dash -- it's something I was toying with in my own Wukong exploration, so it's fun to see it here and I'm excited to use it. >E- now creates clones during the dash, which are considered units and can intercept spells and be targeted Would you consider pausing the attack speed duration when R is in use? It always felt bad to get the attack speed buff on your engage but then lose it because you ended up in a good position to ult. That was one of the changes I was hoping to see. >R- can now be canceled early by using another ability I get the flexibility this offers, certainly, but I worry it is more of a trap than it appears to be and could happen by accident. It kind of makes me wonder what would happen if Wukong could E and W during the ultimate but *kept spinning*, although I admit that's somewhat odd and probably difficult to parse for both the player and the enemy. --------------------------------------------------- Good stuff first: these are good changes almost across the board, and well-reasoned. Wukong will be better with them, I feel. That said, I'm a little disappointed (I feel there's a lot of potential left on the table -- I don't feel these suggestions are bad), as it feels that this version of Wukong doesn't do much to expand on his skill expression (save adding a dash and clones, but the latter is somewhat questionable because it requires a target in range and is also your primary engage -- I may find it better in practice). I was hoping to see him moved a bit more away from his pattern of "target someone and click buttons at them." It's definitely an improvement on his current design, and I like the push towards a trickier bruiser. I just find myself wishing it went a bit *further* in that direction and perhaps got rid of a bit more of the point-and-click or passive "exist and right click" gameplay.
Ult is more of a versatility thing tbh. I know the changes on his Ult were not planned to be all that much if they were to do anything at all and it does make it easier to cancel out of your Ult if things get dicey which was a slight issue with his current ult. idk, considering they didn't have plans to update his Ult I think this at least is a good improvement.
darkdill (NA)
: Say that we got a LoL-based beat'em up. Which Champions would you want to be playable?
{{champion:62}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:3}} with {{champion:82}} as a boss that you can unlock as a playable character.
: Worldbuilding - Your Turn! Part III
Why Wukong and Ahri are related champs- >On Ahri's quest to find her tribe, she meets Wukong who's currently on his own while Yi handles his village cleansing thing. He agree's to escort her to some destination she's trying to reach, high-jinks happens, Wukong gains the ability to make clones in lore, Ahri finds her tribe and starts being taught about her history and such. Both them high five for getting character development and new lore, Wukong heads back to Master Yi to inform him his purpose for fighting is to keep people safe or something and Yi gets ready to test Wukong to see if he's ready to become a true Wuju Master (<---To be continued----) Short, sweet, doesn't step on anyone's toes and the 8ish year old question of why they're listed as related champs get's answered, as well. Win/win for everyone involved.
: Legends of Runeterra cards you wish to be champions
More so that there are Champs that I really hope become cards. I know it's a very possible chance that every champ becomes a card after a few "packs" or however Riot is doing new cards, but I really can't help but worry they'll just go the TFT route and make the same champs in their skins rather then add in every champ before going in that direction.
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: why why why? why another yasuo and akali skin??????
I'm hoping with all these games coming that Riot will feel less like they need to give skins to the same popular champs every few months since they'll have so many other avenues to make money that they won't need to focus on popular champs to skins... But it's things like this that give me concerns...
: Wukong changes, are they happening?
They will be coming sometime after Pre-season as the artists involved with those visuals were being used to work on pre-season (I have a theory that they've also been the ones working on art for the new games, but there's nothing to confirm that tbh so just saying the pre-season stuff for now). Now that those are done and the new head of the project taking over from Meddler has been picked ({{champion:266}} rework guy... which honestly hope he doesn't have to touch the update much if at all...), They should be getting back to work on those and we should be seeing something back on the PBE soonish (tm), along with an update for {{champion:131}} along the same scope. They haven't given an solid date of course as they can't really say for sure when the work will be done, so honestly at this point I suppose it just depends on how many new visuals and what's actualy being added (Meddler said there might be a few new lines for Wukong, which if he is being added to any other games could make sense as his VA would be in house atm) too decide when we'll see the changes come back. But yea, in short they aren't canceled, just had to be put on hold for pre-season.
Khaz Jin (EUW)
: Ctrl+F Wukong = Nothing thx u see you next time
holy crap that is a cool shortcut I never new existed @_@
: What ever happened to the {{champion:62}} changes that were on PBE a couple months back? Were they scrapped? Similarly, what happened to the changes to {{item:3010}} and {{item:3136}} that were discussed a couple months ago?
Once preseason shows up, iirc he'll be coming back after a while. They were waiting on Artists to get freed up from the preseason stuff (after all the stuff they revealed I can see why that is now they didn't have any artists available). But since that's done there should be artists to go work on his visuals soon and the new person in charge of the project *should* be announcing more on the changes (though we don't know who that is so there's no telling how vocal they'll really be sadly, may end up being dead silent until the changes come back on the PBE for all we know). Edit:... okay, it's apparently the guy who reworked {{champion:266}} ....
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